Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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UN Advisor Jeffrey Sachs Claims Current Energy Policies ‘Partly Caused’ Typhoon — Those who disagree have ‘blood on their hands’



  1. Firstly, current policies already have blood on their hands. Many have and will die of cold because they cannot afford the fuel.
    Secondly, the $Billion/day currently spent on climate change could be spent on curing some of the world’s illnesses or even providing clean water and electricity to those that do not have it.

  2. Doktor Comrade Sachs is a George Soros rump swab Lying Progressive Marxist! Capitalism is evil and all their pollution will kill everyone we need total control of the world to save you! In the 70`s we were doomed into a coming ice age if something is not done to stop it, then Global Warming and now Climate Change! One thing is very evident these bastards will never run out of lies!

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