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South Dakota & Washington state break snowfall records


Sioux Falls, SD breaks snowfall record

Also breaks record for shortest number of days between 4-inch snowstorms Spring to Fall.
Quote from NWS Facebook post.

“this will mark a new record for the fewest number of days between the last 4+” snowfall in the Spring and the first 4+” snowfall in the Fall. This year will only be 197 days, which would break the old record of 203 days set in 1970, and would be a full 100 days shorter than the average of 297 days for the period of record since 1893.”




Record snowfall in Spokane

Via Ice Age Now website:

Spokane International Airport received 1.9 inches of snow Tuesday, enough to snap a 66-year-old daily record by the slimmest of margins.

The most snow Spokane has officially received on Nov. 5 was 1.8 inches in 1947, according to National Weather Service records.



    • I remember when I was a kid, I wondered why people didn’t try something and then if it didn’t work, try something else. I know why now. Adults are too stupid following the religion they won’t call religion: ideology.
      The best standard of living in the history of the planet was brought on by capitalism. Is unbridled capitalism good? No, because you still have to have people run it. Which is why socialism is never no good: you have to have people to run it, and socialism concentrates too much power in one place, the government. Our founders had the correct idea, nobody has too much power, but the demoncrats are changing that.

  1. Those of us who were around and following public policy in the ’70s (I was a Senate staffer at the time) recall the global-cooling scare that was being hyped by the liberals at that time. Cooling or warming, what’s the difference? The goal is the same. Make Al Gore a nice living and grant the federal government more power. Last year, when the record for ice formations in a single year was set, I heard somebody in the media maintain that global warming was causing global cooling. Hey, why not? As long as the liberals win, who cares about minor details?

  2. I grew up in Spokane. The first time I took my bride-to-be to visit Spokane, it snowed 72″ in the 48 hours before we arrived. And then at least another 12″ every day we were there. They’re used to snow. That 72″ snowfall only closed the airport for 4 hours….

  3. OH NO! What will al gore do now? He will lie about how this is a result of “Global Warming” and “Climate Change” causing weather havoc across the globe. The environmental wackos have not had a great year. With the disclosure that the earth has not increased its temperature in over 15 years, the loon balls are playing’ defense. Morons.

  4. Care to comment, pseudo-meteorologist, uh, former vice president and ( . . .must . . .not. . .smirk. . .) environmental activist Al Gore? Doesn’t the pla-yann-et have a fa-hee-ver?

    Yes, yes, I see, and, no, you can’t “eff” me or the horse I rode in on. I don’t even own a horse.

  5. Remember people, this is what the AGW (anthropogenic global warming) lunatics call “a pause in global warming”. You know, that new nonsense where they claim that the Earth is only, and will ever only, grow hotter, and when it’s not, it’s because there is a “pause in the planet’s warming”. As soon as the temp goes up somewhere in the world, they will claim that the, “pause is over.’

  6. Nature always goes in cycles. Think of our history on earth of ice ages that come and go.

    Al Gore and friends are just control freak opportunists that are trying to take advantage of the ignorance of the general public and cash out on the natural movements of nature between warm and cool periods.

    Even more than that, the NWO is using the carbon tax as a global tax scheme to fund said NWO.

  7. What alarmist propaganda. It is the north central and northwestern United States. Of course it is going to snow in November. I would be way more shocked if it was November 6th and 40 inches of the white stuff dropped on Mexico City. If anything, this climate change is hour by hour and minute by minute. Know what, that statement was true since the start of time.

      • Say what Jorge? The only Bully I know lives in the Spite House.
        His little partner in crime Harry “the undertaker” Reid lives at the Four Seasons, or is it the Ritz Carlton? Nancy Pelosi is in a Sanitarium for the Criminally Insane, or she should be.
        The Ruling Class are the Bullies, that’s why they exempted themselves from Obamacare, remember? Ruling Class = Democrats = Commie Scum.

  8. I have a friend who calls me a “climate skeptic” because I don’t believe in the myth of man-made global warming.

    I now call him a “reality skeptic”

    I asked him: “how do you explain the largest ice freeze over in the arctic since they have been monitoring it?”

    He said size does not matter only thickness does. (That’s what she said!)

    Anyways, I said ok so if the earth is warming up then that means the south pole freezes over…?

    Get this:

    He said: The record ice freeze is because the hot areas of the world are pulling out all the heat from the south pole….”

    You cant make this up!

