Here’s what a Trump victory might mean for the climate

If #Donald Trump wins the #Election 2016, the Republican nominee has promised to quash the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, exit the Paris climate accord, and stop the “war on coal” on his first day in the oval office. Trump has pledged a sea change in how the U.S. addresses climate change and it is infuriating special interest groups and environmentalists. The new course, though, will be hampered by legal and regulatory hurdles already in place to stop him. A final gift from President

The new course, though, will be hampered by legal and regulatory hurdles put in place to stop him. Most came from President Obama, who has rolled out more major regulations than any president in U.S. history. Regulations that have devastated coal communities and other disliked energy sectors.

Trump has also promised to revisit and possibly reject the Paris climate accord, a non-binding, unenforceable agreement to curtail carbon dioxide emissions at least28 percent below 2005 levels. China, however, can continue emitting greenhouse gases and building coal-fired power plants. China has said it will try and slow emissions after 2030, despite ramping up coal production:

CFACT’s Morano named a ‘top climate denier’


To our delight, CFACT’s Marc Morano made the list at #2 – right behind his old boss U.S. Senator James Inhofe.

Of course, calling people “deniers” who seek to correct the record on climate change is meant to be highly offensive – or at least it would be if the term “denier” had not become such a hackneyed climate propaganda term that it’s now a joke.

As Morano and CFACT soon head to the UN climate marrakech-express-bannerconference in Marrakech, Morocco, to inject tough questions and facts, we wear our inclusion on the list proudly.

Despite all their inherent funding, media, and government advantages, we continue to beat the warming-Left with hard scientific facts.

Of course, one of the principal ways we’ve done this is through our wildly popular Climate Depot news and information service. I suspect our new film, Climate Hustle, is another big reason why Marc is now #2 on their villain list.

CFACT’s Climate Hustle is loaded with hard, verifiable facts and has been received with great enthusiasm.  DiCaprio’s Before The Flood is filled with tired old climate campaign talking points that have long been debunked.  Despite all its obvious advantages it is struggling to find an audience.

Climate computer models running warmer than reality?  Weather (extreme or otherwise) scientifically normal?  No wonder they would rather talk propaganda than science.

When warming campaigners shut their eyes and minds to the facts and opt instead to hide their biases, they reveal who is really in denial.

We consider it an honor to be #2 on their list.