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After El Nino, Will The Global Warming Pause Continue?


After El Nino, Will The Global Warming Pause Continue?


Is the global warming pause over for good — or will it continue once the current El Nino dies down? That is the key question raised by Dr David Whitehouse, the GWPF’s science editor, in a new video. The current El Nino is one of the strongest on record. It has elevated global temperatures to a record level. Many headlines claimed that 2015 was the year the “hiatus” was busted. But is the pause in global warming really over? El Ninos are frequently followed by cooler than average periods called La Ninas, so we can probably expect 2016 to be warm with the following two years somewhat cooler. What does this mean for the global warming “hiatus?” It means we have to wait for the current exceptional El Nino to end, and the subsequent La Nina, and a few years into ‘normal’ conditions. Will global temperatures then start to rise again or will they continue to slow down?

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