Listen Now: Morano on Alex Epstein’s ‘Power Hour’: Skeptics are ‘rooting for China to scupper the UN Climate treaty in Paris’

Power Hour: Marc Morano on Threats to Energy Freedom

On this episode of Power Hour I interview journalist Marc Morano of CFACT and about threats to energy freedom, including the upcoming UN climate summit in Paris. Marc offers some interesting comments, like the scary thought that our biggest hope for energy freedom there will be… China.

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Morano on ‘Exxon knew’ claims: It is just silly. Because they had a scientist make a presentation on a scary climate predictions? Exxon could have had Climatologist Dr. Reid Bryson come in the 1970s and warn about global cooling at the time and you could have said ‘Exxon knew about cooling in the 70s’. It is the most nonsensical thing.

Morano on potential skeptic failure in the global warming debate: “Back when cap-and-trade failed, skeptics were patting themselves on the back in Washington. We thought we had won a major victory and there would be no climate push for quite sometime. But that wasn’t the case. And this is where I think President Obama has surpassed former President Lyndon Johnson in terms of his talents and effectiveness in expanding state centralized power and is now rivaling only Franklyn D. Roosevelt in terms of Presidents who in their terms have consolidated centralized power.

President Obama, by bypassing Congress and using the EPA executive orders, has essentially imposed previously failed climate bills on America without a single vote of Congress — and without the American public being largely aware of it.

Republicans haven’t really made a big deal about this.

Obama has succeeded. Republicans have threatened to defund the EPA, which is not going to happen. The GOP has threatened other sorts of things which are not going to happen.

Global warming skeptics could not have been more succesful at convincing the public that climate change was not a threat. Skeptics could not have been more successful in rolling back cap-and-trade and the Kyoto Protocol and stopping carbon taxes. But, we were not ready to have democracy bypassed, to have someone as ruthless and I will say — competent’ as President Obama. He is doing exactly what he wants to do and is succeeding wildly at it.

Skeptics may lose the fight because of Obama’s ruthlessness and the Republicans weakness in fighting him.”


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  1. The false right/left paradigm has limited your analysis.

    A Republican will be the one to actually enact any serious AGW scheme in the US in much the same way that Clinton did NACLA or welfare reform.

    If voting mattered why would they allow it?

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