NOAA: 1695 Low Max Records Broken or Tied From Sept 11 to Sept 20. One record broken by 25F

NOAA – 1695 Low Max Records Broken or Tied From Sept 11 to Sept 20. One record broken by 25F


Wow. One record was broken by 25F!!!! 1695 Low Max Records Broken or Tied From Sept 11 to Sept 20 according to the NOAA. A “Low Max” means that the maximum temperatures for the day was the lowest it has ever been. This indicates daytime cooling. Below is a screenshot showing location and the biggest difference between old record and new record. The list is just the ones I could capture in a screenshot.


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    1. That’s right. But you should say “Damn human caused climate change”. There is more than enough proof for the deniers. Natural change deniers that is. Here is an excerpt from the 2007 IPCC report:

      …the Summary for Policy Makers (PDF File) issued in February 2007. In their fourth report since 1990, the IPCC offered its strongest language yet that Earth’s climate is warming and humans are largely responsible:

      “Warming of the climate system is unequivocal, as is now evident from observations of increases in global average air and ocean temperatures, widespread melting of snow and ice, and rising global mean sea level.”

      What? But none of that was happening then and none of it is happening now.

    1. Hey, if it gets warmer it’s “Man Made Global Warming,” and if it get’s colder, it’s also “Man Made Global Warming.” But this is now “Climate Change,” like “Change you can Believe In!” And that DEFINITELY was Bush’s fault. If we hadn’t had Bush to screw things up, we’d NEVER gotten his Serene Majesty to the rescue. Everything is prior to 2008 and even today 6 years later is probably Bush’s fault. ISIS? Yeah, definitely maybe. So let’s not beat around the bush about it.

      1. This “issue” would vanish in a heartbeat if:

        1) This ALL has been natural variations in the earth’s climate
        2) The global communist (environmentalist) Left has used this as a completely bogus tool simply to obtain complete power and domination over the world.
        3) Thanks to the socialist American Democrat’s efforts to reprogram (dumb down) American children over the past three generations, American kids, their parents, and even some grandparents are, on average, moron enough to buy into the Global Warming Hoax. Re-educate them, and this hoax is seen for what it is.

        Hanging half of the socialist Democrats and hard Left environmentalists wouldn’t be a bad idea, either.

      1. You mean the Koch Brothers who support Libertarian ideals? Or the Koch Brothers who give hundreds of millions of dollars to medical research and building hospitals? Those guys?

    1. The climate changes every single day, 365 days a year, in every single location on the planet. The Democrats (aka Socialists or Real Flat Earthers) can pick a spot every day which was cooler than the day before (which is exactly what they do) to “verify” their studies. And this means nothing because in another place it was hotter than the day before.
      Why can’t Democrats see this? Did they not grow up with some warm days, some cold, some hot, some cool, some rainy, some dry, some sunny, some cloudy?
      THAT is climate change.

      1. I love that they are so out of touch with the real world that when they pick the locations for their man-made global warming conferences, it’s nearly always really cold that week.

    2. Yep it’s called summer, spring, winter and fall!
      It’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter and stuff flows down hill!
      The water level is the same & The sky is not falling!

      VOTE NOVEMBER 2014!

    1. LOL. I have to tell you, for the last few years, any time I show skepticism about climate change NOAA has been thrown in my face. I have been told NOAA is a respected organization full of scientist who are proving climate change is occurring. Now that there is just no evidence of man made change NOAA is corrupt. LOL.

  1. The left is panicking because Mother Nature has been exposing the global warming hoax with a vengeance during the last couple years. The left wants that carbon tax before too many of us wise up! Too late! Too many honest media sources are telling us the real truth with ample proof to back them.

    Record lows were set last winter in many places. The ice is thickening at both poles. We had an unusually cool summer in many states. And now, a realization by anyone with a modicum of meteorological knowledge and a pinch of common sense that the coming winter will also be brutal, possibly smashing records set last winter in many places. It can be no other way with all that ice at the poles and the expected behavior of both air and ocean currents.

    1. If they had gotten that tax back 10 years or so when it first started, they would be telling us all how good it is working. See how cool the earth is now that we taxed the crap out of you.

  2. Scientifically global warming as predicted by the computer model theory,GIGO,causing a greenhouse effect warming the planet more and more each and every year, and causing more and more severe storms every year is invalid.
    We are approaching year 20 of no warming, no increase in storms.

  3. .
    The fact that the earth is not into a fatal warming cycle that is “manmade” will be ignored by the Church of Algore. Reality and scientific fact are not necessary, and in this case not helpful to advance the progressive agenda of controlled and planned society.

    We are on the road to tyranny. Our journey is being financed by the Manmade Global Warming Hoax and the pimps that promote the fear. Buckle up. These charlatans will not stop until we all live in huts.

    1. Apparently only liberals can claim “settled science” – kind of like “settled law.” That means “the argument is over, so don’t bother.” Unfortunately for them – those who claim science as settled are the true flat-earthers.

            1. Chief, it’s sad that you are incapable of thinking for yourself. Unlike your dogmatic acceptance of Al-man-bear-pig-gore as the green savior, I don’t need the koch brothers to tell me what I should, or shouldn’t, think. Ironically I didn’t even know who they were until Dirty Harry Reid started invoking their names. As if the communist Soros doesn’t give money to extremist progressive-communist democrats. Just because you sold your integrity don’t think the rest of us did.

                1. Put up or shut up! Post the names of those scientists from the 97% survey and some of their “peer-reviewed” studies you keep posting about and be specific!! Thanks!

                  Why can’t you nutjobs be specific?

                  Post the names and studies!!!

                1. Sorry, I don’t get my science from politicians or those of government employees and their ilk. Your perversions don’t interest me.” I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine”.

            2. Put up or shut up! Post the names of those scientists from the 97% survey and some of their “peer-reviewed” studies you keep posting about and be specific!! Thanks!

              Why can’t you nutjobs be specific?

              Post the names and studies!!

        1. I think that belief in AGW is actually an integrity problem. I read several articles a week by scientists admitting they were wrong to jump on board the AGW faith train. Science is based on observable evidence.

            1. Put up or shut up! Post the names of those scientists from the 97% survey and some of their “peer-reviewed” studies you keep posting about and be specific!! Thanks!

              Why can’t you nutjobs be specific?

              Post the names and studies!

                1. I showed you how easy it was to find information. It was quick for me, so as to not be chasing down stuff for a looser with a room temperature IQ. Get out of your mother’s basement, quit kissing up to the establishment, and actually look into the subject, You really come across like quite the dolt.

                    1. You must be confused; I’m not your minion. I write what I think is warranted. There were plenty of good hits on the search links that I posted. Are you some type of control freak. If I thought you were teachable I would go to any length to help you, and if i saw any evidence of you knowing what you were talking about, I would go to any length to learn from you. You seem like just the common mindless Kool-Aid drinking type.

                    2. Sweetheart come back after you find a dictionary. You are home-schooled, aren’t you???? I love it when you “simpel-folk” prove you don’t have a clue. Thank you.

              1. Kevin sweetheart did you notice that your video contained no evidence????????? WTF???? Not one chart or graph. You “simpel-folk” are so easy to fool. Are you home schooled??????

                1. I didn’t need those charts to prove to you the falsehood that was called Global Cooling or the next ice age in the 70’s. Same bs back then.. Tax me more so I can live like a peasant. Nope I’m not home schooled and I went to college.

                  1. Sweetheart you’re not being taxed. The koch brothers are. And that’s why they pay to promote the AGW hoax it’s cheaper then paying to clean up the environment. Get the idea??????

            1. What a load of manure! I see that you believe yourself to be enlightened, as do most religous zealots. No wonder the NY/NJ/Filthydelthia areas are known as the land of the big mouth little behind.

              1. Sweetheart, I don’t believe anything, I’m not one of the “simpel-folk.” If you want me to believe something you have to prove it to me. Any questions?????

      1. “I would remind
        you to notice where the claim of consensus is invoked. Consensus is invoked
        only in situations where the science is not solid enough. Nobody says the
        consensus of scientists agrees that E=mc2. Nobody says the consensus is that
        the sun is 93 million miles away. It would never occur to anyone to speak that
        way. .”

        ~ Michael Crichton

              1. Obama knows Kerry is detested by the military- at least by those who remember what he was- which is why he appointed him to his lofty position. It was an act of spite, contempt and hate.

              2. You’re an idiot! Anyone still excoriating Jane Fonda after all these years has lost his marbles. Grow up and get real! Don’t you have a life? I mean really? Narrow minded idiots who like to drag politics into every discussion are like parrots who don’t have any real opinions or intellectual gravitas so they repeat mindless drivel that they hear elsewhere. I feel sorry for you.

                1. Aha a… The liberal. Everyone have a look. This is the reason they don’t remember that the democrat party is racist. This is the reason why they don’t remember they started the kkk to kill freed blacks. The main reason why they repeat history. The reason they want collective suffering. They are dumb enough to not look at history.

                  1. My good friend is a republican. He was one of the few white people to ride the freedom bus in the south during the civil rights era. He deeply laments today’s Republicans, and he is fighting a losing battle to improve them. He does not have the Koch brother’s money to influence his fellow Republicans.

                    1. I was replying to a reply, and it was off topic from the original news story, but it followed naturally from another response.

                    2. Pull your head out of your backside… Dems have FAR more big money people pulling the puppet strings than repubs. From Apple to Google to Soros to Hollywood mogules both in front and behind the camera. And in each case these liberal supporters are tax cheats moving their money’s overseas to avoid taxes, moving their labor overseas to avoid the high pay of over regulated driven US business cost. These same libs LOVE amnesty because they want cheap labor driving down salaries in their US call centers. These same libs jetset in yachts, Lear jets across country to march in protests for clean energy…. DiCaprio spent most of his summer on a 400ft yacht owned by Saudi royalty(oil money) THEN takes a private jet and limo to show up in a global warming protest. Wake up and smell the coffee smurf, these people have been fooling you for years as they continue to squeeze every dime from average Americans… In the end they will move elsewhere as they are world citizens while we will be left with a decaying USA. That is the real meaning of. “Yes we can”

                    3. I have both Democratic and Republican politicians in my state.

                      If I ask both groups to fully fund the immigration service, and give honest and fair hearings for the immigrants, who will be willing to tax the rich people to pay for it?

                      If I ask both groups to end the tax deductible expenses for slave labor imports, who will be willing to end rich people’s tax deductions for importing slave labor products?

                      If I ask both groups to decentralize away from pollution, and to shift the support FROM oil barons who pay for ISIS, TO the local communities who can make an honest living with windmills, who will support me more?

                      I mean right now, I will call both my Republican and Democratic politicians. The Democrats might not be perfect, but at least they don’t make a religion out of serving the rich people.

                    4. Of course not, because they lie about helping the poor and the middle class, while their 1% donors laugh all the way to the bank.

                    5. It is a very odd thing the civil rights movement. History is that the dogs and fire hoses were orderd by democrats. Sharp ton and Jackson know this and still think the white guy standing next to them is the problem. Talk about dumb.

