“The climate activists are frustrated,” Marc Morano, former staff of U.S. Senate Environmental and Public Works Committee and founder of the skeptical blog Climate Depot, said in an interview with WND. “The global warming activists think they can achieve victory if they silence their critics. When anyone challenges their assumptions, conclusions or claims, they want to silence, intimidate, bully and eliminate their opposition.”

Smears can become ugly. Morano points to dozens of documented cases where global-warming skeptics have been linked with Holocaust deniers.

“CEOs of energy companies are being accused of crimes against humanity,” he said. “This is the atmosphere we’re dealing with. Climate activists are attempting to silence the voice of prominent scientists who dissent on global warming; and if they can’t silence them, they attempt to discredit them.”

“The activists are trying to bully Republicans into silence whenever they dare to challenge the so-called consensus,” said Morano. “If a Republican makes any statement not in line with Al Gore or the U.N., they’re attacked in the media and portrayed as buffoons. Climate activists know from history that intimidation is a very effective tool. Climate activists also know that if a Republican wins the presidency in 2016, any potential U.N. Climate Treaty and the EPA climate regulations may face dismantling.”


Morano rejects the claim that 97 percent of scientists are in consensus on manmade global warming. “A U.N. climate panel lead author’s own investigation found that the 97 percent number is literally ‘pulled from thin air,’” he said. “If you look at the numbers, what you see is 97 percent of scientific studies don’t challenge global warming for the simple reason [they did not address the cause of warming and instead assumed the premise of CO2 driving temps to be true and then looked at potential impacts.] But these scientists and studies still become part of the ‘consensus.’ It’s an exercise in group-think and self-reinforcement.”