Bette Midler blames warm Christmas weather on ‘ignorant selfish climate deniers’

Bette Midler tweet: “Dec. 22, 2015, 63 degrees in NYC. I would like to thank the ignorant selfish climate deniers for all their goodwill toward the planet.”

Climate Depot’s rebuttal to Bette Midler: “This makes no sense. With the ‘historic’ UN climate summit agreement, ‘global warming’ has been solved! We have already been told by the likes of NYT’s Paul Krugman, that the UN climate ‘deal’ may have ‘saved civilization.’ So sorry Ms. Midler. Climate skeptics are not to be blamed. The UN has solved ‘climate change.

Also, Ms. Midler, how do you reconcile your views? In 2014, you used cold snowy weather as proof of ‘climate change’, but in 2015, you use warm weather?! See: Bette Midler in 2014 after cold snap: ‘If you live in The South and still believe Climate Change doesn’t exist, wake up. And buy a snow shovel’ 

Bette Midler in 2014 used cold and snow to prove ‘climate change’:

Also See:

Boston Globe on Christmas warmth: ‘Wrong. This Isn’t Climate Change. There have been many snowless Decembers before. Climate change isn’t responsible for this warm December. This year, it’s connected to a strong El Nino and the polar vortex.’

Climate Hustle’ Movie To Debunk Claims That ‘Global Warming’ Causes Every Weather Event – Watch exclusive clips of ‘Climate Hustle’: First Time Broadcast of Select Clips

Satellites show no ‘global warming’ for 18 1/2 years

2010: NYT: ‘Bundle Up, It’s Global Warming’ — ‘Overall warming of atmosphere is actually creating cold-weather extremes’

I can’t stand this Dec. heat, but it has nothing to do with global warming’

Global Warming’ Causes Both Warm & Cold Winters

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BETTE MIDLER: SNOW IN SOUTH PROVES CLIMATE CHANGE EXISTS: ‘If you live in The South and still believe Climate Change doesn’t exist, wake up. And buy a snow shovel’ – January 29, 2014


Bette Midler: ‘Highlight of the Inaugural Speech for me was hearing the two words ‘climate change’! Let us hope it means the issue will now be addressed’


12 Feb 1932, Page 2 – at




Flashback 1912: Snow was a thing of the past?! ‘If December passes without snow, we indignantly demand to know what has become of our good old-fashioned winters.’ – ‘Weather Is Like Government – Always Wrong’

Satellites show no ‘global warming’ for 18 1/2 years – No N. Pole warming for nearly 14 years – No S. Pole warming for 37 years!


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