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Scientist: ‘All the hoopla about this being hottest year ever is contradicted by findings from Antarctic ice cores’


Stay Frosty Antarctica
Submitted by Doug L. Hoffman on Wed, 08/17/2016 – 15:28

There is a constant stream of scientific studies that report on
melting ice in various parts of the world. Some from mountain
glaciers, some from the arctic pack ice, some from Greenland,
and some from the mother-load of glacial ice, Antarctica.
Antarctica, the continent that covers Earth’s south pole,
contains more frozen water than all other deposits of glacial
ice on the planet combined. The collapse of the Antarctic ice
shelves, causing oceans to rise and all sorts of climate mayhem,
is a favorite theme of climate alarmists everywhere.
Unfortunately for them, new reports tell a different story. It
seems that the Antarctic Peninsula has actually cooled over the
past two decades. Moreover, all the hoopla about this being the
hottest year ever is contradicted by findings from Antarctic ice
cores that during the Eemian, the last interglacial (LIG;
130,000–115,000 years ago), global climate was warmer than today
and global mean sea level was 6-9 m higher. Sorry to dampen the
hysteria with actual science.

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