                    6. This is not odd, President Johnson knew he was committing political suicide among the racist portion of his base. Since then, the political shift has switched the Republican and Demoratic bases. If Eisenhower had signed the civil rights act, as he considered doing, I would be a republican, and many of the people posting here would be democrats.

                    7. So where is all the racist legislation pushed by all these racist Dems turned Republicans? It doesn’t exist because this is a myth. All that’s happened is the old racist Dems like Al Gore’s daddy & Robert KKK Byrd are slowly dying off.

                    8. Many of us are hoping to improve Republicans, though not in the same way your imaginary “friend” is. Does your “friend” have any of that George Soros $ to spend?

                  2. You know the saying Niner, “The Democratic Party, the party of slavery, Past, Present and Future. The States making up the Confederacy were all Slave States and all predominately Democratic. The Party that instituted the Jim Crow laws and the party that has made the current lower class blacks in a semi-slavery through welfare, food stamps and Obama phones. Were those enslaved blacks dare to revolt, their welfare goodies would go down the drain….the way these slaves pay for their goodies is by voting Democrat every time!

                2. Historically speaking, the people who debated politics and openly brought the ideas into conversation were considered the educated, the thoughtful, the intelligent. The folks who didn’t know history, or discuss the happenings and politics of the day were felt to be too dull and uneducated to do so. I find your comment fits well into that mold.

                3. The history also highlights the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Certainly President Lyndon Johnson, a Texas Democrat, played an essential role, but it is worth remembering that 80 percent of the “no” votes in the Senate came from Democrats, including the late Robert Byrd (W.Va.) and Albert Gore (Tenn.), father of the future vice president. Republican votes, in fact, were essential in winning final passage of the bill.

                  1. Yes, but because President Johnson was the one who signed it into law, the political bases shifted positions. If President Eisenhower had signed the civil rights act, as he seriously considered doing, I would be a republican today, and many of the people posting angry things against President Obama would be democrats.

                4. In the 26 major civil rights votes after 1933, a majority of Democrats opposed civil rights legislation in over 80 percent of the votes. By contrast, the Republican majority favored civil rights in over 96 percent of the votes.

                5. The women’s suffrage movement tried very hard to get the Democratic party to back their cause, to no avail. They placed pressure on the Republican party and reminded them of their history of winning the Emancipation. This, among other things, forced the RNC to go to bat for women’s suffrage and they eventually won. Without a single Democratic vote..Washington Post.

                6. The very same could be said of anyone still defending Hanoi Jane after all these years. Maybe you’d also like to defend Benedict Arnold or John Brown who’s a’moulderin’ in the grave? And I’m sorry, but your side has made global-warming a political, it’s certainly not a scientific issue, as even its so-called truths have been debunked – well except that it’s naught but a scam to allow manbearpig to live like an emperor while snorting like a hog all the way to the bank. HJ and yawn curry are proponents of the global warming hoax and were on the same side towards the end of the Vietnam War. That’s political. Today, both are do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do progressive socialists (aka kommie pigs). By the way, all my marbles are in a large leather pouch hanging in a closet. Where are yours?

                7. Chris, why is it that you respond to those you disagree with personal insults? Doing so reveals to others that you have an immature attitude of intolerance and bigotry. The facts are that the “global warming” computer models have been proven to be wrong year after year. If has been well documented that they amplify the supposed evidence of man caused climate change by misinterpreting and ignoring data that conflict with the computer programs. The human bias, the failure to include relevant data, and false presumptions were placed into the programs during the back-testing of the models. These errors are common in programming. To believe in any computer models that have been proven wrong time and again is true idiocy. The fact that the climate changes is well established. The fact that your political opponents are causing it, is an immature fantasy.

                8. You sound like someone that has never heard a shot fired in anger. Never heard a 60 mm mortar shell burst only a few yards from you. I think you will find all Viet vets with a more than negative view of Jane Fonda. They spit when they hear the name, refuse to go to any movie with her in it. The reason why? Every time the bitch visited Hanoi, we could count on ground attacks on our bases and camps! Jane Fonda was and still is a traitor to American. Only doofus idiots like you think otherwise!

                9. So, studying history you then, based on this argument, forgive Benedict Arnold, Stalin, Hitler, Goebbels, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Etc.

                  I consider a traitor to be a traitor forever, period. Jane Fonda, Kerry fit this in my view.

                10. The reason that people drag politics into most discussions is that liberals bring up the issue of politics in the first place. Bringing Jane Fonda into the discussion is history. The same as with Kerry. Unless the uninformed are informed of the politics of Fonda, Kerry and Obama, they may tend to believe their propaganda. So don’t feel sorry for us. We want to know what type of politicians we have by examining their past. How many people would have voted for Obama if his total past was visible for all to see? That didn’t happen because the MSM didn’t do their job “ONE’ of being a skeptic first. Instead, they refused to investigate.

              1. I’d keep an eye out. Their pet pebbles are growing up and banging around the boxes now, too. Even though they spend most of their time getting stoned and texting, some are starting to want to roll around with the boulders..

        1. What a bleating gasbag goat head IDIOT! Gawd, if somebody would have just picked this guy at least 2nd for the basketball team in jr high, we might not all have to be suffering under the weight of his pathetically baby head need for recognition!

        2. John Kerry gets four Purple Hearts and can still walk and talk.
          How is this possible? Maybe the wounds were only in the un-
          important part of his brain? When approached for comment,
          he was seen speeding away in his Swiftboat to come back
          when it is safe.

        3. That fraud was a Naval Officer, not an Army rifleman as he appears in the pic. And you do not wear your ribbons on fatigues. What an a-hole.
          Is that a racoon sitting on his head?

          1. At that time, fatigues were not to be worn by military not on duty on base. But he wanted to show how macho he was. I had to deal with these overachieving gasbags all of the time in the seventies. Some folks never change.

      1. he would tell you that your ignorant a$$ doesn’t understand what happens during climate change and to go read a book or a scientific journal instead of the bible

        1. GF yourself, ignorant is best depicted by your pathetic grammar and punctuation. Here’s a free 2nd grade level English lesson moron, the first word in a sentence begins with a capital letter……..

          1. Nice run-on sentence, there Herr-rick with a lower-case “r”. Remove the comma after “moron” and put a period there. Then start a new sentence with the next word.

          2. Rick:
            while I agree with your sentiment, you should know that you employed a “comma splice” in your response above,using a comma instead of a semi colon to seperate two independent clauses…while I dont capitalize, I do know how, as Im sure you know as well, to punctuate correctly.
            the guy is an @ss, for sure. I just think there are more important things wrong with him than capitalization issues.

        2. Weren’t we told during Hurricane Katrina that hurricanes were going to become more frequent and more destructive because of global warming? Well, that was 2005. Where are they?

          Maybe it is because I haven’t read the right books?

          1. We were also told that coastal areas would be submerged by 2013. Perhaps someone could explain to us how global warming has caused the polar ice masses to increase by 40%.

            1. We were also told 10 years ago, that in 10 years that snow will be a thing of the past, and 7 years ago, that the ice caps would be melted in 7 years. See, they’d be a whole more credible if their predictions came true.

            1. Super Storm Sandy was a Class 2 Hurricane, not a real super storm. The reason for 80 billion dollars in damage is building expensive houses next to the ocean. It has been 10 years since Florida has been hit by a hurricane. The number of hurricanes have been down for the same 10 years.

              1. Sweetheart I live in Connecticut we had no power for almost a week!!!! Some people went without power for a month don’t tell me Sandy wasn’t a superstorm. You “simpel-folk” need to face reality, the science is settled. Any questions?????

                1. What the hell does having no power for a week or month have to do with your incredibly stupid idea that Sandy was a Superstorm? You can blame your electric company but it probably has more to do with the shutdown of sufficient power plants as the result of this administration’s war on coal. Wait till more plants shut down…then you will reap the benefit of less power since wind and solar will never match the output, not at today’s technology. Here’s hoping you have a truly brutal winter in Connecticut and suffer power outages due to the reduction in coal power plant production. Cheers! Snookums.

                2. A barely Cat 1 Hurricane Isabel hit Virginia, where I live in 2003. We were without power for almost 10 days. Sorry, but Sandy was only called a Superstorm because it hit an OVERBUILT, HIGHLY POPULATED area that doesn’t see these kind of storms that often. Get a clue and do some more research about these kinds of cyclones and then maybe you can talk a bit more intelligently on the subject.

                  1. I’ve always wondered why people would build a house within 100 feet of a body of water 5000 miles across and 14000 miles long. That’s a cosmic “dare” if I ever saw one.

                3. Sandy was no different than any other large Hurricane that hits New England from time to time.

                  The 38 Hurricane flooded the subway system in NYC. Must have been rising seas back then too!

                4. Your power is off for a week and that proves the science is settled about global warming?
                  That’s not how it works. BTW hurricanes can be up to category 5 and since Sandy was a 2 it was certainly not “super”. Here in Florida in 2004 we had 3 of those in 1 season. If you want to know what a “super” hurricane looks like, Google the pictures of Andrew that crossed south Florida in 1992. It hit the east coast as a cat 5 and left the west coast as a cat 4. 175Mph winds.

                    1. 97%, really? I had no clue that a dozen liberal tale spinners represented 97%.

                      In the spirit of that sort of thinking, 100% of my friends, all physicians and scientists, have deemed Al Gore Warming to be pure horse muffins.

                      Got ya by 3%. It’s settled.

                    2. Yes sweetheart 97% of the climate scientists. publishing. “peer-reviewed” studies have concluded that AGW is happening. It’s sad you “simpel-folk” don’t understand that, but the koch brothers don’t want you to understand that, and boy are they getting their monies worth with you. BATTA-BING!!!!

                    3. Post the names of some of those scientists from the study and a few of their studies and their data.

                      Put up or shut up, and don’t forget to be specific! thank you.

                    4. Sweetheart why would I post anything for a sissy boy who runs to the moderators every time things don’t go his way????????????????????

                    5. Everything’s going my way. How many sites have you been booted from for your vulgar lunacy, 12?

                      Post your proof and be specific!
                      You can’t because you have no idea who they are or what they studied.

                      You’re a nutcase who posts insults and BS.

                      You’re a typical AGW cultist, ignorant in all ways.

                      Now post the names and be specific little fella.

                    6. Post the names and be specific little fella.

                      I have you whining and crying like a little child.

                      Put up or shut up!

                    7. “Climate Scientists” you say. You had better read the IPCC report again about all of those “scientists” because a large number of that 97% you quote, have nothing to do with “climate”. Please get your facts straight!

                  1. Sweetheart you claim to understand science?????? WTF???? You “simpel-folk” don’t understand anything, and the koch brothers thank you for it. BATTA-BING!!

                    1. Interesting how you didn’t have any intelligent response to all of the evidence presented. You want to see some real storms, check out Pacific Ocean typhoons over in Micronesia, the Philippines, China and Japan. Those storms make Sandy look like a light gale.

