If he lives up to his campaign rhetoric, a President Donald Trump would be a nightmare for the Environmental Protection Agency, radical environmentalism and the mandate- and subsidy-dependent “green” energy racket.

I have paid close attention this campaign season to what every candidate has said about environmental issues. Almost all 17 of the Republican candidates strongly opposed Obama’s war on coal, the job-killing EPA, and global warming hysteria. But Trump has exhibited something else — unusually keen insight into and visceral dislike for green extremism, especially as inflicted upon us by the Obama administration.

On global warming, Trump has repeatedly stated or tweeted as follows:

These are all key points made by climate skeptics. Trump has made them consistently without any waffling.

Trump is also a long-time supporter of the U.S. coal industry:

Most recently, Trumped jumped on Hillary Clinton’s gaffe about putting coal miners and their industry out of business. “I want clean coal. We’ll have clean coal and plenty of it. The coal industry is being decimated and many great people are out of work and they can’t get back into work. Hillary Clinton as you know, she says she wants to put the coal miners out of business never to work again. I don’t know how she can go to West Virginia.”