Background on ‘Risky Business’ climate report: 

‘Bamboozled Billionaires’: Trio of Henry Paulson, Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer ‘give the impression that [CO2 regs] will result in prevention of a global warming catastrophe’
Hank Paulson is ‘Practicing Unsupported Climate Alarmism in Portland’
Henry Paulson sounds alarm over global warming, faces down climate change skeptic
WSJ rips Hank Paulson’s carbon tax: ‘Speculators like Paulson are actually inflating a climate regulation bubble—and the real danger…is their supposed solution’

Just who is ‘Risky Business’ warmist Hank Paulson? Flashback 2006: ‘A Global Warming Believer in Bush Cabinet’

Watch Now: Morano on Fox slams ‘atrocious’ climate report by Tom Steyer, Paulson & Bloomberg. Morano on ‘risky business’ report: ‘What they have done is a bunch of fortune telling with models’

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