Flashback 1974: NCAR Blamed ‘Dramatic Climate Anomalies’ on Growing Arctic Ice – Called Global Cooling The ‘New Norm’ – – 2013: Warmists Blame Climate Disasters On Melting Arctic Ice

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Via Real Science

Excerpt from 1974 NCAR report:

Climate Change and its Effect on  World Food

by Walter Orr Roberts  Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, and National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado

In February of 1972 earth-orbiting artificial satellites revealed the existence of a greatly increased area of the snow and ice cover of the north polar cap as compared to all previous years of space age observations. Some scientists believe that this may have presaged the onset of the dramatic climate anomalies of 1972 that brought far-reaching adversities to the world’s peoples. Moreover, there is mounting evidence that the bad climate of 1972 may be the forerunner of a long series of less favorable agricultural crop years that lie ahead for most world societies. Thus widespread food shortages threaten just at the same time that world populations are growing to new highs. Indeed, less favorable climate may be the new global norm. The Earth may have entered a new “little ice age”

There are strong signs that these recent climate disasters were not random deviations from the usual weather, but instead signals of the emergence of a new normal for world climates.



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Flashback 1974 – CIA blamed extreme weather on global cooling and expanding Arctic ice

Flashback 1974: NCAR Blamed ‘Dramatic Climate Anomalies’ on Growing Arctic Ice – Called Global Cooling The ‘New Norm’ – – 2013: Warmists Blame Climate Disasters On Melting Arctic Ice

1976 CIA Shock News: Global Cooling To Kill Us All – ‘The CIA warned in 1976 that global cooling will increase the frequency of droughts’

Newsweek blamed the 1974 tornado outbreaks, on global cooling

Global sea ice area was the third highest on record – The highest in 25 years and appears headed for an all-time record high



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      1. I take it that you don’t get it. They don’t care one way or the other. They are using environmentalism as a hammer to beat down capitalism and private property rights at every possible turn. This is in order to centralize control and power in the hands of the government. It is another means to implement the growing dictatorship. Even the founder of Greenpeace figured this out, after he had lost control of his own creation to these tyrants. This is why he left Greenpeace.

        The common people who are suckered into believing this are just as suckers like the Germans who elected Hitler.

        Stop believing this has anything to do with the environment.

        There are plenty of legit concerns about the environment from pollution to overfishing to Fukushima. Global warming is not on of them. It is a tool of the “progressives”.

        Progressive is a code word for socialist. Socialism is a means to communism. Thus spake none other than comrade Lenin himself.

        Wake up.

        1. Your assumptions are unwarranted. The quacks didn’t expect their “cure” to help the patient and didn’t care whether it did or not. Their “expertise” got them access to power, money and influence. That’s a pretty close analogy for the modern-day charlatans.

          1. Exactly: this ‘hoax of the century’ is engineered to exert more control over our daily lives in the form of higher taxes and yet more onerous, draconian regulations.

              1. I was farming in Calivornya in the mid 70s, we had extreems. 100 + Mile an hour winds, drought, followed by three times normal rain/snow fall. A repeat of 1966, 52, on and on. It is bad weather, nothing more.

            1. You can point the warming hoax out to liberals with all the correct data to back your position and they still won’t believe it. That’s how immersed in this global warming crap they are. Never mind that both ice caps are thickening and that is has always been normal for polar bears to end up stranded on icebergs.

          1. Fascism is just socialism with corporate sponsorship. Think NASCAR Socialism.

            Both groups believe in maximum control by the politicians – they just use different excuses to get to that end. Both are all about POWER and everything else is just rationalization. That’s why it was so easy for Mussolini to go from socialist to fascist and for Vladamir Putin of the KGB and Slobodan Milosevic to go from communist to fascist.

            1. “Fascism is just socialism with corporate sponsorship. Think NASCAR Socialism.”

              Not even close…

              1. Fascism is an expression of middle-class discontent.
              2. Marxism and other forms of Socialism are expressions of lower-class and working-class discontent.
              3. Hitler was brought to power by Fascism.
              4. The Russian Revolution was Marxist.
              5. Fascism is nationalist: The Nazis were vehemently opposed to internationalism. They quit the League of Nations.
              6. Marxism and Socialism are internationalist.
              7. Fascists believed that God was on their side.
              8. Marxism is atheist.
              9. Fascism is militaristic.
              10. Fascism is racist.
              11. Fascism is homophobic. Before his onslaught on Jews, Hitler exterminated the gays.
              12. Fascism is for traditional family values (Only three roles for women: Kinder, Kuche und Kirche).
              13. Fascism is cosy with the conglomerates.

              Fascism/Nazism and Socialism are each other’s opposite: The former is on the Right, and latter on the Left. And the distinction between Right and Left remains very meaningful, today in America as much as it was in 20th century Europe.

              1. You’re focused like a laser on the TRIVIA. Those are the petty details I referred to earlier. Theoretical motive is meaningless because the outcome is the same.

                Communism and fascism are different just like the Crips and the Bloods are different. The real opposite of totalitarian statism is limited government. Neither system can gain a foothold where the overall power of the central government is restrained.

                1. You are right. I think of the political graph with the vertical scale being the size of government. At the left end are Communism, Socialism, Naziism or other “ism” having all government or oligarchy. At the far right would be no government which is Anarchy (which would be chaos). The American government was based a little to the right of center in a limited government. Little Red Ridinghood would call it the Mama Bear Zone.

              2. The Russian Revolution was in practice little different from fascism. Socialism is not necessarily internationalist. Fascism is not necessarily religious, and Hitler was very likely an atheist. Every Marxist regime has been very militaristic. Fascism is not necessarily racist, and Marxism is not necessarily non-racist…Karl Marx was a racist. Fascism is not necessarily “homophobic”, again neither is Marxism necessarily the opposite…Stalin made homosexuality punishable by 5 years’ hard labor. Fascists put women to work just like everybody else. Fascism took over conglomerates; it was their master not their friend.
                There is, in short, no functional difference between the two. One puts everyone under its boot and attempts to conquer other lands for the sake of national strength, while the other puts everyone under its boot and attempts to conquer the entire world for the sake of making everyone equal. Equating one to “the left’ and the other to “the right” was completely meaningless in their inception, and far more so in today’s America where the Right is concerned with economic freedom (the exact opposite of fascism) and public morality, while the Left is concerned with economic control (as is the case in both Marxism and fascism) and public amorality. It’s true that the right is still here more nationalistic and militaristic, but not anywhere near to the level of fascism.

              3. You are incorrect on at least one account…Hitler did not exterminate the gays….The NAZI party for founded by gays in a gay bar. The NAZI’s may have taken a few gays but nothing like they did to the jews.

              4. BS. Fascism is not “Right wing”. Fascism is not a political stance like the rest of socialism or communism, anyone can be fascist and right now, the liberals have a lock on it.

              5. No, they are not meaningful. They are both the same coin; dictatorship, government control over peoples lives. The real right versus left is dictatorship versus anarchy. This divide is exactly what the constitution was developed to stop; to put America exactly in the middle – not anarchy, not government control. We have moved way too far to one end of the spectrum. The result may well be a rebound to the opposite, as far right as we were left. Both are wrong. What we need is to return to the original Constitution. Lets get back to our origins. Then we will be safe.

              6. “Fascists believed that God was on their side.”

                BS, Hitler was an atheist who hated Christianity. He thought it was a ‘weak’ religion and wanted to eventually replace it with Germany’s earlier paganism roots. And communists were/are racists and homophobes also. They just focused most oh their ire against the ‘rich’.

                Fascism/Nazism and Socialism/Communism are both totalitarian creeds that just used different scapegoats to achieve their ends. The main difference between the two is that Fascism/Nazism promoted existing social norms as a counter to Socialism/Communism who wanted to destroy existing social norms. It was an effective strategy to differentiate themselves from Socialism/Communism who scared the bejesus out of most folks.

                Associating Fascism/Nazism with the right in this country is one of the greatest propaganda successes in history. Conservatives in this country want less gov control while Fascism/Nazism is all about total gov control just like Socialism/Communism. Fascism/Nazism/Socialism/Communism are just different permutations of the same thing, tyranny.

              7. The founders saw The “LEFT” as TYRANNY – by any name and The “RIGHT” as ANARCHY. They created the CONSTITUTION in order to achieve the middle ground called FREEDOM.

              8. You are looking at two snuff films with the same cast of actors. In one, the tall guy kills the short guy. In the other one, the short guy kills the tall guy.

                You are claiming that these two films are polar opposites. I’m telling you that they are basically identical and the opposite of both snuff films is Lassie or Heidi.

              9. Wrong. The Nazi stands for the National Socialist German Workers Party. This sound very lefty to me. They are the same thing as socialists except they are nationalist..

                I love it when dimwit liberals try to pond the Nazi’s as far right. The right is limited government and the far right is anarchist meaning no government. The further to the left the bigger the government.

                The NAZI utilized big government for their police state. This is a byproduct of progressiveness and their love for big government.

            2. Fascism IS socialism, but your “corporate sponsorship” line is completely incorrect. Though fascism is typically “corporatist”, which many believe means giving power to business corporations, this actually means the unionization of various interests in society into “corporations”, official interest groups (like labor, veterans, the elderly, manufacturers, etc…) controlled by the government not the other way around. What makes fascism different is not this, but the goal: it is focused on national strength rather than egalitarianism.

      2. Evolution fits that description also–non-falsifiable, it’s not science–it’s faith. The Greenies, Lefties, Progressives or whatever label you assign, they are very religious people with a LOT of faith.

    1. Please, more ice already has been blamed on global warming. The Antarctic ice pack is growing. Climate idiots blame global warming. Their speil is that warming causes “fresh water” to melt which then re-freezes easier than salt water. Of course that doesn’t work in the Arctic ice (go figure). No limit to their stupidity.

    2. This “global warming” swindle has gone on long enough.

      It’s time for these warm mongers to seek therapy and stop foisting their neurosis on normal people.

    3. You know if they just came out and said, “Hey we guess a lot because we make our conclusions based on our political agendas” this would go a lot better. Otherwise it’s just pseudo-science.

