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Back To The Dark Ages: Update: Top French Meteorologist Who Questioned ‘Global Warming’ Fired


[Note: Upcoming skeptical documentary ‘Climate Hustle’ set to rock climate debate. Set for world theatrical premiere at UN Climate Summit in Paris in December.


Via France 24: Philippe Verdier, a household name in France for his daily weather reports on the France 2 channel, announced in an online video that he had received a letter of dismissal.

“My book ‘Climate Investigation’ was published one month ago. It got me banned from the air waves,” said the weatherman, who was put “on leave” from the TV station on October 12.

Back To The Dark Ages: Update: Top French Meteorologist Who Questioned ‘Global Warming’ Fired

“I received this letter this morning and decided to open it in front of you because it concerns everybody- in the name of freedom of expression and freedom of information.”

His announcement comes four days after France Télévisions chief Delphine Ernotte told French MPs that Verdier had been summoned to a formal interview that could lead to his dismissal.

An employee who picked up the phone at France Télévisions on Sunday morning told FRANCE 24 that there were no PRs present to confirm or deny Verdier’s dismissal.

‘Many positive consequences to global warming’

The controversy around Verdier’s claims has likely been heightened by their timing, with his book coming just weeks before the start of a much-anticipated UN climate change summit, known as COP21, to be held in Paris at the end of November.

“I put myself in the path of COP21, which is a bulldozer, and this is the result,” Verdier told RTL radio station in October.

He said he was inspired to write the book after France’s Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius met with TV meteorologists and asked them to highlight climate change issues in their broadcasts.

“I was horrified by this speech,” Verdier told French magazine Les Inrockuptibles last month.

In his book, Verdier accuses state-funded climate change scientists of having been “manipulated” and “politicised”, even accusing the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of publishing deliberately misleading data.

He also argues that there are “a great many positive consequences to global warming”, such as lower consumption of fuel used for heating and fewer cold-related deaths in winter.

“I am being punished for exercising my freedom of expression,” the weatherman told RTL.`

Full story Via France 24: 


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BBC: Prominent French Meteorologist ‘taken off the air’ for dissenting on ‘global warming’ – Declares UN climate agenda ‘wants to make us perpetual victims of fear’ – BBC: Philippe Verdier has been publicly condemned by just about everyone. And he’s been taken off air. He denounces what he sees as a conspiracy of interests linking government, NGOs, science, media and religion – all coming together for the vast and expensive annual shindigs which are the COPS. (It stands for Conference of the Parties)… But worse, he then wrote an open letter to the president, essentially accusing him of hypocrisy for turning the environment to political ends… But he says that just proves his point: that nothing can challenge the official view. “COP21 is a bulldozer,” he said in an interview this week. “And I was in its way.”


    • You think they wouldn’t do the same thing in America? Try getting grant funding if you won’t toe the global warming line. Today, if your job is related to either weather or climate or research on related subjects your job (funding) depends on spouting the global warming alarmists’ agenda. Cross them and the money disappears.

  1. Someone should print up “I’m a 3 percenter” bumper stickers for those of us not in that fabled 97% who believe (the right word, believe) in global warming. It would be fun to see how many vehicles carried them.

  2. It is bad here with what the msm and government does to climate-change deniers. But, in gay Parie and other bastions of socialism, what the weatherman got happens all too often. It, as usual, is not reported by the msm. Why should they? Of course, more and more ignorant Americans want a socialism style gov’t. here, so what happened in France CAN eventually happen here.

    • Their 97% figure has been debunked..10,257 people were invited to take an on-line survey, only 3,146 of them did. Only 79 of those were “published experts” and only 76 of those “experts” said yes. And it was based on 2 questions.Ever wonder why the AGW/GW nutters never use the “real” number? Is it because they’d be humiliated?Other researchers reviewed roughly 250 paleoclimate studies, concluding the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age were both real and global, albeit with significant regional variations.How do these nutters explain that the “broader” scientific community of paleoclimatologists, do not accept their argument? Just because climate modelers cannot explain natural variability does not mean natural variability does not exist. They say they can see it clearly in the data.From 1997, more than 6000 boreholes supports the MWP very similar to the original pre 2001 IPCC viewpoint:Later, the fraudsters only used around 500 boreholes.There are 250 paleoclimate studies which refute the fraudster Mann’s “hockey stick” nonsense. . . .“Hide the decline! And that really big ship stuck in the ice!”

  3. Despite the left insisting that they’re merely echoing the scientists, they have seized the argument away from the scientists. Now, any scientist who doesn’t toe the left’s political line on climate change, is persona non grata. If science discovered that some other mechanism is involved in climate change, the ministry of left-wing propaganda would surely shut down such heresy.

  4. France 2 channel should have it’s funding pulled. Any person with honor and decency should create or join a boycott of all channels and shows on this and any sister networks of France 2 channel. Looks like you’re country is going to get more socialism than ya bargained for.

  5. Democratic Party Requirements:

    You can be a part of the Democratic party and have free speech as long as:

    1. You believe in abortion.

    2. You believe the church of Globull warming is real, even when your “scientists” are caught red handed altering climate data because 100% of ALL of their prediction models prove false or that tree trunks are now being exposed by the retreating Mendenhall Glacier, that grew during the medieval warming period 900-1300ad, are denier lies.

    3. You do not believe Hitlery Clinton LIES daily, and whose only qualification to be POTUS is that she is a woman is enough.

    4. You believe ALL the Black LIES Matter LIES, even when 6 black eye witnesses testify that Michael Brown attacked the cop.

    5. You think his majesty Oblow negotiated the “best” deal the US could get with the Iranians.

    6. You give Oblow ALL the credit for $2 a gallon gas prices, even when it was fracking that resulted in forcing the Saudi’s to drop the price of oil to try and put fracking out of business.

    7. You believe that all the anti-fossil energy movement groups are genuine, even when it is exposed that the Russians were the one who put up the all the money for them.

    8. You are ok with the Bern being a “socialist”, despite the fact that he put up a communist Soviet flag behind his desk after he was elected mayor of Burlington, spitting in the face of the 100k+ US families that lost family members fighting the communists in the Korean and Vietnam war.

    9. You believe each and every article written by the main stream press is factual, even when jur-no-lists like John Harwood is shown on national TV to be an out-right LIAR.

    10. That democrats know what’s best for everyone.

    11. That the Harvard Medical study showing that liberalism is a genetic brain condition is all a BIG lie.

    12. You don’t mind if the government agencies, aka EPA, BLM, NSA, etc, violate your Constitutional rights daily in the name of the greater liberal good.

    13. You look the other way during elections at democratic election fraud, even when presented the facts on video.

    As long as you believe all the above, you can join the “Big Tent” Democratic Party.

