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This Sunday’s NFL Game in Green Bay: Coldest Ever?


Update: Bloomberg News: Green Bay Weather Threatens to Outfreeze NFL Ice Bowl Record

Update 2: NFL Wild Card Playoffs 2014 weather forecast: Brutal conditions in Green Bay


Via Climatologist Dr.  Roy Spencer:

This Sunday’s NFL Game in Green Bay: Coldest Ever?

[Update: Spencer tells Climate Depot: ‘The latest GFS MOS fcst for 6 p.m. Sunday is -10 deg. F]

The latest GFSx MOS temperature forecast is now -8 deg. F for game time in Green Bay on Sunday evening for the playoff game between the Packers and the 49ers. This is getting awfully close to the record coldest NFL game temperature of -13 deg. F, set Dec. 31, 1967 at Lambeau Field during “The Ice Bowl”, the NFL Championship game between the Packers and Dallas Cowboys.

The 2nd coldest game was Jan. 10, 1982 at Riverfront Stadium during the AFC Championship game between Cincinnati Bengals and San Diego Chargers, at -9 deg. F, so Sundays game might take the #2 spot. The top 10 coldest NFL games are listed here. Makes my hands hurt just thinking about it.


Also see: Flashback 2008: Has Global Warming Hurt the Green Bay Packers?

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  1. This cracks me up. A bunch of idiots freezing their a**es off to watch a team that doesn’t even know they personally exist. Dang…. the team should have been paying the fans for attending the game.

          • That’s total B.S. pseudo-ownership. People can buy ‘a share’ of the team but they have NO voting rights towards ownership decisions like one has with an actual stock purchase which entitles you to help decide the direction of the company you own. Furthermore, they can not sell their shares in the team to anyone and they get NO dividends from the investment. It is not at all like owning a share in anything, it is giving a donation to a professional sports team which then turns around and makes millions off of you while you receive nothing in return. Please look it up if you don’t believe me, it is all true.

  2. More proof of Global Warming, just like the global warming whackjob “scientists” whose ship is stuck in the Antarctic ice pack, in the summer time….
    Funny how the democrat media never mentions the global warming scientists are studying MELTING SEA ICE!!
    The Socialist Semite democrat media has lied about everything!

        • Haaa …last time i checked the Antarctica was in the south and currently experiencing summer ….thx for the laugh …also if it wasnt for your condensending “DUH” Id let you get away with your spelling mistake “wither time ” ! (or was it a mistake ;D)

          • pruttmaster, in your post, you wrote “Id,” when you should have written “I’d.”

            Also, “wither time” is poetic, since the cold weather causes everything to wither, both twigs and prigs, like yourself.

            • Poetic or not, wither doesn’t associate with cold or Winter. Its meaning relates to drying out due to dry conditions, drought, lack of rain. Hence, ‘wither on the vine.’
              ..That said, look back at the era when plants and animals grew so thick that their carcasses eventually morphed into oil, coal or natural gas. Was it warm or cold then ? Id say it was VERY warm. Else how would so much oil be under the Arctic Ocean ?

              • Yes, to be more precise, the heat causes withering, while the cold causes shriveling.

                What you state about oil, coal and gas, is interesting, even though I’m not exactly sure that I understand your point. Are you contending that the earth was originally hot and has been cooling off since its creation? If so, you’re probably right. Whither goest thou?

          • your right its spelled wrong, too late at night to makes comments and proofread. as for the comment just because the Antarctica is colder in summertime has nothing to do about the facts of climate change.Antarctica is a very cold place. But global warming is affecting it as predicted: Antarctica is losing ice overall, according to the latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. However, sea ice is a different matter than land-based or glacial ice. Antarctic sea ice is increasing, and moreover, the reason for this may be climate change!

              • Whats convoluted about the facts. The earth is getting warmer, thats a fact and at a rate never send before. The polar ice caps are melting. Because of the rise in temps we are seeing abnormally extreme weather all around the world. The typhoon in the Philippines to hurricanes Sandy and Katrina. these sorts of storms used to happen maybe one every 10 to 20 years. Now they are now happening every 3 to 5 years. Global warming is actually expected to increase “heavy precipitation in winter storms,” and for the northern hemisphere, there is evidence that these storms are already more frequent and intense, according to the draft US National Climate Assessment.

                You can believe what you want. its too late now to really change this pattern and most of us won’t be alive to see its affects but our children and grand children will.

            • “You are right” is abbreviated as “you’re right.” The “you’re” is a contraction. And so, “your right” is incorrect, which means you’re wrong about grammar and wrong about so-called “global warming.

                • Maybe so, comrade, but the word “wow,” in your sentence should have a comma after it and should be capitalized. Also, there should be a comma after “but.”

                  Thus the sentence should read, “Wow, you passed grammar, but failed science.”

                • Well i tried not to judge you by “your” looks (though it was tempting), yet the more you post the more you show what an uneducated idiot you are. I hope “you’re” not offended by this, just stating what i see. Not only don’t you know the north from the south, but apparently you don’t know your Arse from a hole in the ground. Perhaps you should run along and plant a few trees, you know, to offset the carbon footprint created by flapping “your” gums and spewing all your HOT AIR!
                  Last, i must ask, did being up late as you stated and i suppose you meant being tired cause you not only to misspell words, but to confuse north with south? In closing lets just say I’m HWLTMBHAY meaning, “HOWLING WITH LAUGHTER TILL MY BALLS HURT AT YOU!!”

                  • And yes there is a word ommission in my post, let’s (for “you’re” benefit that means “let us”) see if you can find it. And again, since now you understand the meaning I’m HWLTMBHAY! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

        • Erehwon53: those ships are stuck in ANTARTICA. Last time I checked Antartica is in the Southern Hemisphere, and summer is starting there. 6 people gave you thumbs up, all 7 of you need to take geography lessons!!;)

        • That’s been the problem, they think they know everything, and it’s turning into a joke. They elect to put themselves in God’s position. Have we forgotten who controls ALL earth, from creation,births, deaths,life,air, winds,storms,oceans,destruction,wars,blessings,food,family,fuel,miracles,rainbows,water,friends good and bad,and our finger prints. The list goes on and on, and these Enviromentalists are telling us to believe in them. Take a minute to think what God may be thinking of this situation. happy new years

      • Global Warming is about the change in weather patterns. Every time you idiots think its about warm weather you get laughed at. Why don’t you find out what you are talking about before you talk trash. Al Gore by-the-way never said to have invented the internet just in case you guys decide to bring that up because everyone brings up those two hand and hand. You don’t believe in global warming? Then why did 180 (not sure how many countries signed the bill) agreed to stop heavily allowing emissions into the air? Are you saying you are smarter then most of these countries that KNOW its a problem?

