NBC Ignores Huge Setback To Obama’s Clean Power Plan


“Clean Power Plan” rule, is a centerpiece of Obama’s climate agenda. The Supreme Court’s stay prevents the EPA from enforcing the rule until lawsuits brought by more than 20 states, and a number of companies and organizations are over. “It’s a stunning development,” Jody Freeman, a Harvard law professor and former environmental legal counsel to the Obama administration, said in an email to The New York Times. She also told the Times “the order certainly indicates a high degree of initial judicial skepticism from five justices on the court.” During the recent Paris climate negotiations, Obama had used the power plant rule as evidence the U.S. would take action. In spite of the significance of the decision, NBC failed to mentioned it at all during its Feb. 9, evening broadcast, or on Today the following morning. ABC and CBS paid little attention devoting less than one minute of coverage (56 seconds) combined on Evening News, This Morning and Good Morning America to the “setback for President Obama” regarding the “sweeping” regulations. –

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