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Sen. Blumenthal says global warming will ‘destroy the planet.’ – Read up on early hours of Senate all-nigher warmathon/Yawnathon via JunkScience:


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Warmist Sen. Kaine wrong about sea level rise on Virginia coast. Tidewater area sinking from groundwater depletion. 

Has any Senate Democrat not used a child/granchild as a human shield for warmist junk science?

Meow… global warming such an emergency that Barbara Boxer says organizing fellow Democrats for Senate Yawnathon like ‘herding cats.’

Senate Yawnathon resumes after 45-minute Inhofe hijacking… Boxer calls Inhofe a ‘dangerous denier.’

Senate Democrat Yawnathon turns into warmist nightmare. Inhofe brings up calls for Nuremberg trials for skeptics, efforts to silence deniers

Inhofe hijacks Senate warmist yawnathon… regales C-SPAN audience with polar vortex temperatures, ‘cooked science,’ failed climate votes etc.

Senate Yawnathon: Inhofe continues ripping IPCC… brings up “Mike’s Nature trick to hide the decline,’ Trenberth’s energy balance lament.

Senate Warmist Yawnathon: Inhofe rains on Democrat parade… brings up Climategate, which showed IPCC ‘had been lying all the time.’

Senate Warmist Yawnathon: Inhofe says Al Gore must know what he is doing since he will be the first environmental billionaire.

Senate Warmist Yawnathon: Sen. Whitehouse says we must crash our economy b/c Rhode Island has lost flounder fisheries.

Senate Warmist Yawnathon: Veto-proof majority (70 Senators) will not be hyperventilating tonight about global warming.

Senate Warmist Yawnathon: Markey goes Al Gore… says ‘planet is running a fever.’ That is so 2007.

Senate Warmist Yawnathon: Maine Sen. King says catastrophic global warming as sure as speed of light.

Senate Warmist Yawnathon: Sen. Blumenthal says ‘climate deniers’ are as much as problem as CO2 emissions.

Senate Warmist Yawnathon: Connecticut Sen. Blumenthal says global warming will ‘destroy the planet.’

Senate Warmist Yawnathon: Oregon Sen. Merkley says CO2 emissions are an ‘assault on agriculture.’

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