NASA Lead ‘Global Warming’ Scientist Threatens To Resign If Trump Cuts Funding


NASA’s top climate scientist urged President-elect Donald Trump to keep paying for global warming programs, but threatened to resign if Trump censored his science.

Dr. Gavin Schmidt, the director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, told the Independent he and other government scientists are “not going to stand” for any funding cuts or other interference in their work.

“The point is simple: the climate is changing and you can try to deny it, you can appoint people who don’t care about it into positions of power, but regardless nature has the last vote on this,” Schmidt, told The Independent Thursday. “It’s something we’re going to have to deal with sooner or later, and it’s better sooner rather than later. We don’t have a choice if we’re going to deal with it.”

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More reaction from Tony Heller of Real Climate Science: ‘NASA’s Gavin Schmidt has been producing meaningless temperature data sets in support of President Obama’s attempt to seize control of the energy supply, and now promises to resign when his work is independently analyzed by the Trump Administration.’screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-10-17-48-pm



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  1. Schmidt was educated in mathematics, not the physical sciences. Since many colleges require next to no physics or chemistry of their math students, it’s a fair question just how much of a scientist he is. His mentor, the now retired James Hansen, studied astrophysics, and John Cook of the misnamed Skeptical Science website, has a BS in astrophysics. It may not be coincidence that astrophysics, as a course of study, is according to one study, the only branch of physical science that is virtually 100% left-liberal, a bastion of (in the US) Democratic politics.

    Schmidt seems to have shied away from public discussions after he got pasted circa 2007 in an Intelligence Squared debate on the question “global warming is not a crisis”, losing the favor of the liberal Manhattanite attendees. At one point, when Philip Stott brings up Nir Shaviv’s work involving galactic cosmic rays, Schmidt denigrates Shaviv’s research as “bogus”, unworthy of discussion, and bringing it up just deludes the audience into thinking a real scientific discussion is taking place.

    GISS would be high on my list of NASA groups that really should have no place in the Federal budget, a cesspool of climate bigotry.

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    1. Yes, tell Mr. Schmidt to go pound sand. NASA needs to concentrate on space exploration and advancing the technology – that was their original mission. We are nearing the end of a dark era, the AGW hoax, which has wasted $Billions.

  2. As Cousin Violet said to the nouveau-riche publisher on Downton Abbey, in response to his statement that he would probably not see the Crawleys again — “Do you promise?”

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