Climatologist Dr. Roy Spencer: Brace Yourselves: Snowstorm to Breed ‘Global Warming’ Hysteria

By Dr. Roy Spencer:

By mid-week this week, newspaper and website stories will be reporting that climate experts (e.g. Al Gore, Bill Nye) have now blamed the historic snowstorm and unseasonable cold now descending on New England on climate change.

I suspect a few of these experts already have their tweets composed, just waiting for snow totals to exceed one foot.

Indeed, the latest GFS model forecast shows that by midday Wednesday some rather spectacular snow totals will have probably accumulated, from the DC area through Philadelphia, NYC (maybe 20 inches there), and Boston (graphic courtesy of

The Nor’easter and cold temperatures will be blamed on the same climate change that caused the unusual warmth over the eastern U.S. over the past couple months.

Global warming theory is in fact so malleable that it predicts anything. More cold, less cold. More snow, less snow.

What a powerful theory.

And what’s even more amazing is that climate change can be averted by just increasing your taxes.

But what nobody ever reports on — because it would be boring — are the storms and severe weather events that haven’t happened. For example, U.S. tornado counts have been running below average, or even at record lows, in recent years.

Amazingly, the low tornado activity has been blamed on climate change. So, too, have actual tornado occurrences!

What a grand and gloriously useful theory global warming provides us.

Is it any wonder that the public tends to be skeptical of what the experts tell us, when those experts continually change the narrative as their forecasts turn out wrong?

Winters in the U.S. are notoriously variable. Typically, if it’s warm in the East, it’s cold in the West. This is exactly what has happened this winter, except for this brief reversal before winter’s end.

Normal people call it weather. More enlightened people, in contrast, call it climate change. Next winter it could be the opposite. No one knows.

Like death and taxes, though, what is certain is that anything “unusual” that happens will somehow be blamed on your SUV.…

30 New (2017) Scientific Papers Crush The Hockey Stick Graph And ‘Global’-Scale Warming Claims

30 New (2017) Scientific Papers Crush The Hockey Stick Graph And ‘Global’-Scale Warming Claims

The Globe Has Not Been Warming . . . So Why Is It Called ‘Global’ Warming? There were at least 60 peer-reviewed scientific papers published in 2016 demonstrating that Today’s Warming Isn’t Global, Unprecedented, Or Remarkable. As of the end of January, another 17 papers had already been published in 2017. 17 New (2017) Scientific Papers Affirm Today’s Warming Is Not Global, Unprecedented, Or Remarkable Within the last month, another 14 papers have been published that continue to cast doubt on the popularized conception of an especially unusual global-scale warming during modern times. Yes, some regions of the Earth have been warming in recent decades or at some point in the last 100 years. Some regions have been cooling for decades at a time. And many regions have shown no significant net changes or trends in either direction relative to the last few hundred to thousands of years. In other words, there is nothing historically unprecedented or remarkable about today’s climate when viewed in the context of natural variability. Goursaud et al., 2017 Wilson et al., 2017 Cai and Liu et al., 2017 “2003– 2009 was the warmest period in the reconstruction. 1970– 2000 was colder than the last stage of the Little Ice Age (LIA).” Tegzes et al., 2017 “The objective of this study was to investigate northward oceanic heat transport in the NwASC [Norwegian Atlantic Slope Current] on longer, geologically meaningful time scales. To this end, we reconstructed variations in the strength of the NwASC over the late-Holocene using the sortable-silt method. We then analysed the statistical relationship between our palaeo-flow reconstructions and published upper-ocean hydrography proxy records from the same location on the mid-Norwegian Margin. Our sortable-silt time series show prominent multi-decadal to multi-centennial variability, but no clear long-term trend over the past 4200 years. … [O]ur findings indicate that variations in the strength of the main branch of the Atlantic Inflow may not necessarily translate into proportional changes in northward oceanic heat transport in the eastern Nordic Seas.” Fernández-Fernández et al., 2017 “The abrupt climatic transition of the early 20th century and the 25-year warm period 1925–1950 triggered the main retreat and volume loss of these glaciers since the end of the ‘Little Ice Age’. Meanwhile, cooling during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s altered the trend, with advances of the glacier snouts.” …