  9. Obviously caused by global warming. You see, as the earth warms much of that heat is absorbed deep in the oceans, this in turn will soon be released and an anthropogenic re-causation will occur and once again less snow and more hurricanes. I go by science global warming deniers are only guessing.

  10. When people say global warming, I remind them that Chicago is so flat because 12,000 years ago it was covered by a glacier a mile high. The great lakes are nothing more than water from a melted glacier. So yeah, the world warms and cools, and often very quickly. None of it man made.

  11. Darn global warming! People today are really gullible. They believe the planet is being destroyed by their behavior even though the facts indicate that the planet has been COOLING for over 17 years, and this will likely continue for another 30 years!! (Per MIT scientists, I might add). Global cooling is far more dangerous to humans than global warming. So for those who believe greenhouse gasses warm the planet, including the EPA, then we’d better focus on increasing the level of greenhouse gasses immediately to avoid a future crisis. Wake up people! And this is the same crowd who thought Obamacare was going to be good for America and for them. It’s not! And it’s going to destroy the American health care system within 12 months, which I would think would be of more concern to the people than the average temperature of planet. Americans lack of factual knowledge, wisdom, common sense, accountability and personal responsibility is going to destroy the nation. And it will happen from within long before Al Qaida is going to be able to destroy the nation from the outside. Sad, known and preventable!

  12. How long is it till Chicago is once again under a mile thick sheet of ice? Maybe that will shut them up.
    Aw hell who am I kidding..They’ll never shut up.
    Just one question. Have you noticed that the louder they are the cooler it gets? Antarctica is growing and the Arctic froze earlier this year.

  13. The latest executive order:
    If you like your global warming, you will be able to keep your global warming, period.
    If you like your local weather forecaster, you’ll be able to keep your local weather forecaster, period.

  14. Global warming.. ahhhhhhh yaaaaaaaa
    Al gore – global warming yaaaaaaa
    obummer – we need to stop global warming yaaaaaaaa

    Each time they mention this FARCE it is like God in heaven sends a blizzard..
    Just to tick the liberals off..
    I personally love it..

    The real issue is mankind thinks he controls the earth and nature..
    NO God does and the simple fact that you can foresee a snow storm
    based upon another mans GODLESS calling for a conference to fix a suppose dman made farce..
    proves to me that God is actually laughing at these morons..

    want to prove it? simple
    have obummer or the demoncrats or al – the goricle

    schedule a global warming conference (it could be in the middle of the desert) in the usa..
    and guess what – within 72 hours of that announcement

    it will SNOW 12 inches deep at the same exact location..

    This reminds me of right after katrina all the homosexuals said
    Hey lets schedule another gay pride parade..
    Right after that announcement another hurricane shows up..
    After that one passed they did it again
    Hey lets schedule a gay pride parade
    BOOM another cat 2 hurricane shows up..

    Finally – maybe they got the hint..
    They gave up and stopped announcing these pervert things in public..
    and the hurricanes stopped..

    Same thing with global warming..

  15. The buffoon is looking for another shiney distraction. He
    used one for Fast & Furious, Benghazi, for the IRS, for the NSA, and
    looking for one to distract from the Un-Affordable Care Act. He knows he isn’t
    going to get very far with Amnesty so he figures to team up with, who else, but
    Al Gore (the Internet Inventor) and go for “Climate Change”. Of which
    80% of America knows is bogus…

    • Perfect time to start in on his doubling of energy prices through executive order and the EPA. Really nail people hard when they will need more energy to keep warm this winter. Basically insider trading with misinformation.

      • Well his mandates will cause coal power plants to shut down in the first term of the next president. Of course we aren’t building enough NG plants or his magical renewable plants to cover the loss, so look for the next president (if GOP) to be blamed for nationwide rolling blackouts and if Dem, apologised for (he is in a tough situation – don’t blame him, its the greedy energy companies fault)

  16. Where is Gore when you need him to change the climate to warm. Or is the warming crates cooling or the cooling creates back warming.
    Anyone gets the bull sheath from the democrats that want to tax us for imaginary climate change.

  17. This is big big Business for the Demarcates they got a lot of Money invested in Green energy in the last twenty years not counting the Trillions of Tax payer money they have spent over the years and have drove up food prices buy 18% and now thanks to Obummers EPA our Power is headed to a 25% hike after already raising 18% in the last two years in the next year.and Alvin Gore is worth a little over 2 Billion off it.

