All References to ‘Climate Change’ Deleted From White House Website at Noon Today

WASHINGTON, DC — A climate of change! Perhaps the most stark contrast between the Obama administration and the Trump administration is on “global warming”. The climate differences were visible today as the White House website was scrubbed of all references to “climate change” at exactly noon today just as President Donald Trump was sworn in.

Climate Depot statement: “Climate skeptics are thrilled that one of the very first visible changes of the transition of power between President Obama and President Trump is the booting of “climate change” from the White House website. Trump is truly going to make science great again and reject the notion that humans are the control knob of the climate and UN treaties and EPA regulations can somehow regulate temperature and storminess. Welcome to the era of sound science!” (Note: Skeptical Film ‘Climate Hustle’ Now Available As ‘Streaming Video On Demand’ to Greet Gore’s Sequel)

Meteorologist and Weather Channel Founder John Coleman had one word to describe the White House climate website changes. ‘Hooray!,” Coleman, a climate skeptic, tweeted. (Also see: Weather Channel Founder: Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Sequel’ Will Be Another ‘Scientific Monstrosity)


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All References to Climate Change Have Been Deleted From the White House Website

At 11:59 am eastern, the official White House website had a lengthy information page about the threat of climate change and the steps the federal government had taken to fight it. At noon, at the instant Donald Trump took office, the page was gone, as well as any mention of climate change or global warming.
It’s customary for to flip over to the new administration exactly at noon, but the only mention of climate on President Trump’s new website is under his “America First Energy Plan” page, in which he vows to destroy President Obama’s Climate Action Plan, which is a government-wide plan to reduce carbon emissions and address climate change.
“President Trump is committed to eliminating harmful and unnecessary policies such as the Climate Action Plan and the Waters of the U.S. rule,” the site says. A search of the website found no mention of “global warming,” and the only mentions of “climate change” were archived pages that, after clicking on the links, led to scrubbed pages.

Here’s what President Obama’s climate change page looked like this morning:

And review of Gore’s sequel: ‘Unfortunately, the filmmaking is, alas, not very good…like watching taped lectures’

Al Gore rouses Sundance with climate film on eve of Trump induction

By Piya Sinha-Roy | PARK CITY, UTAH

Former U.S. vice president Al Gore delivered a rousing battle cry on Thursday to push climate change forward as an urgent matter for politicians on the eve of President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, at the premiere of his new documentary.

Gore received a standing ovation after the premiere of “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power,” which opened this year’s Sundance Film Festival, as he encouraged audiences to place hope especially in solar power to tackle global warming.

“Whether or not Donald Trump, inaugurated tomorrow, will take the kind of approach that continues this progress, we’ll have to see, but let me reiterate, no one person can stop this,” Gore told the audience.

“An Inconvenient Sequel” follows Gore, 68, a decade after his groundbreaking 2006 “An Inconvenient Truth,” as he discussed environmental policy with state leaders and connected weather-related catastrophes to a global climate crisis.

The film also shows Gore’s behind-the-scenes efforts to…

Review: Gore’s Sequel ‘Proves Planet Is Screwed With or Without Trump’


And even though Sundance founder Robert Redford said yesterday that the festival doesn’t get involved in politics, the choice to make An Inconvenient Sequel the festival’s opening-night documentary, debuting on Inauguration Eve, was a clear statement. Also, Redford all but said in his introduction to the film that he wished the 2000 election had had a different result. “Al Gore is a very good friend of mine,” he said, mentioning that, “a few years ago there was a moment when politics and the Supreme Court was not very kind to Al, and what they did was they kind of drove him away from politics, but it drove him toward filmmaking, and I think that’s to our benefit.”

“Every night on the news is like a nature hike through the Book of Revelations,” says Gore, but this time around he’s not just trying to drive home the message of “we must do this for our children”; he’s showing the human cost of inaction. The vast field of wooden crosses in the Philippines marking just some of 6,300 who died in 2013’s Typhoon Haiyan. The mass graves that Pakistan was digging in preparation for its next heat waves. The dots we can and should be connecting between the horrific, history-defying drought that displaced as many as 1.5 million Syrian farmers and the unlivable conditions in crowded cities that played a huge part in causing civil war. There is a cause and effect between the destabilizing effects of climate change and rise of terrorism — a point Gore is trying to make on air in Paris when he gets news that across town gunmen have walked into the Bataclan nightclub and started shooting.…

‘Superhero tragedy disguised as end-times environmental doc’ – Gore ‘sequel is a superhero movie about a sad Al Gore’

The newer, brisker, and unexpectedly more optimistic follow-up doc seeks, in large part, to calcify Gore’s legacy, resulting in a split-minded film that’s more fascinated with the former politician’s daily life than the melting polar ice sheets.