        • The exact same reason Obamacare was implemented- to bring the citizenry down to feudal serfs.

          Take a lesson in life: Learn history, or be damned to repeat it.

          “A true patriot protects his country from his government.” -George Washington
          “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.” -Albert Einstein

          “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant, and a fearful master..” -George Washington

        • Look at the money trail. Most of those countries have received a lot of money from the US alone. You will learn. The earth’s temperature has stopped rising 17 years ago. Look at this year, hurricanes and tornadoes were below their normal numbers. Has we continue to cool will you continue to blame it on global warming? It used to be called Global Warming and then Climate Change and now Climate Disruption. Do you realize climate change has been occurring well before humans appeared on this planet???

        • The whole global warming scam is another “spread the wealth” scheme cooked up by the globalists, who want open borders, no ownership of private property, destruction of all religion, culture, and art. The only ones accumulating all this wealth are our brilliant elite permanent political class.

      • If it is summer in Antarctica, and these idiots’ ship is stuck in ice, what chance is there of having it freed when it is winter in Antarctica? Methinks this ship will serve as a frozen monument into the unforeseeable future mocking the arrogance, mindlessness, and abject intellectual depravity of all who preached and espoused the pseudo-religion of “Global Warming.”

            • Typical gibberish unintelligent reply. In your world, I guess, you are so limited intellectually that thinking seriously about anything is way out of your skill set. I have a great life, season tickets for the Hawks play off games, just got out of the Washington Arizona basketball game, and just got back from a week in SF. Basically, your reply is a confession of your ignorance and lack of education. You are exactly why this country is going in the shitter.

    • “The Socialist Semite democrat media has lied about everything!”

      they are not democrats. they are marxist, globalist, collectivist, secularist, humanist, facist nutjobs. and the phony big government republicans who have the same foreign policy and support the same spending are no better. they are bought and paid for by the same globalist central bankers as the democrats and dont give a rats a$$ about the constitution. not a single true conservative or classic liberal in the whole bunch. wake up dummy!

        • Which has what to do with them being Jews? I think it has more to do with them, as individuals, being ambitious and working hard. They don’t get where they are by sitting around drinking beer and watching NASCAR.

          • So true: the losers sit around and complain about the success of those of us who go to school, work hard, sacrifice for family and career, and achieve success through hard work. I am a Lutheran, but can testify that no matter what your faith or creed, there will be those who sit on their asses and were incapable to achieve academic or business success, so they are envious and jealous of those who have succeeded. It is much like the pretty boys in HS who never turned out for football, never spent a minute practicing in rain, snow, heat, cold, and every sort of foul weather, who put their names and reps on the line by playing in public where people can see them win or fail: but always would say “I could star in football. I was a running back in fifth grade and I am better than those guys playing now.” No you are not: you have neither the will, the guts, nor the talent to do anymore than talk. So if you succeed, harden yourself against the whining of the couch bound losers.

          • Obama’s political and economic activities belie the fact that he and his handlers are not in league with the elite Jewish moneyed class (read Soros, Zuckerberg, Alderson, The Sulzberger Media Empire, etc.) Through Obama and the Democrats, they have co-opted the government to do their bidding. They are the real power behind Obama’s throne. They strive to keep the spotlight off themselves, by using Obama and his thugs in the Media, in government, in education and entertainment, to stir up chaos in the body politic and pit one citizen against another in class, generational, and ethnic warfare. While citizens are sparring with one another, the elitists are busy consolidating their power and exercising, through the Democrat party control, over the American populous. This is not rocket science. Americans need to open their eyes and see that their freedoms are being brokered away while they merely wring their hands and do nothing to ensure their future and the future of their posterity.

        • No they don’t. They only live on in your Nazi racism and bigotry. As my dad said about people like you after serving the entirety of WW II aboard a destroyer: I don’t understand these skinhead Nazis and right wingers. I spent five years killing those people to preserve our freedom. I guess there will always be morons. That was from a decorated war veteran and political conservative. The modern right is far closer to Mussolini that Buckley or Goldwater. They will probably take of the Republican Party (Lincoln is spinning in his grave along with Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and the other old time, true conservatives. The new crop are bigoted anti Semites and generally uninformed name callers.

          • Zucker is part of the Obama and Democrat-Marxist open endeavor to disarm the American Citizen. There is not one Jew, who either owns, manages or writes for the Main Stream Media or is evolved in the communications and entertainment industry that does not support Obama and the Communist Left-Wing ideologues. Lenin was a Jew. Trotsky was a Jew. Most of the Soviet ideologues were Jews. You draw your own conclusion about the Jewish elitists like the Sulzberger and Newhouse families, who influence gun control policies in America. This is not anti-Semitism. This is calling it as it is.

            • Calling it as it is for a bigot and Nazi, maybe. That world only exists in your fevered imagination. I know it must have been hard to be dumber than most of your classmates, but there are Roman Catholics, Methodists, Episcipalians, Lutherans, Mormons, Unitarnians and agnostics who have had positions of power far more influential that your made up “evidence.”. But then mindless generalization without real evidence is the best your can do with your second grade education and shoe size IQ. Most of the Soviet idealogues WERE NOT JEWS. You are either lying (a Nazi trick from way back) or are just too ignorant. This kind of fascist progaganda (and that is what it sounds like Herr Goebbels!) is too lame and facile to fool anyone with any sense. You are not a patriot: you are a traitor and treacherous hyena. Go back to your shift at McDonalds.
              And by the way, one of the best parts of my life, on top of the best year I ever had in my business last year (had to pay a lot of B&O taxes for the quarter, but glad to do so since it meant I had a solid quarter), is attacking lying, thieving bigots like you. I agree with my dad on that: people like you don’t deserve to live in a free society.
              Go Hawks!

              • People believe Communism to be a recent phenomenon. This is not true. It has been around for at least two thousand years. The Jewish community that grouped itself around Jesus was a religio-communist practicum. Judas, one of the Twelve, held the common purse. The “Acts of the Apostles” is replete with communist practices by early Jewish-Christians.

                Monasteries and convents that began to crop up in the 3rd and 4th centuries were religio-communistic in their rules and practices.

