Judge issues devastating ruling on ‘global warming’ activists – Cannot use ‘necessity defense’ to claim threat of global warming justified their criminal activity’

Judge issues devastating ruling on ‘global warming’ activists


A Washington state judge told environmentalists they could not use “necessity defense” to claim the threat of global warming justified their criminal activity — a huge blow to activists’ hopes they can use global warming as a shield from the law.

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New Claim: ‘Climate Change means less fun’ – Swiss bank UBS study: ‘Climate change means more fear, less fun for global middle class’

BARCELONA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The erosion of wealth among the world’s middle class due to climate change is a threat to economic and social stability which could spur its 1 billion members to push for action on global warming, Swiss bank UBS Group AG said.

In a study of middle-class consumption in 215 cities around the world, UBS analysts found spending priorities were noticeably different in cities most at risk from climate change such as Los Angeles, Tokyo and Shanghai.

In those top-risk cities, the middle class spent between 0.6 and 0.8 percent more on housing compared to the national average, and less on luxuries, entertainment and durable goods.…

New Claim: ‘Climate change means we’ll all be buying less fancy crap’

Luxury-good purveyors of the world, take note: Climate change is coming for the middle class, and the shit-you-don’t-need market is going to pay the price.

According to a new report from Swiss banking group USB, climate change is altering the way middle-income residents spend money — at least in cities most vulnerable to the effects of global warming. Researchers found:

middle-class spending patterns are noticeably different in cities that are most exposed to climate change risk. These include key global cities, such as Los Angeles, Taipei, Tokyo, Mumbai, Shanghai and New Orleans. Specifically, the middle class in high-risk cities spends around 0.6 to 0.8% more of its household budget on housing compared with the national average in their respective countries. Measured at 2014 values, middleclass households in US cities at highest climate change risk spend an average of USD 800-1,600 more per year on housing compared with a less risky city. They compensate by spending less on luxury goods, entertainment and household durable goods.

Here’s how Reuters explains it: “In places with high risks of climate-related shocks, people spend more on the upkeep of their properties.”

And here’s how the UBS researchers sum this all up: “More fear, less fun.”…

New warmist ‘propaganda’ video (w/Mann,Trenberth, Dessler & Santer) criticizes satellite data they dislike

So what a trio of climate scientists – Michael Mann, Kevin Trenberth, and Ben Santer – have evidently decided to do is participate in a video project funded by an climate activist foundation whose chief aim is to cast doubt on the satellite data.

Worried About Climate Change, ABC Touts Child Fretting Over Polar Bears


On Thursday, co-host Lara Spencer featured an emotional child worried that global warming would keep polar bears from eating. Spencer talked to Bernadette Woods Placky of the website climate central and hyperventilated: “Is this the kind of thing that people who live on the coastline should be panicking and moving inland?”  Placky tried to calm Spencer down a bit, reassuring, “We never want panic, but we need to take it [climate change] seriously.” Spencer then featured a young girl fret, “I really want the polar bears to have food to eat so that… they won’t be hurting. I don’t know how to fix it and I really want to.”

Asked how to solve the problem of global warming, Placky offered the predictable: “So the big transition away from carbon dioxide and fossil fuel is important because it has big impacts.” She added that “on a small scale,” “we need to learn how the little things really play a part. How we can recycle more, what else we can do. Stop using as much plastic bottles.”  – See more at: http://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/scott-whitlock/2016/01/07/worried-about-climate-change-abc-touts-child-fretting-over-polar#sthash.e4eTMkuE.dpuf…

Obama: ‘We Might Cure Cancer,’ But if Temps Go up 2 Degrees It Won’t Matter


Thursday in Baton Rouge, LA. at a town hall, President Barack Obama said if climate change is not addressed, a cure for cancer would be meaningless.

Obama said, “But don’t think that this is not a problem for all of us. This is the main message I have. You know, we talked — that young lady was asking me about curing cancer. Well, we might cure cancer, but if temperatures have gone up two, three degrees around the planet, four degrees and oceans are rising, we got — we’re going to have more problems than medical science can cure. We have got to make that investment now and we can do it. Good question.”…

Warmists Invent New Excuse To Erase ‘Global Warming’ Pause/Standstill: The Satellites Are Lying


The satellite data which, right up until the release of this video, has generally been accepted as the most accurate gauge of global temperatures.

This accuracy was acknowledged 25 years ago by NASA, which said that “satellite analysis of the upper atmosphere is more accurate, and should be adopted as the standard way to monitor temperature change.”

More recently, though, climate alarmists have grown increasingly resentful of the satellite temperature record because of its pesky refusal to show the warming trend they’d like it to show. Instead of warming, the RSS and UAH satellite data shows that the earth’s temperatures have remained flat for over 18 years – the so-called “Pause.”

Hence the alarmists’ preference for the land- and sea-based temperature datasets which doshow a warming trend – especially after the raw data has been adjusted in the right direction. Climate realists, however, counter that these records have all the integrity of Enron’s accounting system or of Hillary’s word on what really happened in Benghazi.

look at this graph provided by one of the scientists criticized in the video, John Christy of the University of Alabama, Huntsville.


What it shows is how closely the satellite data corresponds with measurements taken using a completely independent system – balloons. If the satellites are lying then so are the balloons.

Christy told Breitbart:

There are too many problems with the video on which to comment, but here are a few.

First, the satellite problems mentioned here were dealt with 10 to 20 years ago. Second, the main product we use now for greenhouse model validation is the temperature of the Mid-Troposphere (TMT) which was not erroneously impacted by these problems.

The vertical “fall” and east-west “drift” of the spacecraft are two aspects of the same phenomenon – orbital decay.

The real confirmation bias brought up by these folks to smear us is held by them.  They are the ones ignoring information to suit their world view.  Do they ever say that, unlike the surface data, the satellite datasets can be checked by a completely independent system – balloons? Do they ever say that one of the main corrections for time-of-day (east-west) drift is to remove spurious WARMING after 2000?  Do they ever say that the important adjustment to address the variations caused by solar-shadowing effects on the spacecraft is to remove a spurious WARMING?  Do they ever say