4th Year of Earth’s Hurricane Drought – ‘Last 4 years have experienced record low tropical cyclone activity’

4th Year of Earth’s Hurricane Drought


Even though today is the climatological peak in tropical cyclone frequency, there are currently no hurricanes (or typhoons or cyclones) anywhere on Earth. In fact, there are no tropical storms…or even tropical depressions! Where have all the hurricanes gone? A temporary fluke of nature you say? Well, take a look at the global Accumulated Cyclone Energy index (ACE), which shows that the last 4 years have experienced record low tropical cyclone activity: Global accumulated wind energy contained in tropical cyclones (graphic courtesy of wunderground.com) Now, contrast this with what President Obama said on Aug. 27 in New Orleans as the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina was marked: “There’s no denying what scientists tell us, which is that there’s reason to be concerned about these storms getting worse and more violent.” Well, I just happen to be a scientist with peer reviewed and published research on hurricanes, and I can tell you there is no “consensus” on what, if anything, might happen to hurricanes in response to global warming (which, we now know, is considerably weaker than expected). Maybe we should be concerned about the children…that they might grow up never knowing what a hurricane is. Kind of like the snow they would never see again.

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