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OMG! John Kerry Says We’re All Gonna Die From Global Warming! (Thankfully He’s Wrong)


OMG! John Kerry Says We’re All Gonna Die From Global Warming! (Thankfully He’s Wrong)

Thursday, Secretary of State John Kerry gave a speech at the Wind Technology Testing Center in Boston, Massachusetts welcoming his guest U.K. Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond in which Kerry warned that climate change will cause “Life as you know it on Earth ends.” That my friends is a pretty serious warning. Life as we know it…wow…that’s Biblical-type “lion will lie down with the sheep but the sheep will have a lousy night’s sleep” type of thing.Thankfully, after reading Kerry’s warning..there’s nothing to worry about.Climate change is already impacting the world in very real and significant ways. This past August was the hottest August the planet has ever seen in recorded history. And each year of the last ten years, a decade, has been measured as being hotter than the last with one or two variations of which year followed which, but as a decade the hottest in our recorded history. Oh John, this might help you lose the long face…you see how could this be the hottest decade in history when there hasn’t been warming in the past 18 years and one month.And add to that the fact that the “medieval warming period” was much warmer than it is today. Kerry follows up with the drought story: There are now – right now – serious food shortages taking place in places like Central America because regions are battling the worst droughts in decades, not 100-year events in terms of floods, in terms of fires, in terms of droughts – 500-year events, something unheard of in our measurement of weather. Kerry’s claim does not agree with science that states there has been no increase in droughts world-wide.”It is misleading and just plain incorrect to claim that disasters associated with hurricanes, tornadoes, floods or droughts have increased on climate timescales either in the United States or globally,” Professor Roger Pielke Jr. said in his testimony before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.In May of 2014 Professor Pielke published a graph that shows the intensity of the planet’s droughts from 1982 to 2012. The graph shows that neither droughts nor their intensity have seen a growth trend during that 30-year period.Scientists now predict that with glaciers and melting of the ice at the current rates, the sea could rise now a full meter in this century. A meter might not seem like a whole lot, but let me tell you, think about it just in terms of Boston. It would mean about $100 billion worth of damage to buildings, to emergency costs, and so on. Yes the sea level has been rising. In fact for the past 20,000 years the sea level has been rising about 4-8 inches per century, long before industrialization. And for the past 8 thousand years that sea level rise has been slowing down:Sea levels have been rising naturally for the past 20,000 years since the peak of the last ice age, and at much, much faster rates in the past (up to 40 times faster than today). Sea level rise greatly decelerated about 8,000 years ago to rates similar to today.The sea level rise is a result of the end of the last ice age, not global warming.About those Ice Caps. Al Gore must be very sad but the polar bears are probably throwing a party. Seven years Gore predicted the Arctic ice cap would be gone in seven years, the Arctic ice cap has expanded for the second year in succession – with a surge, depending on how you measure it, of between 43 and 63 per cent since 2012. On the other side of the world, the Antarctic cap is at record or near record levels.The UK Daily Mail reported in August the daily satellite readings issued by the US National Snow and Ice Data Center, which is co-funded by NASA reveal that – while the long-term trend still shows a decline – last Monday, August 25, the area of the Arctic Ocean with at least 15 per cent ice cover was 5.62 million square kilometres.This was the highest level recorded on that date since 2006 (see graph, right), and represents an increase of 1.71 million square kilometres over the past two years – an impressive 43 per cent.Other figures from the Danish Meteorological Institute suggest that the growth has been even more dramatic. Using a different measure, the area with at least 30 per cent ice cover, these reveal a 63 per cent rise – from 2.7 million to 4.4 million square kilometres.Not only is the arctic ice cap getting bigger but it is getting thicker also. The satellite images above are taken from a further authoritative source, the University of Illinois’s Cryosphere project.They show that as well as becoming more extensive, the ice has grown more concentrated, with the purple areas – denoting regions where the ice pack is most dense – increasing markedly.Crucially, the ice is also thicker, and therefore more resilient to future melting. Professor Andrew Shepherd, of Leeds University, an expert in climate satellite monitoring, said yesterday: ‘It is clear from the measurements we have collected that the Arctic sea ice has experienced a significant recovery in thickness over the past year.‘It seems that an unusually cool summer in 2013 allowed more ice to survive through to last winter. This means that the Arctic sea ice pack is thicker and stronger than usual, and this should be taken into account when making predictions of its future extent.’Recently renowned Swedish sea level expert and climatologist Nils-Axel Mörner was interviewed via Email about the Antarctic sea ice expansion by website Notrickszone. According to Dr. MörnerWhilst there is a general hysteria of global warming, increasing temperature and rising sea level, new records from Antarctica indicate the opposite: a significant increase in the extent of sea ice over the last 30 years (in the order of 1 million square km) and a decrease in sea surface temperature south of Lat. 60°S (in the order of 0.4 °C).Why is this? First the global warming hysteria is just what it is: a large-scale hysteria, which is primarily based on disinformation:- The warming during the 20th century seems primarily driven by the Sun.- There is negative evidence of CO2-driven process.- The cooling over the last 17 years and 11 months is predominantly driven by the Sun.- Sea level is by no means rising at an alarming rateKerry switched to economics: Let me just share with you something. We in Massachusetts ought to be particularly tuned into this. In the 1990s, America created more wealth than at any other time in our history, more even than the famous 1920s and ’30s, when people read about the history of the Carnegies and the Mellons and the Rockefellers and the Fricks and so forth. We created greater wealth in the 1990s in America than we did when we had no income tax in the 1920s.The Secretary of State is half right–there was growth but what drove that growth was consumer demand not government regulation. I’d just say to all of you here that people need to feel the pressure from you. You all know what politics is about. I’m not in it now, but I’m dependent on it to help make the right decisions so that we move in the right direction. A clean energy future is not a fantasy. Changing course and avoiding the worst impacts of climate change is not a fantasy. And supporting healthier communities and ecosystems and driving economic growth and job creation – none of that is a fantasy. And for those people who still stand in the way, for those people who even still today want to try to question whether or not their science is effective or not, I’d just ask you – ask a simple question: If we’re wrong about this future, what’s the worst that could happen to us for making these choices? What could go wrong? When the government picks winners and losers we end up with fewer jobs, economic decline, higher taxes and deficit, and an uncertain business climate which causes a lack of investment by industry. What happens if they’re wrong? (Applause.) If they’re wrong – catastrophe. Life as you know it on Earth ends. Seven degrees increase Fahrenheit, and we can’t sustain crops, water, life under those circumstances.Thank God the science says that Kerry is wrong…so the lion is not about to lie with the lamb and the lamb will sleep restfully. Please email me at [email protected] to be put onto my mailing list. Feel free to reproduce any article but please link back to

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