  18. They called it global warming until it came out that it was getting cooler so then it was called climate change. You gotta hand it to them they know how to cover all the bases. And they get rich off it too. It’s called a win win situation.

  19. I’ve read some of the “climate change” comments, funny. As someone
    already said, back in the 70’s, it was all about another ice age. I
    remember being in the 6th grade, and the teacher brought two guys from U
    of Washington to the class to scare us about that. That would’ve been
    1970 or 1971.

    The left fringe seems to gravitate toward
    anything that scares people, and there never seems to be a shortage of
    the, shall we say, less than educated, that is hungry to gobble up
    anything that they feel makes them closer to normal. People don’t want
    to think that they’re “less then” others, and vehemently want to believe
    that, but for the grace of God, go they, when they see some successful
    guy or gal with a nice place and a couple of late model cars. This is
    why it’s so easy for the left to manipulate folks who otherwise, under a
    republican form of government such as we have, would be perfectly
    productive and successful members of society, into pitchfork carrying

    Washington State recently held an election,
    wherein was a peoples’ initiative (I-522) which would have mandated the
    labeling of non-GMO foods as such. The problem is not the labeling per
    se, but the fact that the “yes” on 522 folks would have had the
    government mandate labeling, which in essence is stigmatization of those
    who do provide GMO foods. There has never been any accredited science
    done which justifies stigmatizing GMO food, and that fact became a big
    part of why Washington’s I-522 went down in flames. Yet, many of the
    same people who lobbied for I-522 are the same folk who are constantly
    beating the climate change drum; you know, those of you who’re global
    warming skeptics are “science deniers”.

    You see, these
    leftists have not interest or education in science. If some scientist,
    doesn’t matter if he or they are proven liars, as in the climate change
    email scandal, says that we’re all gonna die, they’ll tell you that we
    need government to tax us to death to stop it. Science doesn’t matter,
    they don’t care about anything but grabbing their torches and pitchforks
    and marching and yelling and throwing rocks at whatever rich guys house
    they’re told to throw rocks at.

    • Ha…the winter of 55 was Easton where i lived as a youngun..there was 8′ of snow. Up to the eaves of most houses because of drifts..tunnels had to be dug to get into homes. It was brutal …i wasnt even quite 10 yet and it was miserable but we coped. Today they get a foot or two in North Bend and its freak city:)

    • Yeah, they deny that it ever happened now, but in 5th grade I got a similar lecture. Teachers were all about telling us we were doomed in the 1970’s (oil out in 1991, food gone in 2000, but we would die before 1985 [before we graduated high school] from Nuke war anyway)
      And they wonder why half of Gen X is depressed and slacking, and on prozac.

  20. I actually read an article where a “scientist” said that one of the indicators of global warming is record cold temperatures. Remember when a hypothesis was the starting point of scientific inquiry, not the end of it?

  21. This story is obviously false, as were the stories over the last two years about record cold and snow. Algore tells me it is getting so hot that humanity is going to all die… is sooooooo obvious that Mother Nature is in on the conspiracy to discredit our modern day prophet, Al Goracle…….







    • Just because somebody has a degree, a job title and a bucket full money they didn’t earn does not make them a scientist. Similarly, being a citizen is a credential, a slip of paper signed by somebody of authority. Having a job on a newspaper or perhaps a prime time tv slot is also a credential. But being an American . . . a scientist . . . or a journalist is not a credential, It’s a behavior.

      These infantile despots who populate our institutions of government, popular media and propaganda masquerading as universities are neither American, journalist or scientist. They bestow credentials upon each other as if to bestow honor. Credentials are handed out like the Soviets used to hand out medals to persons of high rank as ‘hero of the people’ . . . when in fact, few if any could demonstrate willingness or skills commensurate with their credentials. Honor is not bestowed, it is earned.

      Thomas Paine’s opening words in Common Sense read in part as follows: ” . . . a long habit of not thinking a thing WRONG, gives it a superficial appearance of being RIGHT, and raises at first a formidable outcry in defense of custom. But the tumult soon subsides. Time makes more converts than reason.”

      In modern parlance, “A lie told often enough and to a sufficient number of people eventually becomes indistinguishable from the truth.” This is why election victories are so often won by shear numbers of dollars, faux journalism, tv spots, and hired character assassins. When enough faux Americans, journalists, teachers and scientists hang sufficient credentials on each other, they secure for themselves that coveted ‘majority vote’. But the vote is yet another credential – not a measure of the citizen’s duty to vote for individuals who capably defend liberty.