    4. I went outside Sunday morning and found a couple of inches of global warming on my driveway. I went looking for my hockey stick but nobody had seen it in a couple of years. I called Al Gore and asked to borrow his but he denied ever having a hockey stick.

      1. Kudos!
        I have noticed how the extremists immediately cite unusual heat and drought as AGW but unusual cold and rain are Global Climate Change. However if a “denier” points out any inconsistency they cry “It’s only weather, stupid!”. I worked R&D for 20 years with a bunch of self described “genius” PhD physicists. The standard joke in the proving labs was “if the data do not confirm the theory they must be disposed of”.

    5. This is nothing more than a scam. This is what the bureaucrats say about it in their own words:

      Quote by Ottmar Edenhoffer, high level UN-IPCC official: “We redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy…Basically it’s a big mistake to discuss climate policy separately from the major themes of globalization…One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do with environmental policy anymore.”

      Quote by Timoth Wirth, U.S./UN functionary, former elected Democrat Senator: “We’ve got to ride the global-warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing in terms of economic policy and environmental policy.”

      Quote by Kevin Trenberth, a lead author of 2001 and 2007 IPCC report chapters: “None of the models used by the IPCC are initialized to the observed state and none of the climate states in the models correspond even remotely to the current observed state”.

      Quote by Richard Benedik, former U.S./UN bureaucrat: “A global climate treaty must be implemented even if there is no scientific evidence to back the greenhouse effect.”

      Quote by Stephen Schneider, Stanford Univ., environmentalist: “That, of course, entails getting loads of media coverage. So we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements, and make little mention of any doubts we might have.”

  1. Okay you greenies.. can’t have it both ways here.. PIck a side. We will either freeze our asses off.. or sweat them off… ALL becasue of globala warming BAHAHAHAHA You fools!

    1. Absolutely. Global warming causes the earth to heat up, but this only occurs on warm days. Global warming also causes the earth to get cold, and this is especially noticable when it is freezing. Carbon taxes will solve all of these problems.

      1. And that money is somehow as pure as the wind driven snow (snow! Ha!) But any money from other sources such as energy companies, is somehow tainted and dirty. Therefore any studies made using said dirty money, will also be tainted. While theirs…. pure and saintly….. no bias in there, none at all.

    1. Global Warming is just like Obamacare. They think there is nothing wrong with the program that can’t be fixed by marketeers. They just need to be re-launched and re-branded.

    2. That’s what a lot of them want. I can’t even count the number of people (greenies) that are running around promoting the elimination of mankind. As if we’re some alien population or something, and Earth was supposed to be inhabited by nothing but the lower animals.
      Of course, like global warming etc…. they want US to off OURselves, while they reap the benefits of not having us around. The suggestion that they show us how it’s done and off themselves first, to start a trend, is met with anger.

  2. Okay all you Green WEENIES out there.. Can’t have it all ways here.. Your wind power is KILLING birds… but windpower is good for the environment.. You want electric cars.. but electricity is made in USA primarily by coal…According to the facts of this article.. we were going to freeze our asses off due to the coming ice age predicted in the 1970’s…or vaporize due to impending global warming. Make up your scrambled minds you fools!

    1. Scott, new studies show that wind farms actually impact the weather. Mostly in a negative way that harms not only animals but plant life as well. Try to track down the carbon footprint and actual cost of just one of these giant turbines. You only hear the benefits of “free” power. If people knew the true cost to the environment and productivity, they’d be wiped from the face of the earth in under a year.

      1. Exactly, just one of those turbines requires over a ton of rare earth elements. Most of that comes from China and is very destructive to the environment to process.

        1. And at some “Farms” they actually have to stop them at their most productive times because the locals can’t stand the “noise pollution”. Also the aircraft warning lights cause “light pollution”.

      2. Indeed NWC: The pollution spin off from the manufacturing of the turbines & subsequent vast wasteland & brownfields left in their wake proves the old adage…be careful what you wish for. The greenies ALL want “alternative” power.. but fail to grasp the unintended consequences.

  3. Either way, we need higher taxes to fix this problem caused by these hideous 200lb primates! What a wonderful world it would be with a total world population of just 10mil liberals with 50mil slaves! Utopia! Pure communism/liberalism/marxism! Imagine!

  4. I heard a global warming expert talking about the coming extra bitter cold coming because of global warming… oh, wait… that sounds stupid… lets call it climate “change” that allows us to get colder weather out of a planet with a fever.

    My theory is that because Governments can’t scare and control the masses by creating a fear of God, they are diligently trying to exert control by creating a fear of the weather.

    Having seen how the ignorant masses can be so easily fooled, it just might work.

  5. In 5,4,3,2,1……some left wingnut progressive will come here and explain that this is all what they predicted back in the day and they’re right on target with climate change according to all their models. everyone that doesn’t agree, or bow down to the science god, are a bunch of idiots opposed to “science.”

  6. Dennis Miller was right!

    He said that driving an SUV is actually a part of the solution, that those who drive Priuses are actually causing the coming “ice age” as predicted in the April 28, 1975 issue of National Geographic, as shown and discussed with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show a few years back.

    What gets me is those who complain of CO2 emissions, claiming that it damages the planet and will kill us and therefore we need to reduce it and tax it in order to control and limit it. (Humans exhale CO2, while plants require it in order to create the oxygen that humans need.)

    Meanwhile, lone wolf Nigel Farage is up against the European Union with photographic evidence. Check him out on Youtube.


    It’s all just an excuse for a money-grab from the “developed world”, as they like to call it.

  7. ———-
    “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” – Carl Sagan
    Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds is a book written in 1841, as relevant today as then, which exposes National and Political Delusions that caused economic bubbles, crusades against other people, and scientific fraud and deceit.

    We have a$$clowns today repeating history.

    1. I rented that one at a local library. Boy was some of it fascinating. I really liked the tulip bulb craze, I believe in Holland mid 19th century. The price of certain pretty bulbs were going for the rate of several nice houses. Obviously a market cannot withstand relatively worthless items trading at 50K times pre-bubble value. I find the correlation with the current US petro dollar to be spot on. Once the feverish demand for US dollars/Tulip bulbs subsides (as oil is only traded in USD-artificial demand), there will without a shadow of a doubt, be the same market implosion and subsequent mass hysteria involved. THERE TRULY IS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN

  8. Even in 1972, just a decade or so from the start of space based earth observations, those with an agenda had the audacity to make predictions on a pin pick on a pin prick of climate history data that the earth climate was not just changing, BUT had a knowable cause of the change…unlike the climate, the bias($$$$$$$$$$$$$) of experts never changes, just the bad actors do.

    1. Actually scientists know a great deal. So the left keep them from publishing and speaking out. Real science is not allowed. Its all proven and indisputable. Ask any climate believer. The proven science of delusion.

  9. With this blast of ARCTIC air coming down on us from Canada, do you suppose that Artic ice is still melting? Oh, and did you see the article the other day on Drudge about the increase in ice in the Antarctic? Oh my! What to do, what to do. I don’t know whether to s__t or go blind.

  10. The socialist democrat cult is consumed with “The Religion of Self Importance” and the righteousness of their beliefs that simply fail the scientific method of proof.
    “…The Elites of the West have cranked up the myth of Man-Made Global Warming as a means to control the lives and behaviors of their populations…This is a religion…”
    – Pravda, January 2013

    Global warming, the tool of the West – Pravda 2013

    Alaska has most ice ever recorded – 2012

    Antarctica Sea Ice Hits record high – 2012

    Obama low information lemmings actually their believe theories are facts!

  11. Like political polling, the databases are manipulated to skew to a predetermined outcome. We are not experiencing climate change, only statistical data changed to fit a UN / NWO objective.

  12. The clueless lying talking heads will say anything to advance their power hungry agenda. It is the new norm. Sadly, I sense no pushback from the enslaved masses.


    1. Does this go along with Bugs and Daffy routine about Daffy getting to host the show NEXT WEEK?

      Daffy: This week is last week’s next week. But this next week wont be this week until next week!

      Now if only Wile E.Coyote was remembered for his BRILLIANT painting of tunnels…

  14. This will be solved when these brains find out how much more money they can get from the ‘government’ to fund their university studies! That will probably require 50 years more of studies.

  15. And also mentioned in this article was the warming trend that later manifested to what we are currently experiencing–multiple years of record or near record high global temps. Not so far off the mark for a 40 year old study after all…

  16. With atmospheric CO2 levels rising above 400 ppm, we should be seeing record high temps, not record cold temps like 135 BELOW ZERO!
    I wish Democrats would stop telling lies about Global Warming.

  17. We are in the grasp of global BS and it needs to be stopped. There are way too many progressives breathing good clean air that intellegent people could be breathing…

    1. Heat? Michele O has been frigid with King O ever since that selfish selfie. You can bet the White House on it. He probably had to go to one of those self service massage parlors for a little relief.

  18. GOOGLE “Alberto Gorez”……he is the noted S. American Global Cooling Climatologist who has been warning the world about the dangers of Global Cooling for over a decade.
    He is largely ignored by the Socialist Democrat Semite Media because he is NOT calling for trillions in new taxes on the middle class, as a solution to Global Cooling.

    1. Alberto Gorez? ALberto GOREz? Funny, I googled for him, why does it seem like a joke? Please tell me it’s a joke.

      [edit] – your username- AG – got it. very good.

  19. 90% of Earth’s ice load is sequestered in the Antarctic. While the Arctic’s ice extent has been declining for the past 33 years the Antarctic’s ice extent has been increasing. Plot the CO2 dataset, normalized, for the past 33 years against the NSIDC southern hemisphere ice extent, normalized, and you will find that they are perfectly correlated therefore it follows that CO2 causes Global Cooling.Woodfortrees.org data sets.

  20. Solution, lets take all our money and make a great big pile and let the scientist/politicians/pigs roll in it. That will solve all the problems except they will have the money and we will still be cold or hot, whatever the day brings.

