Analysis: ‘The Supreme Court May Have Nuked the Paris Climate Deal’

LAST DECEMBER AT the Paris climate talks, the United States promised the world it would do its part to fight global climate change. Today, the US Supreme Court made that promise more of a maybe.

In a late-day announcement, the country’s highest court said it will not enforce the Clean Power Plan—the EPA rule that forces massive cuts to coal power plants—until a lower court resolves legal challenges against the rule. Each state gets to decide how it wants to meet the EPA’s emissions goals (perhaps through stricter environmental standards, carbon taxes, or cap and trade) and has to submit its plan by June 2016. The court’s announcement doesn’t necessarily shut down the Clean Power Plan. But it could send a signal to recalcitrant states, manufacturers, and energy companies that they can keep dragging their feet on climate change. More broadly, it weakens US assurances that it will follow global agreements to curb emissions.

The Supreme Court’s announcement is a new wrinkle in a months-long dispute over the Clean Power Plan’s legality. Since late last year, opponents like Peabody Energy, the Utility Air Regulatory Group, and 29 states have challenged the plan in court, arguing that the EPA has no business regulating carbon dioxide. Because the EPA is based in the capitol, the case will be argued in front of DC’s 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, in a hearing set for June 2nd. “And the next step would be to decide the case, which is a timetable the court itself determines,” says Howard Fox, legal counsel for EarthJustice. That could take months.…

Celebrate! U.S. Supreme Halts Obama EPA Climate Regs – Skeptics Pleased: ‘This is a major victory’

Climate Depot Publisher Marc Morano, producer of CFACT’s upcoming film ‘Climate Hustle’:

“The U.S. Supreme Court has dealt a decisive blow to President Obama’s so-called EPA climate regulations. The Court may have stopped the EPA cold with the EPA regulations unlikely to be implemented before Obama leaves office. This will give political leaders time to mobilize and ensure that the EPA ‘climate rules’ never see the light of day. Delay is nothing short of a victory.

This is a major victory for U.S. sovereignty, energy freedom, climate science and a blow to economic central planning.

This ruling is first and foremost a victory for science. Halting — even temporarily- the EPA regulations mean we no longer have to listen to Obama officials claiming the rules – which would not even impact global CO2 levels – would somehow lessen extreme storms. See: EPA Claims That ‘Global Action’ On Global Warming Will Stop ‘Extreme Weather’ – Flashback 2009: Former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson: “U.S. action alone will not impact world CO2 levels.”Watch: Morano on Fox News on EPA Calling Skeptics NOT ‘Normal’: It’s abnormal to believe symbolic regs by U.S. govt would impact future extreme storms’ – EPA Chief Admits Obama Regs Have No Measurable Climate Impact: ‘One one-hundredth of a degree?’ EPA Chief McCarthy defends regs as ‘enormously beneficial’ – Symbolic impact

Climate sanity may be restored to the U.S.

The Supreme, by stopping the EPA climate rules, has also — at least temporarily — stopped the Obama administration from using the EPA to implement the UN Paris climate agreement. See:UN Paris Agreement Is a Real Tiger: Lock and Load – ‘A device for mobilizing political pressure against opponents of Obama’s climate policies’

President Obama’s climate agenda just suffered a major setback by this ruling. Obama’s attempt to bypass Democracy on climate, may be officially doomed. Obama had been poised to implement the scientifically meaningless ‘climate regulations’ by bypassing Congress through executive orders and by bypassing any potential Senate ratification of the UN Paris agreement. See: ‘The Chinafication of America’: Reaction to Obama Bypassing the Senate with UN Climate Treaty: ‘Obama is taking a page from China’s government’

This is truly a decision — at least for now — to celebrate!”

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Bloomberg News: Obama’s EPA Climate Regs Put on Hold by U.S. Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court blocked a new federal regulation that would cut emissions from power plants, putting a hold on President Barack Obama’s most ambitious effort to combat climate change.

The justices heeded calls from utilities, coal miners and more than two dozen states to halt the Environmental Protection Agency rule while court challenges go forward. Foes say the agency is overstepping its authority and intruding on states’ rights.

Supreme Court intervention casts doubt on the legal prospects for the program, suggesting doubts among a majority of the nine justices.

The delay lasts at least until a federal appeals court in Washington rules on the plan, probably later this year after it hears arguments in June. If the utilities and states lose in that court, the delay would continue while they sought Supreme Court review. The EPA won’t able to enforce a Sept. 6 deadline for states to either submit their emission reduction plans or request a two-year extension.…

BREAKING: Obama CO2 rule halted by U. S. Supreme Court! – ‘Likely ends the regulations’ possibilities of taking effect before Obama leaves office’

The justices ordered all enforcement of the sweeping plan to limit fossil-fuel use for the sake of climate change until all legal disputes have been decided.

The case had been brought by 27 states and industry opponents that denounced the EPA’s regulations as “an unprecedented power grab.”

The Supreme Court action likely ends the regulations’ possibilities of taking effect before the Obama administration leaves office.…

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