                5. You’re not too bright!

                  NYC was under water in:

                  The storm of 1821

                  The storm of 1938

                  Carol 1954

                  Connie & Diane 1955

                  Donna 1960

                  Agnes 1972

                  Gloria 1985

                  Floyd 1999

                  Irene 2011

                  Sandy 2012

                  In fact Manhattan Island (NYC) has been under water for thousands of years and will be underwater for thousands more, every time a storm rolls through.

                  Your stupidity is showing and your BS isn’t working.

                    1. You’re a nutcase who deals in lies and insults.

                      Post the names of those scientists from your 97% study and post a few of their studies complete with the data.

                      Put up or shut up!

                    2. TTAS sweetheart, are you gonna start crying like a little girl again. MODERATORS, MOTDERATORS Uncle Rich said something I don’t agree with, can you ban him???? You “simpel-folk” are so cute. But, If you can’t play with the big boys, then get out of the sandbox. Get the idea??????. BATTA-BING!!

                6. But you had all that GREEN ENERGY and solar panels to power your house!

                  Wait a minute, you don’t have any solar panels and you depend on the oil companies and the Koch brothers for your power!

                  You’re a nutcase, get help!

                7. Don’t show off your foolishness. I live in Indiana and our power was unaffected. That statement makes as much sense as your stupid assumption. Does it have to be a “superstorm” to knock out your power? See how ridiculous your assertion is.

                8. Gee, we had an ice storm, folks without power from 10-34 days across an area 14 times larger than Connecticut’s range.

                  I guess that was a super-duper-honking-storm. I had no idea that storm classification was based on the number of homes with power outages.

                9. Hey dick, I live in Florida, and didn’t have any power for a week, after cat 3 hurricane Charlie, some people went months without power, or a roof on their house. You ever live in Florida in August without power? or anywhere without a roof? I didn’t think so. I can tell you unequivocally, (that means without doubt) Sandy was not a “superstorm”. It was an average storm. Your dumb @sses need to tell me what scientist has proven the theory. Be sure to site your sources so I can make fun of you.

                10. That has nothing to do with the ‘powerfulness’ of a storm. The SS scale does not look at utility power oruage time to grade its hurricanes!
                  …. Powerful? It was a Nor Easter (not even technically a hurricane) and a very bad utility company.
                  PS I am a retired broadcast meteorologist, retiring after 35 years of educating people like you not to build so close to water. Enjoy your winter.

                  1. Thanks for you and your profession. I worked in the Coast Guard as a Marine Science Technician where I was trained as a Weather Observer and could have gone on to being a Forecaster. (We have those at AirSta Kodiak). In my job though, I acted as a de facto forecaster on the vessel I served on since we were flying a radar balloon (know as an Aerostat) down in the Caribbean a couple of decades back. vacmancan doesn’t really know the history of storms like this: 1938 and 1954 both hit New England with some pretty massive damage….Global Warming/Climate Change????? had nothing to do with those. How about Camille in the late 1960’s hitting the Gulf Coast or the 1935 storm in the Fla Keys that took out Mr. Flagler’s Railroad. Sandy had been downgraded to an extra tropical storm by the time it hit NJ, NYC, CT and Long Island. They just don’t get storms like this very often and the frequency has gone up so they were just overbuilt and not prepared. Barrier Islands will always take the brunt of these storms so those complaining and blaming Climate Change or whatever, are just wrong.

                    1. It’s not possible to educate you, you’re a AGW cultist stuck in your religion.

                      You don’t have the intelligence to be educated.

              2. “Superstorm” Sandy, poster child of the global warming movement, wasn’t a hurricane by the time it hit America. It was only a Cat 2 for about a day, off Jamaica as I recall.

                This reason Sandy caused so much flooding in New York City had nothing to do with so-called global warming and everything to do with bad luck and poor city planning.

                To wit:

                – It hit at high tide.

                – It hit during a full moon, causing the tide to rise even higher.

                – It hit while there was a particularly large high-pressure area out to sea, causing the tide to rise still higher.

                – Twice before in the previous century NYC had been hit by even larger storms, both causing the same massive flooding, and in neither case did they raise the sea walls to fend off future calamities.

                There is, however, a bright note to all of this. Thanks to the supposed peril of global warming, the city is now taking active measures to raise the sea walls. So, even if under a false pretense, at least it’s being done.

                1. As a retired broadcast meteorologist/climatologist, you are correct. I retired because i refuse to be pressured into accepting lousy science as the norm. Tell the truth in my business; certain death and ridicule. At my age I don’t care. The “warming” is cyclical.

            2. richard (lower case for zero respect) seems you’ve learned to count to one? see dick, more frequent means more than one. Looks like you missed that free grade school education.

                  1. He has a basement production where he insults peoples intelligence with his liberal sources and BS. It’s a hate show with no viewers.That’s why he’s here, to drum up some viewers.

                  1. Sweetheart what did you think of the video????? you should watch the whole show. Next week will be on wind turbines. I’m sure you’re against them too right?????

                    1. I thought the teddy bear kicked your @ss. Wind turbines? No, only if they put them in Connecticut, and pay fines for every bird killed.

                    2. Sweetheart, there you go thinking again. You’re gonna hurt yourself. Who told you wind turbines kill birds and why are you stupid enough to believe them??????

            3. dude:
              why dont you keep one nom de troll?
              you do know that the reason they call “superstorm Sandy” superstorm Sandy is because it wasnt even a hurricaine when it hit land?
              maybe if people didnt build half million dollar homes on top of splits of sand called barrier islands because they serve as barriers to…..wait…wait…wait…the effing atlantic ocean, there wouldnt have been so much damage?
              your posts are those of a fool, or a paid liar and shill. take your choice.

            4. Sandy was actually not that big of a storm and certainly NOT a superstorm. Simply a Cat 2 that hit an overly developed and poorly protected area of the coast.

            5. Sandy was a nothing but a nuisance. If it had hit Florida, we wouldn’t have even boarded up! But it hit a democrat stronghold. Predictably, they were unprepared.

                1. In the 10 years before Sandy insurance companies were dropping costal customers throughout New England because they knew a big storm was over due. My parents had their insurance cancelled because they live less than a mile from the coast line.

                  i think i know a bit about the situation too.

                2. Just because liberal twits like you are willing to pay incredibly inflated prices for garden variety shacks and then want payment for damage due to a rainshower, don’t blame us. I’m sure there were some good people affected by the water levels and then there were liberals. Here’s a clue…move away from the beach, honey-bunch. Don’t tell me your feeling sorry for the insurance companies, that’s so unliberal of you. I’d almost think you were transitioning into a capitalist.

                  1. He thinks he’s a capitalist creating jobs with solar panels but he’s a hypocrite because he doesn’t have solar panels on his house and his power went out! He depends on the Koch brothers for power!

                    He’s a nutcase.

                  2. Wow. Aren’t you the typical hate-filled Contard? So, only the Contards that were affected by Sandy deserved insurance? Typical intolerant, idiotic hate-monger.

            6. So was the 1938 Hurricane that killed over 800 people due to climate change? it was CAT 3. New England gets a big one every 80 -100 years. Before the 38 there was a big storm in the mid 1800s.

            7. Which was not a hurricane by the time it made landfall or particularly unusual. Simple fact is, the mainland U.S. has not been struck by a hurricane since 2005 and the Atlantic storm basin has seen a period of extremely low activity in recent years. But, since you brought up the storm, I would remind you what the AGW alarmists said about the entire winter it’s just weather and not climate.

                1. Toots, you just keep talking nonsense and referring to individual weather events. As a whole, as real climate scientists say…

                  * “There is limited evidence of changes in extremes associated with other climate variables since the mid-20th century”

                  * “Current datasets indicate no significant observed trends in global tropical cyclone frequency over the past century … No robust trends in annual numbers of tropical storms, hurricanes and major hurricanes counts have been identified over the past 100 years in the North Atlantic basin”

                  * “In summary, there continues to be a lack of evidence and thus low confidence regarding the sign of trend in the magnitude and/or frequency of floods on a global scale”

                  * “In summary, there is low confidence in observed trends in small-scale severe weather phenomena such as hail and thunderstorms because of historical data inhomogeneities and inadequacies in monitoring systems”

                  * “In summary, the current assessment concludes that there is not enough evidence at present to suggest more than low confidence in a global-scale observed trend in drought or dryness (lack of rainfall) since the middle of the 20th century due to lack of direct observations, geographical inconsistencies in the trends, and dependencies of inferred trends on the index choice. Based on updated studies, AR4 conclusions regarding global increasing trends in drought since the 1970s were probably overstated. However, it is likely that the frequency and intensity of drought has increased in the Mediterranean and West Africa and decreased in central North America and north-west Australia since 1950”

                  * “In summary, confidence in large scale changes in the intensity of extreme extratropical cyclones since 1900 is low”

                  There is really not much more to be said here — the data says what it says, and what it says is so unavoidably obvious that the IPCC has recognized it in its consensus.

                  Of course, I have no doubts that claims will still be made associating floods, drought, hurricanes and tornadoes with human-caused climate change — Zombie science — but I am declaring victory in this debate. Climate campaigners would do their movement a favor by getting themselves on the right side of the evidence.

                  by Roger Pielke, Jr.

                  1. You see what the scientist did there, toots? Yeah, that’s right. He applied real scientific observation and statistical analysis of weather events. No measurable differences, period. Floods always have occurred and always will, sweetie.

                  2. Mike, you’re wasting your time, vacmancan has been drinking the Kool-Aid for half a decade and he’s all in. When the world gives up on this scam, he’ll still be making basement videos and trying to convince himself that he’s right.

                    He’s a cultist!

          2. Weren’t those the same folks telling us of multiple meter rises in the sea level? The same ones who couldn’t figure out the ice cube in the glass of water analogy?

        3. It’s great when morons self-identify. Thanks Sport. Now go back to bed and leave the tough things like thinking to those of us that can. You’re just going to hurt yourself if you try.


        4. Rick. We are coming out of an ice age so there is gradual warming over centuries. However there are ups and downs over decades as we regress back and forth over the mean temperature rise. Has nothing to do with man. 1930’s was the warmest decade of the last century. NASA and UN have manipulated the figures. They have admitted this. Its a religion to move wealth and push a one world government. China Russia India arent buying it. Headed for war based on human stupidity. This is a religion based on the faith because the numbers do not lie. Head to a library and get the contemporaneous records if you want the proof

    2. Yes and like the church of old, you can buy indulgences and be forgiven your sin of pollution for the right price but Al does care deeply for all mankind. Right!

    3. You idiot – you can debate what can be done you can debate that anything can be done – but to deny it is happening and calling it a Hoax – that is the province of a fool.. You must be that fool. You are the gut out there yelling that the earth is flat. Those guys are pretty stupid too.

      1. You’re right. The fact there hasn’t been any global warming for 17 years even though the carbon dioxide increases with every new Chinese coal plant (sans sulphur dioxide scrubbers!) has clearly proved your side right…

        1. Hmm lets see – climate scientists or you and a bunch oil company shills. Hard choice – but I’ll go with the scientists and you can argue that the sun revolves around the earth, from now until …. The whole no warming for 17 years is proof of you cluelessness. My bet is your career doesn’t really require a lot of abstract thinking.