  21. I wonder how reducing our carbon footprint will reduce the chances of the Yellowstone super volcano from erupting, or the San Andreas fault from slipping… THOSE are REAL problems. No matter what we do the Earth will heat up and cool down over thousands of years. The last ice age’s maximum was only 22,000 years ago and lasted until only 12,000 years ago… guess what? There will be another no matter what humans do…

  22. Coldest recorded temperature on Earth at 135 degrees below zero in Antarctica with a 35 year high in ice cover. A 28% increase in Arctic ice cover over last year. Over 1,000 record low temperatures across the US in the last week. It appears to be getting colder globally and this is not good for things like food production and costs of energy as demand goes up (although new US natural gas supplies mitigate that somewhat). The frost line seems to continue farther south every year despite Greenpeace claims of melting Santas and drowining polar bears. To add to it all there has been a steady increase in US air quality over the last 10 years which is good news.

    The greens should be very happy, the Earth is not warming and the air is cleaner. Why not claim victory and go away rather then demanding we halt human progress and live like troglodyte peasants? That’s a rhetorical question…

  23. And these are the studies we are supposed to trust? Opinion papers written by people with a set agenda who fail to denote historical documents and base their entire opinion on a whim. Show me one scientist who can predict the weather thirty days from now. Just one. If they cannot do that, then they are lying about climate change.

  24. Its pretty simple. There is x amount of water in the world. The ice caps are water banks. Larger ice caps mean less water in the biosphere, hence, a drier earth with more deserts and droughts. Smaller ice caps mean more water in the biosphere, hence, a greener earth with farming capable at higher latitudes..Which is better? I am not denying global warming, I am denying it is bad. I do have a question for the glo-warmer fanatics-what day do you want it to be? What actual day in history was everything juuuuuuust right? Oct 9, 1954? What day, please? What day?

  25. Looks like the alarmists should have stuck with their original global governance power grab scheme of global cooling – it’s a much more likely scenario.

  26. Notice how fast it’s gone from “Global Warming” to “Climate Change”. What a crock of s*it. I would like to shove my carbon foot print up their collective butt’s

    1. Ya, and the greenie weenies were all crying about the evil oil companies, and yet it was the evil oil companies who were all jumping on board for carbon credit trading schemes! As if trading clean coal burning factories in America, for dirty coal burning factories in China, would somehow make the world a ‘cleaner’ place or halt global warming (all that we needed to do to halt global warming was to wait until the sun’s warm period ended – approximately 15 years ago).

      Go East Anglia! You hide that decline!

      1. Some of the Obamanites are talking about an expedition to the sun to place some carbon taxes on it. Martin Bashir mentioned that on his show last night — right after he complimented Sarah Palin.

    1. Notice though that the media tried to bury this story and every other that came out of the 1970s talking about a coming ice age and ‘global cooling’?

      The media talking heads tried to claim that ‘global cooling’ alarmism from the 1970s was nothing like the ‘global warming’ alarmism of the 1990s because there wasn’t the manufactured “consensus” about it that you have today with global warming.. err climate change.

  27. LOL. In twenty years it’ll be something else, probably cooling again. Only one thing is certain – whatever happens, it will be the fault of Western civilization.

    1. That’s the narrative they need to redistribute the world’s wealth and centralize as much power as possible in the hands of central bankers. Everything else: warming, cooling, ‘climate change’ is just fine tuning for the excuse they’ll need to sucker us all in.

      Oh look at all those filthy smoke stacks and all of that hacking smog in China: great job cleaning up the environment there you globalist pukes.

      You see the environmentalists even contradict themselves – ship all the factories to China because of western exploitation. What happens next? Why environmental devastation, slave labor, and the biggest agenda item, lower wages in the west. It’s lose, lose.

  28. libs say: its a fact that scientists voted for global warming…freezing…change. That’s what a scientific consensus is – a vote. And they keep changing their vote. tomorrow they could vote for global acid rain, and that will be reported as consensus of fact if enough of them vote for it. That’s our new liberal “science”.

    1. And those scientists who don’t go along, get their grants yanked, their papers buried, and are labeled charlatans and quacks, even though there isn’t room enough at the United Nations to even discuss the creation of more charlatans and quacks than we have already.

    2. I have a question you don’t trust scientists because they use science? But you will believe the fossil fuel companies because they don’t have an agenda? The fossil fuel companies have fought every restriction in air and water quality standards. Fought against fuel efficiency standards. Remember Drill baby Drill. Even after the Fossil Fuel industry time and time again is proven to be only motivated by money. It doesn’t matter how many times they have proven to be not trustworthy you still support them over scientist. You folks go as far to say that Scientist are only motivated by money so they can’t be trusted but The Fossil Fuel companies have your best interest at heart I don’t understand your foggy train of thought.

      1. When did anyone mention fossil fuel companies?

        You DO know the oil companies provide extensive funding to “green” energy projects, and fund the organizations and universities that support AGW, don’t you?
        Don’t you?

        You’re just throwing out the usual ad hominems and deflections.

  29. it’s funny (more sad) to watch “experts” talk with absolute conviction about things like global warming. they are the same type of “experts” who insisted that the earth was flat, the sun revolves around the earth and that going faster than 24 miles per hour would result in asphyxiation as all the oxygen would be pushed out of the way….

    1. To be serious for a moment — You got the D right but it wasn’t Johnson it was Truman when he approved The Japanese Army (JIF) to control Indochina until France could regain its colony then approved the French Indochina struggle against the Vietminh. Ike approved the North/south split then reluctantly inserted a few advisers and observers; JFK made it into a holy war to stop the “ungodly communists”; Johnson made it into an ego thing and Nixon ended it all.

  30. I remember the National Geographic predicting the new ice age…..now chicken little squaks global warming, err climate change….God has a funny way of making the wisdom of man look futile!

    1. Whoa — I liked those bushes! — beat the Mary Jane hair of the fifties and dirty hair of the sixties. My girlfriend took an half hour each day to do that hair.

  31. Global warming is undeniable! Let us get rid of all fossil fuels and build nuclear reactors everywhere. When global warming brings on the new ice age (it must be true, I heard it on tv) we can let the reactors melt down, reversing it all back to global warming, and then… I’m getting a headache…

  32. Climate Change, Global Warming…when the weak-minded realize the fraud (especially Algore) that has been pulled on them…they will hunt these crooks down dogs and torches. It’ll be fun to watch, we’re talking a good pay-per-view event. So it goes.

    1. I am already booked up in January with my pitchfork for the Obama overthrow once the Obamanites realize that someone else paying for their healthcare means they themselves have to fork over some cash.

  33. This is more evidence that shrewd politicians know they can gain power by scaring people. When it comes to the climate, it is what it is. Don’t let people get power over you by using your fear.

  34. I think we are on the verge of going back to the old global cooling theories. Funny thing is a bunch of the braindead koolaid drinkers will leap from GW and get right on board with Man Made Global Cooling. They are just so nutty all you can do is laugh at them.

    1. Its the Chinese and Indians that put so much Carbon in the air that its blocking the sunlight; now with the sunspots at a minimum plus add all of the volcanic eruptions it really causes some change; ergo we reversed the global warming to global cooling just like the wars in the 20th century did; add also we cleaned up the air in Calif — well you get the point…

      1. So, basically, you’re saying we’re screwing up a natural cycle.
        From the highs of the Medieval Warm Period (higher than today) to the lows of the Little Ice Age and now that we’re warming up again you object to “carbon” in the air?
        Obviously, it’s you that doesn’t “get the point”.
        Or do you think the Indians and Chinese were responsible for the Little Ice Age?

  35. In my humble opinion who cares?
    If man or nature destroysthe planet and all life dies it will just start over.
    There have been five mass earth extinctions
    we know about. Earth came back, life
    came back.
    We are just arrogant to think
    that we are somehow special and should survive at all cost. We believe that mankind is unique and must survive.
    Well if that is correct and there is a God then he will not allow it
    to happen. If he does let it happen then either way there is nothing we can do
    about it.
    I myself believe he will let us perish only because those in charge that are
    preparing for the end of days are selfish.
    All governments plan for survival but only the
    survival of the government and those they choose are worthy enough to go with
    them, but not all of the general population.
    Maybe God will save us if our government makes a plan to save all the people not just their sorry butts.
    He looks at how selfish and greedy we become and says, let it happen I give up, I
    tried. He will wash his hands of us and work on a different planet and those people.
    That’s what I would do if I were him.
    Whatever one believes if it happens there is nothing we can do about it, may delay for a few years but it will happen again.
    Once it does happen and all life dies, does it really matter then what caused it?
    I say just forget it hang on enjoy the ride and stop worrying about things you
    have no control over.

  36. What I do know about the USA and our leaders is this. If they were there when Christ was crucified they would of charged him for the cross and the nails and taxed his family for the cost of his execution.

    1. I recently watched a BBC special about a huge iceberg (24 miles long approximately) that has been floating around the Arctic for 5 years and traveled nearly 3000 miles.
      Note that, it has been floating, away from land (or ice covered land) for 5 years.
      They went to investigate the ‘berg this year and found it and the waters surrounding it infested with polar bears! So many that they had to keep armed guards out for their brief forays onto the ice.
      Weird, eh? Seeing as they are dying off n’ all!
      So, you’re right.
      It’s probably the bears. 😉

      1. Doesn’t matter. I know the circle of arguments you people use. It’s utterly pathetic. Were I even to provide a source, you wouldn’t read it. You deniers are a special breed of fucked.

            1. No He’s old enough He has good spelling and good grammar. Today’s youth couldn’t do that. But that doesn’t preclude the fact that he lives in his mommy’s basement play World of Warcraft most of the day and posts here just to take a break from WoW. He has bought in to the lie and can not be swayed with logic or common sense. He sees a video posted on line and believes everything he’s told to.

              So I am guessing….an ’83 Honda Civic.

    1. You mean the arguments put forth using real data, by real scientists & climatologists, such as wattsupwiththat.com? I am an electrical engineer and an atheist. While climatology is not my fote, I have the capability of understanding the data presented from both sides and I can tell you 1 certainty, the variability is the so called “science” put forth by the IPCC is so vast… Just an ounce of basic scientific scrutiny blows so many holes in it, it becomes laughable, yet you idiots believe in it simply because it’s proponents say it’s “science”. Yoiu can take the most conservative AGW model, plug in known datum from early in the industrial revolution and it, the most conservative, predicts a temp around 3°C hotter for the present, than it is now. The most whack-job model predicts 7°. Either are ridiculous. So you can curse all you want, I doubt you have capability of understanding how to poor piss out of a boot with the instructions on the heel, much lees any science, what so ever.. but you keep beating that “Denier” drum, just like your handlers brainwashed you to.

