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Latest Nonsense: Climate Change To Lead To Fruit & Veg Shortage


Latest Nonsense: Climate Change To Lead To Fruit & Veg Shortage

By Paul Homewood h/t Tom0Mason Dear little Emily is on form again today in the Telegraph: Climate change could lead to more than 1,200 extra deaths a year in the UK by 2050 as global warming causes fruit and vegetable shortages, new research suggests. The typical British diet will deteriorate as the effects of climate change hit crop production, resulting in supply shortages and pushing up prices, Oxford University researchers said. This will increase the number of deaths for which poor diet is a risk factor – more than offsetting a reduction in deaths from obesity that may be seen as the effects of global warming push up food prices, they warn. Deaths will increase due to poor diets Photo: Getty Dr Marco Springmann from the Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food, said: “You could expect in the UK the reduction in fruit and vegetable consumption would be the number one risk factor. “The immediate cause of the reduction in fruit and vegetable consumption are the climatic shocks: basically, less can be grown, that leads to farmers probably using more land, and also the prices go up. “As a combination of less production and higher prices there will be a reduction in the consumption.” In a report, the researchers estimate that overall, more than 500,000 extra adult deaths could be caused globally in 2050 due to the impact of climate change on diets. The reduction in fruit and vegetable consumption is expected to be the primary killer, accounting for 534,000 extra deaths. This will be only slightly offset by 29,000 fewer deaths from lower red meat consumption. Rising food prices will result in about 266,000 more people dying due to being underweight – but this will almost be cancelled out by 260,000 fewer deaths from obesity, it finds. The report forecasts that overall the UK will see extra 25 adult deaths per million people as a result of the “effect of climate change on food production”. This implies more than 1,200 deaths a year, based on the current UK adult population of more than 50 million people. Dr Springmann said the study showed climate change would have a “substantial negative impact on future mortality, even under optimistic scenarios” and said governments should scale up public health programmes. Perhaps someone needs to tell her global output of fruit and veg has been steadily rising since 1970. And the same with cereals and total agricultural production value: Closer to home, the warmest year on record brought ideal weather for fruit growers in the UK: Not to mention cereal harvests as well: Now I realise that there are many reasons for all of this good news, but does anybody seriously believe that these rising trends won’

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