Gore Promotes Carbon Tax in latest ’24 Hours of Reality’ — Scientists Pan Gore’s climate claims

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Gore still warning of ‘extreme’ weather, ‘increasing storms’ and ‘other extreme events’]


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Gore: ‘I use only carbon-free electricity’

Al Gore says climate change ‘deniers’ are ‘just nuts’


October 22, 2013: Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore’s 24 Hours of Reality: The Cost of Carbon runs from 2 pm EDT, Tuesday October 22, 2013 to 2 pm EDT, Wednesday, October 23, 2013.Mr. Gore bases his activism on several key points, all of which are either wrong or unknown. The red text in the boxes below summarizes positions taken by Mr. Gore. The corrections of ICSC scientists follow each box.
1 – Mr. Gore tells us that we face a global crisis of unprecedented proportions. “We’re dumping 90 million tons of heat trapping carbon pollution [sic] into the atmosphere every 24 hours and it’s altering our climate,” said Gore.

ICSC scientists respond:

Bob Carter, PhD, Former Head of the School of Earth Sciences at James Cook University, Queensland, Australia, ICSC Chief Science Advisor: “We do indeed [“face a global crisis of unprecedented proportions”], and that crisis is the misrepresentation of science by political activists like Mr. Al Gore. As a result, western nations are squandering money on ineffectual anti-carbon dioxide measures, and neglecting their duty to care for their citizens by not tackling the genuine hazards that accompany natural climate events and change.”

Madhav L. Khandekar, PhD, consultant meteorologist, (former) Research Scientist, Environment Canada, Editor “Climate Research” (03-05), Editorial Board Member “Natural Hazards, IPCC Expert Reviewer 2007, Unionville, Ontario, Canada: “We DO NOT face a global crisis! This is an exaggeration! Look at India and China, two countries have total population of over 2.5 billion, yet they are doing well, grain yields have increased and people [the] world-over are living longer and healthier today than they were, say, fifty years ago!“

Tim Ball, PhD, Environmental consultant and former climatology professor, University of Winnipeg (founded the Rupertsland Research Centre).  Now residing in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada: “90 million tons is a very crude estimate produced by the IPCC and within the error of the

World Is Spending $1 Billion Per Day To Tackle Global Warming

World Is Spending $1 Billion Per Day To Tackle Global Warming


The world invested almost a billion dollars a day in limiting global warming last year, but the total figure – $359 billion – was slightly down on last year, and barely half the $700 billion per year that the World Economic Forum has said is needed to tackle climate change.

These are the findings spelled out in the latest Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) report. For the first time, it estimated global North-South cash flows at between $39 and $62 billion.
But the total funding pot fell $5 billion from 2012, and remains just a tiny fraction of the $5 trillion that the International Energy Agency estimates is required by 2020 for clean energy projects alone, if rising temperatures are to be pegged at 2 degrees Celsius.
“Investment to combat and adapt to climate change is happening around the world, but it’s short of where it needs to be and efforts to grow it have not been successful enough,” said Thomas Heller, the executive director of Climate Policy Initiative, the group which compiled the report.
“Leveling the playing field can help unlock significant additional finance,” he added.
The report, Landscape 2013, says that amounts invested in clean energy were dwarfed by the $523 billion a year that the world shells out in fossil fuels subsidies, according to the OECD.
The EU’s energy commissioner, Günther Oettinger was last week accused of suppressing data which shows that the bloc’s €30 billion of subsidies to renewable energy sources is outweighed by a de facto €66 billion of handouts to the fossil fuels sector, and €35 billion to nuclear power.
Some 38% of this year’s climate investment – $135 billion – came from the public sector, according to the CPI study. It was used to leverage the other 62% of funds from project developers ($102 billion), manufacturers and corporations ($66 billion) and households ($33 billion).
“Three-quarters of the climate revenues originated in the same country it was spent in, while the other quarter flowed from the global North to South, and was dominated by public sector funds.”
“Of private flows, the vast proportion was invested in developed countries where policies are often underpinned by similar legal and regulatory frameworks,” the report says, adding that perceptions of risk in the developing world need to be challenged by policy-makers.
All the funds for adapting to …

Coral Davenport and Christiana Figueres assure us ‘there’s no such thing as the U.N. imposing any regulation’ ; UN officials are just ‘working toward forging a historic, legally binding global-warming treaty’

Coral Davenport and Christiana Figueres assure us “there’s no such thing as the U.N. imposing any regulation”; UN officials are just “working toward forging a historic, legally binding global-warming treaty”