    2. You mean the arguments put forth using real data, by real scientists & climatologists, such as wattsupwiththat.com? I am an electrical engineer and an atheist. While climatology is not my forte, I have the capability of understanding the data presented from both sides and I can tell you 1 certainty, the variability is the so called “science” put forth by the IPCC is so vast… Just an ounce of basic scientific scrutiny blows so many holes in it, it becomes laughable, yet you idiots believe in it simply because it’s proponents say it’s “science”. You can take the most conservative AGW model, plug in known datum from early in the industrial revolution and it, the most conservative, predicts a temp around 3°C hotter for the present, than it is now. The most whack-job model predicts 7°. Either are ridiculous. So you can curse all you want, I doubt you have capability of understanding how to pour piss out of a boot with the instructions on the heel, much lees any science, whatsoever.. but you keep beating that “Denier” drum, just like your handlers brainwashed you to.

    3. The site presents two different arguments (polar opposites, you might say) from “reputable” sources, the ones your kind depend on, that reach the same conclusion.
      I fail to see where this site is “bullshit”.
      But, I do see a warmista in panic mode!

    4. Snarf: I’m sure that the computer you typed this on was run by wind power, right?

      I’ll light a tire fire in your honor tonight. Hopefully, the oceans will rise just enough to drown your pea brain and raise the overall human IQ by about 10 points….

  37. The liberal, leftist, anti-American, socialist crowd always have some type of global disaster on the horizon for which we must relinquish our freedoms and our money. The list is extensive, but here are a few: Global cooling, acid rain, depletion of the rain forest, population control, nuclear annihilation, global warming. The real global threat/disaster are the liberal leftist types. I give you algoreleone as an example.

  38. At this point, you have to ask yourself, if they continue this bs and attempt to introduce some sort of UN “carbon tax”, i.e. a tax to redistribute wealth throughout the world, what sort of action are you willing to take? Or, have we become a nation of sheep?

  39. This is not science.
    It is Chicken Little scare-mongering for one purpose – to legitimize the encroachment of governrment into our daily lives from sunrise to sunset.
    Hail Caesar! Glory to the State.
    Rob us, O Leaders
    Demean us, O Journalists
    Watch us, O Gestapo
    Mislead us, O Science.

  40. One thing is for sure, whatever eventually happens, the planet (Earth) will still be here. It was here before we got here and it’ll be here after we blow ourselves off of it. It’s our own derrieres that these use idiot environmentalists are “pretending” to try and save with useless, made-up facts and doom.

    The US was funding and developing the NEXT generation of Nuclear Deterrent, MIRVs, IRBMs, Stealth and Cruise Missile Tech.
    Of course the Anti American propaganda machine had to gin up something to justify their attack. They used “Nuclear Winter” as the tool.
    Today “global warming/Climate change” is the Tool.
    Like Stalin Said, always tell the BIG lie, some percentage of people are like sheep, will believe anything and bleat it out to others.

  42. In around 1972 the teachers in my grade brought us all together in the gym and told us that we were about to watch a very important movie about a grave danger that faced us all. The movie showed, with great drama and certainty, how in a decade the air would be unbreathable and the pollution would block out enough of the sun to cover the globe in ice. We were doomed! I was truly scared.

    But, I don’t recall anything predicted happening.

  43. Barbara Boxer and others like her said the arctic would melt and the mountains would not have any snow by now. Fortunately, Obama is ruler now and he has saved the patterns of the solar system.

  44. It’s “climate change” so now the stupid liberals can wine about a blanket statement something there comfortable with. Never let facts get in the way of a good story,.

    1. What does Rush Limbaugh say about global warming? I haven’t heard. But I have heard what Dr. Richard Lindzen, Dr. Judith Curry, Dr. Roy Spencer have said. Those are just 3 of many climatologists who are skeptical of catastrophic man-made global warming. But you don’t have to be influenced by what someone else says to be skeptical. All you need is to be observant and a critical thinker.

  45. Just remember these researchers relay on government funded research programs to justify their jobs. If global warming is there the money is then….. here you go.

  46. GLOBAL WARMING MAKES THINGS COLDER…wetter, drier, foggier, clearer, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, traffic jams, bad hair days…….ALL GLOBAL WARMING!!!

  47. Questions for cowardly lying Democrats……
    Is Climate Change manmade like Global Warming was “manmade”?
    Why did Democrats have to change the name from global warming to climate change, if Global warming wasn’t a ridiculous lie?
    Should we now believe the ridiculous lie because Democrats gave it a new name?
    You pathetic cowards can’t even keep your lies straight!

  48. I wasn’t here in the 70s, but my family’s recollection is that the winters of that decade were pretty brutal at times. Even the 80s, which I do remember, had colder winters than what I remember having in the later 90s and early Oughts. Clearly the winters had moderated substantially in many parts of the country in those years. Was that mankind’s fault? I am skeptical.

    Now that cold seems to be making a comeback, I am more convinced that ever that what we have seen over the last 40 years of “man-made climate change” hysteria is nothing more than Nature’s cyclical behavior. Climate is always changing. No one with more than two functioning brain cells disputes that. It’s the cause that is under dispute.

    But as others have pointed out, it isn’t really about the environment, is it? Not to the people at the top perpetuating this scam. It’s about control – nothing more, nothing less.

  49. everything in seasons and cycles. sometimes warm, sometimes cold. it’s no big deal. trying to measure something as immensely old as the Earth with our tiny lifetimes is silly.

  50. Back when this Global Warming science stuff first started to take route, I remember reading this article and writing…so what we warm the planet a few degrees better than the global cooling. Got a B on the paper. I really never bought into the whole myth but I thought it was a pretty good theory. At the end of the day I was advocating the use and exploration of more energy so that we could better warm the planet from the coming Ice Age.

    For the record I do not buy into the myth of Anthropogenic Global Warming. Models are only good as the inputs, and to actually model the Earth, Sun and Moon is not something you can do in a Lab. While I am not against the study of climate change, a casual scientific mind must understand that these changes have been measured over centuries not decades. Moreover, the temperatures and weather we have experienced today is not significantly more radical than other periods (the media hype is the only change).

    Lastly, the predictive models (e.g. the Hockey Stuck) when compared to reality– go more limp than I would after watching a good porn, and then having the channel accidentally changed to MSNBC where I would see Hillary Clinton’s face. If the predictions came close to reality that would have at least cause for some potential alarm. The fact that the predictions haven’t panned out, should be a message to world economies to ditch the whole government funded green energy crap (Private funding is a whole different matter).

  51. Well, Mark Twain purportedly said, “Everyone talks about the weather, but no one ever does anything about it.”
    Now governments are proposing to do something about it: take away your last penny in taxes, and control every aspect of your personal life.
    How that will improve the weather is anybody’s guess.

  52. These government “scientists” will say anything, do anything to keep the gravy train rolling.

    From Ghostbusters:

    “Do you believe in U.F.O.s, astral projections, mental telepathy, E.S.P., clairvoyance, spirit photography, telekinetic movement, full-trance mediums, the Loch Ness monster, and the theory of Atlantis?

    “If there’s a steady paycheck in it, I’ll believe anything you say.” – Winston Zeddemore”

    Art imitating life.

    1. well when you wake up hard and don’t use it, it goes to waste and its a SIN to waste ya know. and on judgment day I don’t even want to get left out of heaven on a wasting rap, no way no how man

  53. To an environmentalist or politician it does not matter how
    when or where the cold or hot weather is. It will always be man’s fault. Simple
    reason is Mother Nature is a fictional being and therefore cannot be sued
    punished or blamed. They can’t make money off of a fictional person or entity. Can you see donating to a cause or pass a bill
    labeled, “help us stop nature’s misuse of the weather”. No they have to call it
    man’s miss- use. Nature cannot be sued,
    taxed or jailed. So if it’s cold out man caused it if its hot man caused it. It’s
    all about money and power that’s why governments bow down to the
    environmentalists cuz they can see a new tax or fee from it. If a real honest politician
    or leader believed in this crap they would lead by example and, walk not ride
    in a car plane or anything that can cause this man made problem. But no they go
    to the extreme and use more polluting transportation. Why? Because they know it’s a farce.

    1. And the 70’s gave us AIDS, broken homes and druggies. Good going baby boomers. I blame the “greatest generation” but the one question that no one ever asks is how come they get to be called the greatest generation if they gave rise to the worst generation?

      1. before WWII college was not important, after the war college became mandatory, but the greatest generation got their education free and got paid to go to school. now college burdens their children, grand children with heavy debts….that’s the legacy on that, a heavy price to pay for a change from war time to peace time economy

  54. I love global warming. I’m sitting here cold and I can’t wait for some good ole global warming to happen around April. Then out here in the Sonora Desert it gets hot and the Colorado River gets looking good. Longer hotter summers are good.

        1. Atlanta to me cant really be considered Dixie. its always been like its own thing and big. it just didn’t have time to get caught up in marches, protests, it has always been ahead of its time?

          1. Ahhh the truth be told. You are correct in many respects. But there is Stone Mountain, Kennesaw, The Varsity, Georgia Tech, the Braves and a few other things to like. A good friend lives up north in Blairsville and being up in those mountain is wonderful. Maybe I should say Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. I’ll never leave Arizona and Nevada. Love my desert.
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            —– Reply message —–

  55. So, when it gets warmer, that’s “man made climate change” and if you don’t want the sky to fall, you must hand over vast treasure and power to the AlGores.

    And when it gets colder, that’s “man made climate change” and if you don’t want the sky to fall, you must hand over vast treasure and power to the AlGores.

    If it gets dryer, that’s “man made climate change” and if you don’t want the sky to fall, you must hand over vast treasure and power to the AlGores.

    Conversely, if it gets more humid, that’s “man made climate change” and if you don’t want the sky to fall, you must hand over vast treasure and power to the AlGores.

    When it gets dark at night…light in the morning… you know what you have to do!