      So yes, you’ve identified a cadre’ of liars but they are not scientists. The fundamental definition of a scientist is seeker of truth and perpetual skeptic of all that is assumed true. Those individuals who you’ve identified as liars have demonstrated themselves not to be scientists . . . no matter how many presidents, senators and cabinet members have called them one.

    • Diet scientists are just as bad. Look up stearic acid on the Internet. It is the primary fat in meat products and meat based cooking oils. You will even find a post on NIH showing stearic acid is known to reduce LDL and total cholesterol significantly. It is an essential oil. Instead they make us eat vegetable oils[real grain and soy based oils] which do not have the essentail fats (those which our bodies can’t produce) and causes arteries to be inflamed.
      Grains (starches) should be avoided as well in favor of vegetables to prevent diabetes and help reduce weight gain – but look at the food pyramid – what is the government and NIH demanding?

  23. When Al Gore ran against George w he was worth less than 10 million. now thanks to the man made global warming scam he is worth over 200 million!
    tell me, that this isn’t a way for many to inrich themselves, Then I’ll just have to conclude your slow.

  24. All the record cold temperatures with the massive increase in ice and snow demonstrates that the earth is entering a new weather phenomenon, “global cooling.” If nothing is done about it the earth will end up a frozen ice cube like Mars. Fortunately, scientists know the cause. It’s due to all the rich left wingers overheating their large mansions, flying around in their personal jets and spewing toxic waste from their mouths, all of which blocks sun light from reaching the earth. There is also a cure for “global cooling”: 100% tax on left wingers. Al Gore we’re gonna get our money back and save the earth.

    • You joke, but I actually learned this in elementary school in the 1970’s. But now the alarmists are trying to deny cooling alarmism ever happened.
      We also learned the world would run out of oil by 1991, and out of food by 2000, but that would be OK, because the world would be destoyed by nuke war well before then (Doomsday clock was all the rage) probably before we got out of high school (mid 80’s). And with all this positivity coming from our schools, we wonder why half of GenX is on prozac.

  25. Since we are going to be charged for carbon emissions I just took a huge crap then wiped my butt and I don’t want to throw it away….I want to get some credit for it. Hey Al Gore what’s your address I’ll send it to ya.

    • Global warming creates droughts and floods at the same time. Global warming has the power to create scores of massive hurricanes every year, and squelch them so there are fewer.
      It is like magic, or paeganism. Wouldn’t be surprised if we started sacrificing virgins again, in the name of science of course, to mother Gaea.

  26. Would love to take a justifiable cheap shot at Obama and all the communist front groups pushing global warming ….But looking at what is going on up north sure hope it does not come down our way this far south.

    • The average temperatures have been dropping the last 10 years, and the decline would be greater if the NOAA didn’t keep adjusting weather data higher for post 2000 readings. Fact that we are seeing a small decline, is that they can no longer come up with excuses to adjust the temps any higher.
      We really have temps and weather now much like in the 1970’s and it will last until about 2034 – at which time all the ninnies will be claiming soot and aerosols are causing an ice age again, just in time for the next 30 years of warming.
      The earth has been warming on average for 18000 years – which is why we call it an interglacial period. The normal increases we are seeing are now being Man made, so eco industriasts can profit off of government funds, as the government pretends to save us.

  27. But….but….splutter… warming! Science! Al Gore! Tornadoes! Severe Weather! Climate Change! Evil, EVIL companies generating the power that all of consume to make our lives better!

    But….but…..Arctic Ice! Drowning Polar Bears!

    What imbeciles you libbie socialists are in pursuit of your utopian fantasies…..funded, natch, by taking from the productive what they’ve EARNED and using it to purchase the votes of the unproductive, all the while telling them that they’ve been exploited by the productive!

    Doggone it…..reality keeps intruding on the libbie trope about “global warming/climate change.” This really makes libbies’ efforts to ram through ever-greater gov’t bloat and control tough! Sadly, NO “Global Warming” has taken place for the last 17 years – how much longer can the libbies sell this risible charade to the credulous and ignorant?

    Guess we’ll find out…..

    – Snark

  28. Point of order. To all who use the term “global warming.” Since that has been a farce and we all knew it in the beginning, the new term is “climate change.” Science has proven that mankind would be better if the globe was warmer, so they now say climate change which encompasses the “what ever happens, you dun it and should pay a fine for it” narrative.

