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13-Year Old Boys Can’t Sleep to Due AGW Fears: ‘He thinks the world is doomed…It’s keeping him up at night.’


Via: http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/collideascape/2014/03/14/11/#.UyNAgfmwIRo

If kids today have a greater awareness at a younger age of environmental issues, it’s probably because many schools have made earth science a part of the educational curriculum in earlier grades. For example, the fourth grade students in my son’s Brooklyn public school just performed in a recital called, “A musical journey through four environments: The arctic, the forest, the ocean, the city.” That’s a terrific way to teach young minds about ecosystems. (They also learn about the environment in more depth in their science class.)

I’m not sure what is being taught about climate change when students reach 6th or 7th grade, so I have no idea what might have triggered the sudden anxiousness experienced by the the two aforementioned boys.

Incredibly, there are some who think this message is not repeated enough. It would be an interesting societal experiment if the predicted climate apocalypse and ultimate collapse of civilization seeped into every pore of popular culture. I suspect there would be virtually no opposition to the use ofmedical marijuana.


  1. Common Core and “climate change” are the lettuce and tomato on the crap sandwich that public schools feed kids daily. Said crap sandwiches may actually taste better than the cafeteria food mandated by the federal lunch program from what I’ve heard.

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