  6. GLOBAL = EVERYWHERE on earth
    WARMING = Rising temps
    HOW are record cold temps possible ANYWHERE, if Temps are rising EVERYWHERE???
    How can the science be settled when Democrats even understand the definitions of basic words like global and warming?

  7. GLOBAL = EVERYWHERE on earth
    WARMING = Rising temps
    HOW are record cold temps possible ANYWHERE, if Temps are rising EVERYWHERE???
    How can the science be settled when Democrats CAN’T even understand the definitions of basic words like global and warming?

  8. Global Warming has become a religion to these people. When questioning a scientific belief results in punishment it ceases to be science. Global Warming is a scam to relieve us of our hard earned money…that is all.

  9. It’s truly amazing what thin-skinned, delicate flowers leftists are. They are utterly incapable of competing in the arena of ideas, so they just silence those who disagree–even as they champion themselves as paragons of tolerance. Pathetic.

  10. We are rapidly heading back to the days of Copernicus and Galileo…as scientists we MUST stand up…we must not cave to the fascist agenda. There are no “threats” in science…there is no agenda…there is no “WINNING”…JHC science is about discovery plain and simple. I have never been more disgusted with my profession than I am now. But recognize this for what it is…Marxist thuggery…do not bow to these people.

  11. This is how you know it’s fake… If the so called scientific community attempt s to silence anyone in the field that questions what their agenda and or stance is… You know it’s fake. Scientist are there to try and understand the world we live in by researching and studying, coming up with thesis and attempting in a lab environment a way to recreate their ideas. If they perform these tests and can prove their ideas then those studies are published and others then attempt that same to verify. That is science. A provable, repeatable, experiment that proves out a belief. But just like evolutionists… If you go against what they want the try and silence your work. You cannot reproduce the theory of evolution and yet the teach it as if it’s fact and if you say you don’t believe evolution your career is thrown under the bus by this so called scientific community. They can no more prove global warming at all so they in turn change the name they use to climate change… Now climates change all the time according to their seasons. That is a fact. What they can’t prove is this lie about carbon emissions and how we need a tax on carbon foot prints or other. It’s a LIE that they want you to believe like evolution so that they can control your life in every aspect. The scientific community is a socialist body of 1 world order KOOKS that will rail anyone out of a job, out of network, out of this world if possible to silence anyone criticizing them. There is proof in the science that they lie out right but they don’t want you to see the proof they want us all to be duped into their lies!

  12. Only the corrupt seek to silence opposition. If you believe in the merits of your position, you welcome opposition. Climate worshippers are a cult: they will do anything to preserve that status. The elites exploit the gullibility of the heard; amassing greater wealth, powerful and control over the populace. The “science” community welcomes the influx of $$$$$$$.

    In another 10 yrs this hoax will crumble as each prediction fails to materialize (as it already has- where are all those hurricanes they promised for the past 7 yrs)… just like the elites promoted the coming of the next Ice Age back in the 60’s and early 70’s. Power, Money, Control…. legs to their stools.
    Pollution and waste has been and continues to be our true enemy. But that campaign lost its popularity back in the late 70’s so they had to invent something else to exploit the masses. SHEEP one and all.

    • Pollution and waste wasn’t a “big” enough crisis to blame on all the advanced nations to extort money from them.You had to come up with a “global” scam, to blame the western nations for – so you could take money and even demand reparations. (Business Insider, 2013, reported on some nations “walking out” because no one would talk about paying their “reparation” demands.)It’s the planet’s largest scam – and we have Obama et al still promoting the nonsense.Meanwhile Obama imports 3rd world people into our nation. And those other 3rd world nations are still having children they can’t feed, give water to, or house. . . .Tell us again – how is it that the United States is to blame with China bringing on a new coal plant every week?How is it our fault that India doesn’t want to even talk about pollution?

  13. Occasionally, I get these nutters at my door with this hysteria. So when they knock – I point to a tree in my yard:——————
    See that tree over there? It’s called a “Dawn Redwood.” Yea, it’s a metasequoia. Believed to be the great great grand daddy of the Giant Sequoias and California redwoods. It’s known as a living fossil, thought to be extinct until they were discovered growing in China in the 40s.There are fossilized remains of that tree growing in the ancient polar forests 250 million years ago from the Mesozoic era.So unless you can dig up a fossilized SUV or show me a cave painting of a Hummer, you better come up with an explanation of why that tree was growing 250 million years ago in forests at the poles of the earth.
    ——————More than a few times I’ve sent them away scratching their heads as they walk past that pine tree. . . . .staring at living proof against their argument. . . .Go get one and plant it. They’re only about $30.00, fast growing and a great living argument against the nonsense that they’re teaching these people. They grow anywhere/everywhere.

  14. One mistake is his belief that he has freedom of expression. The citizens of France have no such guaranteed right, they’re allowed to say whatever the government will allow them to say. The citizens of America are trading our rights for privileges even now, soon we’ll have no guaranteed rights either.

  15. Perhaps, Comrades, he will be taken to the Ministry of Love where he can be re-educated, renounce his evil, Goldstein-ish ways, and, at last, beg to be shot while his mind is still clean.
    The thoughtcrimes of truth, reason, and logic can be so insidious and so horribly counter-revolutionary. As the saying goes: “There but for the Grace of Marx go I.”

  16. Just another skirmish in the Liberal war on sanity. Political science has muscled real science out of the climate debate. True science always enjoys dissent and controversy, where as those who dissent on the climate change orthodoxy are branded apostates.

  17. Nicolaus Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, et al. Religion (and global warming/climate change is definitely a religion) and science do not mix well. I guess we never learn from the past and are constantly doomed to repeat it.

    • Copernicus was a Canon of the Catholic Church long before Galileo (also Catholic) promoted it as true. Galileo was put under house arrest for publishing something as gospel truth even though he could not prove it scientifically. Few people understand the reasoning behind the heliocentric dispute. It’s not as simple as the minions here describe.
      It’s science that usually disputes science, as is the case with AGW and Galileo.

  18. The liberals of the world need a cause to garner support and global change is it. The reason is they want big government and they will milk this cause until the cows come home. Promising freebies to the poor is also a step in getting support to advance their cause. They care less about the poor they just want power.

  19. It’s not about “green” It is all about “red”. The failed tenets of communism cannot be foisted on the world without a designated enemy to rally for… that will not eventually come for the Commissar’s with pitchforks, feathers and tar.

  20. “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” ~ George Orwell. The Truth is the arch enemy of Liberals. We must continue to scream the Truth loud and clear. It is our strongest weapon.

  21. Of course you are being punished, your statements, factual as they are, are heresy.

    Now that the antarctic ice sheet is shown by NASA to be GROWING, suddenly the global warming crowd thinks we need better “tools”—-Huh, the tools were sufficient when used to declare the discussion of the global warming hoax was over, that it was “proven science”

    This movement is geared towards the ever-growing low IQ average citizen.