    You must henceforth use the correct terminology.(or not).

  29. It’s the SUN that drives Earths temperatures. Global Warming is a hoax with the purpose of Global Political control by a malevolent Oligarchy.. When you become aware of the internal e-mails between hoaxers discussing how to protect and expand the hoax and still “believe” in Global Warming, you become an accessory to the hoax. Well meaning people can be fooled quite easily but they demonstrate their idiocy and dishonesty when they STILL defend a proven hoax. By the way, this ‘Warming’ is getting pretty cold, Worldwide now, isn’t it. All non biased evidence and observation warns of an impending Solar Minimum with resulting plummeting temps. The expansion of disease will be more deadly than any warming could ever be. Back to the Little Ice Age.

  30. Hold on people, do not you know that according to my wonderful hero al the “getting hotter by the day” man that went it snows the wind is blowing south southwest or is that north northwest??? Oh I guess it really does not matter, I just know when it starts snowing it really is global warming,and I know that because my hero al told me. So when it snows worry because the heat wave is comming to burn you up

  31. You got it all wrong folks….The more snow is caused by Global warming according to AL Bore…You see the warm air gets caught between two layers of cold air and that makes twice as much snow and the Artic gets more ice because of the man made carbon products that are warming the earth and as Al and Ted Danson told us that New York would be under water and it is, its just the sunlight reflects the warm air and cause’s that to be non see able and once you start getting paid 1/2 million dollars a speech and a endless supply of massage workers its get warmer and warmer and every MTV viewer understands this….Fox news has brainwashed us into thinking that Al is wrong but only NBC edited the tape and MSNBC is the land of truth and justice for unstable people because Global warming is a fact and if you don’t agree ,,well I think you figured it out…

  32. The UN/global warming crowd wants “carbon footprint” meter attached to your ass to properly assess the correct CO2 emissions from your bodily functions and thus precise daily global tax will be deducted from your paycheck or placed as a lien against your future projected worth… Obama, a UN official, is all for this…

  33. I’m sure the warming hysterics are putting on their tinfoil hats and are diligently working on reasons to explain how global warming caused the snow, the Philippine typhoon, and the quiet tornado season.
    BTW, I saw a story a few days ago about a two headed turtle being found. No doubt a result of global warming too.

  34. Anyone who says the earth hasn’t warmed the last 20 years needs to have their head examined for stupidly. All over the world we see glaciers melting. Mountain tops losing their snow caps. Nothing else matters. The Ice is melting and at its lowest level I’ve seen in the past 54 years

  35. Ths is a normal cooling trend that occors every 110-120 years. The last one was in 1910, when Niagra Falls froze (1911). It is due toa decrease in sunspot activity and coincidenwith other solar minimums like Dalton, Maunder, Sporer, Wolf and Ort.

    The heating period peaked in the 70’s-80’s (i.e., the data used to promote the idea of manmade global warming) and wil hit bottom sometime in the next 10-15 years. At which point it wll get very cold. There will be a shortened season for growing crops, and those who live at risk of starvation (over 600 million) will most likely die.

    In 1315 (the middle of the Wolf Minimum), nearly half of Northern Europe died in The Great Famine. Major minimums cause famines. 1910 went largly unnoticed because of two factors that helped food production and food distribution: 1) The combine harvester and 2) Railroads. But in 1910, there were only 1.5-billion people on the planet. This time there will be 7-billion and possibly more.

    This could very easily become the worst disaster in human history.

  36. More PROOF of climate-change!!! Why is it that conservatives are never concerned about conservation? What makes them anti-science? What makes them deniers? Why do they hate their kids, and why aren’t they concerned about their children’s future? Why do they put their party before their children. Can someone explain that to me?

    • Proof of climate change? The climate is always changing — always has, always will! I thought global warming was the alarm? Leftists only recently changed their fear-mongering to “climate change” so they could claim to be right no matter what happens. Typical leftist dirty trick. More severe hurricanes and tornadoes, in greater numbers? Where are the hurricanes? Where are the tornadoes? Where is the global warming? Conservatives ARE concerned about conservation. We just don’t believe there is a crisis which requires everyone to reduce their standard of living back to the stone age. It is obvious to us that “climate change” alarmism is a ruse and more about Marxist wealth distribution than concern for the environment. Conservatives are not anti-science. But, predicting the future with garbage-in, garbage-out computer models and lab experiments that don’t accurately model real world conditions is not science.