                Fast forward a couple of millennia and we find the Jew Karl Marx providing an economic justification for communism by basing his reasoning on the philosophy of the German Jew, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. Other Jews, Lenin and Trotsky promoted Marx’s economic ideas in Russia.

                Today, we find the Sulzbergers, also Jews, and scions of a media empire encouraging Obama in his efforts to impose socialism, a form of communism upon Americans. This whole leveling enterprise, from beginning to end, breathes the Jewish ethos. This is a way of life many people espouse and see as useful for their purposes. Others do not. What is objectionable is the effort to shove this way of life down other peoples’ throats.

              • The Jewish media seek to aim the spotlight on any and all persons, groups, issues, events, that will distract the general population from everything and everyone but the elitist Jews. In the meantime, the elitist Jews, using their influence in communications, media, entertainment, politics, banking, education, seek to undermine the public confidence, cause chaos within the social comity, and accuse any and every one, who sees their objective as being anti-Semitic. I have supported the State of Israel, financially and with the written word. This is more than can be said for the elitist Jews in America, who pay lip service to Israel and seek only to use their influence and money to undermine America, its citizens and the American way of life. P.S. I worked for and supported Goldwater in his campaign against Johnson. I happen to know more about Goldwater than I believe you will ever know.

  3. And we can count on seeing some nitwits without a shirt…………why? Because the desire to be seen, even seen being an idiot, seems to be overwhelming to some.

    Without cameras on the scene……….most stupidity disappears.

  4. The NFL is crazy. Just switch the two NFC games to avoid this debacle. Who the hell wants to sit out in that kind of weather? Sure, it’s supposed to be an outside game, but not at the risk of spectator life and limb (or digits). The stadium may be close to sold out, but it will still be half-empty…

    • I was at the NFC championship game in 2008 between the Giants and the Packers and no one died or suffered. So, 80,000 people sat through the game just fine and allow the wimps of of society to sit home and watch the game.

      • Wrong – WI. I just have a brain. IF you spent three hours outside last night in -15°F (couldn’t have been in WI, since it only got down to -8°F, or so) I can just imagine how “fun” that was. Maybe with enough anti-freeze in your blood it was “fun”. I’ve sat out literally all day (that’s >8 hrs) when deer hunting in Northern WI and didn’t freeze, obviously. It just wasn’t exactly awesome, and I wouldn’t have wanted to spend >$100 for the privilege, to sit on an overly-crowded bleacher. Lambeau has shitty aluminum benches, and there isn’t enough room for the people to sit in November with medium-weight colthes, let alone now when they’re all “bundled up”…

        • Sorry Pal, Got down to -15 where I was and that was in WI. I’ve been to Jan games in Lambeau and it is still really fun. If I had the money I would go this weekend. You wear warm clothes and bring something to sit on. The stadium won’t be anywhere near half empty. And if you are going to complain about getting cold when deer hunting then why would you go? Just stay home with the rest of the wives.

  5. Who cares about this game anyway. No matter who wins WILL LOSE TO THE SEAHAWKS at Century Link Field. -8 or +8 the temperature still feels about the same. No wonder they are having a hard time selling out the stadium. Neither team has a chance for the Superbowl and the public doesn’t care. Back to Drudge for a more important story…like snow trolling…Chris Hayes is a moron.

  6. Do you realize what you are doing. and they do it. You are asking people to sit through a game, a stupid game, expose themself to a the weather, get frostbite and may die or lose a leg or an foot or something and the people are stupid enough to do it but how many the next day called off work? They get paid to go to work but they rather risk their life for what a game?

    • I think the same way BUT it was done back in 1967. Anyone die or get sick as a result? Or are we just wimpy people these days? Just something to think about. I would not want to play in that weather even if I was offered $5 million. Not worth the risk for me but yet it was done in the past many times.

      • Understood, the temp for me tonight is -13 with wind chills around -25 …. but I’m not planning on going out and sitting in a lawn chair for 4+ hours in my backyard … maybe that was her point….

    • So long as it isn’t raining, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. And at those temps, it won’t be raining.

      When you pack that many people side by side, body heat helps a lot. Also, you dress appropriately for the weather, preferably layers. I haven’t been out in weather that cold, but I’ve been in Beaver stadium when it was well below freezing without trouble. On the other hand, I’ve been to a few rainy somewhat above freezing games and had to take shelter by the heaters. Some of the rain come in through the poncho, or worse, you get wet from sweat even though it’s cold. Once the dampness is in all the clothing, you’re done.

  7. No Big deal as the Packers have installed heating coils beneath the ground!
    They have ruined the field! The one Big advantage Green Bay had and they
    destroyed it! Now if the heating coils accidentally break before the game, well things do happen?

  8. Follow the money………that’s all this is about…….robbing the American Tax Payer……..7.5 Billion spent on Global Warming in other countries…..paid by who? The US TAX PAYER!!! Un-F’ing Real.

  9. Prediction: at kickoff, the frozen football will shatter into pieces forcing officials to microwave a replacement ball every four plays. Spectators will need to be removed from seats with a giant heated spatula. Hot Cocoa and Chili sales records will be broken. Campfires will be built in the stands. Game attendees will not thaw out until Wednesday.

  10. What’s the big deal, first half of December was like that in SLC and we didn’t make the news. How about some common sense and delay the game until it warms up a bit not only for the players but the spectators. OH, that’s right, no common sense these days.

        • Fine by me. I’ll tell you what, why don’t you go and read 10 of the most recent scientific papers written on the subject of global warming and then come back to me and point out what is wrong with them. There’s a new one this week in the journal Nature. I’ll wait…

            • It’s not about trust, it’s about verifiable evidence. How about you pick just one study in the most recent edition of Nature Climate and tell me why it’s wrong. Methodology? Conclusions? Again, I’ll wait…

                • Hey, I never said that I don’t contribute to the problem. I try to do my part but let’s be realistic, there’s only so much one person can do. Believing in the science doesn’t make me a hypocrite if I run my heat in the winter or AC in the summer.

                  Still waiting on you to tell me what is wrong with a study. You seem so certain that global warming isn’t happening yet you appear to have no reason to back that claim up. Just ONE paper in the most recent Nature Climate. Just one. Tell me why it’s wrong.

                  • Follow the money. That’s all you need to do.

                    I don’t care if it’s hotter or colder. That’s been going on since the beginning of time.

                    Explain the Ice Ages to me and why things got cold and then warm without human influence. Also, do you think sun activity may be a factor and a wee bit more powerful than a few SUVs on the road?

                    Like I said, you move into the grass hut and send all your money to the cause. That’s your call but leave level-headed, smart people out of it, and stop the distortions.