    The girl who cuts my hair recently declared while cutting my hair, that she could “see global warming happening all around her”
    No specifics, she could just “see it”

    These are the kind of dingbats that buy this nonsense.

  22. Genuine science must discard predictive models that have failed. All genuine scientists have rejected the current models, because ALL of them have failed.

    New models have not yet been accepted by the “scientific community.” Therefore the number of models that predict AGW, and are acceptable by objective scientific standards is currently ZERO.

    Genuine science therefore does not support AGW.


  23. This is the Obama regime M.O., and the democrat M.O, and yet people do not understand just how dangerous this is? As a scientist, this is repulsive. When you add politics to science, it’s no longer science, it’s a fraud.

  24. Proof positive the Liberal agenda is a fraud. Cannot tolerate any diversity or opposition. They will fire, demote, demonize or disrespect ANYONE who does not follow their fascist line about “climate change.” NewsFlash: The climate has been changing for millions of years and will continue to do so, no matter what Obama, Hillary, Algore or any other crooked politician or fake “scientist” on a money-grubbing grant, tells you!

  25. BTW, isn’t “sea level rise” another way of saying continental decrease of elevation (relative to the center of the earth)? Isn’t that a natural phenomenon, i.e., the gravitational tendency towards a constant radius of the crust at any given latitude?

  26. You don’t mess with the Zohans. Their bread and butter windfalls from Grants, Subsidies, Salaries is at stake. So how to defend that? Jail the dissenters and silence the opponents to this huge scam, show me a scientist who’s is not profiting from this fraud and I’ll convert to a Gorist!

  27. This agenda attacks humans at a literally molecular level.

    We should look at the GW/CC agenda as “the most sophisticated attack against mankind in the history of the World”

    It’s as if super smart aliens have come down and are trying to wipe us off the planet.

  28. Oh me oh my, what an open and tolerant world we live in. Tolerant as long as you abide by what is evil and wicked….

    Global Warming & Climate Change are the GREATEST HOAX and FRAUD of the 20th and 21st centuries.

    • we forget that the prog education agenda has done the same damage to several generations of our children. They proposed a new methodology to teaching our children and we bought into Mr. Rogers, Dr. Spock and Sesame Street and social promotions in schools and look at the totally useless generations of Americans they produced. All good little brainwashed prog defenders

  29. Scientific Method: Hypothesize, test hypotheses via experiment, refine hypotheses, Report Results, continue

    Global Warming: Hypothesize, ignore data that doesn’t support hypotheses, silence debate, continue

  30. Peer review = One lies and the others swear! Real science releases all their data openly, not just to their butt or beer buddies. Real experiments are repeatable,no need for changing, hiding or refusing to release the data input and experimental process. Real scientist want others to use their data and prove it OR alter the experiment slightly and see a different result but with a now known cause/effect. These fake scientists are the ones violating RICO with help from the Government!


    • I find it totally humorous that libtards would create a profile and then, with their first 3 posts, spew hateful rhetoric pretending to be some sort of conservative.

      Go collect your paycheck from Soros and infect some other comment section. I’m not buying what you’re trying to sell.

  32. The zionists long ago came up with the ruse of making man the enemy of Earth-as if that is in any way shape or form possible, to use as a vehicle for the attempt to enslave humanity and fulfil their inbred jewish caliphate-the only one that has actually done damage to Earth and Humanity. They must END.

  33. Past time for good men to end these commie bastards even if war is necessary. These kosher filth lying scum selling this and using goy lapdogs like gore as salesmutts has gone on far too long for logic and humanity’s sake. Time for the one action that ends collectivism and those that sell it forever from this Earth.

  34. 1700 Private Jets were flown in to Davos, Switzerland, to deliver the conferees for the World Economic Forum earlier this year. The main topic of discussion was “Global Warming”. When we see the Plutocrats giving up their wealth, taking vows of poverty, and living in mud huts, then we’ll know that AGW is indeed real. Until then, it remains the biggest income redistribution scheme in the history of mankind.

    • Except he didn’t say climate change was “fake”. He noted that the issue has been politicized and like any politicized issue there is $ to be made in fabrications and distortions.

      He also seems to have the opinion that global warming, to the extent it might be happening (through either natural phenomenon or human activity) isn’t necessarily a completely bad thing and certainly not a catastrophe for the plant.

      Nuance matters.

  35. Ah yes as we run headlong into the Dark Ages and the coming Inquisition I am reminded of a quote made by the Grand Inquisitor as he stripped the flesh from a victim … He who allows the alien to live shares in the crime of its existence. Personally I am a proponent of terminating the narrow minded fools that believe this c r a p and actually seek retribution on those that don’t.

  36. So rabid global warming supporters want to arrest deniers, shoot deniers, use US RICO (racketeering) laws against deniers, forbid US FEMA aid to cities and states run by denying mayors and governors, and, of course fire deniers. When will we see torturing, burning at the stake and other inquisition pleasantries?

  37. Ah well, as we run headlong into the Dark Ages and the coming Inquisition I am reminded of a quote made by the Grand Inquisitor as he stripped the flesh from a victim … He who allows the alien to live shares in the crime of its existence. Personally I am a proponent of terminating the narrow minded fools that believe this MCGW c r a p and actually seek retribution on those that don’t.

  38. Is it any wonder that a “majority of scientists” support the global warming agenda? Many are afraid to do any research that would be contrary to the movement. They would be fired, lose access to billions of dollars of funding, and be ostracized within the scientific community. If someone comes out against GW they immediately look at where their funding came from yet the GW alarmists are really the ones that have their results skewed by the billions of dollars in funding that is available only to the “believers”.

  39. And there it is. IF you fight the liberals, they will make it a point to destroy you. That is socialism at its finest and it is alive and doing well in the States. They will intimidate and slander you into oblivions. They can not prove what they think so they get rid of anybody that disagrees. I think Hitler did that.

    • Flag this mope, not only here but in the Disqus system.Click on the time stamp next to his post, copy the URL at the top of the browser window (location of post) – then click on his name – in the disqus window that pops up, hit the “flag” button in the upper right hand corner, choose “spam” in the drop down choice, click “next” – in the next window, paste the URL of his post, and hit “next”. . . and you’re done.Now you’ve reported him not only to this site, but also the Disqus system.He’ll get purged from Disqus again . . .and maybe someone will even report his mental instability. . . .

    • didn’t you notice his “brand new” profile?He’s been purged for his hatred before.He’ll be back under some other name eventually, but it usually only takes about an hour or so to get him and other disgusting hateful people purged.

  40. I just can’t get over how surreal this is, so many scientists telling us that the “debate is over”. Since when is Science no longer allowed to test hypotheses and report facts that contradict theories? Have we ever witnessed anything like this in recent history, where scientists who are experts in a particular field are shunned, fired, threatened or worse just for daring to follow where their data is taking them?