      Why do leftists want to saddle their children with enormous debt? Why do liberals hate their kids and why are they concerned about their childrens’ future? Why do liberals put their party before their children? Why do liberals hate America and everything she stands for? Can someone explain that to me?

    • If you care so much for your kids why did you vote for Obama and saddle them with debt for the distant future? Also many rational scientists contradict the self-rewarding climate alarmists so why don’t you be “scientific” and listen to both sides? Computer models: Garbage in, garbage out. The people that you call “conservatives” also realize that the resultant wind farms and solar power are nothing more hugely expensive feel-good boondoggles when we need modern nukes. Conserve that.

  37. Just a note to all you “science whizzes”. Increased snowfall further supports that global warming is very real. If you all were to actually get your facts from peer-reviewed science journals, you may be better informed:/

  38. Al “Goebbels” Gore, Propaganda Minister for the Enviro-Nazis, Pied Piper to the PC-whipped left and aspiring eco-billionaire. New spin: The upper atmosphere is warming causing the lower atmosphere to cool, just as predicted. Next venture: Selling ice to Eskimos.

  39. I believe in climate change! It changes four time per year: spring, summer, fall and winter. At one point in time Ohio and Michigan were covered with glaciers.

    Just follow the money. Those preaching climate change receive money from universities, the government and other left organization. If I could make 200 million a year like AlGore, it too would jump on the “climate change” bandwagon.

    And one more thing, I’m in favor of global warming! Have you every been here in Ohio in January or February? It’s cold.

  40. The fact that the Earth has been experiencing a cooling cycle since the late 90s means nothing to the weather hustlers. Facts are irrelevant to liberals. Their destructive agenda to destroy everything that is moral and decent about us is all that matters to liberals, the facts be damned!

        • Sweetheart, you can call it whatever you want. But, you can’t deny the facts. We just had the hottest decade on record. Just ask the climate scientists writing peer reviewed studies. The science is settled. Stop hating your kids, and stop being a climate denier. PLEASE!

          • The science is not settled. The fraudulent E Mails from East Anglia, UK proved that temps world wide had not risen in over 15 years. This whole GW thing was cooked up by powerful people to SELL carbon credits to an unsuspecting public and to extort money out of energy producers.

          • The hottest decade on record doesn’t prove that it is man-made, moron. And the record doesn’t go back that far. There are climate scientists with peer reviewed studies who dispute AGW, as well. The “hating your kids” rhetoric is just more ridiculous, fear-mongering hyperbole and does more to discredit you than help your arguments.

            • Sweetheart, if 97% of the doctors told you your child had cancer, would you want another opinion? Of course not! You would do something, wouldn’t you? As a reasonable person you wouldn’t question 97% of the doctors, would you? You don’t know more then they do, do you? So, why are you questioning the doctors of climate science? Don’t you care about your children’s future? Or, do you hate your kids, and insist on putting you party before them? Which is it?

              • Diagnosing the existence of cancer is FAR more a science than predicting the future of the Earth’s climate. Is that 97% of scientists or 97% of soothsayers? Where do you get the 97%? I don’t believe it! Prove it! Prove that 97% of “scientists” “believe” that man is causing catastrophic global warming. Post a link so that we can all make fun of you or pi$$ off!

                    • Sweetheart, you’re so cute, thank you. I’m posting studies from the National Academy Of Sciences and you’re posting stuff from the Daily Mail and climate depot. What’s wrong? You couldn’t find anything in the National Enquirer? See what I mean about sources? Your sources have no credibility BATTA-BING!!

                    • Austrailian government rejects Global warming as a fraud. The USA recorded NO hurricanes this year. Tornado activity in the US is at a 2 year low, lowest since the 1980s.

                    • Sweetheart, you claimed the Austrailian government rejects global warming as a fraud. You realize you posted a double-negative didn’t you? That makes that a positive statement, right? Pay attention, son and stop making a fool out of yourself on a national blog.

                    • National Blog !!! In your fantasy. At the top of this page, right hand side, are stories refuting most of the lies you are pushing, and what Ben & I have posted as TRUTH.

                    • Sweetheart it’s a national blog available to the whole nation, isn’t it?. What don’t you understand about that? You and Ben are a couple of “KOCH-SUCKERS” who support the Koch brothers and the 1%. They tell you to get on your knees and start denying, and you gladly follow, you masters wish. BATTA-BING!!

                    • Sally sweetheart, why don’t you complain to your invisible friend in the sky, honey. And while you’re at it can you “pray-away” global warming for us. Thank you.