  56. History is replete with examples of “scientists” acting badly. These are the same people who used to “bleed” people to cure their illnesses. Give them a computer and they think they can tell you the day the world is going to end. Add that the environmental wacko left has almost completely infiltrated academia, and this global warming / cooling / climate change nonsense is what you get.

    Just laugh at them. Anyone of reasonable sensibility already does…

    And for goodness sake, vote their leadership / coconspirators out of Washington.

    1. The same one that caused the San Diego area to have glaciers drop lots of rocks on that area. Just go look at the cliffs at Torre Pines beach and you will see them about three feet from the surface about to drop off onto the beach below. They are all smooth from being tumbled by the glacier on their way to California.

  57. The religion of climatology is a trick one. First you must take an oath to follow god, aka Al Gore and believe anything he says regardless how silly it sounds. Remember this is a faith and to question his divine holiness is to chance eternity in HeII also known as reality.

  58. And to think, some noteworthy climatologists actually were in favor of dusting the polar icecaps with lamp black to melt the icecaps and generate a warmer climate. Can you imagine what effect this might have had on the man made global warming fear mongering crowd?

    What it proves is that there is always some pseudo-science, liberal, intellectual idiot that will spew this man-made diarrhea with all credibility and there are millions of unthinking dolts that will believe him. Enter Albert Gore, the father of the Internet, millionaire ex-Occidental Oil owner with a zero carbon footprint because he sells off his carbon credits.

    Some people will believe anything as they genuflect and worship the self-stylized god by the name of Albert Gore. Others are just willingly stupid and should know better.

  59. A little ice age is in the making. The Vostok ice core data, which stretches back over 400,000 years, clearly points this out. It won’t be long before we’ll all be wishing we had enough fossil fuel reserves in the world to burn just to counter the cooling. Of course, we’ll remain helpless against the drastic climate changes that will be occurring in the coming centuries. The next long-term warming period will occur long after we’ve stopped using fossil fuels. We’ll be depending on thorium reactors, solar panels, and possibly fusion reactors to power the world by then.

  60. Evolution and Big Bang theory are lies just like Global Warming Theory. Think about it, and then ask yourself why the entire world is indoctrinated to these false theories through public school. Faith in this gospel of Jesus Christ saves: We are all sinners, but Jesus Christ is God’s Son, who gave His life as full payment for our sins on the cross, was buried three days and then resurrected.

    1. Jesus was a Roman invention, created in the early 70s by the Flavian dynasty, so Rome would be able to absorb the Jewish lands, and make them bow down to the crown of Caesar. This is why you can find no mention of Jesus, Christians, or anything related to Christianity before Josephus, a Jewish turncoat, created it all.

      1. Evolution Theory, Big Bang Theory and Global Warming Theory were fabricated over the past several centuries by members of the Rosicrucian secret society who founded and have made up the membership of The Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Knowledge based in England. The Royal Society has had an iron grip on the journal system of science from the beginning, which it has used to completely corrupt the “common knowledge” of the world to keep the masses ignorant. Science is a false religion which requires faith in the doctrine of its priests. I will continue to place faith in the one true God, and His only Son, Jesus Christ. …And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

        1. Ok, if believing in a wine making, walking on water Zombie, whos father was was a magical being living in the sky, and mother a virgin, is easier for you to believe in than hard fact, who am I to argue. Just don’t have your fairy tales taught as fact to children. They’ll believe anything, and most won’t ever bother questioning those lessons. You’re proof!

  61. “Enter Albert Gore, … with a zero carbon footprint because he sells off his carbon credits.” Via his carbon credit company, Generation Investment Management.

    “Can you imagine what effect this might have had on the man made global warming fear mongering crowd?” In 1974, we didn’t have a global warming fear mongering crowd, we had a global cooling fear mongering crowd, but yes, I can picture the effect on today’s warmists.

  62. It was cold in the ’70’s, so the eco-freaks were crying that we were going to have an ice age. They blamed that on coal soot blotting out the sun. In the ’90’s it was warm so the eco-freaks invented “global warming” and blamed it on C02 emissions. Then it started to cool off again so they came up with “climate change” because that covers just about anything. The only thing that all this nonsense has in common is that it is all anti-energy and anti-business and is total nonsense. Thankfully, more people are seeing this scam for what it is.

  63. Global warming is out by carbon tax, no progress, no America energy self supplied crowd. During the Bush years they changed the buzz words to “Climate Change” shortly after UK warming crowd was busted for cooking the data books..

  64. I guess Al Gore has his TONGUE stuck to a FAG POLE somewhere in the Midwest! I’ll bet that he’s wishing for global warming–ha. and no, I did not mis-spell flag.

  65. Those Jimmy Carter fireside chats bring back a tingle. A new ice age was coming, the world’s oil supply would be exhausted by 1990, and natural gas would all be consumed by 2000. Yes those good old days, combined with 16% mortgages and 9% annual inflation. But Jimmy always looked good in his sweaters with the roaring fireplace behind him.

  66. Pop quiz: Which member of IPCC Working Group III stated this in 2010?

    But one must say clearly that we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy. Obviously, the owners of coal and oil will not be enthusiastic about this. One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do with environmental policy anymore, with problems such as deforestation or the ozone hole.

  67. We’ve had global warming since the last (note…last) ice age. The thing that is responsible for 100% of the warmth on this planet is probably the thing responsible for fluctuations in the level of warmth. Seems like common sense…no? Here is what’s really going on: Green is the new Red.

  68. The IPCC charter (and mission) is promoting the notion of global warming. They won’t see it any other way. Without some warming in the past 25,000 years we would not have Chicago (and daaaaa Bearssss).

  69. It’s Global Cooling.
    No, wait, that didn’t work…
    It’s Global Warming.
    No, wait, that’s not true anymore.
    It seems Climate is always changing…
    It’s Climate Change!
    Anything that happens, we’ll blame on Climate Change.
    Warm spells, cold spells, hurricanes, no hurricanes,
    floods, droughts, whatever…
    We Win!

    1. Intelligent rational people look for plausible explanations to issues that raise concern. For example, I fear climate change because we humans require a particular climate in order to survive. Right wing whack jobs like yourself fear a demon with red skin holding pitchfork that supposedly dwells in a dark hot place. It isn’t exactly difficult to conclude that people like you are ignorant and pathetic beyond belief. Save that right wing rhetoric for the next tea party rally. Those people are uneducated enough to believe the stupidity you post. LOL. Have a good day dummy. 😉

        1. LOL. Go play a DVD Charlie. It’s probably the every day routine you endure since you developed carpal tunnel syndrome giving free hand jobs in the walmart bathroom you work at Charlie. It’s blatantly obvious you aren’t competent enough to contribute to the conversation based on the the stupidity you posted. In other words, it’s time for you to stop pretending people value the opinions you post. You are so lost you’ve become an accomplice to your own self destruction.

            1. LOL. Stop projecting the various sexual proclivities you enjoy so much loser. That phallus massager you call a mouth obviously serves a better purpose then speaking based on the stupidity you post dummy. LOL. Have a good night loser. 😉

            1. Do you actually read this stuff before you post it dummy? LOL. It’s quite clear pride and or dignity said bye bye to you a long time ago loser. You are so remedial I almost feel sorry you. LOL. People like you are a complete and total embarrassment to this country. You are too ignorant to realize people like yourself are destroying the great nation. Have a good day dummy. LOL. 😉

        1. LOL. I make a point not to take advise from people who can’t spell. Now, I want you to take a deep breath, then repeatedly slap yourself for fifteen minutes. If after fifteen minutes you don’t come to the realization that you are a pathetic uneducated loser, simply repeat those steps until you do short bus. LOL. 😉

      1. @Typical republican. You are a snob. An elitist, arrogant fool. You hide behind your intellect, but because you are filled with such self doubt, you need to demean those who disagree with you. Why? If you intellect serves you so well, you should be confident in your opinions. Yet you are not. That is because you are intellectually lazy. That is handy for globalists who feed upon people like you who can be easily manipulated into mass movements (like global warming).
        Here brainiac, chew on this a while …. “When we believe ourselves in possession of the only truth, we are likely to be indifferent to common everyday truths.”
        ~Eric Hoffer
        Have a good day .. fool 😉

        1. It’s simply a difference of opinion. If obvious you are just as biased as you claim I am. I actually enjoy reading various opinions on subjects I have concern over. Sometimes it takes a different prospective in order to see the bigger picture. But that is all contingent on how rational and practical the people commenting are. My responses are appropriate based on the comments posted. Just because you disagree doesn’t mean they aren’t accurate. Have a good day.

          1. Hey Typ, who would you recommend to believe, The ones that said the Ice Age cometh or the ones that say Meltdown. So
            many climatologists to choose from. The ones in the Church of Global
            Warming say I can buy indulgences (carbon credits) and keep on sinning. I kind of go with
            them. But then, where is all this pesky Arctic Ice coming from . We were assured ten years ago it would be gone by now (leaving a bunch of wet and pissed off Polar Bears).

            1. LOL. Are you really that committed to the lie that you feel compelled to post the same comment repeatedly on the same article? It only makes people believe you aren’t capable of producing original thoughts, just regurgitating media propaganda. Have a good day.

  70. In 1794, when British captain George Vancouver sailed up the Alaska coast, Glacier Bay did not exist. Vancouver saw only a great wall of ice, several miles wide and over 4000 thousand feet thick, where the bay now lies. But by 1879 naturalist John Muir found that the ice had retreated 48 miles up the bay. In the two centuries since Vancouver explored Alaska, the ice receded more than 65 miles, leaving in its wake the spectacular bay that now exists.

    If you believe mankind caused such dramatic warming by creating greenhouse gasses, perhaps you’d care to explain why glaciers nearly a mile thick were retreating so dramatically in the days when the primary form of transportation was horseback or by foot, and the industrial revolution wasn’t yet in full swing in the (few) nations that were industrializing.

    Global warming (and cooling) has been happening on this planet on a massive scale for thousands and perhaps millions of years. There’s really no need for alarm. Unless of course, one profits by raising the alarm.

  71. I used to believe all that environmental crap they pushed on me when I was in school (in the 60s). But how many predictions by these environmentalists prove to be wrong before you wake up to the fact they are full of it? It took for me, noticing that pollution was far worse in communist countries yet environmentalists only condemn capitalist countries. Plus their changing on a dime from global cooling to global warming. That’s when I figured out it was all a fraud to scare people into giving money to environmental causes. They are all a bunch of marxists con men in the environmental movement. Don’t believe any of them.

