Analysis: How a New California Climate Law Will Strangle Manufacturing

California just hung up a big “Manufacturing Workers Need Not Apply” sign. It took the form of extended, stricter, and even less realistic carbon dioxide regulations.

A new California bill extends legislation previously set to expire in 2020 and imposes dramatically deeper emissions cuts for 2030. Under the new measure, California must cut its carbon dioxide emissions to a level 40 percent below its 1990 level by 2030.

It’s worth noting that California’s population is projected to be 50 percent higher in 2030than it was in 1990. It’s also worth noting that carbon dioxide is colorless, odorless, and nontoxic. Its purported health and climate impacts result from carbon dioxide’s effect on global warming. However, no amount of emissions regulation in California (or even the United States as a whole) will have a significantimpact on global warming—the developing world’s demand for affordable energy will swamp any cuts made by the U.S.

But the added regulatory burden will almost certainly drive up energy costs, which is bad news for consumers and businesses—and especially bad for energy-intensive industries like manufacturing.

The Daily Signal is the multi

Colorado Springs instructors ban discussions on the climate, even in students’ leisure time

And my worries about these students are perhaps even greater. We read:

The professors also note this ban on debate extends to discussion among students in the online forums. Moreover, students who choose to use outside sources for research during their time in the course may select only those that have been peer-reviewed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the email states.

Do the instructors ban the students’ discussions about particular topics in the online forums? What? The activity of the students outside the classroom or the campus is absolutely not the instructors’ business. If a student learns enough and fulfills the requirements in the classroom, he may very well be computing statistics for ATLAS at the LHC in her spare time, and perform human sacrifices in front of God Shiva, too. 

Moreover, online discussions are clearly much more vital for the intellectual growth of the modern students than the human sacrifices to God Shiva. To prevent students from discussions conflicts with one of the basic values that the scholarly environment should be all about.

The attitudes of these three women are a textbook example of the reasons why the environmentalism is counted among one of the big totalitarian ideologies of the present. These totalitarian ideologies demand a 100% (total) political agreement with the “leaders” in the classroom – and in 100% (total) of the affected people’s lives out of the classroom, too.

Incidentally, the remark that they only allow papers approved by the IPCC is “cute”, too. And the formulation about “papers peer-reviewed by the IPCC” shows that these ladies don’t know what they’re talking about even from the viewpoint of informed fans of the IPCC. As every person who understands the words a little bit knows, the IPCC has never done anything that could be called peer review. The IPCC is/was only supposed to develop their assessmentsbased on the basis of (previously) peer-reviewed literature. They actually claim to simply adopt and present the collective verdicts by the body of the peer reviewers who did their work before the IPCC worked on those topics. The IPCC officially does no original research and no original reviews – this claim of theirs is really a necessary condition for them to pretend that they’re not acting as a transparently biased Inquisition-like filter distorting the scientific literature. Of course, they are distorting the literature, anyway, but the IPCC fans aren’t

EPA to Collect Data on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity

The Environmental Protection Agency will begin collecting sexual orientation and gender identity information on its employees this fall, according to an internal email.

The email sent last week by EPA Chief of Staff Matt Fritz announced a “ground-breaking” pilot program that will allow employees to answer survey questions about their sexuality.

“A professional, productive, and inclusive workplace is essential to our mission of protecting human health and the environment,” Fritz wrote. “Today EPA is taking a crucial step forward and playing a leadership role for the federal government in equal employment opportunity and diversity and inclusion by piloting the collection of voluntary, self-disclosed sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) workforce data.”…

Obama barks at climate protesters: ‘You’re interrupting me’

A pro-climate change protester interrupted President Obama’s speech on manmade climate change Wednesday, prompting Obama to complain that he was being interrupted.

“I gotcha. Okay. I got you. Thank you. That’s a great banner,” the president said, trying to appease a young woman chanting from a crowd. The protest brought his comments at the Lake Tahoe Summit in Nevada to a full stop for a few moments, and also raised Obama’s hackles a bit.

“I’m about to talk about it though,” Obama said to the protesters, who were trying to shout over him. “So, you’re interrupting me.”

Climate activists have been protesting the administration for moving forward with oil and gas leases, despite the president’s many regulations and support for an international treaty to stop global warming.

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