    • How would they feel if we said “the science is settled” on aides, breast cancer, juvenile diabetes. . . . Parkinson. . . .all of it?They’d scream their heads off.Why don’t we claim the “science is settled” and no more fetus harvesting. . . .

    • Follow the money. These “scientists” are tired of long hours and no $$$. Tired of watching their nerdy, less educated cousins in tech industry make all the $$$. Rather than discover they now create. It pays better for them.

      • I wish I could believe that so many scientists would do this. Maybe a few. Maybe some others just want to keep their jobs and faced with the prospect of not being able to feed their families they just shut up and do what they are told. I think also for a lot of them that climate change has become a liberal religion. This is their answer to people who believe in a creator. Well except for the Pope, I guess.

            • IMO, the polluting countries will be penalized, “taxed”. The more pollution, the more tax assessed. This is designed to steal the wealth of the West. The reduction of measurable pollution, as defined by the UN, will become the incentive for these “scientists.” Of course, the whole thing is a Ponzi scheme and China, as the #1 polluter in the world, will never sign on to pollution standards created for U.S. or European countries. UN will give China, India, Brazil and other rat-a$$ “developing” countries very little incentive, with much lower goals (higher pollution) while strangling U.S. and Europe with stricter measures. The destruction of the West and capitalism is the goal of the UN.

  41. And this weekend NASA reports that the Antarctic ice is increasing. Has been all this time since Al Gore and the IPCC claim it is retreating. They are all climate hoaxers. Man caused global warming is a myth, a hoax, and a tax fraud. Climate change is real.

  42. Remember back in the day when they jailed people for claiming the earth was round?

    This hoax has taken over half a century already, and countless trillions poured in to it. Yet meteorologists cant even predict the weather 3 days from now.

    Climate is weather btw.
    Describe a
    tundra / polar
    …etc… all “means” of weather

  43. Of all the data that the Global Warmists can come up with they can only say that the earth has warmed a whopping 0.7 degrees F in over a CENTURY.




    Every other way you slice the data you get less warming.

    • And even that is meaningless. The temp will also go down from time to time. And geologically speaking, time to time can be centuries and millennia. Mere blips of time in a geological sense. I don’t know what to fear most from these people…..the arrogance in their capacity to believe this crap, or their greed.

      • We know without a doubt that the earth can be at least 5 degrees warming all by itself: the Medieval Warm period proves that.

        We know without a doubt that the earth can be at least 15 degrees colder all by itself: the Ice Age proves that.

        Yet these people are freaking out about 0,7 degrees. Insane.

        • Exactly. and now CO2 is a pollutant. Even though it is a minuscule, but vital, substance in our atmosphere. Plants cannot survive without it. And here is something else many people fail to understand because the hoaxers never put it in perspective. They will claim that CO2 levels have risen 70%. But what they don’t tell you as that CO2 is only 0.01% of the total atmosphere. So the slightest bump in total CO2, can be a 50% increase. In other words, it can go from 0.01% to 0.015% of the total.

          We are like bacteria in respect to size on this planet. 8 billion bacteria on a planet this size would still be considered sterile.

    • Nobody is funding it. If it had any legs at all, the private sector would be funding the bejesus out of it. Anytime anyone has to plead to the government to force their agenda, it is a fraud. The fraudulant scientists are looking for a permanent meal ticket. The government views this as a permanent power grab of basically all of private business in some fashion. That is what this is in a nutshell.

  44. The Money Grubbing PHD’s need their research funding. If they admitted they were wrong about Global Warming, then they would lose funding for it. The Scientists would have to invent something else in order to get funding. Climate change is easy, manipulate data and lie. The People getting the cash for climate change fire anyone that gets in the way of easy money.

  45. Maybe if these people would stop lying… er…. “fudging the numbers” more people might believe them? And perhaps actually share your scientific analysis with the general public instead of hiding it? Call me crazy…

  46. That we humans have been fking up our planet is pretty obvious to anyone who has lived more than a couple of decades and doesn’t wear partisan political blinders. But the Global Warming crowd isn’t about accepting and addressing the obvious, they are all about control…controlling our thoughts, controlling our speech, controlling our actions and most of all, controlling our wallets.

    • You aren’t “speaking” for anyone over here by me.We have pollution controls, etc.Could we do better? Of course. . . But until you talk to the “filthy” Chinese and what they’re doing and India, and the other 3rd world tin pot garbage holes, I’m done being “blamed” for what others perceive as “my” fault.Big, hairy middle finger to anyone who tries to blame me at this point. . .especially those who think I need to be “controlled” and insist on sticking their hands in my pocket based on that fraudulent “blame” stuff. . .

      • I’m talking about dipsticks like you who live in denial that we humans ain’t smart enough not to poop in our own beds…something a even a freakin dog knows better than to do. I;m talking about libtards like you who never accept responsibility…it’s always someone else’s fault. Stick that hairy middle finger where the sun don’s shine and take some responsibility for YOUR actions and quit whining like a f’ing girl.

        • A “libtard?”That shows you really don’t have a clue what or who you are talking about.Your nonsense post about “blame”. . . .We aren’t smart enough?Speak for yourself skippy. . . You’re the one who sounds like the “libtard” here. . . not me. . .

          • if ya talk like a libtard and walk like a libtard, you are probably a libtard, libtard. Libtards whine and cry about how they are perfect and everyone else is the problem…just like you. If you don’t want to be perceived as a libtard, don’t act like a libtard.

  47. .

    So, worst case scenario…

    increased CO2 warms the planet…

    which results in much less fossil fuel being used to heat buildings and homes…

    which results in less CO2 going into the atmosphere…

    which results in Global Cooling.


  48. Global warming causes, when you follow the money, are shown to be nothing but political excuses to waste trillions in unnecessary global spending. Billions of those tax dollars are taken from an unsuspecting public, then given – tax-free – to the global warming gurus who keep the lie going; so it really should come as no surprise that those very gurus do all they can to keep their cash-cow alive and kicking. Some estimates put the spending on global warming causes at one billion dollars a day.

  49. These so called global warming ‘scientists’ have lost their minds. They refuse to allow for the possibility that they may be wrong. It is NOT settled science. They’ve watched far too many science fiction movies and need to stop trying to silence scientists who have a right to express their opinions and any results of their studies of the phenomenon.
    Those who would silence them damage their own credibility.

  50. Where’s that world famous tolerance that liberals are known for???? Then I read a study from NASA that says Antarctica is GAINING ice. At the very least this proves that the science is NOT settled (also known as the liberal tactic of picking my ball up and going home when faced with facts). Facts to a liberal are like sunshine to Dracula.

    • They don’t know nearly as much about the climate as they pretend too. There is a lot of grant money available for climate change scientists. There is a lot of potential revenue in taxing carbon. Always follow the money. The climate is so complex on this planet that scientists are only scratching the surface of how some aspects of it function. They know very little in reality. I’m not saying that increasing CO2 is good for life on the planet, it probably isn’t, but no one really knows how or if it will affect the global climate. There are just too many variables and no solid models.