The 12th International Conference on Climate Change is coming –seats still available

The 12th International Conference on Climate Change is just two weeks away–seats still available

Via press release and email: The 12th International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC-12) will take place on Thursday and Friday, March 23–24 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Washington, DC, and you will not want to miss it. Meet and hear the scientists, economists, engineers, and policy experts who persuaded President Donald Trump that man-made […]

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Uh-oh, G-20 Poised To Signal Retreat From Paris Climate Deal Pledge

Uh-oh, G-20 Poised To Signal Retreat From Paris Climate Deal Pledge

From Bloomberg, 11 March 2017 (h/t to GWPF) by Joe Ryan Finance ministers for the U.S., China, Germany and other members of the Group of 20 economies may scale back a robust pledge for their governments to combat climate change, ceding efforts to the private sector. Citing “scarce public resources,” the ministers said they would […]

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Why do True-Believer Alarmists cling to the Falsified AGW hypothesis?

Why do True-Believer Alarmists cling to the Falsified AGW hypothesis?

Carolyn GregoireSourceIn a HuffPo piece, Carolyn Gregoire, wrote, under the heading and sub-heading:Why Some Conservatives Can’t Accept That Climate Change Is RealIt’s never really been about the science.Photoshopped ImageMaybe it wasn’t Carolyn’s headings and the photoshopped image that headed her article, but her opinion piece is easy to tear apart. And her piece wasn’t about the science!She begins with POTUS Trump’s quoted statement:”I am not a believer. Unless somebody can prove something to me, I believe there’s weather.”And to try to tear down POTUS Trump’s statement, Carolyn pulls out the many times exposed as false statement – “97 percent of climate scientists insist climate change is real.”When will these clowns realise that this is a flawed statistic?See: (iner alia)97% NON-CONSENSUS with CAGW;The Consensus Myth: 97% of NothingThe Myth of the Climate Change ‘97%”97% Of Climate Scientists Agree’ Is 100% WrongThe “97% Consensus” Debunked yet again.And of course, the greatest deception of the fake 97% consensus – the Cook et al piece that was so flawed:0.3% CONSENSUS, NOT 97.1%The latest paper apparently showing 97% endorsement of a consensus that more than half of recent global warming was anthropogenic really shows only 0.3% endorsement of that now-dwindling consensus.Carolyn continues:Sea Levels are rising:Yes, we are still coming out of the Little Ice Age (LIA). The Little Ice Age was from ~1300 to ~1870. As Land Ice melts, so sea level rises (SLR). However, the rate of SLR has slowed down.Global temperatures are rising:The article was written in November 2015. Carolyn says: this year is on track to become the hottest on record. Well, if you count proxies for the MWP, Roman Warm Period, The Minoan Warm Period, there was no way that 2015 was the hottest on record.However, in the satellite era, it could have been an insignificantly warm year. However, as James Taylor explains:Forget what global warming activists would lead you to believe – 2015 was not even close to the hottest year on record. Satellite temperature readings going back to 1979 show 1998 was by far the warmest year in the satellite era, followed by 2010. 2015 comes in third. And these results are only for the period since 1979. Glaciers are meltingYep, Glaciers are melting as we come out of the little ice age. A NASA study that came out one month before Carolyn’s piece:A new NASA study says that an increase in Antarctic snow accumulation that began …

Aussie Climate Forum: The Climate Data – Come check for yourself!

One Nation Public Forum: The Climate Data – Come check for yourself!

Press Release from the Office of Senator Malcolm Roberts: Dear ColleaguesYou are invited to One Nation’s Public Forum “The Climate Data – Come check for yourself” on Wednesday 29 March at Parliament House.Senator Roberts and guests will deconstruct a sample out of 250+ data sets used by the United Nations IPCC. These data sets are taken from NOAA, BOM, The Scripps Institute, The Hadley Centre and other international data Centres.An invitation has also been extended to the Chief Scientist, CSIRO Chief Executive and staff, and the Director of the Bureau of Meteorology to attend and engage in these discussions.Registration DetailsDate: Wednesday 29 MarchTime: 7.00 – 9.00pmWhere: Main Committee Room, Parliament HouseRSVP: COB Monday 27 March to E: [email protected], or call 07 3221 9099On the night6.00pm: Arrival at Parliament House if you require signing in7.00pm: Public Forum commences – overview of data, Q&A and discussions9.00pm: Evening concludesIf you are unable to attend you can watch it at as the evening’s proceedings will be streamed live on Facebook.Please advise of any special mobility requirements you may have so we can ensure your needs are met.Come along and check the climate data out for yourself. I look forward to hearing from you.Yours faithfullyBoston WhiteOn behalf of Senator Malcolm Roberts

