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Interstellar: Hollywood leaves AGW in a gravity well.


Interstellar: Hollywood leaves AGW in a gravity well.

by Anthony CoxHollywood has been a staunch supporterof AGW. In fact with Russell Crowe’s Noah any suggestion Hollywood had an open mind on the subject went down the gurgler as fast as that flightless turkey could sink.But now, despite DiCaprio’s grotesquely hypocritical alignment with the UN [if Noah had been on DiCaprio’s monster luxury ship they would never have got off], with Interstellar being full of hilarious puns and critiques of AGW, it seems the AGW mania in Hollywood may not be all black hole rubbish after all.Interstellar is set on a doomed Earth with a blight which eats all plants. It’s caused by nitrogen which in itself is a wickedly witty reversal of the role played by the trace gas, CO2, in the AGW fantasy. Nitrogen is 80% of the Earth’s atmosphere and along with oxygen the bulk of the atmosphere. The point being made is that the idea that humans through their tiny emissions of an already tiny trace gas could destroy the planet is simply nonsense compared with what nature can do.Our hero Cooper, who is an astronaut, has a hilarious run in with 2 education officials who berate him for his son’s disputation of the validity of the Moon landing. This is a multi-layered joke. Firstly many astronauts including those who were actually on the Moon think AGW is garbage.Secondly, a prominent alarmist, Lewandowsky, who is an educator, has prepared a notorious paper which asserts those who doubt AGW are also likely to doubt the Moon landings. That in the future it is the educators who are now the ones denying the Moon landing is a rather neat reversal of Lewandowsky’s stupid idea and a pointed indictment of the capitulation of education to the lie of alarmism today.Prior to meeting the Lewandowskys of the future Cooper had managed to capture a drone powered by solar which had been wondering aimlessly for decades. Again the joke is multi-layered. The drone is an Indian military one. The point is even if solar can be successful as an energy source it will not be a ‘pure’ energy source as the renewables are presented by alarmism.Secondly India, like China, which has just hoodwinked Obama and all other alarmists with their deal about emissions which allows them to increase emissions until 2030 when their population stabilises, isn’t going down the renewable path at all. India is investing heavily in coal, like China, and also Thorium, a great energy source, already proven, which has been ignored by the alarmists.Thirdly, the drone ridicules the efforts of alarmists to get a solar powered plane in the air on a continuous world flight. These efforts began in 2003 and are going nowhere fast. Interestingly one of the alarmists involved in the Quixote Solar Impulse plan is a psychiatrist. Lewandowsky is a psychologist.Anyway Cooper serendipitously discovers a plan to rescue humanity from the blight and is signed up for the rescue of earlier missions.Before going on his mission Cooper says: just because man was born on Earth doesn’t mean he has to die here. It’s a great statement which contradicts the Ludditism of the alarmists who pretend to love new technology such as renewables but are really anti-technology as much as they are really anti-human. The alarmists would like humanity to die on Earth.Finally after some superb set pieces such as the wave planet and the gravity well, Cooper meets Dr Michael Mann, the best of us all. The name choice can’t be a coincidence. Mann in the movie is a lunatic who has colluded with kindly Dr Michael Caine’s plan to distract humanity from their fate by only pretending there was a chance for humanity on other planets.After Mann is dispatched, ironically by his own lack of scientific knowledge, some black hole and fifth dimension gobble-gook gets Cooper home to meet his elderly daughter and a gravity distorted ending. The movie is long but views well. It’s no masterpiece though with obvious issues, scientific or otherwise. 2001 it isn’t. But, with its sly digs at the ratbaggery of alarmism, let’s hope it creates a trend of satirising the stupidity and lies of alarmism in Hollywood.

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