  51. The same thing happens when you question evolution. The woman who discovered soft tissue in dinosaur bones was almost fired. She had to frantically find a way to explain how blood vessels and cells could be naturally preserved for 68 million years. People accused her of being a fraud and committing heresy. Whether is it climate change or evolution, if you speak out against it, they will silence you. That should raise a red flag. I love science, but not the perversion doctrinal nonsense it has become lately. Be skeptical. Follow the money. Question everything, especially the ideas they will vilify you for questioning.

  52. Marxists are always wanting to put someone in jail. This is what you do when you want to bully the skeptics and hoodwink the populace. Dirty little secret is that you have a crisis to capture large volumes of dollars for earth science research.
    If we want to put people in jail, how about mandatory jail time for investigators and major fines for organizations that either (a) fudge their data or (b) are enriching their organization through propaganda based on flawed analysis or deception.
    If you haven’t noticed, whenever environmental scientists have to standup to a rigorous analysis of their results by statisticians and rigorous review of their data out versus data in, i.e., after it is messaged, it is learned that they overstate or are outright fraudulent.
    As an example, NOAA needs to make the data they presented in their June paper presented in Nature which showed that the climate-change “hiatus” disappeared. Analysis of their results raise many questions. How about this. Lets sign up proponents and detractors of the results described in this paper. Lets also get NOAA, NASA and NSF in the loop to promote honest and credible scientific practices. We would then put together an objective team to assess the NOAA science method used to modify the raw input data. The input data shows a well defined hiatus. If the proponents that sign up and back these results, then they should get a bump up in their research budget of 10% by the GOV funding orgs. If, however, the skeptics are correct, then they should receive 30% of the proponents research budgets and an 30% from the GOV funding orgs.

  53. The tolerant, inclusive, welcoming-of-diverse-voices crowd silences/fires anyone not agreeing with them.

    It was the white, patriarchal, conservative males who established Western freedoms, often by shedding their own blood. This is their reward.

  54. Is there climate change? Sure, always has been always will be. How do I know? I have never
    been bitten by T-Rex. Is global warming a problem? NO. Follow the money look at the agenda and the people
    pushing it. Look at their tactics.

  55. If the Lying Criminal Left are really serious, which they are not they just want their enemies to die, then dry ice would be banned immediately, water vapor would be considered a greenhouse gas which it most certainly is, and all animals must die. Of course except their own ELITIST ASSES!

  56. People, this is precisely why you have a moral obligation to stop paying taxes. It is your hard earned money that funds the rigged studies that produce the “data” that fuels these political movements. Revolt!

          • WildHog made the valid comment: we can only make ourselves extinct. Harm is relative in the wild. Who cares what is around if the nukes are exploded? Like a someone making a noise in the woods, if no one is there-who cares.

          • The planet would heal itself as it has many times before. As I have said before, we are like bacteria on an elephant in comparison to this planet. 8 billion bacteria is still practically a sterile environment.

            • By your logic, nothing can destroy the semblance of life from this planet — nothing at all. Are you familiar with water bears? You could as easily say, well, the water bears will still be someplace in the mutliverse, so who cares what happens to humans?

              • Again, you conflate your “life” with the planet. They are two separate and distinct items.The planet was here long before you ever showed up. We had forests at the poles of the earth. Can you show me a cave painting of a hummer or a fossilized SUV? Show me who “caused” that then?The dinosaurs went bye-bye. . . theory is they were on their way out anyway when a meteor/asteroid hit.Then along came flora/fauna (KT boundary?), and small creatures, and us. . . .and lots of other stuff.

                • Actually, I dont. I have stated to you and your ignoramus friend over and over, that without humans, there may as well be no life and you standard is absurd. Who knows, or cares, what happens to the planet when humans are gone? We only need to make it suitable, habitable, and sustainable while we are here. You want to speculate that life goes on without us — prove it. You have never addressed, what good is “life” without humans because you cant. I am done with silliness or your pseudo-logic. I will respond when and if I see a suitable argument that even comes close to rational reason.

                  • “You want to speculate that life goes on without us — prove it.”Ohhhhhhhhh princess – you are soooooo deluded. . . .Billions of years, fossils of animals that lived millions of years ago long before you ever showed up on the scene.The dinosaurs, the oceanic animals found where no seas exist now. . . .You are so full of your own arrogance and self importance, you are beyond reason, and not worth wasting another minute debating.And yet, you would deny a planet to the very simians that you evolved from. (lowwwwwwwwwwww whistle)Answer the question – would you think those simians unworthy just because they hadn’t learned to use a keyboard yet and compute the caloric content of a McDonald’s breakfast?You’re soooooooooo narcissistic in your opinions of yourself, and what is “worthy” and what isn’t. You, my dear, would not even exist without the “earth” before humans. . . .And in your mind, if a world without humans isn’t worth it, then you, who is a product of the world before you, means you’re not worth it, either.

          • What the planet has done, and the cosmos has done to this planet is far, far greater than what we can/have done.We can make ourselves extinct (India and Pakistan keep doing underground testing – so they’re going to blow themselves up.)But frankly – we’re “kiddys” compared to what the planet itself has done and the cosmos has done to the planet.BTW. . . . .Yellowstone Super Volcano is about 40,000 years over due for one heck of a “burp.”

            • So what???!!! You are making a false distinction. The fact that stuff happens cosmically doesnt preclude nor prevent other bad stuff that we might do from happening. How can you not get that if my parents are killed in a car accident, it doesnt mean that my house cant burn down…?

                • Destroying ourselves (humans) is destroying the planet. And quite honestly, you have absolutely no idea what would happen to the creatures of the earth. If there is a calamity that can kill all humans like a man-made nuclear holocaust, it could conceivably kill enough ecosystems to jeopardize the existence of all life on the planet. You cant say with any sense of surety that life will proceed. Yet, with your hubris, you do say that. Honestly, though, without humans, who cares? Literally, no one will care, because conscientious life will be gone.

                  • “You cant say with any sense of surety that life will proceed. “But we can – and it does.It existed and thrived without us for millions upon millions of years.Fish evolved to have feet, and then other animals evolved.How do you know that a new “evolutionary” race would not erupt on the scene? A new human race?Just like the “Philistines” disappeared without a trace in 5 bc. And the Mayans. . . There was a “Permian/Triassic extinction event”. . .over two-thirds of all land-dwelling species and a whopping 95 percent of ocean-dwelling species were gone. That’s pretty much the whole shooting match princess. Over – done. And yet – the earth, and life survived. Without humans.Funny how your arrogance believes that the earth won’t recover. Life even survived/thrived after Pangaean super-continent split. The KT event (Chixculub), adding in the aggravating factor of the collision of India and Asia that fueled the “Deccan Traps” volcanic activity, and yet, life found a way and kept on going.You see – the planet has moved on from several extinction level events several times long before you arrived.