                    • You’re a vulgar little moron. Global warming is just a means to make money. The planet changes temperature all the time. It’s been doing it for billions of years. It’ll be doing it long after you go broke.

                    • Sally sweetheart, I’m not a little moron I’m a great big B!TCH-SLAPPER. I love smackin’ around the “simple-folk” I’m an equal opportunity B!TCH SLAPPER. Need some?

                    • Sally sweetheart, why would you make the assumption that B!TCH’S are women? You “simple-folk” are so cute.

                    • Sally sweetheart, you’re crying out for attention, what’s wrong, babe? Did your dog run away? Has you’re husband left you for another man? How can “Uncle Rich” help you, honey? Do you need a nice cup of hot cocoa? A teddy bear?

                    • Smear the messenger is a typical leftist dirty trick. Are you saying that the graph at Daily Mail isn’t true? Are you saying that the report of 50 NASA scientists isn’t true? Now you have no credibility. You are just trying to profit from this man-made global warming with your Youtube videos. And everyone knows that the National Academy of Sciences is a leftwing political organization.

                    • Sweetheart , you really don’t understand this do you? Of the 50 NASA scientists you’re citing, how many of these scientists are climate scientists? See how this works? Are you starting to catch on? And what’s with this profit stuff? My joy is making people like you, make a fool out of themselves, so I can make fun of you on the show? Thanks for the material. BATTA-BING!!

                    • Vacuum cleaner salesman admitted that he doesn’t really care about Global Warming, he has his life saving invested in solar energy and he’s in it for the money. He admits to being a capitalist and he’s also a hypocrite as his Occupooper tea shirt proves.

                      the guys an idiot spammer.

                      Flag the spammer and save the planet one click at a time.

                  • Just in case you don’t understand your own source, peer review does not guarantee the validity of the study. Peer reviews from like minded scientist are notoriously bias.

                    They actually got some things right or they did rather. It’s all subjective. You really didn’t read your source, did you? I read it a couple years ago.

                    “Regarding the influence of citation patterns, we acknowledge that it is
                    difficult to quantify potential biases of self-citation or clique citation in the
                    analysis presented here. However, citation analysis research suggests that the
                    potential of these patterns to influence results is likely to decline as sample size
                    of researchers, possible cliques, and papers analyzed for citations considered
                    increases (22, 25–28). By selecting an expansive sample of 1,372 researchers
                    and focusing our analysis only on the researchers’four most-cited papers, we
                    have designed our study to minimize the potential influence of these patterns. Furthermore, we have no a priori basis for assuming any citation (e.g.,
                    self-citation rates) or demographic differences (e.g., age effect on publications or citations) between CE and UE groups. Preliminary evidence suggests these differences would likely favor the UE group. From the ∼60% of
                    researchers where year of PhD was available, mean year of receiving a PhD
                    for UE researchers was 1977, versus 1987 for CE researchers, implying that UE
                    researchers should have on average more publications due to an age effect
                    alone. Therefore, these methods are likely to provide a reasonable estimate
                    of the preeminent researchers in each group and are useful in comparing the
                    relative expertise and prominence between CE and UE groups.
                    Ultimately, of course, scientific confidence is earned by the winnowing
                    process of peer review and replication of studies over time. In the meanwhile,
                    given the immediacy attendant to the state of debate over perception of
                    climate science, we must seek estimates while confidence builds. Based on the
                    arguments presented here, we believe our findings capture the differential
                    climate science credentials of the two groups”

