Friday, October 15, 2021


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Climate Crusader Prince William Slams William Shatner Space Flight

Anyone who thinks Prince Charles and Prince Harry are the only royal climate hardliners needs to take a closer look at Prince William.

Net Zero Fail: CBA Shareholders Overwhelmingly Support Fossil Fuel Loans

As global fossil fuel demand surges, a shareholder resolution by Commonwealth Bank of Australia to stop fossil fuel lending was overwhelmingly rejected by 86% of shareholders.

Aussie Met Bureau – making up 13 years of missing temperature data

With the distances involved, and with the other problems with metadata at the ten ‘nearby’ sites, it may be implausible to rely on the 13 years of infilled data at Charleville to identify the fine degrees of temperature trend needed as evidence of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming at Charleville.

Greta Climate Case Thrown Out by the United Nations

Greta Thunberg has learned the hard way that UN bureaucrats don't cut short their lunch breaks for anyone. The United Nations has ruled they cannot hear Great Thunberg's climate complaint, because she has not gone through the correct procedure.

Where Have All The Disasters Gone?

I read today that the EU is using an estimate of US$68 per tonne of CO2 emissions for the purported cost of the damages done by CO2. This is known…

Prince Charles Adds to His List of Climate Last Chances

Prince Charles, the climate hero who converted his antique Aston Martin to run on fine wine and cheese biofuel, has continued his tradition of issuing last chance climate warnings.

Sky News Doomsday Climate Report Flooded with Misleading Sea Rise Claims–Guido

Doom-mongering journalists at Sky News are reporting unsubstantiated graphic claims that London is on course to be flooded, illustrated with an image of Buckingham Palace in 3 metres of water. The only thing that is flooded is the report – flooded with misleading climate claims.

What Coal Price Surge? Climate Council Predicts 20,000 Jobs to Go

In the midst of an unprecedented surge in coal price and demand, Tim Flannery's Aussie Climate Council has urged Australia to shut down the coal industry, to protect jobs.

Prince Charles’ Climate Friendly Automobile Runs on Fine Wine and Cheese

Prince Charles has triggered global ridicule, after revealing his climate sacrifices include converting his antique Aston Martin to run on fine wine and cheese byproducts.

Peter Ridd Case: Academic Freedom Just Died in Australia

Australia's High Court has ruled that University administrators have the right to fire academics for breach of employment code of conduct, which has precedence over academic freedom.

Inconvenient Tornado Data Disappears

All we have is the chart, along with a table, which dishonestly claims that tornadoes have become progressively more common.

Kemper Coal Gasification & Storage Plant Imploded (Obama’s climate ‘centerpiece’ bites the dust)

The quick fix of coal gasification and CO2 storage is all but dead. Projects will continue, and the subsidies will flow if Biden gets his way. But it is greenwashing and greenwasting.

Vijay Jayaraj: Coal Shortages Threaten Blackouts for 2.7 Billion Chinese and Indians

Asia’s and Europe’s energy crisis is a stern warning to politicians who advocate replacing coal, oil and natural gas with more expensive and intermittent wind and solar — a switch that is a proven recipe for chaos and misery.

Plain English Lost on the High Court of Australia

Coral reefs can be messy, and so can court cases. And so it is with the case of Peter Ridd, sacked by James Cook University because he exercised his intellectual freedom. The only thing that is neatly settled from this case is apparently ‘the science’, never mind that this is only because anyone who publicly disagrees with it is censored or sacked. In the case of Peter Ridd, even after he managed to raise over A$1.4 million to appeal his sacking by James Cook University all the way to the High Court of Australia, he lost.

“Which Hospital do you Want to Shut?”: Climate Policy Debate Rages in Australia’s Ruling Coalition

The National Party, Australia's junior ruling coalition partners, have challenged Aussie PM Scott Morrison to identify which cuts to government expenditure he will make, if Australia agrees to shut down our $60 billion per year coal export industry at COP26.

EPA U.S. Heat Wave, Heat & Cold Death Rate Data Exposes & Destroys Biden & Democrats “Extreme Heat” Propaganda

This EPA and NOAA data exposes and destroys the credibility of Biden, his Democrats and the incompetent and purely politically driven climate alarmist media that falsely and erroneously claim that the U.S. is experiencing increasing occurrences of heat waves and extreme temperatures and increasing rates of heat related deaths due to “climate change”.

Mars Perseverance: More Evidence of Ancient Lake/Delta System

Guest ” If it looks like a delta, walks like a delta and quacks like a delta, it might just be… ” by David Middleton It looked like a delta…

Massive Floods add to China’s Climate Policy Coal Crisis

Massive floods have stopped production in a major Chinese Coal producing province, likely worsening China's ongoing energy crisis.

The U.S. Could Have Wildfire Smoke Radar

Imagine the ability to determine the three-dimensional distribution of wildfire smoke across the United States in real-time.

Climate Politics Threatens an Era of Energy Poverty

The situation in the U.K. should be a warning to U.S. energy planners, who might face a similar situation if Biden moves ahead with his carbon-reduction proposals and replaces U.S. energy independence with a renewed dependence on imports. Additional commitments made at COP-2  can only put U.S. energy security at further risk.
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