              • You’re hyperventilating and missing the points we’re making, because you conflate the earth = people. And it doesn’t.The “planet” will survive, no matter what, until something much, much larger/greater than ourselves does something to it.We? We can only die. That’s it. We can pollute it – the planet will still be here and clean itself. We can nuke ourselves into oblivion. The planet will still be here, and will clean itself. . .and keep going.What part of that don’t you understand?Truthfully? You sound a bit childish and selfish – equating your “existence” with Earth.Earth was here long before you, or I or any of us, and it will be here long after you, or I or any of us is gone.

        • Survive what, the nuclear winter that knows no boundaries because the radiation goes into the atmosphere. Plus, we have enough nuclear weapons to blow up the earth 7 times over… 7 times!

          Never-the-less, this is all theoretical , right? So what if we had enough nucs to blow it up 100 times over and they were used. Then you still contend we cant damage the earth?

          • We can only be blown up once. And the survivors would have no desire or capability to keep doing it. We don’t have a way to use them all at once. Thats’ the main reason countries agreed to dismantle much of what we had. There was no point to have enough nukes to blow us all up over and over.

          • He’s saying – the earth would survive. We wouldn’t – but the earth would.You keep confusing “humans” with earth. The earth has been around much much longer than we bipeds. . . .and if we nuked ourselves until we glowed – it would still be here. . . .

              • The point is Pepe – the planet doesn’t exist for you.The planet exists for itself, on its own terms, not yours.The planet can send a massive Tsunami and wipe the west coast off the map. Eventually Reyes Point is going to end up near Alaska.The East Coast is full of deep vertical fissures which make it’s viability over the millennium dubious. . .There is evidence of ancient land slide run-outs under water where massive Tsunamis were sent and entire coasts were wiped out.People have been wiped out off the coasts, over and over.There are lahars created that can cover entire cities (and have.)There are landslides in Virginia that go back to the Pleistocene Ice Age, 25,000 years ago.As I said – the planet exists on its own terms, and in its own time. Not yours.Stop hyperventilating.

      • We would not “harm” the world if we blew ourselves up with nukes. . . .we’d be gone (as the poster said, we’d be extinct). . . .Do you think our nukes are more powerful than a super volcano? If Yellowstone decided to “burp?”How about the Chicxulub meteor strike? Or the Vredefort strike?Comonnnnnn. . . .we’re “child’s play” compared to what the cosmos and our own planet can do to us. . .

        • Yes, those could all make the human race extinct. That doesnt mean that man cant harm the planet for humans irreparably. If you are making the distinction that not everyone would be killed by the blast radius of nuclear weapons if we launched all nuclear weapons, but are acknowledging that the effects of the radiation would kill every human being, then you are both idiots. What is the difference?

          • One only has to look at Chernobyl, plant life and animal life has exploded in the area. Sounds like nature is a little bit more robust than you want to believe. The arrogance lies in people who think we can change it ‘irreparably’

            • There was a location in Illinois on Route 83 where there was 40 years of oil spill of PCPs. Considered the worst pollution point in Illinois over 5 acres. And they burned it to bedrock, over 1600 degrees – claimed nothing would ever grown there ever again.It’s filled with trees, grass, “like it never even happened.” (See? The earth is like Serv-Pro)

          • “. . . .for humans. . . “Key words.Not the planet – for humans.The only thing “we” can do is die. Period. End of conversation.The planet will keep going. . . and going. . .and going. . . . Like it always has.We had forests at the poles of the earth in the Mesozoic period millions of years ago.We had a “snowball” earth (supposedly). . . .but no one knows what caused it.We have massive granite edifices carved by gigantic glaciers. . .we are finding Mammoths frozen in place suddenly with flowers still in their mouths. . . Yes, the planet will keep on going, until the sun either consumes us or dies, or the planet is put on an interstellar collision course with another asteroid or planet that is bounced out of orbit. . . .

            • So you are making a distinction, the planet still functioning in some respect after humans are gone. All humans can do is die? That is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard in my life. If humans die, there might as well be no planet. You are saying that humans dont matter. But humans are what give the planet consciousness and not just a sentient, carbon-based life-form. I, for one, prefer the planet where humans live. So, I will do whatever I can, in my small way, to prevent human caused dumb mistakes from killing all of the other humans. Anyone that has kids or cares about kids (or any other human being for that matter) has at least that minimum responsibility. Never-the-less, glad you acknowledge humans can actually kill themselves. That is a starting point.

              • “If humans die, there might as well be no planet. “You’ve made my point, in all your self centered glory.Dinosaurs existed without you.The oceans, the seas, the plankton, and the even the sharks like Megalodon. . . .What makes you think you’re unique? Did it occur to you that there are other civilizations in the galaxy?The planet, in all its glorious mysteries, and wonderment, was here long before you and will be here long after you.You do understand that when the last ice age hit, the planet’s population was down to only a few thousand, right?We’ve come close a couple of times. So?You really need to get a more realistic sense about your place in the galaxy, and on this blue marble. You have a very over blown sense of your own self importance and your place in the world.We’re all just temporary. Do what you can, and the earth will take care of the rest.

          • And as noted – we have, at the center of our galaxy, a “super black hole”. . . .And it is in a “quiet” stage right now. . . no one knows for how long, or when it will act up again.If our “super black hole” at the center of our galaxy starts to actively “feed” again. . . our solar system, along with billions of others in our little milky way galaxy will eventually be consumed by our own “super black hole.” Even if we’re gone. . .the planet will exist until something much larger/greater comes along and destroys it.

          • You are the one that brought up nuclear weapons into this discussion. Yes, it would harm the planet for humans irreparably. But it would also only be temporary. Perhaps too late for people, but the planet and other living things would survive.

            • Cant have it both ways: ” Yes, it would harm the planet for humans irreparably.” Then, literally, in the next sentence, you say “But it would also only be temporary.” It can only be temporary or irreparable.

              • FOR HUMANS it might be irreparable before they died out. Not for the planet. Humans have a short life span. The planet does not. You are speaking as if people and the planet are the same thing. The planet doesn’t care if we are here or not.

                • Though you cant say for sure that non-human life would go on in a nuclear Holocaust, let me for a moment accept your ludicrous premise and then ask you, what good is life on earth without humans anyway?

