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‘The climate scam corruption metastasizes’


The problem with a giant con game like global warming hysteria is that the baseline dishonesty ends up corrupting other institutions.  Academia is pre-eminent among the collateral corruptees, but even a Native American tribe in genuine peril is in on the game.  Willis Eschenbach provides the ugly details at Watts Up With That?

He spotted news that a tribe on the seashore of Olympic Peninsula is being touted as the “first climate refugees.”  He drily notes eight other separate claims of being the first climate refugees, so he dubs the Quinault Indian Nation the “ninth first climate refugees.”

But that is not the nub of the criticism.  It is that the Quinaults are genuinely threatened by tsunamis and in all logic ought to evacuate their current settlement right on the shore, because a major fault is nearby and overdue.

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