                    • Then we agree that the earth is getting hotter we just disagree about the cause. Good, that’s a start. And yes, the Earth has gone through several different climate changes in the past. The difference is the speed at which it’s happening now.

                      How about you find a paper on anthropogenic global warming and tell my why that’s wrong. If the scientists are simply getting paid off to publish phony papers with bad science, then it should be easy to point out what is wrong with those studies. There are a couple of papers dealing with anthropogenic global warming in the latest edition of Nature Climate. Pick on of those and tell me why it’s wrong.

                    • No, the earth has not been getting hotter for almost eighteen years, and that is admitted in the UN climate report. They have excuses for why it is not, but there is no argument any longer that measurable warming stopped almost two decades ago.

                    • They’re wrong because they not only cherry pick their data, they also use statistical methods that wouldn’t survive peer review by Sister Murphy’s second grade class.
                      You climaphobes are just rancid pimples on the arse of mankind.

                    • Umm you are demanding that those of us who respectfully disagree with the falsehood of climate change go to a publication like Nature Climate and debunk it? Wouldn’t it be better just to return to the IPCC email scandal? Or was that fake, too?

                      I can make up my own numbers, as CC alarmists do, in order to start a global means of taxation through “carbon credits”, but nature itself belies those “numbers” or “studies”.

                      Follow the grant money for Pete’s sake.


                  • Wasn’t this the year we were supposed to not have any ice caps left?

                    This year is the largest they have been in something like 10 years.

                    www dot dot html

                    • Yup. The Goreacle Himself said that our northern polar ice cap would be GONE “by the year 2013.”

                  • Nature Climate? Seriously? They aren’t going to publish anything that doesn’t back up their position. You are intellectually dishonest. You only cite left wing publications that won’t even allow a dissenting opinion. Why don’t YOU name a single dissenting opinion in any of those rags?

              • Here’s the truth of the matter. There is a very small percentage of climate change that is not currently captured by the models, which all predict global temperature models based on natural factors (sun activity, tides, meta weather patterns, etc.). Science has postulated that the evidentiary gap can be filled by taking into account human activity. That’s a reasonable hypothesis. Another reasonable hypothesis, and the one which you will eventually come to realize is the correct hypothesis, is that the models are simply inadequate and that climate change is essentially entirely due to natural phenomena. But even if the latter is not true, we can do whatever we wish in the west to limit greenhouse emissions, etc., but unless we take over the world and establish a worldwide government, there is virtually no chance we can “save the planet” from mankind. Eventually, if you silly people are actually correct (you are not), the planet will return to balance by reducing human population and activity. Either way, we’ll all be fine. Or we won’t. Therefore, since any rational person would take a far more accepting attitude towards so-called global warming, the left (as usual) is really motivated by a sick desire to control people rather than any bonafide concern over the planet.

                • You make the claim that there are other natural phenomena that are contributing to global warming. If you’re so sure this is the correct hypothesis then surely you can show me a study which proves you’re correct. A study that correctly identifies the cause of the rapid spike in global temperatures that is unrelated to the spike in greenhouse gases.

                  • There are thousands. Do some research, oh lazy one. See what the Russian Academy of Science has to say. There is NO rapid spike in temperature. The only one to be found is the rigged chart that omits the Maunder Minimum in order to give the impression of a temperature spike. The AGW shills deliberately omitted the data.

                  • Please explain the “warming” on Mars that has been identified. Are all those SUV’s to blame? All the Martians blowing hot air? All those coal mines? Fracking? Republicans? Warm oceans trapping all that hot air?
                    Can’t wait for this answer

                  • Dont Followme- You should stop arguing with John McCurdy- you see, you two are after the same endgame- a New World Order, and forced population reduction (i.e. mass murder). You two just can’t agree on a viable mode to achieve it! (Psycopaths.)

                • Good post. Another issue is how much will we have to spend to see any improvement to the problem as identified by these climate change scientists? These people display an arrogant, idealistic attitude that is truly absurd.

                • Whoa! Hold up! It’s good that you’ve figured out that man-made global warming is a farce, but to me, you sound just as bad, if not worse, than “the left”!

                  “..unless we take over the world and establish a worldwide government..”! (Are you f-ing kidding me?) “..the planet will return to balance by reducing human population..”. (Eugenics)

                  Those are the phrases of a Progressive Republican Neocon; not a whole lot different than “the left”, except their acceptance of AGW. Those phrases are spoken by a person who wishes to control the free will of others, much like “the left”.

                  This proves once and for all that there is not much difference between “left” and “right”- they agree on controlling the world, just not on how to go about it.

                  The paradigm of life is not “left” or “right”, or Democrat or Republican, it is freedom or oppression! Get with the program! And if you believe that reducing human population is good for the planet, why don’t you do us all a favor then, and go ahead and kill yourself!

                  (At least 40 people agree with you, SMH- lemmings.)

                  • Sorry, CincyChris…you misunderstood my point. You and I are in violent agreement, I suspect.

                    I was trying to point out the futility of it all. I thought that would have been obvious; but you’re correct to criticize my post since these days one cannot take for granted that someone might not actually believe worldwide government to be a desirable and viable solution.

                    FWIW, my personal political beliefs are far more libertarian but strictly constitutional.

                    Also, I haven’t figured out that man-made global warming is a farce. My point was that if man-made global warming is real there’s nothing we can do about it. Global government is the only way we could do anything about it, but that won’t happen. Ultimately, if man causes global warming man will suffer the consequences.

                    What I do believe is that attributing the gap in our knowledge to man’s activities is the most enticing hypothesis for a number of reasons (political, the ability to receive grants, the desire to control, etc.). However, it’s not the only viable hypothesis.

                    I suspect the ecosystem is far more capable of self-correction than climate change advocates believe it is, and that global warming (what little there is…remember we’re talking about 1 degree of change over the past century) will be negated. If it really exists.

                    (I also believe that if there has been significant warming over the past century we will eventually understand that it was caused by systemic inputs beyond our control).

              • Marxist methodology. These scientists receive grants in order to “prove” Global Warming. They are already scientifically biased because they want the money.

                Now that they can’t “prove” Global Warming, they then changed the idea to “Climate Change” – again based upon the presumption that it’s related to man-made activity. At the heart of this activity is the idea that the “elites” get to tell everyone else how to live – how much fossil fuel to burn, etc.

