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Biologist Says Humanity Won’t Survive To See Thanksgiving 2026


It’s time to set the doomsday clock to Thanksgiving 2026 or sooner, according to a university professor who “can’t imagine there will be a human on the planet in 10 years.”

University of Arizona biology professor Guy McPherson thinks human-caused global warming is pushing the world closer to the sixth mass extinction. Based on his calculations, we have less than a decade before civilization comes to an abrupt end.

“It’s locked down, it’s been locked in for a long time – we’re in the midst of our sixth mass extinction,” McPherson told New Zealand’s Newshub.

McPherson believes current efforts to fight global warming are a waste of time since humanity will be gone within a decade. Instead, the biologist wants us to focus on living life to its fullest.

“I can’t imagine there will be a human on the planet in 10 years,” he said. “We don’t have 10 years.”

“The problem is when I give a number like that, people think it’s going to be business as usual until nine years [and] 364 days,” McPherson told Newshub.

Western civilization is used to being bombarded by apocalyptic predictions. Remember, 2012? Or Y2K?

Probably the most memorable climate apocalypse prediction came from former French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius who famously said in 2014 the world only had “500 days to avoid climate chaos.”

Well, 500 days came and went with no major global warming treaty being signed and the world hasn’t tipped into a state of unmitigated disaster.

Maybe Fabius should have taken MCPherson’s advice, stopped caring and just lived out the rest of his life.

“I encourage people to pursue excellence, to pursue love, to pursue what they love to do,” McPherson said. “I don’t think these are crazy ideas, actually – and I also encourage people to remain calm because nothing is under control, certainly not under our control anyway.”

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