Watch: Morano on Fox debates warmist over EPA regs: ‘The government is now further centrally planning our energy economy’

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Fox Business: Neil Cavuto: ‘Coast To Coast’ – August 3, 2015

Marc Morano vs. Howard Gould, Renewal Energy Advocate

Selected Excerpts:

MORANO: “The government is now further centrally planning our energy economy. We have already retired more than 200 coal plants. This is gong to hit our energy sector hard and not just in the coal regions.”

MORANO: “It’s going to make energy more expensive across the board. Families are going to suffer. People on fixed incomes. We’ve already had an African-American civil rights leader protesting some of these policies. Some of them have gone after Robert Redford for his supporting policies that would hurt minorities, the poor, seniors on fixed incomes. On the other side, there is no positive climate benefit.
CAVUTO:  “Whatever jobs are lost in the traditional energy sector coal, are being made up for in wind and solar. Do you buy that Marc?”
MORANO: “The EIA (U.S. Energy Information Agency – 2013) estimates that wind is about 4% of our energy and solar is about .25 of one percent! So you are asking for less than 5% of energy to somehow cover all of these carbon based regulations. We have Obama administration officials like White House Science Czar John Holdren who openly talk about cheap energy being a threat or a hazard to a free society.”
MORANO: “We do know one thing that there will be no climate impact form these bills.”
GOULD: “That is completely false. That is completely false.”
MORANO: “The EPA administrator admitted that.” See: EPA Chief Admits Obama Regs Have No Measurable Climate Impact: ‘One one-hundredth of a degree?’ EPA Chief McCarthy defends regs as ‘enormously beneficial’ – Symbolic impact
End transcript.
Warmist Media Matters lamented Morano’s appearance on Fox: “On the August 3 edition of Fox Business’ Cavuto: Coast to Coast, frequent guest and “Merchant of Doubt” Marc Morano claimed that the Clean Power Plan ‘will make energy more expensive across the board'”
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Emails appear to show coordination between EPA, environmental groups on power plant rules

The emails, obtained by Fox News, came to light in a lawsuit filed by the Energy and Environment Legal Institute. Chris Horner, of EELI, told Fox News he believes the emails show a breach of the Administrative Procedure Act of 1946, which codifies constitutional guarantees in federal rulemaking.

“There is a process under our laws — very specific, very precise — detailing  how agencies are allowed to write what is, in effect, law,” Horner said. “They are to afford all parties equal right to participate. They are not permitted to write rules in the backroom with your buddy or on Yahoo accounts with your buddy.”…

Fmr. NASA Scientist James Hansen: Obama’s climate policy is ‘practically worthless’ – ‘You’ve got to be kidding’

But for some who study climate change the only shame is this: Obama’s plan does not go nearly far enough. It’s meek and dangerously self-congratulatory, sapping the movement of urgency while doing almost nothing to maintain the future habitability of the earth.

“The actions are practically worthless,” said James Hansen, a climate researcher who headed NASA’s Goddard’s Institute for Space Studies for over 30 years and first warned congress of global warming in 1988. “They do nothing to attack the fundamental problem.”

“You’ve got to be kidding,” he wrote, when asked if the plan would make continued climate activism unnecessary. Obama’s plan, and for that matter the proposed plan Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, he continued, “is like the fellow who walks to work instead of driving, and thinks he is saving the world.”

Hansen suggested a gradually rising fee for fossil fuel extraction, collected at the port of entry or, in domestic cases, the place where the material actually comes out of the ground. “As long as fossil fuels are allowed to (appear to be) the cheapest energy, someone will burn them,” he wrote in an email to msnbc. “It is not so much a matter of how far you go. It is a matter of whether you are going in the right direction.”…