          1. The oil companies are behind the carbon tax schemes. Paying someone carbon tax and exempting China is not a solution to anything, except how to fund world government.

          2. Please start reading how few years of good data they have to use for these computer models. There is no way they can make any real conclusions. The earth is approximately 10 million years old. The data used starts at 1880 how do we know that the warming isn’t just a natural trend and that the next trend will be down. And man has nothing to do with any climate change

            1. Ah, might I offer a SLIGHT correction to the age of the earth, friend?

              According to accepted scientific analysis, it is more likely the earth is about to 4.5 BILLION years old, give or take 100 million years…


      2. Another liberal twit being driven to even higher levels of stupidity by the facts that keep proving them wrong, year after year. More CO2 and yet the temperatures remain stable, even declining. More ice, not less. Less hurricanes and general storm activity, not more. You’re storyline is patently false and you can’t stand it. Liberals are idiots.

        1. And 2014 is headed to be the hottest year ever. The ice is building up because of warming and … never mind — you can’t use facts and logic with someone who understands neither. I am really curious as what scientific field you might represent.

          1. We have the e-mails; the AGW people have admitted to fudging the numbers. Have you been living in you mother’s basement? If you want to talk about the environment, let’s talk about something that is not going to line the pockets of the Al Gore types.

            1. Ok ig you understand it so well tell me what theory I am supporting – it you cant do that then – you don’t have enough understanding to even discuss this.

          2. Yes, there is more ice because it is hotter. Maybe I can save money and leave my freezer unplugged? It will warm up to room temperature but somehow magically create ice because it is getting warmer. Yes, facts and logic abound with that train of thought.

        2. What about the increase in sea water temps? It is a system, a big system and it is a nascent science — you seem to understand neither. Don’t you find that a little short sighted — not even just a little? You are exactly – exactly the same person who called the idea of acid rain in the northeast BS a grand conspiracy blather blather blather. It was god’s will. I saw the dying forests, I saw the pitting on my car. The scrubbers were put on the power plants — problem solved. Forests came back. You are the same person who whined about cat converters on cars. Did you ever see southern California and most other cities before, the smog was incredible. Actually it has been a long time since I have heard the word smog. All of this when the population of the US was only about 150 million – how much worse would it have been now if people listened to contrarians like yourself. I have no time for the willfully ignorant or the ones who take cargo cult science and repeat it over and over and over well after it has been explained and debunked. Now the reefs are dying the oceans are rising – the storms are getting worse – did you forget last winter? And you sit on your couch fiddling away.

          1. So, your new “theory” is that ONLY the oceans are warming. Even though CO2 is increasing and you clowns have stated that this will lead to warmer temperatures, it is ONLY warming the oceans and not affecting the atmosphere. That would beg to differ with pure physics and process of convection, but then, all of the Global Warming religion differs from pure physics.

        1. You have got to be kidding — you think the right wing doesn’t argue that way lets see libtard liebral fartbama mochelle etc etc etc. When you are amongst people who think and act like 12 year olds it is best to use techniques familiar to them. You people are actually denying science as if it was voodoo. That is just astounding – do you look at your I phone as if it is a gift from god? You believe in some cargo cult science. Yet you really expect to be taken seriously, kind of delusional.

          1. Well speak to the fact of 1695 low max records broken or tied Mr. Science. Then try explaining why global warming or climate change or whatever the socialists are calling it this week has redistribution of wealth as it’s solution.

            Science that has a political monetary component is not squeaky clean sciencescience ever.

              1. Then explain the science behind the subject of this article. Explain why the NOAA “readjusts” historical temperature data to fit the adgenda. Explain why scientists discussed quashing opposing viewpoints in the East Anglia email scandal. Explain why none of the IPCC’s predictions of doom and gloom have not come to bear.

                Examining those things might give you a little insight into why conservatives reject the alarmism of climate science and question the very things we’re told are facts.

                1. I don’t see where NOAA readjusted any data. Legitimate scientists want to “quash” the opposing viewpoint because the opposing viewpoint is based on bunk science conducted by people with special interests. Many of the predictions of the IPCC are coming true.

                  Your refusal to see that which is right in front of you does not change what is happening.

                  1. You say this…”Your refusal to see that which is right in front of you does not change what is happening.”
                    Right after you say this..”I don’t see where NOAA readjusted any data. ” LOL! Seriously?

                    The NOAA readjusted the 1936 temperature data. It was all over the news I’m surprised someone so attuned to climate science missed it.
                    The IPCC made all kinds of claims about hurricanes, ice caps, coastal devastation, crop failures in the corn belt, and disappearing winters none of which have come true.

                    Now as far as real science goes…you do not quash your opposition you prove them wrong with science. The reason activist climate scientists want to quash their opposition is because they don’ t want their methods examined too closely lest people discover the carbon sham.

                    1. Is it really the science you have a problem with or the carbon tax scheme that you keep referring to?

                    2. One supports the other. Liberal activist environmental scientists feed the IPCC and other alarmists exactly what they want to push their redistribution adgena forward.

                      The IPCC and other socialist groups like the liberal wing of the democrat party push an anti fossil fuels adgenda that environmental scientists love.

                      And all is happy in liberal hysteria land.

                    3. Your assertion is completely preposterous. You are saying that there is a global conspiracy among almost every single scientist that studies the world around us that does not work for big energy in order to enable political types to engage is some complicated carbon scheme. Your supposition simply defies logic.

                    4. Not what I said.

                      You said-Legitimate scientists want to “quash” the opposing viewpoint because the opposing viewpoint is based on bunk science conducted by people with special interests.

                    5. Your whole supposition depends on a global conspiracy among scientists. You are the one that is trying to confuse the issue. Which energy company do you work for?

                    6. I am as well, but science is not run by the crooks in DC no matter which side of the fence. Just because there are people taking advantage and using the data to run a scam does not mean that the data is flawed or untrue.

                    7. Think again. Any group that intentionally conspires to quash opposing opinions is working on the political side of the spectrum not the scientific.

                    8. You are saying that a handful of scientists at one university are running a global scam that involves almost every single environmental scientist on THE ENTIRE PLANET. And I’m the one that needs to think again?

                    9. Yeah it was confined to one university and not an indication of a systemic mission to bury opposition. Furthermore Mann cherry picking data for the hockey stick graph and the NOAA re-adjusting 1936’s temperature data are simply flukes as well.
                      LOL, tell yourself whatever you need to get you through your day!

                    10. I have a huge black dog named Remus that loves everyone he meets. Everyone. He is not afraid to walk right up to anyone and give them a sniff and get some attention. When he does get attention he turns into a big baby, whines and dances around in circles. If you are a girl he’ll do anything you want for a belly rub.
                      But Remus is a humongous, black dog with an intimidating appearance that is strong enough to knock you down if he wanted to, and fast enough to tear your face off. That being said he has never, shown aggression towards anyone. Ever.
                      I walk Remus a lot so he is used to joggers, people on bikes, etc. and doesn’t give most people a second look. He’s usually just looking for something to pee on.
                      Every now and again we will come across someone who is intimidated by my him. Sometimes they turn a corner to avoid us, sometimes they turn back the way they came, sometimes they give us a wide berth, sometimes they just suck it up and risk walking close past him.
                      Remus never even acknowledges that he notices so I don’t really know if he does notice, but I do. I know that my dog is big and intimidating.
                      Just because someone is intimidated by my dog, does not mean that I am trying to intimidate them. People who are afraid of Remus are afraid for their own internal reasons, not based on my nor Remus’ behavior.
                      Just because you are confused by the data doesn’t mean that someone is trying to confuse you. There are plenty of people out there who are NOT confused by the data, who would be happy to help you understand, but you have to TAKE OFF THE TINFOIL HAT FIRST!

                    11. Nice little story about your dog but I’m not afraid of dogs, I don’t wear hats and I’m not confused by anything other than otherwise intelligent individuals like yourself brushing off things that not only look fishy but are fishy.
                      If is smells like a skunk it is!

                    12. If you think I was suggesting that you are afraid of dogs you missed my point.
                      I’ve gone back and looked at your comment history and leads me to a question. What type of climate scientist are you? What makes you more qualified to comment on climate change than Bill Nye?

                    13. Seriously, fear of dogs is your take-away from that sentence? LOL.

                      What makes you think Bill Nye is more qualified than me? His BS in engineering or his stint as a children’s show host? You would think that with “97% of scientists in agreement about AGW” that the alarmist media like NPR could pick an actual scientist to beat the drum of doom rather than a joke like Bill Nye.

                    14. So you are suggesting that Bill Nye is not qualified to comment on climate science, despite his science background, because he does not have a specialized degree in any field of climate science. And somehow a background in management makes you qualified to refute the observations of people who specialize in the science of the things they spend their lives observing.
                      I don’t really know, but I would imagine that NPR uses Bill Nye when they discuss climate change because he is accustomed to explaining things in terms that even a child can understand.
                      So which energy company are you with again?

                    15. I don’t refute a thing I just point out inconsistencies in the grandiose claims of alarmists and the mountains of evidence that the books have been cooked and are still being cooked.

                      Your Bill Nye theory does have some credence though; when the science and the “necessary” political solution are presented in such a way that a second grader could see through, Nye is probably the perfect mouthpiece.

                      I pumped gas for about a month in highschool, that’s as close to working for an energy company that I’ve come.

                    16. So your point is to do nothing but spout jibberjabber that really means nothing, which means that you either don’t understand what you are talking about, or you are spreading misinformation on purpose.
                      So which is it? Are you just ignorant or are you trying to create discord?

                    17. Typical liberal, act as though you don’t understand simple language then start throwing around the insults.

                      I am intelligent enough to spot a con and that is exactly what this AGW wealth redistribution is. Whether it comes from (not a scientist) Al Gore or (not a scientist) Bill Nye or (not scientists) the IPCC or even activist scientists who doctor computer model and historical data or make bold predictions that never pan out, a scam is a scam.

                      If you want to worship at the alter of “the next disaster is going to be the mother of all disasters” have at it. I have lived for a half century through countless scenarios that liberals wanted me to worry myself sick over — acid rain, population explosion, no fresh water, topsoil erosion, ice age, ozone hole, asteroid impact, deforestation, nuclear waste, GMO foods, AGW to name a few. I have noticed a pattern; it’s never as bad as the alarmists would have you believe.

                    18. Let’s sum this up and end it.
                      You believe that you are more qualified to comment on climate science than experts in the field.
                      You act as though you believe there is a global conspiracy among nearly every climate scientist on earth to run a carbon tax scam.
                      You keep reaching for debunked evidence to support your supposition (emails, doctored NOAA data, cherry picked data).
                      Acid rain was a problem, but environmental regulations have mostly solved that in this part of the world.
                      Fresh water has been a huge problem in the western US this year. People in California are not allowed to water their lawns, fill there pools etc., until the drought ends.
                      Topsoil erosion was a major problem in the depression era because of irresponsible farming practices, and thanks to farming practices associated GMO’s it is becoming an issue again.
                      The ozone hole was a problem but again environmental regulations helped solve that problem. Sorry you can’t use R12 anymore or spray whatever you want into the environment.
                      All of these problems have been addressed, solutions enacted and they are successfully being dealt with. The world didn’t end because people in positions worked to solve the problems.
                      Deforestation is, and will continue to be a problem until EVERYONE realizes that trees are where we get our breathable oxygen.
                      If nuclear waste wasn’t a problem the US wouldn’t bury it under a mountain, Fukushima, Three Mile Island, and Chernobyl would have all been simple clean ups. You can’t even go near those places now.
                      AGW is a problem. It will continue to be a problem, however, no one is saying the world is going to end, only that we must prepare for the changes.
                      So you can stick your head in the sand and ignore the world around you, but worry not, this problem will be addressed and we will all, eventually, adjust to the changes.

