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New York Times publishes cartoon about KILLING ‘DENIERS’ with icicles – Suggests ‘deniers’ should be stabbed through the heart – like vampires’


Skeptical meteorologist Anthony Watts weighs in

‘Admittedly, this is a lame attempt at humor/satire, something we are all well familiar with applying here at WUWT. But, imagine if the tables were turned, and the cartoon depicted global warming alarmists such as Mike Mann or James Hansen in the same role? Our friends would have a collective cow. Yet, somehow, somebody at the New York Times thinks it is acceptable to suggest “dispatching” a whole class of people that hold a different viewpoint from them.’

Update: New York Times journalist Andrew Revkin had this response: “This cartoon is right up there with the ‘pretty edgy’ 2010 climate-campaign video showing a teacher blowing up students who didn’t sign on to cut their carbon footprints. Both are great attention getters, and were utterly stupid if the goal was do accomplish anything other than inflaming and dividing people on an important issue. And that would be a reprehensible goal.”

Anthony Watts, the climate skeptic blogger, asked me to comment on a cartoon published online by The Times exploring ways to use the 2014 “icicle surplus” and including this one. Here’s what I told him: I find the final panel in this cartoon on uses for surplus icicles to be the antithesis of humor. But some artists, like some bloggers, seem to thrive on edge pushing. Andres Serrano (“Immersion: Piss Cross”) comes to mind. There are many others. We are quite a species. Updated, 2:47 p.m. | It’s worth saying more. This cartoon is right up there with the “pretty edgy” 2010 climate-campaign video showing a teacher blowing up students who didn’t sign on to cut their carbon footprints. Both are great attention getters, and were utterly stupid if the goal was do accomplish anything other than inflaming and dividing people on an important issue. And that would be a reprehensible goal.


Skeptics are reacting:

NY Times publishes cartoon about killing global warming ‘deniers’ – ‘The warmist cult, frustrated by the failure of nature to back-up their prophecies of doom, apparently is turning to homicidal fantasies, and venting them in the pages of the New York Times.’

New York Times comic strip suggests killing opponents of man-made global warming – ‘The panel shows a man arguing against global warming while a woman stabs him in the chest with an icicle.’ – Environmentalists have also called for an end to industrialized civilization while the United Nations climate chief suggested Communism is the best mechanism for dealing with so-called global warming. A post at the conservative Gateway Pundit observed that the Times is “the same rag that blamed conservatives for the Oslo massacre… but stabbing climate change deniers is appropriate.”

This is not the first time someone has suggested doing away with global warming skeptics.

Flashback 2010: NYT Cites Morano on warmist film depicting skeptical kids being blown up: ‘This (the Spattergate film) is warmists expressing their frustrations’

Wanting to Kill Skeptics is old hat for warmists: Flashback: Morano on warmists wanting to kill skeptics: ‘This expresses a deep sentiment in [climate fear] movement of wanting to suppress and silence global warming skeptics’ — Let’s hope eco-snuff films aren’t the future’

Related Links: 

Merchants of Smear: Prosecute Skeptics Like Gangsters?! Warmist Naomi Oreskes likes the idea of having climate ‘deniers’ prosecuted under the RICO act (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) Oreskes: ‘I think a RICO style of prosecution if a smart lawyer thought there was some aspect of the law that had been broken’

Skeptical scientist Dr. William ‘Matt’ Briggs responds: ‘Prosecute Global Warming Heretics‘: Naomi Oreskes, who has made her career by counting the number of articles in various publications which take positions she finds agreeable, and then telling those counts to a world which never asked for them…Prosecute the heretics! is the new cry from the high priests of global warming. Climate “deniers”, they say, are no better than mobsters, good fellas who are extorting the climate, toughs who put the muscle on temperatures.’

Climate change advocates try to silence Charles Krauthammer

CNN Declares No Two Sides to Climate Change Debate: ‘There are some stories which do not have two sides. The climate change debate is one of them’

What is going on at warmist WaPo!? Washington Post ‘opinion writer’: ‘Democrats have turned the global warming debate into a cartoon’ – ‘Kerry’s latest comments and Mr. Steyer’s millions have made the climate-change debate even more surreal than it already was. They are crowding out any rational discussion’

No More Mr. Nice Guy! Skeptical climatologist Dr. Roy Spencer: ‘As long as they continue to call people like me ‘deniers’, I will call them ‘global warming Nazis’ – Mild-Mannered No More?! Former NASA scientist Dr. Roy Spencer: ‘Yeah, somebody pushed my button. When politicians and scientists started calling people like me “deniers”, they crossed the line. They are still doing it. They indirectly equate (1) the skeptics’ view that global warming is not necessarily all manmade nor a serious problem, with (2) the denial that the Nazi’s extermination of millions of Jews ever happened. Too many of us for too long have ignored the repulsive, extremist nature of the comparison. It’s time to push back. I’m now going to start calling these people “global warming Nazis”. ‘The pseudo-scientific ramblings by their leaders have falsely warned of mass starvation, ecological collapse, agricultural collapse, overpopulation…all so that the masses would support their radical policies. Policies that would not voluntarily be supported by a majority of freedom-loving people.’




  1. The New York times editors should be charge with inciting murder. Even the 1st Amendment could not be used as a defense. Yelling fire in a crowed theater when there is not fire is a crime.
    There is no credible experiment that proves that the Hypotheses of the Greenhouse gas effect exists! Therefor Mann-made global warming can not be proven. The New York times is practicing “Yellow journalism “- Fear mongering
    The weather is making A**holes of the Whole Cult of AGW.
    Changing the name of Alberta Clippers to “Polar Vortexes” does not change the effect =more cold and snow. There is no way that “warm waters” in the Arctic can be causing a change – there is more ice in the Arctic then even two years ago.
    Fraud and junk pretend science from EPA and IPCC and the Dictator Obama.
    The Snake Oil sales men are still at it,lies, more lies and still more lies.

    • The New York Times would believe a Hot Fresh Cow Pie was Delicious Chocolate Mouse if Obama and Gore told them it was.
      The fact is just go to Cryosphere Today Website.
      It has EVERY DAILY SATELLITE IMAGE of the Arctic and Antarctica from 1979 to 2014. You can very clearly see if you compare
      Images that the Arctic and Antarctic are not MELTING but GROWING. But the New York Times likes Chocolate Mouse!!!!!!!!

  2. Ridiculous. Your cult really flips out over anything, huh? I started to list rational rebuttals to the hysterics posted here, but I see that there’s only your lockstep denial and hate/fear-mongering. Have fun with that.

  3. If I were an equally intolerant AGW skeptict, then I would demand that all global warming alarmists be forcibly removed from all fossil fuel resources – In house, home, and transportation.

    This would include ALL petroleum products – which means almost every modern technological product made to date.

    Leftists are complete and total ignoramuses.

  4. If the Leftist Global Warmers were hit in the face with a Hot Fresh Cow Pie and told it was Chocolate Mouse they would believe it.
    Anybody can go to Cryosphere Today a Website run by a University and look at every daily Satellite Image of the Arctic Ice Cap and Antarctica from 1979 to 2014.

    It’s very clear to see that it AIN’T MELTING AND IS GETTING BIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just compare previous Images to today’s Images.

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