Superhero tragedy disguised as end-times environmental doc.


A decade after An Inconvenient Truth spotlighted the grave threat of climate change, former Vice President Al Gore returns with a new PowerPoint presentation that will recruit an army of environmentalist lieutenants, who themselves will assemble enviro-militias across the globe. Their weapon: the truth!


The life of Al Gore, a button-up-wearing superhero (supported by a crack team of smartphone-wielding millennials) who will save us from global warming even if he alone has to fistfight the sun.

As a call to recruit and energize a new generation of environmentalists, no, it’s not good. Al Gore travels across the globe, educating trainees, who we barely get to know. And what exactly Gore trains these men and women to do, beyond monologue in public spaces, is unclear.The film doesn’t offer any surprising updates on global warming for a pseudo-woke teen with a social media stream. Nor does it lay out actionable strategies for viewers who could be persuaded to change their habits, but don’t know how. In that way, it’s a missed opportunity for Gore and his multi-decade agenda. An Inconvenient Truth formed the choir, and it’s inexplicable that this sequel makes no effort to teach that choir to sing.

However, as a documentary about the loneliness of would-be-President Gore, An Inconvenient Sequel is awkwardly engrossing. Gore’s loss to George W. Bush in the 2000 election, in particular, is grist for the film’s few jokes. At one point, Gore invites the cameras into his home, and they capture a man alone in an empty house, musing over photographs and notes from a different life. Gore seems peerless in his battle against global warming, for better and also for worse. In his personal and professional life, he appears deeply and tragically alone — often literally stranded in the film’s composition.

An Inconvenient Sequel often plays out like a tragic superhero film. Gore is depicted as a one-man army, fighting the good fight against impossible odds. Other politicians, from Obama to John Kerry to Justin Trudeau, drift into the film, lending their support.

But what happens

Warmist review: Gore is a climate change James Bond in urgent, exhilarating ‘Inconvenient Sequel’

“Future generations will look back,” Gore growls, “and say ‘What were you thinking?’ Couldn’t you hear what the scientists were saying? Couldn’t you hear Mother Nature screaming at you?”

a climate-change superhero, he’s also jet-setting around the world, observing atrocious evidence that the planet has long since teetered toward catastrophe.

Greenland’s fast-collapsing Jakobshavn Glacier, where raging rivers of melted snow carve explosive rifts in the ancient ice sheet. Miami Beach, where that same water sends city officials on the fool’s errand of building taller streets. Silicon Valley, where Solar City leads a stunning corporate charge for renewables. India, where energy ministers are desperately erecting “dirty coal” plants to support the population explosion. The Philippines, where Super Typhoon Yolanda killed more than 6,000 people.

The former VP is a central figure in each of these scenes, tirelessly flying around in helicopters, boats, planes, cars (in one case ditching traffic for a subway to make a meeting on time) because this is what he does now.

And these are no empty gestures. He’s a climate change James Bond, using his wits and gadgets and sheer will to save the day at every turn.…

Sundance: ‘An Inconvenient Sequel’ Debuts to Rapturous Response of fellow warmists


“We will win,” Al Gore told the audience after two standing ovations followed the screening.
Al Gore received two lengthy standing ovations as An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power made its world premiere Thursday at the Sundance Film Festival.

“Now we are undergoing a time of challenge, but we are going to prevail,” said the former vice president to thunderous applause. “I’m not going to give all the evidence of why I’m so confident. Always remember that the will to act is a renewable resource.

“We will win,” Gore told the crowd. “No one person can stop this movement. We want this movie to recruit others.”




Gore ‘INCONVENIENT SEQUEL’ Premieres Amid Snowstorm at Sundance in Utah

Below-freezing temperatures arrive with opening night film ‘An Inconvenient Sequel’ and could mar the planned Women’s March on Main.

Park City is bracing for a slew of snow at Sundance Film Festival.

The festival locale sank to below-freezing temperatures ahead of Thursday’s opening-night film An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, Al Gore’s climate-change follow-up to 2006’s An Inconvenient Truth.

Sporadic snowfall is expected throughout the duration of the fest, while temperatures may dip as low as 11 degrees Fahrenheit during the Utah event’s first few days, according to the National Weather Service.…