New York Times Misleading Their Readers Again About Greenland ‘melting’ – NYT recycles ‘same hysteria for almost 85 years’

Even the most ridiculous estimates of ice loss in Greenland are less than 200 km³ per year. The volume of the ice sheet is 3,000,000 km³. Using the most aggressive claims, it would take 15,000 years for the ice sheet to melt. That accounts for a sea level rise of about one hundredth of an inch per year. Does Coral Davenport think that one inch of sea level rise over the next century is going to drown her?

But the reality is that the surface of Greenland gains about 300 billion tons of ice every year. Greenland is not melting.

The New York Times has been reporting this same hysteria for almost 85 years.


TimesMachine: May 15, 1932 –


TimesMachine: June 24, 1930 –

Thirty years later they were predicting a new ice age.

2015-10-26-19-25-48December 7, 1958 –

Climate is cyclical. There is no rational reason to believe that the Greenland ice sheet is going to disappear. More than half of it never gets above freezing most years.