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A Colder Climate In The 1970’s Brought Widespread Drought


A Colder Climate In The 1970’s Brought Widespread Drought


By Paul Homewood

There is a rather naive belief that a warmer climate will lead automatically to more droughts. Experience, however, tells us that our climate is far more complicated than that.
Back in 1973, UNESCO published a special edition of their Courier magazine, concerned with the changing climate at the time. Included was this article on drought in Africa.
Note that the area of drought extended way across to Central Asia – this was certainly no local phenomenon.

Then, Jerome Namias writes about some of the extreme weather of the time.

And what was the cause of all this? HH Lamb had the answer.

It seems strange that so much that was learnt a half a century ago has now been cast aside and ignored.
[Sorry for the blurred quality, but the original is not much better. You can see it here.]

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