                    “Between December 2008 and July 2009, we collected the number of
                    climate-relevant publications for all 1,372 researchers from Google Scholar
                    (search terms: “author:fi-lastname climate”), as well as the number of times
                    cited for each researcher’s four top-cited articles in any field (search term
                    “climate” removed). Overall number of publications was not used because it
                    was not possible to provide accurate publication counts in all cases because
                    of similarly named researchers. We verified, however, author identity for the
                    four top-cited papers by each author.
                    To examine only researchers with demonstrated climate expertise, we
                    imposed a 20 climate-publications minimum to be considered a climate researcher, bringing the list to 908 researchers (NCE= 817;NUE= 93). Our dataset
                    is not comprehensive of the climate community and therefore does not infer
                    absolute numbers or proportions of all CE versus all UE researchers. We acknowledge that there are other possible and valid approaches to quantifying
                    the level of agreement and relative credibility in the climate science community, including alternate climate researcher cutoffs, publication databases,
                    and search terms to determine climate-relevant publications. However, we
                    provide a useful, conservative, and reasonable approach whose qualitative
                    results are not likely to be affected by the above assumptions. We conducted
                    the above analyses with a climate researcher cutoff of a minimum of 10 and
                    40 publications, which yielded very little change in the qualitative or strong
                    statistically significant differences between CE and UE groups. Researcher
                    publication and citation counts in Earth Sciences have been found to be
                    largely similar between Google Scholar and other peer-review-only citation
                    indices such as ISI Web of Science (20). Indeed, using Google Scholar provides
                    a more conservative estimate of expertise (e.g., higher levels of publications
                    and more experts considered) because it archives a greater breadth of sources
                    than other citation indices. Our climate-relevant search term does not, understandably, capture all relevant publications and exclude all nonrelevant
                    publications in the detection and attribution of ACC, but we suggest that its
                    generality provides a conservative estimate of expertise (i.e., higher numbers
                    of experts) that should not differentially favor either group.”

                    Richard Horton, editor of the British medical journal The Lancet, has said

                    “The mistake, of course, is to have thought that peer review was any more than a crude means of discovering the acceptability—not the validity—of a new finding. Editors and scientists alike insist on the pivotal importance of peer review. We portray peer review to the public as a quasi-sacred process that helps to make science our most objective truth teller. But we know that the system of peer review is biased, unjust, unaccountable, incomplete, easily fixed, often insulting, usually ignorant, occasionally foolish, and frequently wrong.”

                    You “simple folk” should stop slapping yourself between your legs.

          • Oh, Christ! You kool-aid drinkers never stop. Get a clue and a grip, man. The sky’s not falling, really it’s not. Come up with some new faux hysteria to wave your arms and go running around about…… “sweetheart”. Or are you just trolling, trying to stir up things here?

          • This idiots keeps posting about his “peer reviewed studies” which is a load of BS. The science isn’t settled. Post some of those “peer reviewed” studies and be specific.

            Vacuum cleaner salesman admitted that he doesn’t really care about Global Warming, he has his life savings invested in solar energy and he’s in it for the money. He admits to being a capitalist and he’s also a hypocrite as his Occupooper tea shirt proves.

            The guys an idiot spammer.

            Flag the spammer and save the planet one click at a time.

      • Vacuum cleaner salesman admitted that he doesn’t really care about Global Warming, he has his life savings invested in solar energy and he’s in it for the money. He admits to being a capitalist and he’s also a hypocrite as his Occupooper tea shirt proves.

        The guys an idiot spammer.

        Flag the spammer and save the planet one click at a time.

      • The shysters pushing “global warming” were outted a few years back when it was discovered a bunch of the “scientific evidence” for it was pure bogus – junk science, and lies by corrupt “scientists”.

        So the “global warming” crowd got together and decided that, if they were to have any chance of milking this thing further, they’d better change the name, since the cat was out of the bag on “global warming”. Voila’ – we now hear about “climate change”. Same ole scam, same ole scammers, same ole total BS. And same ole scare tactics: “Save the children!”. Yeah, right – everything in the name of the “children” – who can refuse to help the “children”? What a load of it.

  41. The carbon credit scam for Obama/Gore and a few more liberals, is not going well. To despite this un co-operating weather track year after year will not deter the president as he must march forward with his climate control bills in order to protect his investment. The real facts that we are cooling go nowhere and funding will be used to get the fuzzy math needed. EPA has new authority to “go ahead” with what ever they need to control industry or in this case, shut it down like the coal plants. The forced carbon credit purchase is on the way and promises new job loses in a already fragile market. The carbon credits and the ability to measure carbon was purchased by Al Gore for $10,000 from a widower back in 2009. Al Gore had to have Obama on board and likely did so before the purchase. Since Gore profited from a sale which netted him 100 million his rants and rave’s have decreased. Obama had no such sale so he will march carbon credits forward no matter the results to the people.

  42. there is no shortage of precipitation. when it is not falling in your place you call it drought and curse. when you get too much you call it flood and curse. in the end you call it climate change and actually think you can change it, and when you can’t you mcurse

  43. On a slightly different subject, but still weather related. In the Drudge Report’s top headline, the article says this: “The city’s two largest malls and groceries were looted and the gasoline stations
    destroyed by the typhoon.” That is one mean typhoon, if it looted malls and groceries on the way through.

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