Desperate Green Activists Bribe Hillary Voters With Puppies


Green activists have come up with an ingenious solution to breathe new life into Hillary Clinton’s moribund election campaign: puppies.

NextGen Climate has scheduled puppy appearances at dozens of early voting locations in critical states like Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Iowa, Nevada and New Hampshire. The organization hopes to roll out even more such events on November 8th.

“We’ve enlisted our most loyal companions to help during this historic election,” said Nick Ellis, a “National Puppy Coordinator” for NextGen Climate. “We are excited about this new approach to voter outreach.” Ellis appears in an ad for the campaign with an adorable, playful puppy, Petey.

The puppy idea arose organically during NextGen Climate’s voter registration drives. Volunteers who had puppies with them inevitably gathered more signatures than those without pooches. Deciding that this phenomenon was no accident, NextGen Climate figured that if puppies could get people to sign up to register, surely they could convince people to show up to vote, as well.

This makes sense. Anyone stupid enough to choose the next president of the USA based on the rush of oxytocin they experience on looking into the adorable eyes of a juvenile dog is 99.99 per cent likely to be a natural Hillary voter.

Trump: We Will Cancel ‘Global Warming Payments’ To The UN

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told supporters at a Florida campaign rally he would “cancel billions in global warming payments to the United Nations” if he won the election.

“We will also cancel billions in global warming payments to the United Nations, and use that money to support America’s vital environmental infrastructure and natural resources,” Trump told supporters Wednesday.

Democrats often take the opposite tact in Florida when it comes to global warming. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign has pointed to flooding in Miami Beach as evidence of global warming’s worsening effects.

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Warmist fears arise over Trump plans to cut ‘climate change’ research

Team Trump has rolled out a space policy proposal that orients NASA toward space exploration and science and emphasizes private/public partnerships. However, all The Hill Newspaper got out of it is what it considers a threat to cut the Earth science account, or as it artfully calls it the “climate budget.” But the blame for such a development, should it happen in a Trump administration, would fall at the door of President Barack Obama and his obsession with #Climate Change.

Congressional Republicans have been complaining that the Obama administration has been requesting hefty increases for Earth science while skimping for every other NASA account, including #Space exploration and science research. Since assuming the chair of the Senate Science and Space Subcommittee, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas has been leading the charge against what he sees as an “unbalanced” NASA, abandoning its traditional role of pushing back the high frontier of space and instead using satellites to study the Earth. NASA is involved in this kind of research along with NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) because of its expertise in designing satellites with remote sensing technology.

The Trump campaign has suggested that climate change research will be shifted to other agencies, allowing NASA to refocus on a goal of exploring the solar system with humans by the end of the century. Democrats are pushing back, suggesting that Team Trump is “denying science” by neglecting climate change research.…

Trump Says Plan to End Climate Spending Would Save U.S. $100 Billion over eight years

By Renee Schoof and Dean Scott

Nov. 1 — Donald Trump says he would save $100 billion over eight years by cutting all federal climate change spending—a sum his campaign says would be achieved by eliminating domestic and international climate programs.

“We’re going to put America first. That includes canceling billions in climate change spending for the United Nations, a number Hillary wants to increase, and instead use that money to provide for American infrastructure including clean water, clean air and safety,” the Republican presidential candidate said Oct. 31 at a rally in Warren, Mich. “We’re giving away billions and billions and billions of dollars,” he said.

In a policy statement from his campaign on the same day, “New Deal for Black America,” Trump said he would “cancel all wasteful climate change spending” under the Obama administration and plans by Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, a sum that Trump said would total $100 billion over eight years.

Trump Campaign Explains Number

The Trump campaign did not give a specific tally to account for the $100 billion total in response to a query from Bloomberg BNA.

But in an e-mail, the campaign press office said that the figure combined an estimate of what the Obama administration had spent on climate-related programs, the amount of U.S. contributions to an international climate fund that Trump would cancel, and a calculation of what Trump believes would be savings to the economy if Obama’s and Clinton’s climate policies were reversed.

The Trump campaign said the $100 billion total included $50 billion, or what it estimated the Obama administration has spent on programs related to climate change.

“Eliminating that spending will save similar amounts over the Trump administration,” it said.

Spending Estimate

The e-mail said the estimate was based on a Congressional Research Service report in 2013 that looked at federal climate change funding from fiscal year 2008 to the administration’s budget request for FY 2014.

However, that report did not estimate the administration’s full spending related to climate change over eight years. The nonpartisan research service reported that direct federal spending to address global climate change totaled about $77 billion from FY 2008 through FY 2013, and that 75 percent of that amount was for technology development and deployment, mostly through the Department of Energy.

The report said that the breakdown in the administration’s FY 2014 request of $11.6 billion for these programs was about 68 …

Seinfeld actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus endorses Clinton, slams Trump over climate change

She continues, “Donald Trump talks a lot about building a wall, his pervy love of Putin, and fake colleges he can bankrupt for profit. One thing he doesn’t talk much about is climate change, because he doesn’t believe in it — and because it doesn’t have a grabbable p‑‑‑y.”

Come Election Day, Louis-Dreyfus encourages young voters to “slide out of those DMs” and cast their ballots for Clinton and other “climate champions.”…

Reuters: ‘Merkel’s climate-change zeal is running out of steam’

By Olaf Storbeck | LONDON

(Reuters Breakingviews) – If Angela Merkel is cooling on climate change, the world is in trouble. The German chancellor has been a formidable force in the fight against man-made global warming. In 2015 she pushed the leaders of the G7, a rich-country club, into a historic pledge to stop using fossil fuels by the end of this century. Later that year, she helped to broker the Paris agreement to limit the global temperature rise to below two degrees.

Yet at home, Merkel’s climate-change zeal is running out of steam. Despite months of acrimonious strife, Merkel’s centre-left coalition has not agreed on how to meet the Paris goals. A first draft of an ambitious Climate Change Action plan, proposed by Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks six months ago, has been watered down. For example, a hard deadline for phasing out coal plants, and an aim of making most new cars battery-powered by 2030, have both been dropped.

Europe’s largest economy by GDP was already behind schedule. It runs the risk of missing a goal of lowering emissions in 2020 by 40 percent relative to 1990. Emissions would have had to come down by almost a fifth within the next three years. Yet despite heavy subsidies for green power, they have barely moved over the last five years. In 2015 they even rose slightly.…

China criticizes Trump plan to exit UN climate pact – Claim U.S. ‘economic & social progress will be affected’

By Sue-Lin Wong | BEIJING

China on Tuesday rejected a plan by U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to back out of a global climate change pact, saying a wise political leader should make policy in line with global trends, a rare comment on a foreign election.

The world is moving towards balancing environmental protection and economic growth, China’s top climate change negotiator told reporters, in response to a query on how China would work with a Trump administration on climate change. . .

“If they resist this trend, I don’t think they’ll win the support of their people, and their country’s economic and social progress will also be affected,” Xie Zhenhua said.

“I believe a wise political leader should take policy stances that conform with global trends,” China’s veteran climate chief said.

Trump has threatened to reject the Paris Agreement, a global accord negotiated by nearly 200 governments to battle climate change that takes effect on Friday.…

Papa Gore! DiCaprio on Gore’s influence: ‘He literally took me, you know, like a child….and explained what global warming was’

Begins at 42:50 min.


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