              • We have been down this path. The AGW people got caught red handed falsifying data. They take raw data and “correct” it so it shows warming that is nonexistent. Don’t trust your own common sense, don’t believe the snow and ice and bitter cold. Don’t trust the last two summers of cool weather or the thousands of cold temperature records. Don’t trust the Russian scientists or the others who are laughing at this. Just believe your government that wants to raise taxes and control your travel and lifestyle.

              • methodology, set-up of experiments, following of standard theory/proof rules to validate results, vilianization of all that challenge or question the data or results…..and the list goes on and on for what is wrong with the reports you quote. All predictions of rise in temps and sea levels have been drastically wrong. Any other “theory” with this many incorrect results would have been thrown out the window years ago.

          • The papers that say higher temps, lower temps, stronger storms, weaker storms, less snow, more snow, less ice, more ice are all markers of global warming? Yeah, we’ve already seen it all, all day every day on the TV, in the papers, on blogs and in tweets. All nicely pushed on a population that can see how the con works. And amazingly, the less snow, more snow, higher/lower temps, less/ more ice problems are always fixable with more money, never less.

          • And what demographic is that particular periodical marketing itself to? Not the people who think this is silly. They have a vested interest in perpetuating the sham of global warming, as do the “scientists” who are selling themselves like two dollar a night hookers for funding.

          • Why do you supposed the CRU at East Anglia found it necessary to falsify the data in their studies? It’s sort of a waste of time to read these papers when you’re in possession of the knowledge that these people will simply make things up and put the falsified date in their studies when the actual data doesn’t work, isn’t it? Once you know someone is a liar or a group contains liars, how are you supposed to know when they’re telling the truth?

          • Wow, step away from the koolaid. Hurricanes every year since Katrina have been lower than or equal to historical averages. This season was the most calm in decades. This also was one of the lowest seasons for number of tornadoes in decades. The news reports as if every storm is one of many and the worst ever toget viewers, and thus advertising, and because their liberal masters in DC need the favor….and why don’t you do some research on the temp monitoring stations…even before the global warming scam began there was a consensus that most stations did not meet the agreed upon standards for placement from heat sources, vents, blacktop, airport runways, etc….and 6-7 years ago 100’s of stations in northern areas like Siberia were excluded from the data because they were slanting it, yep cold temps would bring the average down and blow the warming hysteria mob’s theory out of the water…so your beliefs are based on special effects(Inconvenient Truth), fabricated and manipulated data, skewed data, lies, lies and more lies, and a very short term and misunderstood understanding of climate.

          • These storms are not “increasing” in strength you rubes…we humans have developed more sophisticated measuring instruments, technology that was unavailable to meteorologists and scientists in past decades. You want an example? Laser based speed detectors are 30% more accurate than the old “radar guns” used by police to measure your speed. Don’t buy into the hype of these fake “experts” who cannot tell you accurately how long a specific cold or warm front is going to stay in your part of the country past 72 hours. Do you really trust these morons and their predictions for 10 years/20 years or 50 years in the future – for the entire planet? Get a grip on reality.

      • The funny thing about this is that there will always be an obfuscation, there will always be another excuse for why the obvious isn’t so.
        This one (“weather” vs. “climate”) is an especially effective deflection, because: how long will it take before we agree that we’re talking about “climate” and not “weather”? 25 years? 50 years? 1,000 years?
        It will never be long enough for you suckers.
        Disbelieve your lying eyes! Do not look at the man behind that curtain!
        Frankly, it’s getting a bit embarrassing.

      • You guys really slay me. When it is hot is because of global warming and climate change,not weather. When it is cold it is just weather and not climate. You tie your hypocritical butt into knots trying to defend this stupidity.

      • Look, I’d really like to argue your faulty logic as a “believer” in your RELIGION of global warming, but it’s not worth it. So why don’t you and your buddy algore go jump off a bridge, take your Grant whoring “scientist” buddies with you.

  11. “what would make somebody sit and watch that?”— it’s called fandom, its fun, its ridiculous and it can bring a community together. people see their team as a reflection of themselves on the field. call it simple mindedness all youd like, you have that right!…now go away and stop ruining the party. people act as if there’s gonna be frozen corpses everywhere, gimme a break already. the NFL NEEDS these games, all fans look forward to it each season. heck, even the europeans took notice of our snow games this year and enjoyed it…that says alot right there lol

  12. The “global warming fools” are now running around with their hair on fire, still sounding the alarm that global warming is a real bad thing. The photo of “Hatchet” Jack is what they would like everyone to believe is happeining.

  13. Could we just all agree that Lambeau Field is the most awesome stadium in the world and that Green Bay Packer fans are the most awesome fans in the world? I mean, you really can’t argue against that statement.

  14. It seems like solar warming and cooling have more to do with it than anything. There is direct correlation with earth’s temperatures and solar cycles, sunspots, etc. All the other stuff is hokum but it is sensational enough and can be used to generate money for research scientists that otherwise couldn’t get funding to study something like the relationship between strippers’ tips and the kind of liquor served at their strip joint.

  15. Is God a Democrat?

    1. Hurricane heads straight for Tampa during the Republican National Convention.
    2. Hurricane Sandy hits just before the election giving Obama another chance to show his leadership.
    3. Major winter storm hits taking up most of the news coverage just when Republicans are supposed to be shreaking about the ACA’s problems.

  16. The coldest game (and still most likely will be) was the Bengals vs. Chargers (1982) playoff game where it was 9 degrees below zero with a wind chill factor making it 37 degrees below zero. As a long time Charger fan, I remember this game. Sadly, my team (and coach Coryell) lost the playoff game and a promising season was over.

  17. Even though the Freezer Bowl was only -9°. the windchill was -57°. Gusts of 35mph winds. It was REALLY the coldest game ever. Ask Forrestt Gregg, he played in the Ice Bowl, and coached the Bengals in the Freezer Bowl.

  18. Dang ol global warming again. Blast it! Poor ol San Franciso 49ers and Green Bay Packers are gonna suffer from it. Al Gore, make it stop! Tax us more please!! Anything to stop this terrible global warming.

  19. I’m from Packerland, and recall flying back to my college town during wintry days in the late 60s, early 70s when Packer fans returning to wherever from either Green Bay or Milwaukee (where the Pack sometimes played some home games in the old county stadium) would swagger onto the plane directly from the tarmac (usually prop jets) all tanked up on schnaaps or whatnot (and still nipping), dressed for the arctic regions. They were a lively bunch, though this “exuberant” behavior would not be tolerated on commercial aircraft in these dreary times! Go Pack!!!