                      It occurs to me that as I am finishing this up, you must be running some type of scam yourself. Much like everyone looks like a perp to a cop, or everything looks like it could be smoked by a crackhead, or everything looks like a target to someone with a gun. Everything looks like a scam to someone who runs scams.

                    19. I think psychiatrists call that projection, LOL.
                      Curiously I see things a little differently.
                      The current round of AGW madness was spotlighted by Gore’s little piece of “look at me” fiction. Go back and watch that or read the IPCC’s climate assessments if you want to see two examples of “the world is going to end if we don’t make the US and EU pay for their sins”.

                      Funny that you mention R-12 since last week the president came out against the ” fix” for R-12. He claimed that R-134a is a greenhouse gas hundreds of times more damaging than co2. My guess is that his real concern is that people are too comfortable in their cars. Cars bad you know.

                      As far as California’s drought; droughts come and they go. They are not harbingers of impending doom although they are not fun for people to live through. A few years ago the drought in TN and GA was all the rage among alarmists, nobody talks about that now because like all weather events it changed. I find it humorous that most of the stories about CA deal with the life and death act of watering lawns and filling pools just as you did. Is that really what liberals see as hardship?

                      I use the same method to identify alarmist scams as I do to assess emails from Liberia…if it looks like a scam it is a scam –and AGW alarm certainly looks like a scam.

                    20. You just keep repeating conservative talking points. There is nothing substantive in your claims.
                      At the time 134a replaced R12 they knew it was a greenhouse gas. That is not new. Automobiles have caused TONS of problems throughout the world. Every single phase of automobile production and use causes pollution that needs to be dealt with.
                      Droughts do come and go, but the point about droughts is they have to be addressed. If there is a drought, especially in a desert climate like California, and everyone uses water (for their lawns and filling their pools or otherwise wasting water) like they did when there was not a drought it would cause a lot of problems, which is why water is sometimes temporarily rationed.
                      The droughts in TN and GA were addressed and not ignored. When the water reserves approached normal levels, life got back to normal did it not?
                      To further address the issue of water though, there are problems associated with agricultural run off (see the Toledo water ban a few weeks ago, among many others). There have been spills by concrete companies, coal companies and oil companies into waterways all summer long causing numerous water emergencies. The wells associated with natural gas extraction (not the actual fracking process seemingly) have been found to be leaking into rural wells and making the water unusable.
                      Just so you are not confused, the following are all meant to analogies.
                      When it is raining do you stand out in the rain because you know it will eventually stop or do you go inside to stay dry?
                      If it’s raining and someone tricks you into buying a magic umbrella that doesn’t work is the meteorologist who reported it involved with the umbrella scam?
                      If the forecast calls for 12″ of snow and you shovel your sidewalk when it gets to 4″ (to make it easier to shovel what is still expected) but then it stops snowing after a total of 5″ are you glad that you only have 1″ more to shovel? Or are you mad that you only have to shovel 1″ instead of the 7″ more you expected? Is the weatherman involved in a scam with the local hardware store to sell you more salt for your driveway?
                      When the news station that airs the weather report records the snowfall data actual versus projected are they guilty of doctoring numbers?
                      If some whack job in their basement claims to be a meteorologist and keeps shouting that the weatherman is giving incorrect data, but the weatherman knows he is not and says out loud “Jeez I wish someone would shut that guy up” is he guilty of attempting to suppress someone with a differing opinion or is he simply wishing that a whack job who has no idea what they are talking about would stop trying to outshout the weather forecast?
                      Why is financial security important to leave to our grandchildren, but a healthy environment is not?

                    21. I understand your use of analogies to make your point but I do find it interesting that all of your analogies involve weather…that’s something you have in common with the rest of the alarmist movement, many of their examples of changing climate are simply weather patterns as well.

                    22. I could use the traffic report instead of weather and make the point the exact same way if you would like.

                    23. Yes and alarmists have used everything from hurricanes to droughts to earthquakes to “prove” warming. It all means about the same as traffic reports.

                    24. I’m not using the analogies to prove warming. I’m using the analogies to demonstrate the flaws in your use of critical thinking skills.

      3. Drive by rhetoric isn’t an argument of any kind. In fact it is the sign one lacks any kind of argument at all. Unlike you, I pay attention to the predictions made by the sky-is-falling cult and NONE of the doomsday predictions have come true. NONE. So you can take your dogma and tell the other extremist progressive-communist democrats on democrat underground to try thinking for themselves just once. You extremists might be a little happier and it might stop one of you nutjobs from committing another mass shooting.

      4. Liberalism is a scary disease – you should get that looked at. Now, if you want some REAL science about this “Global Warming” or “Climate Change’, or whatever you want to call todays’ or this weeks’ flavor, go look at some REAL science and LISTEN CAREFULLY to what the man has to say. Be careful though – you might learn something. And PAY ATTENTION, you don’t want that liberal mind of yours to explode or something. Don’t be afraid to pause anything in order for the mind to grasp what is being said. Now, you have been warned, now go watch and LEARN! Oh, also, did you read recently about the forests and HOW MUCH LARGER AND FASTER THEY ARE GROWING – UP TO 70% increase! Wonder what is causing that ( more CO2 in the atmosphere maybe?). Have a good day.

    4. Sweetheart I feel sorry for you “simpel-folk” who don’t understand science. The koch brothers wiil be proud of you. They love you “KOCH-SUCKERS who are so easily misled. Thank you

          1. Yeah, how much has it warmed in the last 15 years, according to the IPCC (you know, the ones who won the Nobel Prize for being such awesome “climaet-folk”)?

    5. Amen to that. We are now having climate control (Global warming), healthcare control (Obamacare), terrorist control (Patriot Act), election control (DNC, RNC, & big money), tax control (IRS), communication control (NSA spying), and every other government control one can envision, dictated to the masses. It is just a matter of time until we have a one world autocratic government to rule the sheeples, and those who object to the rule will be sacrificed in the name of peace.

    6. If a right winger said climate change was real, you guys would belive it. I didn’t believe Al Gore because he’s a Democrat but I have now evolved and don’t let politics cloud my judgment. It’s ok to believe in science.

  4. And in about a week from now, ABC will be reporting on their top of the hour radio report that this September was the coldest September ever recorded. Go figure.

  5. I cannot believe that these lies get printed much less will be given credence by anyone with any common sense at all. The Right Reverend Al Gore of the Church of Give Me Your Money Now has given us the truth. It is hot in all of those places and Rush Limbaugh is obviously behind this fiendish plot to discredit the pseudo science of Global Warming.

  6. Now the libs will say this is “weather”, not “climate change”. When it’s hot, it becomes “global warming” and we will fear record droughts, fires, famine, etc. When there’s a tornado, hurricane, etc it will be “climate change”. Stay with one descriptor and please do the following:
    Post an objective link showing the cost/benefit model showing where we need to focus our tax $ on “controlling” climate change. Where is the cause and effect of investing our tax $?

  7. I refuse to accept science. Man-made global warming is REAL! We MUST force communism onto all of civilization in order to fix it, and surrender all of our rights and freedoms, and become impoverished from being overtaxed so our elitist overlords, who created this manufactured “disaster”, can become richer in the process.

  8. Gotta be Global Warming….I mean…Climate Change….I mean…Ozone Layer….I mean…Oh, I found it – 1974 Time magazine June 20th “The Next Ice Age” Ah..That must be it.

    I proclaim this: “The Dawn of the New Ice Age” it is settled science (period); your irrefutable evidence has just been refuted. Taxes on fossil fuel, fifty trillion dollars for green(ish) projects and in home sewage recycling will be mandatory for all.

  9. Follow the money – Who is invested big into the smaller countries future – hint – Clinton initiative. Also, who is invested into the Chicago Carbon Exchange – Al and company.
    The world will never have a model of it’s climate/weather done, to many variables. Heck can’t accurately forecast 1 week, 1month, 1 year (oops sorry Old Farmers and Farmers Almanac).

  10. Bad science. We keep hearing that the biggest carbon dioxide offenders
    are China, India, the United States and the European Union.

    No they’re not. Nature is the biggest carbon dioxide offender if you can call it an offense.

    “Out of the entire atmospheric makeup, only one to two percent is made
    up of greenhouse gases with the majority being nitrogen (about 78
    percent) and oxygen (about 21 percent). Of that two percent,
    “planet-killing” carbon dioxide comprises only 3.62 percent while water
    vapor encompasses 95 percent. And of the amount of carbon dioxide in the
    atmosphere, humans cause only 3.4 percent of annual CO2 emissions.”

  11. Yeah, but when it disagrees with AGW that is weather, not climate!! The end is nigh! Repent your carbon sinning ways! Can’t you see? THE FLOODS! THE DROUGHTS! REPENT CARBON USER, REPENT!

  12. According to the envrionmental wacko’s…Global Cooling is PROOF of Global Warming…Here’s how its pseudo-scientifically explained: When the earth cools…its because its working up the energy to get warmer! As things become frozen….they’re actually super-heating but we just can’t see or feel that because we’re so cold! Once the planet hits record low temps…everyone will be revving up their cars and turning on their heaters…THAT is when mother earth will spring to action and get so hot…we’ll be forced to take off our coats! So…when the snow falls, ice and frigid rains pour down, LOOK OUT! Climate Change Warming Global is about 22% in gear and getting hotter! By the time we’re in (um) mid-summer…It’ll be extremely more hotter than, say, mid-winter. Further validating the flawed science and making AlGore look like he maybe doesn’t belong in a rubber room! Use this arguement to deflect criticism of the entire Global Warmation Changification Climatology theory and THEN tell em about the soon to arrive meteor showers about to hit and destroy the earth! That ought to scare em!!

    1. Lest we forget the astonishing “inversion”. No, not that “unpatriotic” one no longer available for funding “special” drunken monkeys, shrimp on treadmills, and fat lesbians research, the “inversion” ability of entire oceans of warm water to “suddenly” sink, allowing icepacks to re-form at an ASTONISHING rate in the natural cycle.
      Time for another “Iberian wind mill”, and Chinese photovoltaic “Nudge” of higher (artificial rationing) energy taxes, bans on wood product burning?
      I’m thinking the artificial agricultural “subsidy” for ETOH in (formerly known as gasoline) adulterated fuel might be better spent on bottling the stuff, if it weren’t for special exceptions of “medical” reefer to keep the loudest of the “entitled” classes “loopy”.
      Still works for the ruling class of the “NEW MANAGEMENT” in the Ukraine.

