Poor Al Gore’s NOT Going to Like This New Climate Study

The latest example is a scientific study conducted at the University of Reading of the interactions between aerosols and clouds, which shows the interaction is much weaker than most climate models assume – which means the Earth will warm markedly less than those climate models that the former VP has invested in.

Or, in the words of Paul Knappenberger and Patrick Michaels of the Cato Institute,instead of facing Climate Change, at worst, we may be facing “global lukewarming.”

The Cato bloggers are referring to a post written by Dr Nicolas Bellouin, Associate Professor of Climate Processes at the University of Reading.

As one might imagine, the clouds have a significant role in how the earth’s climate works, and because of that, they have a major role in all of those computer models which claim global warming will melt the ice caps and kill us all by a week fromnext Tuesday.

One of the things affecting clouds in those climate models is the interaction between aerosol and the atmosphere:

When it comes to the influence of human aerosol emissions on cloud properties, the scientific mainstream view is that aerosols modify clouds in such a way as to result in an enhanced cooling of the earth’s surface—a cooling influence which has acted to offset some portion of the warming influence resulting from human emissions of greenhouse gases (primarily from the burning of fossil fuels, like coal, oil, and natural gas to produce energy).  In the absence of this presumed aerosol cooling effect, climate models predict that the earth should warm at a much faster rate than has been observed.  A large cooling effect from aerosols was thus introduced in the early 1990s as a way to “fix” the climate models and bring them closer in line with the modest pace of observed warming. Despite that “fix,”climate models continue to overpredict the observed warming rate—which is bad enough news for climate models already.

And that’s the good news for the climate alarmists:

His [Dr Nicolas Bellouin] team shows that the anthropogenic cooling impact from clouds is much less than “assessed” by the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and also much less than employed by climate models.  Less enhanced cloud cooling means that greenhouse gases have produced less warming than the climate models have determined. Another way to put it is that this new finding implies that

WATCH: Ontario Premier leaves climate change announcement in gas guzzling SUV

Premier Kathleen Wynne was at the Everygreen Brickworks in Toronto on Wednesday laying out the plan to fight climate change in the province.

Part of the plan is to encourage Ontarians to get behind the wheel of an electric car with a ‘cash for clunkers’ program.

That encourages people to trade in their inefficient, older vehicles, for newer vehicles.

But with that in mind, the Premier left the event in a Chevrolet Suburban, which comes with a V8 engine.

– See more at: http://www.newstalk1010.com/news/2016/06/08/watch-premier-wynne-leaves-climate-change-announcement-in-gas-guzzling-suv#sthash.4pZFBF2u.p1HnOhet.dpuf

India fails to ratify Paris UN climate agreement

If India had ratified the deal, it would have gone into force well ahead of the original 2020 target and sent a strong signal that developing countries are serious about fighting climate change — arguments the president likely impressed on his Indian counterpart in talks. But the response fell short of expectations.…

Climate Science Consensus In Turmoil. New Studies Soundly Refute Antarctic Ice Melt Projections!

Climate Science Consensus In Turmoil. New Studies Soundly Refute Antarctic Ice Melt Projections!


Scientists: Warming causes Antarctic ice sheet growth, and lower sea levels By Kenneth Richard While many scientists are projecting rapid sea level rise as a result of a warmer Antarctica and consequent ice sheet melting, other scientists are projecting that the surface of the Antarctic ice sheet will gain in mass because a warmer Antarctica means snow and ice accumulation will outpace the melting. Antarctica ice mass growing. Photo: NASA-JPL. For example, Jan Lenaerts and 4 other scientists recently published a paper in the journal Climate Dynamics that projects (via modelling) the Antarctic ice sheet will show a net gain of about 70 billion tons of ice per year for every degree of warming induced by anthropogenic CO2 emissions. Below are the highlighted portions of the Lenaerts et al. (2016) paper. We present climate and surface mass balance (SMB) of the Antarctic ice sheet (AIS) as simulated by the global, coupled ocean–atmosphere–land Community Earth System Model (CESM) with a horizontal resolution of ∼1∘ in the past, present and future (1850–2100). CESM correctly simulates present-day Antarctic sea ice extent, large-scale atmospheric circulation and near-surface climate, but fails to simulate the recent expansion of Antarctic sea ice. The present-day Antarctic ice sheet SMB equals 2280±131 Gtyear−1, which concurs with existing independent estimates of AIS SMB. When forced by two CMIP5 climate change scenarios (high mitigation scenario RCP2.6 and high-emission scenario RCP8.5), CESM projects an increase of Antarctic ice sheet SMB of about 70 Gtyear−1 per degree warming. This increase is driven by enhanced snowfall, which is partially counteracted by more surface melt and runoff along the ice sheet’s edges. This intensifying hydrological cycle is predominantly driven by atmospheric warming, which increases (1) the moisture-carrying capacity of the atmosphere, (2) oceanic source region evaporation, and (3) summer AIS cloud liquid water content.” This warming-causes-ice-sheet-growth-and-sea-levels-to-decline conceptualization is not new. Back in the mid-1980s, when the Greenland ice sheet was still in a cooling phase, Dr. R.K. Klige (USSR Academy of Sciences), concluded that a future rise in temperatures would cause a positive mass balance for both Greenland and Antarctica and “ultimately a lowering of sea level” due to the “increased accumulation on the major ice sheets.” Here is the abstract with key points of emphasis from Klige, 1985. The author attempts to quantify the amount of water released (by various …