  20. “Climate Change” a.k.a. “Global Warming” is a United Nations project (with paid scientists and scientific “studies”), to legitimize a theory of impending doom for the planet unless immediate, drastic measures aren’t taken. The real purpose of this fear mongering was not to save the inhabitants of the earth but to Tax them. Each and every one of them, who dare to use more than “their allotted” share of it’s resources, which as we all know, belong to the Elite and privileged. ie:Bill Gates, the Rockefellers, the Royals.etc. Oh and they would also like a 90% reduction in the population on “their” planet as well, so most of you out there Please! “stop being part of the problem and become part of the solution” Take your shots. Eat your GMO’s, Breath your Chemtrails, Drink your Fluoride, Give up your Liberties, Obey all authority and ALL will be well.

  21. Well obviously, our attempts at reducing Global Warming have worked. :0)

    We should get billions of dollars of our money back for our efforts, seeing as how we brought down the temperatures so much. :0D

  22. If it wasn’t for “global warming” it would be much colder! Search the web for “orbits and ice ages”. To quote one scientist “Another important aspect to consider is that the orbital configuration we now have is almost exactly where it was 20,000 years ago, during the Last Glacial Maximum, but this time we’re near a glacial minimum,” he said. “If you think about what the difference is between then and now, it’s not the orbital configuration, it’s the CO2.”

  23. Most news coverage of scientists stranded in Antarctica fail to mention their goal was to prove global warming and ice melt. Seems even in Antarctic summer the ice is now thicker and reaches farther than before. What a surprise! Many are obsessed with warming. If they bothered to include known causes of cooling, ie. ice ages, they would find that warming is on hold. But only for a short while. Because we should be in an ice age now, off setting the greenhouse effect. Eventually temperatures will rise as green house effect continues to drive temperatures up and eventually it will get hotter. Just not right now.

  24. I don’t care how much they are being paid playing football in below zero weather is insane while those foolish enough to freeze their butts off sitting in the stands to watch the game redefine the word “dumb”.

      • If your playing your biggest problem would be sweating. It’s sitting on your duff and watching the game while freezing that duff off that I wouldn’t do.
        Television, my easy chair, a cold beer, and some good cheese and crackers inside my nice warm house with its clean bathrooms and nobody sitting behind you that would puke all over your jacket.

    • you’ve got the wrong idea, pal. the players will be wearing full body thermal wear. a little cold isn’t going to injure them.

      PS football has always been played in the elements. these big, air conditioned domes are relatively new to the scene.

      and dont worry. football is for men. you will never have to play a down in your life.

  25. Who’s going to this game? You got to be out of your mind to freeze your butt off just to watch a football game. With all the millions of dollars spent on players, you would think the geniuses running the show would build stadiums with domes.

    This way fans will show up, will buy food and other things and most importantly, will ENJOY the game. It will also give both teams the same advantage of playing indoors and not have weather affect it.

    MORE MONEY will be made by EVERYONE. Tickets can be cheaper because every game will sell out.

    Oh yeah and for you people that think football should be played in all kinds of weather, you’re morons. Whenever indoor playing fields are mentioned, that’s their ONLY reply, that football should be played outdoors no matter the weather.

    Usually the ones screaming this the loudest don’t even go to games, they watch on a 50 inch TV at home or in a bar like I do. You wouldn’t catch me at a game even if it was free in cold weather or any weather for that matter. I got my remote and can do rewind, slo mo and all that fancy stuff.

  26. Wouldn’t it seem logical to have the game anyplace else in an available stadium in one of the NFL cities? I can just hear them now..” yep, I was at the game and have a hand missing to prove it ”

    Absolutely crazy….

  27. Obviously these people have never been a Canadian football game. It’s snow from mid-October onward in half of the cities. One grey cup in Edmonton was -30 degrees celsius. We’re crazy and do this every year.

  28. If all the players on both teams offered to pay me $50 each to watch them …. I might consider it. But I cannot understand how any otherwise intelligent person will pay good money to watch a bunch of minorities treat a bag of air like it was important.

    I mean … even if the weather was perfect.

  29. When it’s winter on Earth, it’s also summer on Earth… somewhere else. Thus, allow us to counter anecdotal evidence about cold weather with more anecdotal evidence: It’s blazing hot in Australia, with temperatures, in some regions, set to possibly soar above 120 degrees Fahrenheit in the coming days.

  30. what BS.. has anyone ever sat in the stand of Soldier’s Field in the 1940s to the 1990s when the wind chills in Chicago reached -30 or greater? Having grown up in Chicago and spend my youth there, 1948-1967, I can telll you that this -9 is not the coldest game ever played in the NFL…..

  31. Global warming just another (of the many) cons being played on the goyim public. Current movie, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, is their most favorite way and easiest way to scam the goyim sheep. The only one who went to jail, was Madoff, and his crime was scamming his own kind. The trillions they stole of the goyim is not a crime, in their eyes, therefore NOBODY went to prison.

    • No, it’s also a big money-maker for AlGore and the Global Warming scientists. Also, a big winner for Obama, so he has an excuse to raise energy prices beyond belief, in another step to eliminating Capitalism in the USA, and making us all live politically-correctly (in goose-step fashion).

  32. With those below frigid and morbid temperatures there is no way this could be played as a legitimate fair game. It should be rescheduled. Players could die from this. No one’s death is worth a football game.

  33. Drudge linked up Jack Nicholson in “The Shining” for this headline is the only reason I clicked! I bet those huddles lasted a long time… Get a cold “keister” out there for hrs. and hrs…!

  34. coldest in history my ass… i remember the ice bowl, i wasn’t there i was maybe 90 miles south of there, in oconomowoc, WI. i was 10 yrs old, and i remember the temp reported as 13 below, 51 below with wind chill. my sister and i were outside at halftime, throwing a football around in the snow.

    • I saw it on TV in Milwaukee. The wires underground designed to heat the turf failed. It was painful to see the players hit and skid on the frozen ground. The film of Starr’s TD lounge show him digging into the turf to try to get some traction. I can’t imagine playing in the game or watching it in the stands.

      p.s. Who was the hero of that final drive? I’ll give you 20 seconds to try to answer, then scroll down…

      A: Chuck Mercein (not sure if I’m spelling it correctly)

  35. -8…-8… Get over it ! It’s -10 and getting colder in my backyard in Vestal, NY !!! Call me when it get’s around -40 with no wind chill… Now that’s cold and I’ve been in it !!! Never ever want to see that temperature again !

