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UN’s Pre-Determined Political ‘Science’: ‘Government officials and scientists’ are ‘wrangling over every line’ of new UN IPCC report – This is supposed to be a science process?



  1. This is a terrific website. My two cents on the topic can be found if you Google *Moderating Climate Change Hysteria* There is a solution that will eventually make everyone happy except those who own stock in renewable energy companies. That new solution is called Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR,) which uses ordinary nickel and tiny amounts of hydrogen as fuel.. LENR is non-toxic, carbon free, and will be cheap and reliable 24-7-365. For details Google *The Fusion Revolution*.

  2. The IPCC produced the draft report last week, open to everyone to read as I did, so we all knew what was in it. I, on balance, have to agree with the 97% of climate scientists and my own University studies on climate and sustainability, that we have a human caused climate change for the worse and the result is not good
    However I can see why American big oil and coal and the government want to keep the population looking at climate rather than its own populations plight;
    USA Rankings (see also CIA World Factbook);
    Health 37th (pp18 Annex);
    Child Poverty 2nd Worse (169th see CIA World Fact Book):
    Infant Mortality 150th:
    For many other statistics produced by the American CIA see above link.
    For carbon emissions see the following;

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