RICO actions on #ExxonKnew were planned before any ‘investigative’ stories were even published

RICO actions on #ExxonKnew were planned before any ‘investigative’ stories were even published


InsideClimate: NY AG started RICO planning before any InsideClimate stories were released Katie Brown, Energy in Depth Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Scientists today believe the egg did, but that hasn’t made the debate any less contentious. Here’s another debate that continues to see its fair share of controversy: Which came first, […]

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Global Satellite Temperature Plummets As Surface Cooling Makes Way Into Lower Troposphere

Global Satellite Temperature Plummets As Surface Cooling Makes Way Into Lower Troposphere


German meteorological site wobleibtdieerderwaermung.de here presents the latest developments on surface temperatures. Today I’m focused on the part dealing with the rapidly declining global temperature (TLT). ===================================================== Cold June spell about to hit Europe – more heavy summer rains in 2016 will lead to more flooding. By Schneefan (Translated, edited by P Gosselin) The current global development is characterized by a rash global cooling after the El Niño reached its peak in global temperatures in February 2016: Global cooling strengthens – “Global Warming” Reality Check May 2016. …The drop in the deviation by the satellite temperatures from the mean is – 0.23°K at RSS compared to the previous month April (0.76 K) and is greater than what was recorded by UAH,. The temperatures really plummeted after their peak high in February, 2016: Source: www.woodfortrees.org/graph/rss/trend Surface cooling reaching up into lower troposphere The above plot depicts the global temperature deviation from the mean (red line) for the lower troposphere (TLT) from RSS, December 1978 up through May 2016, showing an insignificant rise in the linear trend (blue line) since December 1997. Despite the powerful El Niño since the summer of 2015 and a record satellite measured temperature in February 2016, there has not been warming since 1997 (flat green line). The global atmosphere reacts from the bottom up to the diminishing heating from the rapidly weakening El Niño event at the equatorial Pacific, whereby in May 2016 the strong cooling of the near surface temperature has reached up to the lower troposphere (TLT) for the first time. The above-average evaporated water mass resulting from the above-average warmed ocean surfaces will form into clouds due to cooling, and condensate into precipitation and result in strengthened monsoon rains is parts of Asia and East Africa, and moreover fall as heavy summer rains over Europe in June during a coming cool period…“ Weak sun may enhance cooling The unusually weak solar activity will also play another important role for global and regional weather development, as it recently has seen it’s first sunspot free days this year. The latest news is that once again the sun is free of spots for now the fourth day in a row:  Solar activity is now at zero. Source: sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov/ The Svensmark solar mechanism leads to more intense cosmic rays during weak solar activity, thus resulting …

Analysis: ‘The Pushers of the Man Made Global warming Hoax are running Scared’

The Pushers of the Man Made Global warming Hoax are running Scared.


The Shrill have two major pillars of the falsified man made global warming hoax:97% consensus of scientists;Carbon dioxide is causing the warming.The 97% consensus has been busted on so many counts (eg here, here, here etc) it is a wonder that any reasonable person would still make the claim. Those who invoke such arguments are operating in the realm of politics and religion, because their science is weak. Albert Einstein once said, “No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong.” Noble Prize winner Barry Marshall went against the current thinking in the medical profession. The medical experts all agreed that peptic ulcers were caused by stress.I had developed my hypothesis that these bacteria were the cause of peptic ulcers and a significant risk for stomach cancer. If I was right, then treatment for ulcer disease would be revolutionized. It would be simple, cheap and it would be a cure. It seemed to me that for the sake of patients this research had to be fast tracked. The sense of urgency and frustration with the medical community was partly due to my disposition and age. However, the primary reason was a practical one. I was driven to get this theory proven quickly to provide curative treatment for the millions of people suffering with ulcers around the world.Marshall became very ill when he infected himself with bacteria. Against virtually the whole medical world, his experiment revolutionised ulcer treatment and led to his Noble Prize.Source Wood for Trees via NoTricksZoneClimate4YouCarbon Dioxide is innocent. Throughout history warming has preceded the rise in CO2. That has been shown by the empirical evidence of the Ice core data. (See Joanne Nova) For more recent empirical data, (see above graphs) although atmospheric CO2 keeps rising, there has been no significant warming.As both main pillars supporting the AGW hoax have been busted, what will the alarmists’ next moves be?If you can’t win the debate, close the debate down.Yes, the shrill are running scared.This week we have had several reports showing how scared they are.Portland School bans books that question Climate ChangeSchool officials in Portland, Oregon, have banned books questioning climate change from the classroom. The city’s public school board voted last week that any material saying climate change doesn’t exist or that humans are not at fault …