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EPA Chief: ‘People Have to Start Living a Life That’s Commensurate with Reductions in Greenhouse Gases’


(CNSNews.com) -“People have to start living a life that’s commensurate with reductions in greenhouse gases,” EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy said while discussing the recent global deal to limit the use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) used in air-conditioning and refrigeration.

During a social media discussion with Mashable last week, McCarthy said that fighting climate change will “not have to be just what government does, but it has to be what people do.”

“People have to start living a life that’s commensurate with reductions in greenhouse gases to the extent they can,” McCarthy said. “But also, as you said- demand government to be responsive to this.”

“But I would waste no time with climate deniers, if they haven’t figured it out by now, what in God’s name can anyone say to them to make them figure it out,” McCarthy continued. “The science is overwhelming. I don’t check out Flat Earth Society, and I’m not talking to climate deniers – that’s it.”

In the past, the president of the Flat Earth Society has spoken out in support of the theory of climate change.

According to recent survey by the Pew Research Center, nearly three-quarters of Americans don’t trust that there is a large “scientific consensus” amongst climate scientists on human behavior being the cause of climate change.

Earlier this month the US signed on to a global deal that caps and reduces the use of HFCs.  The White House claims the deal will “could avoid up to 0.5 degrees C of warming by the end of the century” by cutting production and consumption of HFCs “by more than 80 percent over the next 30 years.”

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