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Climate scientist to Congress: Increased CO2 causing ‘remarkable greening of planet Earth’


Testifying before Congress, former UN climate scientist Dr. Patrick Michaels says increased carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere are causing a ‘remarkable greening of planet Earth’. Michaels says previous government calculations of the “Social Cost of Carbon” erroneously ignore the substantial benefits of increased CO2.

DR MICHAELS: “There is another systematic error in the previous calculations of the SCC [Social Cost of Carbon]. We live on a planet that is becoming greener because of the direct physiological effects of increasing carbon dioxide on plant photosynthesis. A massive survey of the scientific literature by Dr. Craig Idso shows this caused a $3.2 trillion increment in agricultural output from 1961 to 2011.”

Hearing: At what cost? Examining the Social Cost of Carbon
Subcommittee on Environment
US House Science Committee
February 28, 2017

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