Global Warming: ‘Why We Don’t Need To Worry Even If It’s Really True’


But for the sake of argument, let’s say that due to man’s carbon dioxide emissions, Earth is warming at the rate the alarmists claim it is. What should we do? Those driving the global warming scare want to sharply cut human carbon dioxide emissions. But those cuts aren’t free. NERA Economic Consulting says that the Environmental Protection Agency’s carbon rule for power plants alone would cost consumers $366 billion over 14 years.

For all that money, we’d cut the rise in global temperature by 0.02 degrees and sea level increases by 0.01 inch. And these costs don’t include restrictions that could be imposed on automobile emissions, carbon taxes, any sort of carbon-trading regime or the over-the-rainbow renewable energy programs that politics have produced.

The better path is to do what humans have always done — adapt.



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