                  • “what good is life on earth without humans anyway?”Wohowww man. . . just wow. . . . .You are so self-centered and beyond reason. . . .yea, it’s been around for billions of years – you’ve been on it for a “blip” and yet you think that the entire planet is “worthless” without you on it. . .that there’s no point.Did it ever occur to you that through the violence of the cosmos, you wouldn’t exist? Did it ever occur to you that you might be an “accident?” That you aren’t “destined” to live on this planet?Would you have considered the simians you evolved from as sentient?That’s where you came from – but according to you – they aren’t “worthy” of a planet because they didn’t have opposable thumbs yet? Or couldn’t compute the calories in a McDonald’s breakfast?Jeeez man. . . you’re seriously deranged. . . .You are really whacked out. . . .

                  • Of course non-human life would go on, and it already has happened before with life killing asteroids that caused massive extinctions of many species. Are you trying to bring God into this? I believe in God. but I’m not one of those zealots who think the earth is only 6000 years old. Are you?

                    • I think the more salient question to Pepe is – would he have considered the simians he evolved from “worthy” of a planet? After all, without them, Pepe wouldn’t exist.He thinks just because he can calculate the caloric content of a McDonald’s breakfast that somehow, he’s more “worthy” of a planet than the animals he evolved from. (:eyes rolling:)But, what if there’s someone out there that thinks they’re more entitled than he is? An alien?Pepe’s self-centered narcissism is evidence that there is something truly wrong with liberals. . . .The world isn’t “worth it” unless they’re here. . .never mind the billions of years before them – they exist, and now the earth isn’t “worth it” without them.(shaking my head in disbelief)

  57. Anyone who would use strong-arm techniques, bullying, and intimidation to convince people is doing so because they are presenting lies. Theories and computer models don’t equal facts…just ask Al Gore, none of his dire predictions ever came to pass, but he made himself rich peddling nonsense.

  58. As with everything else in life this is all about money and it’s redistribution. Scientists who do not agree with Global warming, I mean Climate change, I mean Climate variability, do not get grants. We should take the word of Al Gore and the global warming alarmists who can’t even predict what the weather will be with accuracy next week to tell us with certainty what it will be like in 25 years? OK. Now, any weather activity such as droughts, tornados, flooding and colder winters are all the fault of global warming. Such arrogance.

  59. This junk science will be left upon the trash heap of history. Global warming is a socialist myth, it will always be a socialist myth, and nothing they say will disprove that the planet heats and cools with the energy that is emitted by the sun.

  60. I am from the northern plains and we love global warming. It means:

    – warmer winters
    – libs on the coasts drowning from the rising oceans
    – more CO2 to feed crops
    – it drives libs crazy

    What is not to love about global warming.

  61. One of the great truths my father taught me before he passed was that, whenever the government builds a bandwagon and tries to force people on it, jump off before it goes over a cliff. Once the government got behind global warming, I knew it was a farce. It is a farce. This rabid insistence on human caused global warming and the consequences of questioning it remind me of some religious persecutions during the Inquisition. No idea with merit needs to fire people who disagree with it. No truth needs persecution. Persecution and ridicule are signs that the idea has no merit and there is big money and power behind it. That’s the way all disreputable ideas are defended.


  63. The moralphobic NWO must silence all dissenters and destroy all institutions like the family, nation-state, churches, etc so there is no mediating institution between the naked individual and their crony-capitalist run world socialist state for the rest of the population (Prison Planet) in obedience to their spiritual leader, the Angel of Light.

  64. We need to understand what is going on here. The liberals who do stuff like this are just the “useful idiots” being used by the “One World Government” clique led by George Soros and a few other power hungry anarchists. Global Warming is the mechanism they have chosen to get them to their goal. Of course they will fail but many innocent people, especially ones who tell the truth about their trumped up Global Warming, will be made to suffer.

        • That would mean they want to tear down the system so they can replace it. That’s a risky course to take. Once the system totally collapses, they might not be able to come out on top. It’s better to evolve the current system into what they want by usurping the existing power structure rather than destroying it.

          • I will have to respectfully disagree. I believe they want to tear the system down. Granted they would like it to “evolve” but these people are not known for their “patience” now are they? What ever gets them to where they want to be the fastest is all they care about.

    • Looks like Bill Gates can be added to the list. I guess there is a faction of the uber wealthy that believe they became wealthy because they are better and smarter than everyone else, so they start looking at themselves as a deity. Look at them….they haven’t a scientific bone in their body, but they think they know everything.

  65. I’m shocked that there’s a French weatherman. He probably just looks to see what our weather is and adjusts it for variables between here and France. (just kidding francophile progressives.Anyway, good to see France has normal people too. NORMAL PEOPLE UNITE!

  66. The government officials and people conspiring with them could and probably should be hanged for the evil behind their lies. I applaud this Frenchman for his courage and taking it public. Thank you sir.

    • Did you know that the personal behavior of about 1% of the U. S. population results in their CO2 footprint being 50 TIMES the actual average / person? Not too surprising with their use of private jets, heavy discretionary commercial air travel, specifically flying first class (weight), massive living space / person across multiple homes and the associated estate maintenance, dramatically higher annual possession acquisitions / year, and a myriad of other behaviors. But do you realize this means this small group is responsible for more than 33% of ALL (that’s right, ALL) U. S. CO2 emissions (simple algebra once one does the work to see their CO2 footprint is so massive)? Yet all the plans being unilaterally implemented by the president will allow this small group to continue to spew CO2 unabated while financially hammering the lower income and middle classes, just for being alive. Were this small group to only emit 25 TIMES the average, OVERALL U. S. CO2 emissions would decline (immediately) 17% and OVERALL PLANETARY CO2 emissions would decline 2.7%.

  67. As someone open to the idea of climate change, these types of people do no help to the movement in basically having converted it into a theology. Michael Crichton explained this very well, when he said that climate change is the modern religion for many non-religious people. In incorporates all the tenets of classical Christianity:

    1) There was a time of Eden, when humans all walked around naked eating fruits and vegetables and loving each other and the animals (akin to Adam and Eve)

    2) There was the moment of sin, where humanity began manipulating nature for its own benefit and killing the animals for food (akin to Eve eating the apple)

    3) There is the coming Doomsday, when the Earth will kill us all for our pollution sins against it (akin to revelations).

  68. The planet’s climate has changed thousands of times in billions of years. Only religious zealots like the “Warmists” would claim to know which was the earth-gods’ correct intended climate and seek to punish the sinners whom they accuse of altering it.
    Coming soon, real scientists will be hurled into active volcanos to appease these pagan deities.

  69. Dear AGW cultists, I have been wondering: What is the difference between “settled science” and propaganda, if PhD’s are so all-knowing why do the so often disagree, at what point in time does “weather” become “climate” and if global warming is so catastrophic how do you explain the 2,000+ year old spruce forest that is being exposed as the Mendenhall Glacier recedes in Alaska? The world is waiting…

  70. In Earth’s history there have been hundreds of “hot house” and “cold house” conditions with CO2 parts per million ranging from 100 to 3400. This could be just part of normal climatic variation. And, humans won’t be here forever.