  36. The blubbering liberals, the inept Obama administration, and now the political climatologists are all looking like fools and liars at the same time. A perfect storm of intellectual failure. Beautiful.

  37. How many times do Dumbofuc Party fanatics, have to tell you, in the name of the glory of their party, how Global “Warming” will involve freezing blizzards, the N. Atlantic ice pack failing to melt and polar bears freezing to death???

  38. “Honey, I’m really cold, can you turn the themostat up a few degrees?” “Dear, it’s getting warmer because you fiddled with the system. It will be burning up in here soon because of you emitting all that gas.” “But it sure feels like it’s getting colder and now I can barely feel my face.” “No, Dear One, that must be heat you are feeling. You just can’t trust your senses, so believe what I say. Our models says it is definitely getting warmer. Period” “But, Honey, my breath is freezing and my toes are turning black.” “I am telling you it is getting scalding hot because of this chill.” ” I don’t care what you say, I’m freezing cold. Think I’ll close my eyes and go into a deep sleep. Goodnight, Dear.”


    PEER REVIEW: The act of banding together a group of like-minded academics with a funding conflict of interest, for the purpose of squeezing out any research voices that threaten the multi-million dollar government grant
    gravy train.
    SETTLED SCIENCE: Betrayal of the scientific method for politics or money or both.
    DENIER: Anyone who suspects the truth.
    CLIMATE CHANGE: What has been happening for billions of years, but should now be flogged to produce ‘panic for profit.’
    NOBEL PEACE PRIZE: Leftist Nutcase Prize, unrelated to “Peace” in any meaningful way.
    DATA, EVIDENCE: Unnecessary details. If anyone asks for this, see “DENIER,” above.
    CLIMATE SCIENTIST: A person skilled in spouting obscure, scientific-sounding jargon that has the effect of deflecting requests for “DATA” by “DENIERS.” Also skilled at affecting an aura of “Smartest Person in the Room” to buffalo gullible legislators and journalists.
    JUNK SCIENCE: The use of invalid scientific evidence resulting in findings of causation which simply cannot be justified or understood from the standpoint of the current state of credible scientific knowledge.

  40. This is the least warm of the five warm periods since the end of the Ice Age, and each has been cooler than its predecessor. We’re not warming, we’re cooling gradually in steps. The Eemian interglacial 125,000 years ago was 10 degrees F warmer than any part of our current Holocene interglacial, with sea level up to 30 feet higher. So what are these natural climate change deniers on about? Click on the chart below to enlarge it and see the natural cycles of long glacial periods and short interglacials. Puck: “What fools we simple mortals be” – Well the anthropogenic climate change ones, anyway.

    • “So what are these natural climate change deniers on about?” Who are you referring to? I hope it is the Global Warming bunch because denying natural climate change is just plain stupid…and you can’t fix that. Never heard them referred to as the “anthropogenic climate change” group but it fits.

      • “Natural climate change deniers” is my term for the anthropogenic Global Warming bunch. I chose it because of their attempts (successful with the gullible main stream media) to label skeptics “climate change deniers”, which is the exact opposite of our central skeptic position that climate is always changing – always has, always will, at least during the brief period of eternity that Earth has existence. My studies of past climate change indicates that we are in a period of global warming, only not as robust as the four that preceded it – Holocene Optimum, Minoan, Roman, and Medieval – in the past 10,000 years since the end of the Ice Age., or the even warmer Eemian interglacial 125,000 years ago. This current warming period began about 1800, ending the Little Ice Age (1350-1800AD) and predating significant increases of CO2, the trace gas that comprises 0.035% of our atmosphere (and only 3% of greenhouse gases). Warming and sea level rise in the 1800’s looks quite similar to the 1900’s, both pre- and post-1950 when the anthropogenic alarmists think global warming began. As usual, they display their climate change ignorance – their starting date for warming, 1950, is over a century after warming began. The poor darling warmists haven’t gotten a thing right for so long – 17 years of no warming, fewer strong tornados and hurricanes, a slowing rate of what has been at most modest sea level rise, expanding global sea ice, diminished glacier retreat compared to the 1800’s, and rain, snow, flooding, drought, and wildfires all within their normal range. Pacific Islands in total have increased area and show no signs of inundation – although mining coral for new roads and airports has been damaging, as well as overfishing and using explosives for “fishing”.

        “So what are these natural climate change deniers on about?” Beats me. They seem to be making much ado about nothing, as Shakespeare noted is the prime pastime of the “ignorati” (“Ignorati” are like the castrati, who lost their testicles in their work. The warmist ignorati have lost their common sense in theirs.)

        Here are a sampling of charts showing how far the science of the warmist ignorati is out of touch with reality.

  41. I hope you arrogant, conceited, ass hole Packers fans suffer! you barely got the game on TV, avoiding a black out because some “TV Station” purchased the tickets. Nice loyalty you fair weather idiots. ONE AND DONE!!!

    Reminder: you are below average with out Rogers, and you over rate that girl #52…the 49ers are going to mutilate your suck balls team.

  42. At what point is the game unnecessary? The breathing conditions alone could be serious. Also, it’s most likely the best team will not win. Postpone it, or play at a neutral field. Ticket purchasing may be a bitch, but even with the millions these guys make, this weather could be lethal. Not exactly worth enjoying if their hearts stop.

    • Gee I don’t think anyone died during the “Ice Bowl” or the even worse “Refrigerator Bowl” between the Chargers and the Bengals in 1982 for the AFC Championship. If San Diego had come to Cincy one day later this time they might well have had a colder day to play. Forecast lows for Sunday night are -10F. If the cold gets to town early it could be even worse for the sunny S. Calif. team. Bengal players are more adapted to the cold of course so it’s a big advantage to them. I doubt you’ll convince them to give up that advantage. They do have doctors at the games to monitor the players you know. The fans might have it worse. A crazy friend of mine was at that game in 1982. He was with a group that all took their shirts off for the entire game. The tv cameras showed them time after time. SD QB, Dan Fouts said he knew they had no chance when he saw that group of crazies. He knew they couldn’t compete in a climate so much colder than what they were used to. It is football after all. They have made it a sissy game already. Now here’s a call to eliminate cold weather games. What’s next? Forfeits because of too much pollen in the air? Moving early season games from Florida to Alaska? Playing with umbrellas and rubber boots when it rains? I know. How about uniforms with their own heating and cooling systems. They could use all those old NASA spacesuits. They’re just lying around now. They could add enough pressure so that no one could possibly get hurt too. It’d be like playing in your own bubble. Heck we could all use one of those suits.

