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Japan snowfall levels far greater than in previous years


Japan snowfall levels far greater than in previous years


More than two meters (6½ feet) of snow locally. 19 Dec 2014 – Japan’s NHK news network reported that, as of the 18th, Niigata Prefecture Tsunan had snow height of 207 cm (6 ft – 8 inches), Nagano Nozawaonsen had 183 cm (6 ft) of snow, Gunma Minakami had 171 cm (5′-7″) of snow, etc. These snowfall levels are far greater than in previous years. And according to Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun, due to recent heavy snow and blizzards, at least 11 people died in traffic accidents or dropped accidentally. http://gb.cri.cn/42071/2014/12/19/6991s4810548.htm http://gb.cri.cn/mmsource/images/2014/12/19/ca375beec4d34c54a5b684b47e4ed94c.jpg http://gb.cri.cn/mmsource/images/2014/12/19/98c414fb17624f0882a02bf7f53c1cb8.jpg http://gb.cri.cn/mmsource/images/2014/12/19/e72a07e3685d4e6c8ecefdf8e6837023.jpg http://gb.cri.cn/mmsource/images/2014/12/19/0680c50120cf417fb6e78bdae5688dfe.jpg Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for these links

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