    1. Sweetheart, we don’t care what you figured out. We care what the climate scientists have to say. And it’s obvious that you don’t have a clue. Stop embarrassing yourself by proving you don’t know what you’re talking about. Thank you.

      1. Apparently the science of climatology is a lot like sex, everyone thinks they are experts. The world starts to become a scary place when over 90% of the scientists believe climate change exists, yet people are still willing to believe the doubt sold by fox news and various other media propaganda. I guess it isn’t a surprise when you consider most of these ignorant people were and still are Sarah Palin supporters. Have a good day.

        1. You forgot to add a BATTA-BING!! Whenever you deliver a good B!TCH-SLAP yo need to add a BATT-BING!! I think you enjoy my website, I take no pisoners when it comes to AGW. whostellingthetruth.org/

          1. I agree, these people also try to tell us that the nuclear waste from Fukashima is going to effect the West coast and Atlantic sea creatures when science hasn’t confirmed that. The nuclear scientist scoffed at the ignorant by saying “the ocean is big” so they could understand. We need to get rid of all those nasty coal fired electrical plants and replace them with clean safe nuclear power. If it was not safe science and the UN would not allow it.

            1. Sweetheart, wind and solar are the answer. Have you had an estimate on putting solar panels on your roof? On my website I have “LIVE” data on wind and solar, check it out. whostellingthetruth.org/

              1. Had solar for years sweet cheeks and we have windmills all over my area. I’m glad I could help you get another plug for your web site. So your against nuclear power? Science and the UN, which also support global warming science, are in support of it. They are constantly approving nuclear programs in countrys around the world as long as they don’t produce weapons grade Uranium. So therefore if you don’t accept it you are being selective of what science you choose to believe in.

                1. Sweetheart that’s the beauty of science. You don’t believe or not believe. The data tells us all we need to know. And the data is conclusive!! AGW IS happening. See how this works?

                    1. Sweetheart what’s wrong? Was the live data too much for you to handle? Did the “LIVE” data push you close to the edge? Let me push you over, read it again. BATTA-BING!! whostellingthetruth.org/

                    2. I’m not interested in you hyping your failed solar company stock.

                      Post 20 names of those scientists in your survey or pi$$-off. Thank you.

                    3. Sweetheart, Solar City is up over 500% for the year. But you call it a failed company, why? What is your idea of success? Posting stuff from Anthony watts? You “simple-folk” are so cute. Thanks for letting me make fun of you. BATTA-BING!!

                    4. It’s down 15% from it’s highs. The Feds are investigating it’s use of Government subsidies.

                      Post your list of 25 Scientists from your survey or pi$$-off. See how it works? Thank you.

                    5. Sweetheart, why do you always look for the negative side of things? Solar City is up 500% for the year, but you point out it’s 15% of it’s highs. So what! You don’t understand the “free-markets” do you? You must be very unhappy. You, Sally and Maria should have a party. You can make each other miserable, and sit there and complain about everything, it will be so much fun. Let’s make it a Pay per view event we’ll call it “MISERY LOVES COMPANY” and I’ll make a fortune!!!!! People like watching “simple-folk” like you get in a circular firing squad. BATTA-BING!! Are you in?

                    6. Have you taken any profit yet? You don’t understand that a company that fails to make a profit is doomed. As soon as the government subsidies run out it’s all over.

                      You’re miserable enough for everyone. Here you are trying to promote a company without income, you have your life savings in it and you have no idea what fossil fuel company they merged with.

                      People are watching you post your ignorance on an open website.

                      So, post 25 Scientists from your survey and only those with degrees in the environment or pi$$-off. See how it works? Be specific OKAY?

                    7. They haven’t made a profit Honey. I told you not to lose our life savings in a company without a profit. Why are you so lame?

        2. Another Fox News hater and low information voter. Duly noted. Maybe you can post the names of 50 of those 90% you mention. Vacant-man can’t. Help your pal out with some verifiable proof. Post only climatologists because they are the only acceptable scientists according to your ignorant friend.

          1. LOL. What’s worse? The fact that all the names of all the climatologist are easily found on google or the fact you aren’t competent enough to find them? You fox news viewers are basically the most ignorant people in the country. Fox News is excellent at delivering fear and anger into the weak little brain of yours. Fear and anger are motivators for uneducated people like yourself because you suspend and sort of rational judgement because of the emotional state fox news creates for you mindless people. So do everyone a favor and stop pretending you are intelligent enough to contribute. People like you are so lost, you don’t realize you’ve become an accomplice to your own self destruction. LOL. Have a good night dummy. 😉

            1. Vacant-man isn’t competent enough to find them. He keeps referring to them (Like an automaton) but can’t produce any of their names. You didn’t produce any names from the survey either.

              You’re just another hater. People like you (haters) are what’s responsible for the problems in this country.

              You have a nice hate filled liberal progressive night yourself little fella.

              1. LOL. You ignorant right wing nut jobs always make me laugh. I produce facts, you produce fiction. Don’t get mad at me because you aren’t competent enough to google “facts” dummy. The fact you believe fox news stupidity is only proof of how remedial you truly are loser. LOL. Have a good night dummy. 😉

      2. Sweetheart, Which ones? The ones that said the Ice Age cometh or the ones that say Meltdown. So many climatologists to choose from. The ones in the Church of Global Warming say I can buy indulgences and keep on sinning. I kind of go with them. Let me know when you choose which beliefs to adhere to.

        1. Sweetheart, you “simple-folk” are so cute. Global warming is not like a religion where you believe or don’t believe. The data tells us all we need to know, and it is conclusive. 97.3% of the climate scientists, publishing “peer reviewed” studies on AGW agree that the science is settled and AGW is happening. Any questions?

            1. Sweetheart, are you all right? Do you just make up what you want? I clearly said global warming is not like a religion where you believe or don’t believe. And then you claim the peer review process is flawed. You “simple-folk” are so cute, and inventive. You just make up whatever you want. BATTA-BING!!

              1. You constantly bring religion into the discussion when you get your a$$ whipped by far more superior posters.

                Why do you do that?

                Post the names of two dozen scientists in your PHAS survey. Just two dozen or pi$$-off. See how it works? Thank you. I’ll wait.

  72. I enjoy reading the comments of the bitter clingers to the global warming/climate change hysteria, professing to be the ones upholding scientific principles and sole proprieters of truth. In reality, anyone who has studied science and understands the scientific method recoiled at the warmists rhetoric that “the science is settled” and “the debate is over.”
    Anyone who knows anything about science knows that the science is NEVER settled, that the debate is NEVER over. Those who are ignoring the evidence that doesn’t square with their precious theory are the unscientific ones, clinging with overheated religious fervor to a failing cause. They take comfort in deriding those who question their beliefs as “deniers” and “anti-science,” while ignoring the fact that the models used by James Hansen, Michael Mann and the other discredited leaders of their movement are being debunked with evidence and facts.
    It’s getting harder and harder to “hide the decline,” isn’t it?

      1. Your condescending manner is consistent with the warmist bitter clingers, and your question is unserious and intellectually lazy. You act as if “the climate scientists” are one entity, all of the same mind and all on board with the failing religion of global warmism. Climate scientists are on both sides of the debate…yes there is a debate…are taking a hard look at the climate models and actual data and coming to the conclusion that the science is not settled. So no, you are not right.

        1. Sweetheart, I’m not condescending, I’m a B!TCH-SLAPPER!! But You’re right, climate scientists are on both sides of the issue. 97.3% of the climate scientists agree AGW is happening, and 2.7% think it’s not. Who are you gonna stand with. If your kid was running a temperature and 97% of the doctors said we need to take action, would you want another opinion? I hope not. You “simple-folk” are so cute. Thank you

              1. I’m NOT your sweetheart and you ain’t my B!TCH so knock it off and stop acting like a queer because I could care less.

                As for the temp., … TRY HISTORY, not DECADE. You’re selective science is frightening.

                    1. Sweetheart, the charts you posted are conclusive proof that AGW is happening. Did you just change your position as a denier, or are you too stupid to understand a Chart? Which is it?

                    2. Sweetheart are you serious? I guess the google charts were too difficult for you, Stop embarrassing yourself by pretending you know what you’re talking about.

                  1. You didn’t bother to look at the charts and what they say or you’re just too ignorant to understand what they say. Either way, you’re just a bonehead and a simpleton.

                1. The guys just a spammer. He spent all yesterday at CBS posting these exact comments. He’s a child who makes videos in his darkened basement. He calls himself “Uncle Richie” as to lure little children into his basement.

            1. Sweetheart why would you embarrass yourself by posting anything from forbes? It’s obvious you didn’t read the article, did you? You “simple-folk” are so cute. Thank you.

            1. Sweetheart why are you stupid enough to make the assumption that a bitch is a woman? I’m an equal opportunity, B!TCH-SLAPPER I don’t take sides. Moderators take note this person is promoting stupidity. BATTA-BING!!

          1. Hmmm, from the “votes” here, it appears that it is you getting “bitch slapped”.
            Mind you, reality is something else to your warped, juvenile mind than it is to the rest of the human race.

            1. Sweetheart, you don’t know what B!TCH-SLAPPING is until you watch some of my shows. I use facts and figures something the conservative can’t understand. BATTA-BING Watch, whostellingthetruth.org/

              1. Richies hate shows that display a hatred for;

                1. Anyone religiouse

                2. Fox News

                3. people who know the truth about the AGW hoax

                4. everyone who disagrees with the fool

                5. People who think Obama lied to them about Obamacare.

                It’s just a hate site that no one really visits.

                1. Sweetheart you claim no one visits my site, however you know it by heart. I’m flattered, thank you. Guys look how I’ve pushed this bonehead over the edge. He’s obsessed with stalking me. What’s wrong joe, why are you so lonely? Did your wife leave you for another woman? Uncle Rich is here to help, tell me your problems and I’ll se what I can do. Okay?

                  1. I know you. You’re hate site is just you and your hate and bigotry. You’re projecting your problems with Dawn onto me. Cute. I hope you don’t have any little kids hidden in your basement “Uncle Richie”.