  13. Man made Global warming, man made global cooling, man made climate change, man made climate disruption, pick whatever floats your boat. Fact is God has induced climate change for 100 millions of years, with or without MAN. Only liberal, progressive communist totalitarian elite would try to turn climate change into a tax and control scheme.

  14. It’s only fitting they sell everyone on an energy source that works part of the time i.e. solar, wind. Higher energy costs could end democracy in America.

  15. Only one thing to do…..have Bloated Al use his private jet to fly out and inform the Little Folk about how the world is being cataclysmically damaged by heat!

  16. 2013 warmest year on record, 2014 warmest year on record, 2015 warmest year on record. (just keep repeating). I can’t keep up as I still filling in my ozone hole from the 80’s.

  17. Impossible. These “cold records” are all lies perpetrated by Bush and Cheney. It’s actually much much hotter now, like Al Gore says, we’re going to melt by 2025. How can it NOT be warmer? Obama says so!

  18. Climate Change puzzle pieces
    FACT 1: ALL of the solar system planets & other bodies are/were warming. Are you responsible and guilty for the entire solar system getting warmer? SOURCE: Web search “Hoagland Interplanetary Day After Tomorrow”. Parts 1-2-3. Dated 2004.
    FACT 2: Since 1989, Pluto has been moving AWAY from the Sun. You logically expect Pluto to get colder. NO! Pluto’s temperature and atmospheric pressure is increasing, by a huge amount. SOURCE: ((Halber, Deborah. ‘Pluto is undergoing global warming, researchers find’. MIT News, Oct. 9. 2002) via Hoagland part 3)).
    FACT 3: Solar system wide climate change is likely due to running through a very large hydrogen/helium interstellar cloud with varied density. High speed solar systems passing through any cloud density causes some friction. Friction creates heat. SOURCE: Web search “Voyager Makes an Interstellar Discovery December 23, 2009”. ‘The solar system is passing through an interstellar cloud that physics says should not exist’.
    FACT 4: The Sun travels around the Milky Way galaxy once every 250 million years, at approximately 568,000 mph (2012 estimate). During that travel our solar system path encounters rouge clouds and debris from
    exploded stars, of varying chemical composition and density for periods of time, that can result in greenhouse effects or ice ages by shielding the Sun. Data says our heliosphere actually moves through the local interstellar cloud at about 52,000 mph. Going through varying densities of the cloud at that speed may cause changing heating/cooling periods. ‘The sun’s magnetic field holds much of the cloud at bay, but some of the cloud’s gas does penetrate’. SOURCE: “NASA, A Breeze from the Stars, Dec 17, 2004”.
    FACT 5: Unfortunately, Climate Change is politically linked to the Carbon Credit Tax Scam. Scams work when you are denied the whole truth and/or complete information. Suckers are repeatedly told to feel guilty, for breathing out CO2 and for other reasons they are told destroy the Earth. Suckers are repeatedly told to relieve their guilt by giving $ to the scam. How does any tax scam stop solar system warming/cooling? Remember, much of this data is many years old – at 568,000 mph. Time & position changes everything in this universe. SOURCE: Common Sense.

  19. If we want to help stop ‘Climate Change’, then we need to pass laws to make Al Gore, Leonardo DeCaprio, Obama to start taking busses where they are going and ban Bizjets. Hummer limos, etc.

  20. NOAA has been trumpeting about the 2014 summer being the hottest on record. What’s the deal?
    The noted climate scientists Al Gore and Leo DiCaprio must have come up with that.

  21. The craziness that has come about with this notion of global climate change is crazy. Those of us alive in the 70’s remember pollution, there are many more people driving around now then back then and there isn’t a freaking cloud I ever see. Any science that doesn’t fit the environmentalist agenda is never reported, so the clueless masses only have that side to see. And people are right, the agenda has been force fed onto the youth for 3 decades so no wonder we have so many clueless Americans.

  22. a lot of funny and true comments here but its not a laughing matter; don’t forget that liberals use the global warming lies to burden us with economy and job killing legislation, rules and regulations; they are destroying jobs and certain unfavored industries based on these lies

    1. Not Liberals, LEFTISTS will use ANYTHING to justify “less available work”, and more “redistribution” to the
      folks not working.
      I mean WTF? It’s not as if THEY will have to worry about actually paying off a “suddenly reinterpreted” fair share of (ie) $17,000,000,000,000+ of investment “…for the gay, alien, female, publicly educated, children!”
      Pass me a Whopper. Want fries with that?

    1. HEY! Any of that there “real science” been redacted, found fraudulent, soundly debunked by non-grant dependent folks?
      Any of those “real science” folk turning desperately to “the courts” to silence their “exposers’?

  23. No warming in 16 years…this is the opposite of what their computer models predicted…none of them can explain it. I’m just surprised they haven’t claimed this cooling as a victory thanks to ‘their’ efforts.

  24. Wow, so many flat-earthers here. Fact 1: Max and min temps are not how you measure change. Averages over time are what count. 2013 was the hottest YEAR on record. Fact 2: Extreme temperatures–high and low–are a symptom of warming. Fact 3: The Poles are melting. You can see it with you own eyes.

    1. Yes and not so long ago, the scientific consensus was the earth was flat and the universe revolved around the earth. Just go out during the day, climb up the highest tree, look around and see the earth is flat. Go out at night, watch the sky and see the moon revolve around the earth. Verses 4-8 of the church of climatology.

    2. Well, it will be easy for you to console yourself this winter when you experience both record low temperatures and record high energy bills as simply the result of Global Warming. You’ll be smug in your cold poverty -like a good socialist stooge should be.

  25. George Clooney got married today in Venice. Many of his liberal friends chartered planes to be there; next, they will go and lecture others about global warming.

    1. Yes, and they will be conducting their lectures from the aft deck on the 84 Foot luxury DIESEL cruiser as they tour the islands. If only we would follow their instructions…we could all be saved.

  26. Our effective tool is to cripple MSM’s faked algore “news” regarding his deceptive Global Warming hoax. Just communicate with MSM’s fake “news” bankrollers, meaning corporate advertisers! We’ve cost our local lying liberal rag over $1,000,000.00 so far (& it’s fading), by being firm but civil with corporate bankrollers of this news vendor’s daily lies, 24/7/365. We’ve told those ad buyers that “We’ve Had It!”, and that we’d organize to quit patronizing these corporate bankrollers of our daily MSM lies, if they didn’t slow down or stop their bankrolling so many lies to The People!

  27. But Al Gore and the Global Warming Alarmists have sworn that my kids will never know what snow is. F*** you Al Gore, Sir Branson, Hillary, and O’whataloserofaPresident! Global Warming is just another Tax you want to levy on the poor and middle class. May you all rot in a sesspool – bring on the tar and feathers!

  28. The Earth heats up, the earth cools down-been doing it for billions of years. Numerous civilizations have come and gone. Soon we will be gone and the next civilization millions of years from now will say the earth is heating, lets charge for carbon credits. Just stupid.

  29. Do any of you geniuses know the difference between climate and weather? Do you realize that the United States is not the entire earth? Y’all are like a bunch of monkeys tossing your shit around.

    1. If the climate is warming, then the chances are pretty slim that 1600+ cold records would be broken in just a couple weeks. Go back to playing with your poo, monkey.

    2. Hey Pointdexter, the same story is playing out around the world. Temperatures are declining, not increasing, though the level of CO2 seems to continue increasing; albeit an incredibly small percentage of total content, less than 0.02%. How’s that for monkey shit, Cheetah?

  30. Hopefully the author can obtain a comment from the lying, demoRAT-COMMUNIST party, hack operative and colossal fraud. algore. I’m just guessing that this cold is caused by global warming. I’m sure algore could confirm this theory for all of us.

  31. “Catastrophic global warming” continues unabated all around us. Not!

    Lets see, we’ve had 18 years of flat temperatures despite the unchecked rise of CO2. Before that, growing evidence suggests that the 1930s was hotter than today. Either way, Mann’s bs portrayal of out of control hockey stick 20th century warming is pure unadulterated baloney. True, CO2 has risen, but temperatures have been flat or falling. The global warming thesis is a joke, an utter joke. A look throughout the historical record shows that there is ZERO evidence (youtube link v=WK_WyvfcJyg) that CO2 causes climate warming. ZERO. That’s the actual evidence. Of course, people hear the evidence and just shrug their shoulders and keep on believing.

    This is all anyone needs to know about “Global Warming”
    “It is a powerful convergence of interests among a very large number of elites, including politicians who want to make it seem as though they’re saving the world, environmentalists who want to raise money and get control over very large issues like our entire energy policy, media — for sensationalism, universities and professors for grants. You can’t hardly get a science grant these days without saying it has something to do with climate change. It is a kind of nasty combination of extreme political ideology and a religious cult all rolled into one, and it’s taken over way too much of our thought process and way too much of our priorities… Nobody’s saying that the Earth hasn’t warmed a little bit. What we’re saying is there’s no proof that it is human activity that has caused this little bit of warming”

    Patrick Moore – Co Founder Green Peace

  32. How can this be? Obama just told the U.N. a few days ago that NYC had its hottest summer on record! Even though it only got above 90 degrees Farenheit one day there this summer.

    The wheels are coming off the global warming train. I wonder what new way they’ll come up with to attack capitalism as their schtick loses currency in light of reality?

  33. This is why they no longer call it ” Global warming”– they had to go to “Climate change”. No Sh$$– climate changes, big discovery. Just another way to make energy more expensive in they country.

  34. Ironic isn’t it? The liberal twits keep telling us that oil is a fossil fuel created from dead dinosaurs over millions of years. How warm must it have been for such reptiles to have existed it the Arctic levels to create the reserves of oil discovered at Prudhoe Bay and now at the northern reaches of the Arctic?

  35. Before Al Gore, the Nobel Committee didn’t award a prize for Junk Science.

    Before Barack Obama, the Nobel Committee didn’t award a prize for Peaceful Warmongering.

  36. What do these scientists have to say about this anomaly?

    Ecopedia: “These 10 green celebrities have taken action against and raised awareness about global warming”

    Cameron Diaz, worked w Al Gore raising awareness of global warming, early Prius owner
    Brad Pitt
    Don Cheadle, worked w UN on climate change concerns.
    Ted Danson
    Daryl Hannah
    Leonardo DiCaprio, a Prius driver who produced a film about global warming.
    Edward Norton, Incredible Hulk & UN Ambassador for Biodiversity
    Alicia Silverstone
    Natalie Portman

  37. Jesus threw the money men out of the temple. As America is a sanctified land, God’s nation, it only makes sense that good Americans throw out all humanity despising, America despising, power mad marxist leftist globalists, who would rather see America subjugated, its sovereignty destroyed, to their emerging tyrannical world order.

  38. CO2 is plant food, necessary for photosynthesis and critical for plant life (and therefore all
    life) to exist on planet Earth.