  71. People who silence you should be silenced themselves. Don’t fight this battle with both arms behind your back… take it to the totalitarian eco fascists and put them down like you would a rabid dog.

  72. As the old saying goes…..the more you keep repeating a lie, sooner or later the people are going to start believing it is true. The only people perpetrating this scam are in it for YOUR money. It’s all a fake science.

  73. Did you know that the personal behavior of about 1% of the U. S. population results in their CO2 footprint being 50 TIMES the actual average / person? Not too surprising with their use of private jets, heavy discretionary commercial air travel, specifically flying first class (weight), massive living space / person across multiple homes and the associated estate maintenance, dramatically higher annual possession acquisitions / year, and a myriad of other behaviors. But do you realize this means this small group is responsible for more than 33% of ALL (that’s right, ALL) U. S. CO2 emissions (simple algebra once one does the work to see their CO2 footprint is so massive)? Yet all the plans being unilaterally implemented by the president will allow this small group to continue to spew CO2 unabated while financially hammering the lower income and middle classes, just for being alive. Were this small group to only emit 25 TIMES the average, OVERALL U. S. CO2 emissions would decline (immediately) 17% and OVERALL PLANETARY CO2 emissions would decline 2.7%. Either the president is choosing his alliance with this group (many are donors) over the planet AND the PEOPLE, or it is a big fat scam. To date, no one can provide an explanation for the president’s behavior (because it is a scam people).

    • Rationing for thee, but none for me!I’ve always found it funny that the super rich, with their jets, and limos, the lawn care for the mansions and burning of fossil fuels for their lavish lifestyles love to “preach” against my SUV.Obama who lectured everyone about running their furnaces, kept the oval office sweltering, until someone “outted” him. It’s ok for him, but not for us.He runs AF-1 “with the regularity of a commercial airline” (another author noted). . . .Separate plane for Michelle – AF-1 deadheading back from Hawaii to the white house just to get the dog.It’s obscene that any of these roaches lectures regular Americans about what they should and should not have in their average lives. . . .

      • It is easy to point out the hypocrisy of his wife, and himself, but their piggish behavior is a very tiny percentage of the 33%. It is their many donors from the corrupt and criminal ruling elites who want your money yet are THE PROBLEM relative to CO2 emissions.

  74. The planet earth is in the midst of a 30-year cold spell, with last winter being, “One of the snowiest, coldest, most miserable on record,” according to USA Today. Due to diminished solar activity, cooler temperatures, similar to those on record from the early 1800s, cooler temperatures are on the way for the foreseeable future. This has nothing to do with carbon. All you have to do is trust natural cycles, and follow the facts; and that leads you to the inevitable conclusion that the sun controls the climate, and that a new cold era has begun. The data is pretty solid. If you look at the 100-year global temperature chart, you look at the steep drop off we’ve had since 2007, it’s the steepest drop in global temperatures in the last hundred years.”

    — Climatologist John L. Casey, who is also a former space shuttle engineer and NASA consultant.

    • Many of them know that. Many of their minions do not. Minions just need something to wring their hands about. But the people who do know better, don’t care. It’s not about the truth. It’s about having an excuse to increase their power over all of us. In medieval times, it was done with a sword. These days its done this way.

    • I personally want the frauds and fakesters charged with taxpayer fraud.Just think if we had taken those hundreds of millions and researched some crop development that can thrive in less than ideal conditions. . . .Cooler/wetter. . or arid/dry. . . Instead, we’ve wasted millions on these fraudulent “scientists” who should be in prison.If you and I did that – we’d be charged with taxpayer fraud and doing time. . . .Not these “frauds.” I guess, when you push a fake scenario that grants more government control, you won’t be put in jail when you get busted.

  75. The man made GW scare is about acquiring massive amounts of new revenue for governments which have bled their people dry. Virtually every country is hopelessly in debt and the next economic collapse will be the one that changes western civilization forever – coming some time in 2016.

    • It will happen….we don’t know when. But every year for the last 40 years I’ve heard the same prediction for the next year. Eventually someone will be right. You are right about the acquiring massive amounts of revenue.

  76. NASA weather satalite data show their has been no increase in the temperature for the last 15 years, the zealots call it, “The “Pause”. Interestingly NASA has refused to provide climate data to the Congress on global warming. Global warming is a religion to these fanatics and they will do anything to silence the unbelievers. When you can kill someone’s career and take their livelihood we ae all in danger .

  77. Government run by leftists is nothing but organized crime because they hate other people’s freedom (individual rights), e.g., free enterprise, private property, free thinking, free speech, free association, free religion . . . leftists are public enemy #1 and must be eliminated.

  78. These “scientists” make Hitler and Stalin seem tame. Bork them and tell the truth: “environmental” man-made global warming is a marxist construct to destroy capitalism and install one-world UN bureaucratic control of all energy and production. When Michael Crichton said so in speeches and his novels that “global warming was political imperialism”, the leftists went berserk and tried destroying Crichton’s career, because he was a respected scientist capable of reaching the public through popular fiction, and they were scared to death of his “apostasy.”

  79. The means by which to spread Climate Change propaganda is in full swing – and is a repeated mindset from the 1930s.

    “Often in a German home or office or sometimes in a casual conversation with a stranger in a restaurant, a beer hall, a café, I would meet with the most outlandish assertions from seemingly educated and
    intelligent persons. It was obvious that they were parroting some piece of nonsense they had heard on the radio or read in the newspapers. Sometimes one was tempted to say as much, but on such occasions one was met with such a stare of incredulity, such a shock of silence, as if one had blasphemed the Almighty,
    that one realized how useless it was even to try to make contact with a mind which had become warped and for whom the facts of life had become what Hitler and Goebbels, with their cynical disregard for truth, said they were.”

    The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by Shirer, William L.

  80. The world needs separation of science and state as much or more than we need it between church and state. This shows you how much respect the Left has for freedom (as if the past 100 years of history aren’t enough).

  81. Good blogs. These powers-that-be world wide think nothing of threatening individuals with loss of job, harassment, and loss of comfort. For that alone I refuse to consider joining them. They also want everyone to feel threatened as though a meteor is actually headed towards earth; Panic and looking to the government for salvation, no-not questioning what the government says. Here is my question to the powers-that-want-to-be; Why is it that only by granting all powers to the elites can the world address these issues? What the people won’t cooperate to save themselves? You can’t just ask us to save the planet, the elites have to do it? No thank you you waste of air idiots.

    • The elites by their very nature do not believe ordinary people have the intelligence or “goodness” to act in the “logical rational ways” that the elite deem necessary. Of course…. the elite definition of logical and rational always happens to be… mysteriously enough… what keeps them in luxurious all-powerfulness.

  82. All the billionaires and mega-corporations are in bed with the government on climate change hysteria, at the very least using the “official information” to plan their future investments and business models for the Brave New World. That alone tells us what’s up.