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Analysis: How The Recent El Nino Saved Climate Models

How The Recent El Nino Saved Climate Models

The message one is trying to get across when communicating science can depend much on what one doesn’t say. Leaving something vital out can make all the difference and when it’s done it can make scientists look like politicians, although not sophisticated ones. As an example of what I mean consider the El Nino phenomenon – a short-term oceanographic weather event. The El Nino can be used to make computer climate models look better than they are, for a short time at least. It is obvious that computer models are running hotter than the observations over the past 30 years, but add the recent 2015-6 El Nino and things look much better. Let me show you an example of this. Recently a group of academics kindly produced a graph intended to “help” journalists. They labeled it, “selflessly helping the Mail Online to improve their science coverage.” It shows how the HadCRUT4 global surface temperature data is “still rising” which is laid over climate models showing how accurately the models simulate the data. It is a classic example of misinformation by omission, or in other words how to enlist the short-term 2015-6 El Nino weather event to rescue long-term computer models. It is a prime example of bad science communication. Also shown is how this trick can be applied to satellite data. Let’s see what it looks like when the unmarked El Nino on the graph starts to come down, as it has done. Another variation of this technique can be seen in a recent TV interview of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory scientist Ben Santer by Seth Myres. Guest and presenter took aim at Senator Ted Cruz’ comments that satellite data show no warming in 17 years. SANTER: Listen to what he said. Satellite data. So satellite measurements of atmospheric temperature show no significant warming over the last 17 years, and we tested it. We looked at all of the satellite data in the world, from all groups, and wanted to see, was he right or not? And he was wrong. Even if you focus on a small segment of the now 38-year satellite temperature record — the last 17 years — he was demonstrably wrong. More importantly, if you look at the entire record it shows strong evidence of a human effect on climate. Warming of the lower atmosphere. Cooling of …

Esquire Mag Features Climate Depot…Again: ‘It’s the Golden Age’ of Climate Skeptics – ‘Grinning ear-to-ear’

MAR 12, 2017


“We’re sleeping much better now,” said Marc Morano, the executive director of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow. Morano, a former aide to Senator James Inhofe—of snowball infamy—has for decades disputed the scientific consensus on climate change in various capacities. He denies that the Earth is warming, that we could know for sure humans are predominantly causing it, and that we could do anything about it even if we did. (It’s important to cover your bases.) “We are grinning ear-to-ear, climate skeptics,” Morano said. “We have a rational, scientific approach coming to Washington under the Trump administration.” Morano, who has a B.A. in political science from George Mason University, is more of a traditionalist climate skeptic: Happer’s group takes a more proactive approach, but its message is still a distortion of the science…

In our conversations, both Happer and Morano said Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who left his post as CEO of ExxonMobil to take the job, could be the biggest obstacle to their agenda in the White House. (That ExxonMobil has donated over half a million dollars to Morano’s organization over the years doesn’t seem to complicate things for him. Happer, whose organizations have also received funding from large fossil fuel companies and prominent conservative donor networks like the Bradley Foundation, described a “David and Goliath” scenario where the Sierra Club is Goliath.) …

Morano claims, that climate science is manufactured as part of a U.N. conspiracy. From a more practical standpoint, Morano wants the Trump administration to overturn Obama-era executive orders like the Clean Power Plan, defund the United Nations climate panel, and to “Clexit” (or “climate exit”) from the Paris Climate Accords. He also suggested, in glowing terms, that fellow traveler Happer may join the Trump administration as a “science czar.” After that, Morano wants the president to “unleash” fracking, oil drilling, and coal production, the latter of which he somewhat agreed was no longer even competitive due to the rise of cheap natural gas.