    The increase in CO2 has lengthened the growing season and encouraged plants to move both higher in
    altitude and latitudes (further towards the Poles). Higher CO2 means plants need less water/irrigation, so deserts get smaller.
    CO2 is also plankton food. Great news for the base of the food chain on both land and sea!

    The Earth is greener than it was 20 years ago.

    1. Where? It certainly wasn’t in Michigan. I turned on AC three times this summer. It just wasn’t needed and has been very comfortable, a little on the cool side as reported by the NOAA. More cold records than ever before in recorded history. Are you keeping up with the dialogue?

      1. I am talking about global temperatures. The Eastern US and Midwest were colder than average, but the globe was warmer.

        “2014 is the warmest summer on record in many part of Oregon and southwest Washington.”

        The Western US was a lot warmer.

        “Just days after NASA data showed that August 2014 was the warmest August on record, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration confirmed the ranking and raised the ante: There’s a good chance 2014 could become the warmest year on record.”

  39. Ya’ll don’t understand. What is actually happening is the increasing temperatures near the equator is causing stronger rising air currents flowing outward in the upper atmosphere (warmer lighter air rises). This causes stronger colder arctic surface air currents to flow further towards the equator (colder heavier air stays near the surface).

    In a nutshell the global “air current pump” is becoming stronger and is drawing in more cold air from the arctic regions. This manifests in unusal weather phenomenon such as cooler summers, severe winters, stronger storms with wider swings of the jet stream. Unusual weather patterns can be the result.

    1. No, it is you who doesn’t understand if you truly believe what you have posted.
      The talk of agw is a canard feeding off lies and ignorance. Empirical (real, observable) data shows that although the CO2 levels have risen, global temperatures have remained unchanged since 1995.
      Bet they don’t teach that to the seventh graders.

  40. Evil people lie. distort, or obscure truth. Seems like actual daily temps are ignored. It doesn’t matter that we have had cool summers and calm seas. Sad, some day society will discover the dishonesty. I hope it is not to late

  41. But this in no way invalidates the theory of anthropogenic global warming….

    What you’d need for that is something like the IPCC’s most recent report showing their figures from the prior 15 years has a range of temperature anomaly linear trend slopes starting in the negative numbers, or something like the HADCrut3 temperature data showing no warming for 15+ years.

    Oh wait….

  42. Oh, I see…so THIS is why the charlatans changed the cry from “Stop Global Warming” to “Stop Climate Change”….or is it now “Climate Disruption”. Can’t keep up with these con men of “science” and politics.

  43. I am literally SHOCKED that all you DENIERS would let a little empirical scientific evidence of global cooling stand in the way of the GLORIOUS REVELATION of our esteemed climate savior AL GORE who sent out the warning as John the Baptist of old that we must REPENT from our carbon spewing ways and come back into the fold of pre-industrial tree dwelling stewards of the planet.

  44. The Earth does not have a fever. The Earth is overrun by fools who get their science from politicians. Al hail Al Gore, or more correctly, Bishop Almer Goretry!

  45. Everyone knows when temperatures rise all over the entire planet that it makes record cold weather, that’s why we put trays of water in our ovens to make ice cubes!

  46. It’s obvious. Leonardo Decrapio said so at the UN this week. Why are you all freaking out? Global Warming is the cause of Global Cooling. We must impose cap and trade on carbon emissions on these evil multicultural corporations before it’s too late. The 60 watt light bulb is to blame. Al Gore is a genius and the world would be a better place if they didn’t steal the election from him. Putin is evil, ISIS is a JV terror team, and Eric Holder was looking out for all of our best interest and never stoked the racial divide or broke the law. The Constitution is a living, breathing document that really doesn’t mean much in this day and age. Face the facts.

  47. Democrats are so stupid that they don’t even know what GLOBAL means….
    Global means ALL OVER THE ENTIRE WORLD……so HOW are record cold temps possible anywhere on earth if it is GETTING WARMER all over the entire world?
    The lies told by democrats are the dumbest lies on the planet…

  48. Let’s all be REAL careful attributing anything to this. Remember, “climate change” predicts exactly this; ‘wild fluctuations’ in temperatures is the new norm. That means both extra-hot and extra-cold.

    The bottom line when it comes to NOAA is that nothing they say should be trusted.

    As for recent anti-AGW articles, this one’s hot off the press:

  49. So much for global warming, huh? Of course, the Socialist Liberals leaders and their foolish followers will never admit to the facts but will try to distort them to suit their agenda for controlling everyone’s lives. These fools made the incompetent Al Gore a millionaire at the expense of us all.

  50. The former Global Warming lunatics, currently known as Climate Change Experts, are nonplussed by this little bump in the road. These unflappable fanatics won’t be bothered by this a tiny bit and they’ll continue their frenetic drumbeat ’til they get what they want. Which is complete power, and total control of everything. It’s all for you own good, you see. They’re just trying to save us from our own stupidity. And for “the children”, of course.
    So submit, obey and shut up. (hey- that sounds a bit like Islam! Allah akbar!).

  51. I love how the same ppl who say “don’t look at current conditions as evidence of global warming” ARE LOOKING AT CURRENT CONDITIONS AS EVIDENCE OF ‘GLOBAL COOLING’!! You bunch of nincompoops.

  52. If man made climate disasters is the price we have to pay for everyone living well, then maybe we can think about it. But we are centralizing the economy around an oil industry, and their political party. The Russians already tried that in the Soviet times, and they still suffer now with Putin and Gazprom. We are not living better because we centralize transportation and energy around oil, we are living worse, and it makes our water and air dirtier. Let’s stop being co-dependent on a few rich oil people who abuse religion to stay on top. We can live better when we decentralize the economy away from dirty war oil.

  53. For all you Contardians, this summer was the hottest on record. A dip in the jet stream won’t change that fact. But of course, you knuckledraggers keep thinking temperature equals climate.
    The thing is, you’re all the typical Contard, too greedy and hateful to care what kind of world you leave behind for your children and grandchildren. As long as there’s a buck to be made, a Contard’s gonna grab it, damn teh consequences for others.

    1. “this summer was the hottest on record.”
      No, it sure was not. Not even close. But BS is a big part of the global warming cult’s arsenal.
      “you knuckledraggers keep thinking temperature equals climate.”

      That’s exactly what you just did. How’s your knuckles feel slick?

  54. We run the risk of abusing religion if we say that God is causing destabilization and weather disasters. I don’t want to offend the Holy Spirit by saying God is causing climate change, when our own selfish ways is doing it.

  55. What a way to spread terror it will cold it will be hot I just enjoyed the season as they come go ice is ice wind is wind the sun is the sun the moon is the moon nothing these I ENJOYED the seasons what in their heart tell them that the season are changing 60 years and there still 4 seasons in my life only thing is that the earth and me are getting older together check out your window and see if the tree are still growing and the birds are still singing then take a nap.

  56. It didn’t take but a second or two to find a couple of global warming cult members on this page using the same old BS argument. Goes something like this. You point out the ‘cold records’ being broken and they reply, “You’re talking about weather not climate!” And they usually add some slur or childish name calling to it for color. Then, out of the other side of their mouth, they’ll tell you “This summer was the hottest summer on record” Which of course is them using weather to prove climate change. They play the old kids game ‘heads I win, tails you loose’. These cult members are about as trustworthy as…oh I don’t know…the weather.

  57. Our government has given out over two billion dollars in grant and aid to scientists and colleges to prove global warming yet NOAA and a groups of distinguished scientists in the field have been caught falsifying their data so it matches their computer models.
    If global warming is fact then why are they falsifying data?
    World governments want global warming to be confirmed so they can use it to control their populace with more taxes and confiscatory government regulations.
    To believe in global warming you have to be oblivious to the weather going on around you.

  58. I would like to take this time to thank all of those selfless pilots who fly their jets around spewing their chemicals to make a nice blanket from the sun and give us these colder than average days. Thank you for the poisonous heavy metals you rain down on us serfs on a near daily basis. Baphomet, Bal, Molech and Luci are sure proud of your hard work and dedication, they await to congratulate your soul with a lifetime achievement award.

  59. I am right. I have always been right in the past. I will always be right in the future. One of the consequences of global warming is global cooling. The rest of you are too stupid to understand it, so I am not going to explain it any further. Just remember, what ever happens, whether the weather gets warmer, cooler or stays the same, its the result of global warning. If it rains or snows, or doesn’t rain or snow, its the result of global warming. Got to go. time for me to take my meds.

  60. Aside from debunking the lie of global warming this lie, and a lie it is, uses the phrase “coldest its ever been.” Oh really. We are covered by glaciers extending across all of the northern states and high elevation mountain ranges? Where are they? I don’t see them. Must be something wrong with my eyesight. I recall seeing photos of Niagara Falls complet4ely frozen over back in the 1800s. Coldest it’s ever been? BS.

    Anyone know what amount of grant money NOAA is after?

    1. Another frantic cult member trying to find some semantic loop hole in this story to prove that global warming is real. This story is not your problem slick. The fact that everyday more and more normal, sensible people just yawn when you people rant about global warming, that is your problem. And you guys seem to get more frenzied in your claims with every passing day. First it’s global warming, then it’s climate change, then it’s climate disaster. You cultists just know there has to be a catch phrase out there that will convince the people you’re not just looney-toon leftists trying to raise our taxes and lower our living standards. Can’t wait for the next one “Global war on climate?” “Conservative caused global warming?” “White male hatred of climate?” well… I’ll just leave it to you guys. You’re so much better at making things up.

      1. When it comes to fanaticism go back and reread what I posted and then look at your reply to me. My “rant” is against the lie of global warming and what I said in my original post. Take off your hate blinders and read before you post. I am on your side here not in favor of the lie of global warming or the lie of man made global climate change. I abhor the massive amounts of public monies given to people who perpetrate these lies and profit from them. So, calm down a bit and comprehend what you are reading before you attack someone else who is actually on your side. Once again so you can understand, GLOBAL WARMING IS A LIE. The flip side, “The coldest it’s ever been” deals specifically with global cooling and is used to promulgate the lie of man-made global climate change. Yes, the climate and earth, over a long period of time, IS cooling. But mankind has every little effect on it which is why it too is a lie. So, to enable you to understand, MAN-MADE GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE, is a lie as well. The reason these people tell these lies is for the government grant money they can get to study it and hold up the lie as being the truth when in point of fact it is a lie.

        Understand now? I hope so and I didn’t have to call you a fanatic cult member even though you responded to me as a cultist fanatic.

          1. Sorry for the confusion but apology accepted. You gained a lot of respect from me by doing so. I have spend the last thirty years debunking (proving false) the notion of global warming and, more specifically “man made global climate change.” I am a retired Space Communications Engineer who has had to deal with those lies since their inception. Working directly with the technologies these charlatans use to promote their lies is maddening. Working on spacecraft that gather weather related data and looking at that data proves to me beyond doubt that these alarmists are out right liars in virtually everything they have to say on the topic of climate change. When you pick and choose the data you choose to make public to support your argument and deny the massive amounts of data that speaks to the contrary it’s easy to see their lie and exactly how they pull it off. It’s all done for the money they get and is junk science at its best. Most people, however, have not had the opportunities to look at it from my perspective but it doesn’t prevent me from speaking out against these fanatics.