                  2. Hey “Uncle Richie” Did your wife shut you off? I saw your hate site on a Conservative website where they make a complete fool out of your hate messages. You were #1 with the crowd.

                    Now, post the names of some of those scientists in the survey you keep quoting. Twenty or thirty will do. Why can’t little Richie boy do one simple thing? Do it or pi$$-off. See how it works troll. ROTFLMFAO

                  3. You seem to be infatuated with this guy Joe. If you really need a man then go to the men’s rooms in Danbury. Is this the reason Dianna kicked you out of bed?

                  4. Richie, I’m sorry to hear that your wife left you. You stalk me, have been for years. If you need another guy (Joe) to comfort you, go down to the bathhouse you frequent. I’m sure the “Uncle Richie” ploy works on little children. You should do a remote show from the Danbury Bathhouse.

                    Thank you.

            2. He gets his a$$ handed to him wherever he posts. He’s a sick, small minded little man. Notice how he never posts any proof except for a few boring websites that don’t prove anything. I’ve been asking him to post some of the names of those 97% but he really doesn’t have any of them. He just keeps parroting the same post all over the internet but can’t back up anything. He’s not smart enough to do that.

              He’s a lonely TROLL.

      2. Better, what do railroad engineers have to say about AGW?
        Shall we ask the head of the IPCC?
        BS appealing to authority argument.
        All we’ve come to expect from warnmistas.

        1. Sweetheart, We know that the IPCC has confirmed that AGW is happening, to a 95% certainty, what are you missing? And why would you make a foolish statement like what do railroad engineers have to say about AGW? Why do you deniers always insist on embarrassing yourself, can you explain that to me?

            1. Hey, it’s my favorite fruitcake!!!. The denier in chief, Da leader of the doubters. Are to back for more? Are you one of those guys who is into S & M, and loves getting his a$$ kicked? Where are your S & M buddies? Sally & Maria? You guys would make some 3 some!!!! I’ll get the video camera. Put on the coffee. BATTA-BING!!

              1. You were kissing Sally’s ass trying to get a date with her behind your wife Dawn’s back just a couple months ago. You tried the same thing with Maria as well. What’s wrong, Dawn shut you off Richie? ROTFLMFAO

    1. Been saying much the same thing for years now.

      All I can say is that science in our country (USA) seems to more heavily influenced by politics and lib-tards than the actual scientific methodology that we were taught in HIGH SCHOOL (!).

      For a long time just I stood back and read the hypothesis’ and journals but couldn’t bring myself to take sides one way or the other; past 3-5 years I’ve taken the stand that it’s all BS, contrived, and self serving to those who needed to publish in academia.

      Generally speaking, as I’ve known the earth’s climate to be, this issue with warming/cooling is cyclical in nature and probably more influenced by the sun’s radiation than (most) anything we can do. A single volcano can puke out more gases than all of mankind can generate in years. The earth’s natural cycles are so complex and intertwined that I doubt we can ever have accurate models to fully understand the complexities and buffering systems that this world holds.

      A remarkable creation (IMO).

      1. If you can’t refute the science all you have left is to insult scientists. I am so glad you can make these broad statements and say the only ones with an agenda are the scientists. You buy into the arguments made by the fossil fuel companies and pretend that they don’t have an agenda trying to debunk Climate Scientist. Again if the Climate Scientist are wrong fossil fuel companies your livelihood is at stake you have the money disprove it. They cant facts are facts.

        1. Typical lefty jumping to stupid conclusions.
          DV didn’t “insult” scientists.
          He stated a fact. Some scientists are driven to publish. It’s their validation as scientists.
          Climate science is full of these kind of “scientists” because the money is flowing faster than Niagara Falls to that particular discipline and you know what money does to the truth, right?

          If you think some don’t fudge their numbers, lie and deceive you really are a sad starry eyed loser.

          1. Why do you fall for this falsehood. Everything that is published is available for review!!! Every chart every statement and all data must be available for review. If they are fudging the numbers, lying and deceiving the info is their for anyone to refute. The information is their for other scientists to challenge the findings. Now if you were a fossil fuel company who’s very existance is being challenged wouldn’t you refute it if you could. They have deeper pockets than anyone!!! They could fund research at 100 times the level that any government grant agency could. Especially the coal companies they see the writing on the wall if they could disprove it they can save their industry!!! Don’t believe the lies that it is happening because it isn’t. Not because the Climate Scientist are lying, fudging or anything else but because the science is sound. Every article you see or nay sayer who writes a book are they scientist NO! Last but no least you say the scientist are driven by money alone!!!! So they are making stuff up to fill their pockets. Can’t you at least grant the same amount of sceptisism toward the fossil fuel companies and the nay sayers of climate change. I mean don’t you think a company or industry would muddy the water or lie to protect their profits. You do not have to go so far back in history to see proof of this. The cigarette companies lied for years. They stood in front of congress and lied out right for years!!! They refuted science proven over and over again using the same arguements!! They didn’t give up even after they were caught in lie after lie. The fossil fuel industry has hired the same company that the cigarette companies used this should tell you something.

            1. “They have deeper pockets than anyone!!! They could fund research at 100 times the level that any government grant agency could.”
              I won’t even bother to refute or discuss everything else you had to say.
              You’re a warmista and I’ve found they are pretty close minded.

    2. You are wrong! There is no debate! Every reputable climate scientist agrees with global warming. Every reputable scientist. Nothing has been debunked. I can prove this statement very easily. The Coal Industry is losing millions every day as electric companies build gas fired power plants. The electric companies see the writing on the wall. The Coal Industry could and would fund unlimited research (more grant money to scientist than you could imagine to protect their business) They would also supply as much money as any one scientist could want to prove clean coal or figure out a way to even marginally clean up the emission from the Power Plants. They can’t there are no scientific papers published refuting global warming. There is no research to clean up coal plant emissions except to funnel it back underground. Contrary to you statement there is no question in the scientific community Global Warming exists. The coal and fossil fuel companies are not at a financial disadvantage in funding research. They are not limited in their political access. They have no limits in their ability to debunk as you say global warming scientifically. Why haven’t they done so scientifically one big and overwhelming reason THEY CAN’T. FACT AND MODELS PROVE TIME AND TIME AGAIN GLOBAL WARMING IS HAPPENING. OVERWHELMING DATA SAYS MANS BURNING OF FOSSIL FUELS HAS NOT CAUSED IT (GLOBAL CLIMATE TEMPERATURE CHANGES ARE NATURAL) BUT WE ARE ADDING TO IT. Final argument any scientist that can disprove Climate Change through Global Warming would be the biggest thing since Albert Einstein. Where are they they could be famous nowhere because FACTS ARE FACTS.

      1. You have “proved” nothing.
        What you have, indeed, proved is that capitalism works (gas is cheaper to use than coal to generate electricity) and that government meddling can be a factor in making people poor (onerous regulations on the coal industry and generating plants that use it).
        That’s redistribution right there.
        Of course, that’s the central theme of the Gorebull warming cult and socialism. Redistribution of wealth.
        Only it’s always the middle class wealth that gets redistributed.

        1. I agree with some of your points! The first gas is now cheaper than Coal. You say government meddling and onerous regulations hurt the coal industry. I say coal was only cheaper because the only factor used to determine the cost was price per ton vs. energy produced. The coal industry never had to factor in the cost everyone paid for the pollution cause by burning the coal. You do not have to believe in global warming to agree that Coal is a dirty energy source. Heavy metals released into the air from buring coal is not refuted from any scientist. Even the coal industry agrees with this. The clean coal myth technology is a myth because everyone could measure the Air Comming out of the stacks and directly measure the effects. I do not call this onerous regulations but regulation requirements based on facts. I agree with your last statement redistrubution of wealth from the middle class. You think it only goes one way from the middle class down. I say it goes both ways from the middle class down and from the middle class up. My proof is the middle class is shrinking, the poor are not getting richer the only ones that seem to be benifiting is the top 10%. In your opinion the liberals are defending the poor. But you actually think the conservatives are defending the middle class. If they are defending the middle class where is the proof of this!! The top 10% are the only ones benfiting since the resession. I laugh at Fox News they act as if Obama is an enemy of the top 10%. If he is their enemy why are they the only ones in recovery? If the Democrates are so agressively beating up the top 10% why is the stock market and corporatorate profits at an all time high!!! The only proof I see is negative the middle class has shrunk since the 70’s. I just can’t believe that people think the Republician party has the interest of the Middle Class. I say both Major Political Parties are completely disinterested in the middle class. I think it is time for class warfare I see nothing wrong with the middle class finally saying enough is enough!! The middle class is the majority, time to forcefully say dead beats time to get off the couch and go to work. Corporations you only exist because we allow you to so pony up. 1% how dare you say that the income you get from your investments should be taxed at a lower rate than the income (the middle class) gets from sweating for it. To show just how crazy and non-logical our current system is the Walton Family (6 people) now have the same net worth as 40% of our entire population. 10% of our nation owns 90% of the nations wealth! They pay 60% of the taxes. The bottom 60% owe less than 1% of the nations wealth. They pay 0% of the taxes. The middle class just 30% of the nation now owe less than 10% of the national wealth but we pay a full 40% of the taxes. Both political parties have deserted the middle class. Both political parties are waging Class warfare agains the middle class. Both are openly hostile to the middle class. The wealthy class has done what they always have done pit the lesser folks against each other to keep their wealth and position. The Democrates always play the middle class for fools because we actually believe in fair play and giving a helping hand to those in need. The middle class finally has to step up and say from both parties time to look out for our best interest. We are paying the lions share of the bills so time to put us first not last.

  73. The entire global warming colony would probably make more ground if they took up black tar heroin or Acid….Their boyfriends from Africa like Crack …blond crack if tiger’s are any indication 🙂


    Think of global warming more as a pimp / john /whore thing …

    Blond crack and cash for the third world …as long as it s all yours and not mine 🙂

  74. Why aren’t conservatives, concerned about conserving the planet? Sounds like a conflict of interest, doesn’t it? They believe in things that can’t be proven, like god and angels, and they refuse to believe what is real and provable. That’s why I call them “simple-folk” because they’re so easy to trick. BATTA-BING!!

