Monckton ridicules allegations of ‘conflict of interest’ against Dr. Willie Soon

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Dr Zhang Li, Editor, Science Bulletin

29 January 2015

Dear Dr Zhang Li,

I have had your letter asking about Dr Soon’s alleged “conflict of interest”. I had already written to Rui An.

Dr Soon, like all eminent scientists, has in the past received various grants from several governmental and non-governmental agencies. The rule at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, as it is at most other such institutions, is that every grant received must be for a specific purpose – usually a named research project. Furthermore, every grant received must be not only disclosed to the institution but also approved by it, and the purpose for which it is to be used must also be approved.

Dr Soon is traveling at present, but he has told me that every grant received by him, and every project for which that grant was given and to which it was applied, was approved by the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. Dr Soon did not receive any grant or other payment for the researching and writing of our paper, which, like all of us, he researched and wrote in his own time.

As for Dr Legates, he is paid a salary to study hydroclimatology and other geographical matters at the University of Delaware, and this interest is by custom declared simply by identifying him as a member of the University, which we did. He, too, received no grant or other payment of any kind for the researching or writing of our paper, and did the work in his own time. As for Matt Briggs, he is a statistician in private practice. He, too, received no grant or other payment of any kind for the researching or writing of our paper and did the work in his own time. As for me, I am long retired on grounds of ill health and nobody pays me anything for any of my work on climate change. I have received no grant or payment of any kind for the researching or writing of our paper, which I did in my own time.

The only sum we received – and only then after the paper had been published – was to meet the costly open-access fee. We declared that we had received assistance with that fee at the earliest possible moment – namely, in the draft press release we sent to you.

The organization at whose instigation you received the letter of complaint about Dr Soon is a Greenpeace front group. Several of the scientists who contributed to the IPCC’s Assessment Reports were paid by Greenpeace. None of them, as far as we can discover, declared these payments. In at least four countries – Canada, Russia, India and Peru – Greenpeace has been censured or acted against by the public authorities for causing environmental damage, for financial irregularities, or for undisclosed or questionable funding of its once charitable but now rankly political activities.

As you may know, there is a very large and well-funded politico-environmental movement in the West, of which Greenpeace is a part. I dined with the founder of Greenpeace, Patrick Moore, in Melbourne late last year. He told me Greenpeace is now no longer pursuing an environmental but a political agenda, and an unpleasant and dangerous one. He is no longer involved with Greenpeace. The intention of those who complained to you is to discourage you from accepting further papers either from us or from any who question whether the effect of Man on the climate will be as severe as the environmental extremists wish us to believe. I know you will resist that improper pressure and continue – as you did this time – to consider submitted papers on their merits.

With all good wishes,

Yours sincerely,

Viscount Monckton of Brenchley


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  1. It is well known that Greenpeace uses false charges as an attack ploy to curry favour with the ignorant public. Ever since Greenpeace changed from an environmentally aware and concerned organization into a politically manipulative pro communistic diktating cult, it is not surprising how, like all communists, they start accusing and charging their opponents, who tend to be honest good people, with false allegations. And why not? Lenin and Stalin did what Greenpeace is doing today, with great affect. Only problem is, Greenpeace has no Lenin or Stalin like leader, and so they are looking more and more like a cult of donkeys, or more appropriately, jack asses.

    Greenpeace always accuses their opponents, let me qualify that, by opponents I mean, those agents and actors in society and reality, whom Greenpeace, through myopic and distorted vision and deranged understanding they see as threats, of hiding behind shadowy investors and “Big Oil”. As with all communists, because of their simpleton beliefs and inability to comprehend anything more complex than a watermelon, make that a watermelon without seeds (the seeds would only succeed to confuse communists like Greenpeace for they have no idea what seeds do biologically), they can only charge people with things they know about or have good experience with themselves. Like most liars, you can identify liars quite easily, for they will always lie about the very same things that they accuse other people of. For you see, how do you accuse someone of lying or hiding of something when those you are accusing don’t even know or aware of about that thing that they are supposed to be lying or hiding? Easy, for of course, you yourself, must have a disposition to that very same accusation, then by sick minded rationale, you will assume that others too, most conveniently your foes, are doing the very same thing that you are doing yourself! This is a standard proclivity of a sick human mind, it is also known in the medical field as, Psychological Projection.

    Now, do you know, who suffers from Psychological Projection? Neurotics, psychotics and sociopaths.


    – Why do you hide your European financial benefactors? You continually deny to declare who is really funding you in Europe, by hiding behind Government protection. Who is funding you in Europe?

    – What secret arrangements do you have with your benefactors?

    – Why is the US Rockefeller Brothers Fund funding you in millions of dollars? A nebulous organization that was set up by the now defunct Standard Oil, and who still have interests in oil!

    – You are funded by Turner Inc, that is Ted Turner himself. Mr. Turner’s own son sees Mr. Turner as a communist now. How much power and control has Turner and his Communist News Network over Greenpeace?

    – You’re funded also by Marisla Foundation and Homeland Foundation, they are funded by the the famous Big Oil Getty family? How much oil funding support do you have? Why do you not declare this? What are you hiding Greenpeace? Do you have an agenda to destroy companies like BP just so your Big Oil companies can profit?

    – You are also funded by the US Charles Stewart Mott Foundation? Big friend and supporter of GM. How much does Greenpeace have invested with GM and why is it that your organization seems to only attack the German and Japanese car manufacturers. What sweet-heart deal do you have with GM?

    Well Greenpeace, it seems you have a lot to answer for. When are you going to stop hiding, lying, cheating, manipulating? When are you going to come clean, and proclaim your communist loyalties and hypocritical business practices?

    Why are the governments protecting you? What are you hiding?

    It appears we now have a new Mafia in the works, and it is called Greenpeace. And the governments and dirty dealing business leaders are all working together with Greenpeace, like an organized crime syndicate.

    There is only one problem here ladies and gentlemen. Corruption. And corrupt people always come out, like Greenpeace, to destroy the noble, honourable efforts of the good.



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