  61. There is news just this past week that “the war on global warming” is now the province of the Dept of Homeland Security.

    Can moving “the war on poverty” to DHS be far behind? How about the “war on women” and the “war on Big Gulp sodas?”

  62. When I read the lede “1695 Low Max Records Broken or Tied . . .”, I thought “How are temperature records from the year 1695 relevant, and how do they know, anyway!”. Then I realized the writers, reporters, and editors meant 1,695 records were broken.

    Isn’t it amazing how much difference a lowly comma can make. Much the same for the “upper-strata” apostrophe.

    Here we have what seem to be grade-school grammar mistakes made by those who are allegedly professionals (at their trade). In my mind, they will forever be associated with, characterized as, someone who is not to be taken seriously.

    Yet I realize it’s not all their fault. The nameless committees who create “style manuals” are much to blame. I remember when a “committee decided to dumb down military tech manuals to the “eighth grade level; to the “common ratio”, allegedly because troops couldn’t read all that well. I also remember committee documents, not included in the published background, where they discussed “inability to teach” and “saving pennies here and there by reducing typesetting, ink costs, space on newsprint, and the like. One member even insisted that it was correct to misspell words, leave out punctuation, and the like.

    So now we have “readin’, writin’ and ‘rithmetic” that gets dumbed down more every day. Maybe someone will look up “geometrical progression”, and teachers and English professors who are able to comprehend the meaning of that term will finally cry “Enough!”

    Though the lede did manage to suck me into reading further. If you think that one through, you’ll realize that it’s all about the money. Truth and accuracy are second place.

  63. Al Gore could care less. He’s got his boats, suv’s, mansions, chartered flights. His minions see his charade but still do not question him. He’s made millions and millions from his brain dead cultists.

  64. O’bamma needs to announce that his policies are the lone reason for this planetary healing, soon the ocean levels will rise, (or is it fall?). Then he can declare himself king (or is it queen), declare marshal law (or is it lawless) using his pen (or crayon) and phone (bongo drums), take all opponents out and shoot them for being racists, and the world will be a much better place thanks to his magnificent leadershit.

  65. Wow! You mean that there are still cold days? How can you possibly have a cold day when there’s global warming? Didn’t scientists say that there would be no more cold? Just shows they’re in it for the money!

    (typical denialist blather)

    1. “Didn’t scientists say that there would be no more cold?”
      No they didn’t. In fact you knuckleheads never ever mention cold days, cold months, colder summers, mild storm seasons, more ice, etc. You people dismiss all the opposing data as just weather. That is until a strong storm blows through and then all of you doomsayers can be heard screaming “See! See, it’s global warming!” And of course if you point out any of the contradictions in your hysteria You are dismissed with a…how did you put it….”(typical denialist blather)”.
      Well that’s a great argument, if you were in Jr High.

      1. OK, how about some “opposing data”?

        How did June – August fare for the PLANET, in terms of average temperature? Funny how denialists have kept away from that one like the plague, since it was announced a couple of weeks ago (What’s Up With THAT?).

        And, of course, there’s the continuing global increase in average temperatures (despite the denialist parroting of the biggest lie of our time).

        Chew on that one, and you’ll see how that stacks up against a few cold days on a fraction of a country that occupies 2% of the planet’s surface.

        1. “How did June – August fare for the PLANET”
          Exactly my point, You’re pointing to a three month period and crying global warming, global warming. Someone else points to a couple months of cooler temps and you dismiss it as weather. Thanks for proving my point.
          PS: I don’t come to these comment sections with a hand full of cherry picked stats. to try and prove the globe is cooling or not warming, or doing anything but spinning. I don’t frigging know what it’s doing, and NEITHER do you. That’s the point! But I bet I can guess your solution Tamara. I don’t want to put words in your mouth, so please, tell us everything we (Americans) have got to do to combat it? How many new taxes and on what? How many new government regulations and on what? What do you suppose all this will cost to us dumb Americans? Go ahead Tamara, tell us.

  66. One other item not frequently mentioned. If a glass of water is filled to the brim while ice cubes are floating in it and in time the cubes melt would the glass overflow? Al Gore would say of course. But the truth is it would not. Is it science or hype?
    Perhaps the climate change people could blame it on the millions of cars radiating heat to the air? Perhaps when those millions of cars accelerate or brake the change in inertia is causing the earths rotation to change? These make as much sense as their global warming.

  67. I wonder how much CO2 was generated yesterday by the wedding of George Clooney, that great climate change advocate. Looks like a lot of leftist celebs journeyed to Venice for a carbon footprint special. I especially liked all of the motorboats.

  68. Truth and facts? Doesn’t matter. Getting colder…Climate Change. Getting warmer…Climate Change. Nothing changes…Climate Change. WTF?! Chicken Little would be so proud. so it goes

  69. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether the climate is warming or cooling. Regardless, it’s still going to be “change we can believe in”. Mainly, the U.N. and Reuters, AP, National Geographic, Greenpeace, World Wildlife Federation, Sierra Club and all the other organizations influenced by the socialists and the Rothschilds are not giving up until they con the Congress into passing their “carbon tax” so they can fund the global government. Remember the slogan, “Green on the outside and red on the inside”.

  70. Ok, so a day’s worth of cool weather isn’t cherry picking, but the hottest June – August for the entire planet in known history somehow IS cherry picking.

    And I suppose the 2013 report that I linked for you (if you bothered to read it) is also cherry picking, right?

    1. “so please, tell us everything we (Americans) have got to do to combat it? How many new taxes and on what? How many new government regulations and on what? What do you suppose all this will cost us dumb Americans? Go ahead Tamra, tell us.”
      Still waiting Tamra…what’s the solution?

      1. I don’t know the “solution”. Never said I did and never pretended to.
        But I’m pretty sure that the “solution” doesn’t mean continuing as we are now.

  71. HOW are record cold temperatures possible anywhere if temps are rising all over the entire world?

    Don’t Socialist Democrats even know what global and warming mean?

    They certainly don’t realize that climate and weather mean the same thing….they are synonyms……duuuuhhhhhhhhhh

    It’s difficult to even attempt debate with Democrat morons….they are so ignorant of the meanings of common words.

  72. NOAA subtracts two degrees from all historical temperature data to make the current temps look higher than normal. HOW is that scientific measurement? Democowards have no answer!
    Stupid people still believe liars ever after they have been caught lying to them, repeatedly…..Being a Democrat means you have a mental disorder….at least one, usually more….

  73. Hey Drudge! How come you didn’t post any links on the So Cal heat wave we had this summer? Southern California hit the hundreds and not one mention on Drudge. I guess it didn’t fit your anti climate change agenda, haha.

    1. “Southern California hit the hundreds and not one mention on Drudge.”
      Look bud. I’ve lived in So. Calif for almost 60 years. It’s always above 100 in the summers. Always. Why would Drudge make a story out of that? It’s you guys that make stories out of nothing.

      1. You must live in the dessert then because it hasn’t been this hot in San Diego in a while. Stories out of nothing, it seems like any crime committed in Chicago is headline News on Drudge and I wonder why?

        1. I just can’t tell you how silly it sounds that you act shocked it was a hundred degrees this summer in So. Calif. and Drudge didn’t run a headline on it. The rest of your inane post was a little more expected.
          “it seems like any crime committed in Chicago is headline News on Drudge and I wonder why?
          Wait, let me guess, you’re implying Drudge is racist for running stories on one of the crime capitals in the US. You just have to be right. What’s Drudge think he is? A news outlet? Man, it’s just got to be racist. No other explanation.
          Stay clueless…

          1. Whatever you say. Some of it is racial and you know it. Im a registered Republican but the GOP no longer speaks for me. What do you think about that!

            1. I think you’re full of excrement. I’ve read a few of your posts and you defend Democrats and liberals at every turn. But probably more telling is you deride the GOP, right wingers, tea party, and everything else Republican. And you’re favorite line to post is, and I quote, “Im a gay man and a gay journalist.” I read it at least 10 times. You’re not a Republican. You’re a troll, a lier, and a liberal. You are the perfect Democrat.
              I’ll discuss, argue and debate with anyone from any political stripe. But I draw the line with bigots, racists, and liars. I do enjoy verbally dismantling the racists and bigots on the boards, (it’s not hard), but I have no time for liars. See you rataezo.

  74. Does this mean we have to go back to ” the sky is falling ” mantra of the commie/marxists, instead of climate change, now that the no to low information voter has figured out that ” global seasonal weather ” prevails?

  75. Why do we deny your global warming cult? Because…
    “Prior to the year 2000, NASA showed US temperatures cooling since the 1930’s, and 1934 much warmer than 1998.”

    NASA’s top climatologist said that the US had been cooling. James Hansen — August 1999. “Empirical evidence does not lend much support to the notion that climate is headed precipitately toward more extreme heat and drought.” “…in the U.S. there has been little temperature change in the past 50 years, the time of rapidly increasing greenhouse gases — in fact, there was a slight cooling throughout much of the country”
    February 04, 1989: “…scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said that a study of temperature readings for the contiguous 48 states over the last century showed there had been no significant change in average temperature over that period.”
    New York Times: “Right after the year 2000, NASA and NOAA dramatically altered US climate history, making the past much colder and the present much warmer.”

    You global warming knuckleheads are a farce to science. If it’s not warming enough for your cult theories, then you just lower the recorded temperatures from past years and compare to today. Presto-changeo now it’s warmer.

  76. Well, as we saw with the climate march in NYC it is has never been about the climate. Their mask was completely off and we saw difinitively what their main purpose is. Destroy capitalism. They use the fake global warming to try and get rid of capitalism and bring in their socialism/communism. There is a reason you never see the warming cultists celebrate or acknowledge any good news of a warming pause or predictions that don’t come true. People who actually believed in global warming would be encouraged by stuff like the current hurricane drought, they would be thrilled thinking we are making a difference. But you never ever hear that from them. It is because it is all a scam to get to their ultimate goal. Communism.

  77. Man made global warming is no longer a science. It has become a religion that many liberals subscribe to. Any attempt to question and disagree is met with name calling of being unpatriotic or worst. Kerry even had the announce to the world that it is equivalent to terrorism. He made the same analogy when he first testified that US soldiers were animals in the Viet Nam war. The L.A. Times news paper has refused to publish skeptic comments. I experienced that same rejection from our local paper that is owned by the Gannett Corp. If this practice continues, the US will surpass the old USSR in its rejection of opposition voices.

  78. During the month of July there were 890 HIGH MAXIMUM TEMPERATURE records tied or exceeded in the US. During the month of August there were 478 HIGH MAXIMUM TEMPERATURE records tied or broken in the US. And, during the month of September there were 1104 HIGH MAXIMUM TEMPERATURE records broken in the US. What does all this say about GLOBAL climate? Exactly nothing. You are looking at a very small part of the Earth’s surface.

  79. By the way during the month of September, when the central part of the U.S. was unusually cold there were 46 HIGH MAXIMUM TEMPERATURE records tied or broken in the state of Alaska!

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