  75. These people are not scientists, that are grant whores. The will sell whatever opinion the government wants to keep the grant money coming. Just imagine a scientist on the street corner saying, “give me a billion dollars and I’ll show you my hockey stick”. That is who these allleged scientists are. I am not even sure why we are even having this conversation any mote. These people have been caught manipulating the data, and have no credibility.

    1. Sweetheart only a simple minded bonehead would think climate scientists are grant whores. The one way a scientist can become famous, is to prove other scientists wrong. So if you have proof let’s see it. Be specific and please name your sources, so we can make fun of you. Thanks.

      1. Sure how about Nasa, whose own data shows 1934 as the hottest year on record:

        Let’s see how about the all mighty ICEC at the UN who’s own report recently stated there has been no global warming in over 15 years:

        How about the fact that they refer to “Scientific Consesus”. I am not sure where you studied science, but there was Hypothesis, Theory, and Law. My science teacher must have skipped the chapter on consensus.

        How about the fact we have recorded over 2000 record low temperatures in the U.S. this past week and only about 60 record highs?


        How about the 1970’s articles on the coming ice age due to pollution many from the same “scientists” or grant whores as I refer to them who are predicting global warming today:

        Shall I go on? I can do this all day. Any person with an ounce of common sense can cut through this crap in a heartbeat. Alas, to quote Voltaire “common sense is not so common these days.”.

        1. Sweetheart, do read anything other then the headline when you post something? Obviously not. Because if you read it, you wouldn’t have posted it. The worst part is you make a fool out of yourself by posting something from Anthony watts. You “simple-folk” are so cute. Thank you, BATTA-BING!! You need a reality check, watch my shows. whostellingthetruth.org/

          1. Sorry, did not realize until now that you are part of the problem no the solution. Sorry I wasted my time confusing you with facts and common sense. I forget sometimes that is like kryptonite to angry white liberals like yourself who are bent on the destruction of America so your ilk like Plato, can make yet another failed atempt at a eutopean society, where in your mind you think you will have a shot at being a success, rather than a vacuum cleaner salesman. Sorry for wasting your time, but maybe there were some intelligent people who saw it and maybe it helped them. You can go back to your little pity party now in your mom’s basement.

            1. Sweetheart, you’re a denier. That’s fine. You would rather stand with the 2.7% do the climate scientists who are deniers, that’s fine. One last question. Are you a creationist?

              1. And you are a Zealot the likes of Joe McCarthy. You demonize and attack the opposing point of view. You have no proof of man made global warming while there is overwhelming evidence it doesn’t exist. Evidenced in your very own words talking about percentage of scientists (a.k.a the non-grant whores). All the science classes I took talked about Hypothesis, Theory, and Law. There was never talk of consensus. Look at the head of science for the state of Colorado who was fired for expressing his doubt in man made global warming. Why would more than 2.7% of scientists stand up and say what they believe for fear of their jobs? Joe McCarthy would be proud of you and your ilk.

                On the other hand I have denied nothing. I just look at the facts and have determined there is no science behind anything you claim. I look at the manipulated data, the hockey sitck that if you go back on a longer time line just becomes a stick. The total lack of controls in this data, and the deletion of data that does not fit the narrative. There is no science here. You can not even use scientific terms to describe what you belive. This has become your religion, and you are a zealot.
                I do not hope to change your mind you are obviously pigheadedly stuck in your dementia just as Joe McCarthy was. I only hope that anyone who reads your threads will see this and do some research on their own, and discover your are full of merde as the French say. The truth is out there, but it is not in your mind or on your web site you are out here pimping. The ice caps are not only not melting, but at their greatest depth and bredth in modern history. Al Gore said we would see Hurricanes of epic proportion, and yet we just emerged from one of the lowest hurricane seasons in modern times. Nothing your “scientists” have predicted has come to pass any more than the predictions of the wizards and soothsayers of the Medieval times did.

                I do not understand your position, but I do understand your mental defect and realize you believe what you believe just like the half naked man standing in the street talking to himself. For that I can only offer my sympathy.

                As far as my beleifs, you would not understand them, and I assure you they can not be pigeon holed as your type likes to do. But nice name calling when you have nothing better to offer.

                  1. Sure it is so easy you could even understand it, just put it on a longer time line and the upturn goes flat. Remember I already showed you data from NASA that shows the warmest period on record was 1932, just back your hockey stick up to include these time frames and your hockey stick goes flat. It has also been proven through tree rings that the warmest period in history was the Renaissance. This signifigance of that for folks like you who have trouble putting the pieces together, it predates the industrial revolution. Like I said the truth is out there. But you choose faith based science as your religion so you listen to what your preachers and prophets say and then accept it on blind faith. There is no science here just manipulated data and an agenda. There is a large group like yourself who claim they are atheist or agnostic or whatever, and then you turn something like global warming into your religion you put your faith in. It is not that you don’t believe, you just don’t know what to believe in. You eximplify the same faith as a Bpatist or Catholic, yet it is in something that can not be proven any more than their faith can. My conversation with you is no different than a Mormon who shows up at my door. They belive, I do not and there is no way either of us can be motivated to change our mind. I see no difference in your arguments, this is your faith your religion, and you will not be swayed from believing that is it true, even if Al Gore himself stepped down off the temple mount and proclaimed he did it for the billions. When Al Gore’s mentor Roger Revelle revealed he did it for the grant money, Al Gore claimed he was senile. You would do the same to Al if he revealed the same truth.

                    1. Sweetheart you just can’t do it can you? Once again you’re all over the place. Do you know what be specific means. Let’s stick with the hokey stick and nothing but the honey stick, Okay? Try again.

                    2. I don’t need to do it, I understand it. This is obviously a waste of time, so why don’t you use your time to go raise money for the global warming scientists who are currently trapped aboard a ship in artic ice near Antarctica in the summer time. Do something constructive for your fellow delusionists.

                    3. Sweetheart, I’m not gonna let you off the hook. Post your proof about how the hockey stick has been debunked. You made the claim you defend the position, right? I need a good laugh, and I need to give someone the old BATTA-BING!!. Today is your lucky day!!

                    4. Sweetheart, and your point is………………….? You “simple-folk” are so cute. But why do you insist on embarrassing yourself? Can you explain that to me?

                1. Vacant-man, the spamming troll is back again. The moron is never specific about anything. Next he’ll try and lure you to his new hate site where he can moderate everything.

        2. Vacant-man is a spammer who’s trying to drive traffic to his hate site filled with bigoted comments and rants.

          Nothing posted to him will be accepted unless it conforms to his brainwashed cult and his moronic thought process.

          His hate site consists of:

          1. He hates Fox News

          2. He hates people who believe in God

          3. He hates anyone who disagrees with his stupidity

          4. He hates the oil company but he drives a beat-up old van when he makes vacuum cleaner sales calls.

          5. He lies about his being on welfare and he’s just not a very truthful guy. You see it here with his attempts to spam every site that mentions the flaws in the AGW nonsense.

          He’s also is heavily invested in a solar panel company that’s tanking on the stock market.

  76. Climate change has been occurring naturally for the past 4.5+ billion years and will continue to do so. The utter arrogance of these buffoons to suggest we can change it and the stupidity of the low information lemmings that believe it. Name for me just one single example of where we did? Can we stop the next Katrina, Sandy or Haiyan? Just once, explain to me how my tax dollars will favorably alter the climate? It is simply the redistribution of wealth, plain and simple. If you want to save the planet, may I suggest starting by reducing the carbon footprint of Al Gore and Pachauri to zero…

    1. Sweetheart can you please explain who AGW is redistributing wealth? Be specific and post your proof. We want evidence, and not opinions. You’re up babe!!!

      1. It’s simple retard, ever hear of carbon tax credits ? If you haven’t, look it up..It will explain how they take “taxes” from one company with a high carbon foot print and give credit to an other that doesn’t blow as much carbon .. Now , how in the FU*K is that going to save the damn earth? All it is , is redistribution of wealth .. Now get to learning , you’re on a computer.. Start looking this s#!t up ..

        1. Sweetheart It seems you don’t understand what the words “BE SPECIFIC” means, do you? Of course I’ve heard of carbon tax credits, but who is paying them and to who? When you make a claim you have to be able to post your proof. See how this works? Now post your proof or pi$$ off, okay?

      2. Sweetheart? Babe? Seriously, you’re either gay for me, condescending or both and I don’t appreciate it. I guess the politically correct thing to say is that I am offended…

        You want proof about the redistribution of wealth; seriously? What part of redistribution don’t you understand?

        The pivotal component for AGW has been disproven and yet, even though the doom-and-gloom predictions have fallen by the wayside along with numerous IPCC scandals, those that are dependent on $$$ handouts still try to cling to their original hypothesis and people like yourself allow it to continue.

        May I suggest opening your mind and think for yourself instead of believing everything these educated idiots spew from their mouths and for once try to grasp that the root to almost all evil is power and money. There is so much money embedded into this that, like everything else, corruption follows. Seriously, consider that ALL of our money is taken from us and used to combat climate change….how and what can man do to change it even after being enriched beyond their wildest dreams? Just once I would like an answer to this…

  77. I love all the millennials that believe in “climate change” global “warming” of today .. Some would actually die fronting this crap, yet they have no idea about the “global cooling” that was going to kill us all in the 1970’s .. Course, if you tell them, they don’t believe you and refuse to look it up ..

    Geez, they’re so gullible ..

      1. Sweetheart so you think our public schools are indoctrination camps? Why” Because we teach the kids science, using facts and figures? Should we just teach them to “pray-away” AGW? You “simple-folk” are so cute. Thank you

    1. Sweetheart why do you boneheads keep refering to the 70’s? Who cares? We use to think the world was flat, didn’t we? Time to move on babe. We just had the hottest decade in history. Time to move on.

      1. “We just had the hottest decade in history.”
        Not a whit of proof and tons of evidence that it’s not even close!
        You are EXACTLY the type who used to believe the world was flat (that was “consensus” too, sweetheart!) and wanted Copernicus burned at the stake!

        1. Sweetheart, I know you can’t understand, facts and figures, so I’ll show you pretty pictures to prove my point.