  43. If you want to know what the LEADERS of the environmentalists are all about
    then just follow the money. Remember When it was discovered that the Al Gore
    compound used 12X the energy that George W Bush was using at his ranch?
    Gore had to quickly have some solar panels added to try to at least pretend
    he wasn’t burning through more carbon than most small villages! See: and also
    Wake up and smell the hypocrisy!

  44. Tip to the “experts”: just because people are complaining about something, that doesn’t mean they expect someone to do something about it.
    The attempt makes you look like a desperate pandering fool… And frankly most of us like having it around to complain about.

  45. People concerned about climate change are no doubt also frightened by the phases of the moon, the waxing and waning tides, green grass growing, April showers, new-born kittens, et al. Truly to be pitied, those sad folks….

    • Disturbing that there’s such a level of old fashioned dark ages ignorance still at play in the 21st century. We envisioned flying around in cars at one point but we’ve hit a wall instead. Really sad. Look to our leaders. What are they espousing?

  46. I can’t believe it’s 2014 and people think that “global warming” means it’s supposed to be warmer everywhere constantly. Republican culture breeds ignorance, praises stupidity and discredits scientific research. Our children’s children will be paying the consequences of idiocracy.

  47. You have to love the delicious irony of a boatload of junk scientists frozen in the ice due to “anthropogenic global WARMING”. Oh, right it’s “climate change” now. You know, where warming equals cooling and changes that take hundreds of millennia happen in five years. The last retreat of the ice caps 50,000 years ago must have been due to the last of the Neanderthals driving around in Escalades. Hate to break to all the Al Gore kool aid drinkers…there is not one VALID study (non agenda driven, place the temperature monitor on a hot roof study) validating this whack-tard nonsense.

  48. Farmers Almanac 101

    How many sunspots were there in 2005.. Hundreds, that means hotter weather here in 2007
    How many sunspots were there in 2011.. near 0, that means colder here in 2013
    Sunspots plus a 2 year delay gives you cold or heat for that year. look at the charts since before 1900.

  49. Global Warming, Climate Change, call it what you will: is an invention of radical Leftists (and Osama Obama) following an agenda that wants to reduce the American economy to a point from which it will impossible to recover. Attacking the Energy sector goes hand in hand with their goal of turning our wonderful country into a Third World Socialist MESS!
    And the NATURAL Global Warming? Thats what ended the ICE AGE thousands of years ago.

  50. Global warming was the perfect phrase, if it continued to warm. Now that it isn’t warming they had to change it to Climate change. Next, it’ll be call Climate cooling. Still our fault of coarse.
    Can’t tax the sun.

    • dear conservatives…
      global warming will cause massive shifts in planetary weather because of the changes it causes to the ocean currents. So one area could get buried in ice and another could face a severe drought of 10 years. regardless of the cause man or nature or both it doesn’t matter. its the effect that counts.

      forget about the idea of global warming being true or not and at least educate yourself on the details of what it is actually saying and predicting. Its all about the ocean.

  51. 41 news reports on this story and 40 of the reports did NOT mention that they were observing the so-called global warming effect. Why does the press lie? Just one story, but I never did trust the press and now I definitely do not trust the U.S. government. Sad time for the U.S.A.

  52. This story is obviously a complete fabrication and contains only evil lies!

    The planet it suffering of global warming; Al Gore told us so, so it must be true! Just ask the climate researchers (and their rescuers) that are now stuck in the ice on the south pole, I am sure they will confirm it too!

  53. Poor 49ers. If they were playing today…its 30 degrees. If they played next weekend its going to be in the low 30s both days with possible freezing rain on Saturday. As a Packers fan….I love the schedule.

    In ’97, the Packers/49ers played in 34 degrees and freezing rain. Having played a college game in 33 degrees and freezing rain, I can tell you its hard to imagine being any more uncomfortable than I was with every piece of my uniform soaking wet and then freezing. They might prefer the weather tomorrow to the weather in ’97.

  54. Read Agenda 21 from the UN and you will get all the answers for what they want to do with the US they think that we are the cause climate change.maybe the continents willl shift again who knows.Just saying.

  55. Follow the money. That’s all you need to do.

    I don’t care if it’s hotter or colder. That’s been going on since the beginning of time.

    Libs, explain the Ice Ages to me and why things got cold and then warm without human influence. Also, do you think sun activity may be a factor and a wee bit more powerful than a few SUVs on the road?

    You Libs should practice what you preach. Drop the cars, computers, and move into a grass hut. Send ALL your money to the cause, that’s your business.

    Leave smart, level-headed people out of it, and stop the distortions.

    • No Jeff, they want everyone ELSE to send all their money. Here in Vermont we actually do have some people who walk the walk. They’re off the grid. But to them, toast is a luxury as making it drains the batteries.

  56. The Al Goreleone’s of the world who make hundreds of millions of dollars on “the weather” have no shortage of brain dead followers who will follow anything they say, because they are such “experts”. First Al Gore and his corrupt family made billions on Big Oil (Occidental) then he made billions off Big Tobacco (Multiple big tobacco companies) then the Global Ice age and Famine of the 70s, and now he made over 400 million since 2001 on “Global Warming” lately changed to “Climate Change” – which all us non-experts that have been alive more than 5 decades call – the weather. Something that changes at will due to living on a chaotic planet within a chaotic universe – both of which man cannot control!

  57. The earth warms, the earth cools. The earth warms, the earth cools. The earth warms, the earth cools. The earth warms, the earth cools. It’s been going on since the beginning. And there’s not a damn thing we can do about it. Taxing the “rich” definitely won’t solve a thing.

  58. Educated beyond their comprehension. Even a fool may be counted wise when he is silent. Time for these educated foolish scientists to hold their tongues, while God’s earth refutes their PC-driven claims.

  59. Stop with the wind chill hyperbole. There is no such thing as the wind chill factor. That nonsense was created by news stations to make weather reports seem more interesting.
    Guess what, when it’s 5 degrees out with a ten mile an hour wind it’s 5 degrees out. It’s not 40 below due to the magical wind chill factor.
    If such a thing exists why doesn’t it work in the summer? You never hear reporters saying that it’s 80 degrees out, but with the wind chill factor it feels like 60. Instead they have to make 80 seem more interesting so they add humidity to it and call it the heat index. With high humidity the magical heat index makes 80 feel like 142 or some such silly number.
    It’s all just sensationalism, so stop with the damned wind chill factor!

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