Watch: Morano featured as villain in new warmist documentary: ‘Merchants of Doubt’

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Film Review of Warmist film Merchants of Doubt says Climate Depot’s Morano is ‘proudly sleazy’ in ‘discrediting the science’ – Producer ‘Robert Kenner’s polished and deftly argued film finds compelling subjects on both sides of the fence, from the proudly sleazy Marc Morano, who boasts of his underhanded tactics to discredit the science.’

‘Merchants of Doubt’ producer Robert Kenner on Morano : ‘Marc was not thin-skinned. If I asked a tough question, he’d give a tougher answer’ – Warmist Kenner says he can learn from Morano: ‘Morano’s been very successful, and I thought, okay, I could learn from him’ Kenner: ‘I really enjoyed being with Morano. He was thoroughly entertaining, he was thoroughly unfiltered. And he, there was a degree of honestly coming from Marc Morano of talking about what he did. So there was no need for me to lose my cool with Marc. He was very straight-ahead, on some levels. And there was no question that he would be offended. There were one or two people who I felt were very thin-skinned; Marc was not thin-skinned. If I asked a tough question, he’d give a tougher answer. At the same time, I don’t think he was really in touch with the damage he was doing, to put it mildly…I don’t think Mark was in touch with the consequences of his actions. But he was very open, and on some levels, he helped inspire how I should tell this story. Saying: you have to connect with humor. It’s ironic, but he’s been very successful, and I thought, okay, I could learn from him.’

Warmist review of Merchants Of Doubt criticizes film for being ‘swindled by the charm of charismatic talking heads’ like Morano – ‘When the director should be leading the interview to uncover the root of deception of people like Marc Morano, he is swindled by the charm of charismatic talking heads. As he tries to side his audience against the skeptics, Kenner ends up using the same tactics that they do.’

‘Morano seems to be the most aggressive, bullying the scientists he debates’ – Morano stars as villain in new warmist doc ‘Merchants of Doubt’ – Review of new film: ‘The premise is that Morano is the fun one, the party boy who gets all the good college kids to stop all their boring studying. I don’t think yelling is fun though. Morano is proud of himself for putting scientists’ personal e-mail addresses online so his followers can send them threatening, abusive messages. He even admits he’s only trying to make the pro-climate change side miserable. “We’re the negative force,” he says, “trying to stop stuff.” So there you have it: not contributing anything good, just trying to take away other people’s efforts. Now sure, some bad ideas have to be stopped, but Morano is less about ideology than just being a troublemaker.’

Morano in starring role as villain in warmist film ‘Merchants of Doubt’ – Morano: ‘I’m not a scientist, but I play one on TV’ – “I’m not a scientist, but I play one on TV,” says Marc Morano, a man frequently cited as a specialist on climate change. Merchants of Doubt explores the shadowy world of purported experts who stake claims contrary to scientific consensus. Their efforts have spread confusion and delayed action over cigarettes and toxic chemicals. Principal Cast: Naomi Oreskes, Bob Inglis, James Hansen, Stan Glantz, Marc Morano