LA Times: Gov. Brown’s link between ‘climate change’ and wildfires is unsupported, fire experts say

The wilderness fire was “a real wake-up call” to reduce the carbon pollution “that is in many respects driving all of this,” he said.

“It’s a new normal,” he said. “California is burning.”


Brown had political reasons for his declaration.

He had just challenged Republican presidential candidates to state their agendas on global warming. He was embroiled in a fight with the oil industry over legislation to slash gasoline use in California. And he is seeking to make a mark on international negotiations on climate change that culminate in Paris in December.

University of Colorado climate change specialist Roger Pielke said Brown is engaging in “noble-cause corruption.”


Pielke said it is easier to make a political case for change using immediate and local threats, rather than those on a global scale, especially given the subtleties of climate change research, which features probabilities subject to wide margins of error and contradiction by other findings.


“That is the nature of politics,” Pielke said, “but sometimes the science really has to matter.”


Richard Halsey, who founded the Chaparral Institute in San Diego.


Otherwise, he said, “the houses will keep burning down and people will keep dying.”


“I don’t believe the climate change discussion is helpful,” Halsey said.…

MSM Already Hyping 2015 as Hottest Year on Record

Did you know that 2014 was the hottest year on record? Oops! Never mind. It turns out that after that claim was made, NASA scientists rather sheepishly admitted that there was only a 38% percent chance that was true. Well, at least the mainstream media waited until the end of 2014 to make that silly claim but now they just can’t wait because according to them, 2015 WILL BE THE HOTTEST YEAR ON RECORD. The MSM started hyping this “fact” almost out of the starting gate long before most of the stats even existed. Way back on April 15, Slate was proclaiming that 2015  Is Shaping Up to Be The Hottest Year on Record: – See more at:…

NY Mag: Famous French Weatherman Publicly Doubts Climate Change, Goes on ‘Forced Holiday’ – ‘French Al Roker Casts Doubt on Climate Change’


A well-known French weatherman has been put on an indefinite “forced holiday” after writing a book criticizing climate-change research and saying that, even if it does exist, it will probably have some very positive effects, including more tourists, lower death rates, lower electricity bills in the winter, and higher-quality wine.


Philippe Verdier, famous for delivering nightly forecasts on the state-run news channel France 2, has authored a new book casting doubt on the research of world climatologists. Climat Investigation, which is set to be released in time for the December U.N. climate summit in Paris, claims that misleading climate data has “taken the world hostage.”

Verdier’s views led France Télévisions, the country’s state broadcaster, to take him off the air.


“I received a letter asking me not to come [to work],” Verdier said in an interview with French RTL radio. “This is a direct extension of what I say in my book, namely that any contrary views must be eliminated.”


In his book, Verdier challenges the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, saying they “blatantly erased” data that didn’t support their conclusions in their most recent report, The Telegraph writes.…

National Geographic features Bill Nye visiting his shrink Schwarzenegger, who diagnoses Nye with ‘climate change grief’



Bill Nye is feeling down. He’s visiting his therapist – Dr. Arnold Schwarzenegger – wondering why he doesn’t feel like himself lately. He feels as if a horrible weight is on his shoulders. The therapist listens sympathetically, and diagnoses the cause. Bill is suffering from grief… climate change grief.…

Democrat-voting, tofu-eating environmentalist writes 9000-word essay on his conversion to climate skeptic


My name is David Siegel. I’m not a climate expert; I’m a writer. Early in 2015, I became interested in climate science and decided to spend the better part of this year trying to learn what I could. It didn’t take long before it was clear that there isn’t likely going to be any catastrophic warming this century.


Now Siegel – author of several bestselling business books – is trying to persuade his fellow liberals to follow his example by doing what he did, examining their prejudices and looking at the facts.


To this end, he has written a 9,000 word essay explaining where the alarmists have got it wrong. But he doesn’t hold out much hope: it was rejected by every one of the liberal publications in the US to which he submitted it, among them the LA Times, the Atlantic Monthly, National Geographic and Huffington Post.


Siegel begins with a ten short statements designed to challenge the usual liberal assumptions on climate change. Here they are:


1. Weather is not climate. There are no studies showing a conclusive link between global warming and increased frequency or intensity of storms, droughts, floods, cold or heat waves.


2. Natural variation in weather and climate is tremendous. Most of what people call “global warming” is natural. The earth is warming, but not quickly, not much, and not lately.


3. There is tremendous uncertainty as to how the climate really works. Climate models are not yet skillful; predictions are unresolved.


4. New research shows fluctuations in energy from the sun correlate very strongly with changes in earth’s temperature, better than CO2 levels.


5. CO2 has very little to do with it. All the decarbonization we can do isn’t going to change the climate much.


6. There is no such thing as “carbon pollution.” Carbon dioxide is coming out of your nose right now; it is not a poisonous gas. CO2 concentrations in previous eras have been many times higher than they are today.


7. Sea level will probably continue to rise, naturally and slowly. Researchers have found no link between CO2 and sea level.


8. The Arctic experiences natural variation as well, with some years warmer earlier than others. Polar bear numbers are up, not down. They have more to do with hunting permits than CO2*.


9. No one …

Global warming ‘tipping points’ identified


They found evidence of 41 cases of regional abrupt changes in the ocean, sea ice, snow cover, permafrost and terrestrial biosphere.

Many of these events occur for global warming levels of less than two degrees, a threshold sometimes presented as a safe limit.

However, although most models predict one or more abrupt regional shifts, any specific occurrence typically appears in only a few models.

“This illustrates the high uncertainty in predicting tipping points,” said lead author Professor Sybren Drijfhout from Ocean and Earth Science at the University of Southampton.

“More precisely, our results show that the different state-of-the-art models agree that abrupt changes are likely, but that predicting when and where they will occur remains very difficult.

“Also, our results show that no safe limit exists and that many abrupt shifts already occur for global warming levels much lower than two degrees,” he added.

Examples of detected climate tipping include abrupt shifts in sea ice and ocean circulation patterns, as well as abrupt shifts in vegetation and marine productivity. Sea ice abrupt changes were particularly common in the climate simulations.…

Expert Susan Crockford Responds To BBC’s “Misleading” Article on Polar Bears

Susan Crockford Responds To BBC’s “Misleading” Article on Polar Bears

By Paul Homewood Dr Susan Crockford weighs in on the BBC article on polar bears, which I highlighted yesterday. In a polite but misleading article today in a BBC magazine (The polar bears are coming to town) about the relationship of polar bears and Inuit in Arviat, Western Hudson Bay, there is no mention of the on-going feud between Nunavut Inuit and Canadian polar bear scientists regarding invasive research. Nor is there a mention of the fact that according to the most recent research, there has been no trend in sea ice conditions since 2001. Read the rest here.

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