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EPA chief: ‘Get out of that telephone booth where…climate deniers hang out’


Speaking at MC Greenfest, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy insists that climate change is “happening now.” McCarthy: “You just need to get out of that telephone booth where other climate deniers hang out and open your eyes and see what’s happening.”

ADMINISTRATOR GINA MCCARTHY: “They happen to be the most vulnerable when climate change happens. And, guess what? It’s not when, it’s happening now. You can see it every single day. You just need to get out of that telephone booth where other climate deniers hang out and open your eyes and see what’s happening.”

MC Greenfest Opening Ceremony
April 30, 2016


  1. “You just need to get out of that telephone booth where other climate deniers hang out and open your eyes and see what’s happening.”

    This comment reveals who you really are: a liberal reduced to name calling and denigrating those who know the truth about the climate. Further, it is a clear indication you do not have any argument based on facts. You need to take your own advice.

  2. Fossil fuels use does not materially affect climate. Fossil fuels contribute only 3% of all CO2 emissions. 95% comes from
    plant matter decomposition. Warming climate CAUSES increased CO2
    emissions, since plant matter decomposes faster in warmer

    Nature promptly recycles ambient CO2 into limestone (calcite)
    through numerous chemical and biogenic calcification processes. The
    higher the ambient CO2, the faster calcification occurs. An
    equilibrium-seeking process.

    Climate may be warming. It is supposed to be warming because earth
    is emerging from an ice age. This warming has many causes
    (adequately discussed elsewhere), but it is NOT caused by human
    fossil fuels use.

    Its simple. Warming CAUSES increased CO2, and IS NOT CAUSED by it. For McCarthy and all the others, its all about power and money. (And for some, but evidently not her) sex.)

  3. The EPA Administrator has already revealed in her testimony hat she knows little about climatology.

    And she also testified that new regulations to reduce CO2 emissions would have no measurable impact on climate but were intended to demonstrate US leadership.

    She claims that she can see climate change every day. So let us examine this claim.

    The paper by Belda et al (2014) confirms what H.H. Lamb said about climate chant between the beginning and end of the 20th century: there was not much change. Lamb wrote,

    “In fact, from about the beginning of this century up to 1940 a substantial climatic change was in progress, but it was in a direction which tended to make life easier and to reduce stresses for most activities and most people in most parts of the world. Average temperatures were rising, though without too many hot extremes, and they were rising most of all in the Arctic where the sea ice was receding. Europe enjoyed several decades of near-immunity from severe winters, and the variability of temperature from year to year was reduced. More rainfall was reaching the dry places in the interiors of the great continents (except in the Americas where the lee effect, or ‘rain-shadow’, of the Rocky Mountains and the Andes became more marked as the prevalence of westerly winds in middle latitudes increased).” (end of quote) Climate,

    H. H. Lamb, History and the Modern World Edition 2, Routledge, 1995

    The paper by Belda et Al (2014) is probably the best to date in reconstructing the Koppen-Trewartha climate classification map from modern datasets.

    The Belda maps show the climate regions of the world (except Antarctica) for two periods, 1901-1931 and 1975-2005, based on a 30 minute grid, average area about 2500 km2, (About 50,000 grid cells cover 135 million km2, the land area of the Earth except Antarctica.)

    Between the two periods separated by 75 years, 8% of the cells changed climate type. When you plot a scatter diagram of distributions for the two periods, you will find there is little divergence from the straight line passing through the origin and with slope unity. R-squared is 99.5.

    The paper does not discuss error bars. However, the CRU (UK) has revised the climate data to remove wet bias, an adjustment that would increase R2, indicating even less change than these maps show.

    In any other field of Earth science, using data with similar precision, we would claim confirmation of the null hypothesis that the two data sets separated by 75 years are not significantly different.

    So yes, the Earth has warmed a little and most people worldwide are better off than their parents and grandparents. The people benefiting the most are those on the margins of steppe to desert and those on the margins between ice and tundra.

    Climate classification revisited from Köppen to Trewartha, Belda, M. et al, Climate Research, 2014

  4. The sane members of the House of Representatives need to bring Articles of Impeachment against these freaks of nature . Obozo, Lynch, Mcarthy , the head of the IRS and many more. The Senate (and We The People-AKA -The Producers) can not get a conviction in the Senate, but the irrefutable evidence of all their crimes will be on the record.
    The sycophants in the MSM have always hounded decent men like Eisenhower (He was stupid and played to much golf) and covered for pervs and crooks from Jefferson vs John Adams through Wilson, FDR, JFK, Bubba, and Obozo.
    After Bubba the truth,the facts and reality finally lost out against the perverted propaganda of Dan Rather, Catie, Baba , and the brainwashed graduates of Pravada-USA, AKA the journalism department.
    And NBC even tried to make a journalist out of Chelsea Clinton and failed spectacularly.

    • If I had the ability to add one clause to the US Constitution, it would be some provision where We The People have the ability to remove bad politicians from office. The current system relies on other politicians to censor and remove fellow politicians. It is not working.

  5. This is the f***king b***ch that purposely destroyed the Animas River in Colorado. When asked what the EPA would do to clean up the mess she said “Nothing. Nature has a way of taking care of these incidents.” Kill the EPA. Put all the employees up against the wall and use them for target practice, starting with her..

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