Bee-pocaclypse called off, bees doing OK, global warming was never a cause

Bee-pocaclypse called off, bees doing OK, global warming was never a cause

Back in 2007, Wired Magazine mused: It’s only slightly less ridiculous than the other bee killing theory that year – cell phones. I published a story about the loony idea that was proposed by some researcher in Europe about “cell phone radiation may be killing bees”. I pointed out that it was garbage then, as […]

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U.S. would suffer ‘a diplomatic black eye’ – Obama’s climate envoy warns Trump against scrapping Paris UN climate deal

President Obama’s special envoy for climate change has warned Republican presidential hopefuls including Donald Trump and Ted Cruz that any attempt to scrap the Paris climate agreement would lead to a “diplomatic black eye” for the US.

Speaking to journalists in Brussels, Todd Stern also said that a recent supreme court decision to block Barack Obama’s clean power plan would not affect US climate pledges, or plans to formally sign up to the Paris agreement later this year.

Republican candidates such as Trump or Cruz who query climate science on the presidential stump would in practice be “very loathe” to set off the storm that would follow any ditching of the Paris accord, Stern argued.

“Paris as an agreement has such broad acceptance and support around the world from countries of every stripe and region and Paris itself was seen as such a landmark – hard-fought, hard-won – deal that for the US to turn around and say ‘we are withdrawing from Paris’ would inevitably give the country a diplomatic black eye,” he said.…

Claim: Why 2016 will be the best year yet for climate justice’

Already in 2016, communities around the world have been forced to confront climate disasters of all sorts.

Latin American countries are working with a sense of urgency to prevent transmission of the Zika virus, which spreads increasingly quickly in rising temperatures. From Indonesia to Malawi, people are grappling with the effects of what NASA estimates may be the worst El Niño on record.

Severe flooding in some regions and dire water shortages in others have resulted in food crises, mass migration, and economic mayhem. And although the United States and much of Europe have also experienced unprecedented temperatures and rainfall as a result of El Niño, it has been poor southern nations who have suffered most deeply and most immediately.

Climate injustices like these are becoming obvious to citizens all over our rapidly warming world, and governments (both national and global) are simply not responding with the expected urgency.…

L.A. Politicizes Summer Games Bid by Marketing Climate Change Olympics

The proposed Los Angeles Olympics just got a logo to go along with dates and venues. Its sunny disposition points both to the city’s ideal weather and the world’s grim global warming forecast.

Los Angeles touts “Follow the Sun” as its slogan and an angel emitting the rays of the sun as its symbol. As part of the logo rollout, LA2024 emphasizes in non sequitur fashion the city’s “progressive history” and its mayor’s record “driving the climate change agenda.”

A 64-page booklet (PDF) published by the city’s Olympic boosters explains the imagery:


And as a symbol of our vision, we will cast LA’s brightest star, the sun, as our inspiration for providing a better tomorrow. The sun is much more than a stunning backdrop for the thousands of athletes who choose to live and train in Los Angeles. It represents hope, reinvention, and renewal. It can also be a powerful ally – the ultimate business partner. Even today, the sun is used to light the Olympic flame. Now we will use it to ignite an energy revolution. In 2024, LA aspires to introduce the first energy positive Olympic and Paralympic Games powered by the sun.

New Study Shows How Coal Plants Are Greening The Earth’s Drylands

Despite the tidal wave of environmental criticism directed at coal plants, a new study shows how emissions from coal and other fossil fuels have a huge benefit: they are greening the world’s most arid regions.

Indiana University researchers reviewed dozens of studies on the global greening phenomenon that’s been occurring over the last few decades and concluded it’s a result of  increasing concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere.

The study found a “consistent and statistically significant increase in the availability of soil water (11%) was observed under elevated CO2 treatments in both drylands and non-drylands, with a statistically stronger response over drylands (17% vs. 9%).”

For years, satellite images have shown vegetation expanding into the Earth’s drylands, including areas of the Mediterranean, Sahel, Middle East, China, Mongolia and South America. Indiana researchers considered other factors, such as increased rainfall and land use changes, but found CO2 is the only viable reason for the increased greenness.


“We know from satellite observations that vegetation is greener than it was in the past,” Lixin Wang, the study’s lead author and Indiana University Earth sciences professor, said in a statement. “We now understand why that’s occurring, but we don’t necessarily know if that’s a good thing or not.”

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