Debunking the U.N. Climate-Change Conspiracy – NationalJournal.com”No!” she said. Figueres added, “Here’s the simple truth. The U.N. does not do anything that its member countries don’t want to do. Period. There is no such thing as the U.N. being a super-national authority imposing anything on governments. It just doesn’t exist. Syria is the clearest example of that. It’s about what the countries decide to do. All the U.N. does is provide a platform for conversations and an exchange of views.… But there’s no such thing as the U.N. imposing any regulation.”Figueres acknowledged that the climate-change conspiracy theory has been key to slowing and blocking action on climate change in the world’s biggest economy and historically largest polluter. “It’s very unfortunate that climate change has been politicized in the U.S.” …”We’re moving into a fascinating future where every one of our homes and buildings will produce the energy those buildings need. We won’t depend on a corporations or government to produce energy. That’s an exciting future, and I begin to see the seeds of that in the U.S and it’s very encouraging—the ‘Green Tea Party.’ “Still, the conspiracy theorists will have more fodder over the coming year, as U.N. officials work toward forging a historic, legally binding global-warming treaty in Paris in 2015…The biggest challenge in forging a successful U.N. climate treaty, she said, will be to create binding legal commitments requiring countries to cut fossil-fuel pollution without halting economic growth, particularly in the world’s most rapidly developing economies.

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Obama climate envoy Todd Stern: ‘The pace of [CO2-induced] change is accelerating’ , but we’re really not into any sort of ‘rigid’ global agreement

Obama climate change hoax envoy Todd Stern: “The pace of [CO2-induced] change is accelerating”, but we’re really not into any sort of “rigid” global agreement


The Shape of a New International Climate AgreementWe are, of course, well past the time of doubting that our climate is changing, that it is changing rapidly, and that the pace of change is accelerating. We can see that climate impacts are already large, are very likely to increase significantly, and have the potential to be fundamentally disruptive to our world and the world of our children and grandchildren….In the United States, President Obama has put his shoulder to the wheel with his new Climate Action Plan, which builds on aggressive measures from the past few years…For such an agreement, a rigid approach is the enemy…we need to focus much more on the real power of creating norms and expectations as distinguished from rigid rules…Again, rigidity is a potential roadblock…Insisting that only one way can work, such as an agreement that is internationally legally binding in all respects, could put that prize out of reach.

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‘How Government Is Making Solar Billionaires’ – ‘How Gore & billionaires profiteer on taxpayer subsidies for solar energy’

How Gore & billionaires profiteer on taxpayer subsidies for solar energy


How Government Is Making Solar Billionaires

SolarCity has never recorded a profit, but powered by subsidies, its stock price is $57 a share.


WSJ.COM 10/21/13: Welcome to SolarCity, the latest booming green company that has never recorded a profit. The startup’s stock price has soared by 600% since its IPO last December—it closed on Monday at $57 a share—and spiked after the company announced a couple of weeks ago that it expects business to grow by 70% to 90% next year. Yet the company, based in San Mateo, Calif., and specializing in deploying rooftop panels, ended the first six months this year $61 million in the red.

Ordinarily, that sort of number might disconcert investors. But SolarCity’s business model is powered by government subsidies, which also fueled the 500% stock run-up and turn to profit this year of the electric-car maker Tesla. Steering both companies is Elon Musk.

In addition to being the chairman of SolarCity and CEO of Tesla, Mr. Musk is the largest shareholder in both companies. The increase in their stock prices has raised his net worth by more than $5 billion over the past year.

SolarCity’s second-quarter filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission notes that the company’s “ability to provide solar energy systems to customers on an economically viable basis depends on our ability to finance these systems with fund investors who requireparticular tax and other benefits” (emphasis added).

The company’s base is a 30% federal tax credit that accrues to investors who provide upfront financing for the rooftop panels that SolarCity installs for customers at no charge. Customers “lease” the panels from SolarCity by paying for the solar power they generate, which is priced below their utility’s retail rate.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and Chairman of SolarCity

Customers, however, must sign a contract agreeing to cede “any and all tax credits, incentives, renewable energy credits, green tags, carbon offset credits, utility rebates or any other non-power attributes of the system” to SolarCity. The tax credits are passed on to its investors, which include the venture-capital firms Draper Fisher Jurvetson, DBL Investors and Al Gore’s Generation Investment Management LLP.

A thick layer of state and local incentives also supports SolarCity. California, for example, has allocated $3.3 billion in rebates for solar installations through 2016 and compensates residents between $0.20 …

Aussie’s ABC plan to stop bushfires with windmills and buckets of your cash

ABC plan to stop bushfires with windmills and buckets of your cash


The Australian media are going all out on climate change and bushfires. The ABC 7:30 Report last night clearly laid out the options for preventing mega bush-fires. Funded by you whether you like it or not.   Watch the whole bizarre post-modern witchcraft here: ABC Channel 1 Yes, the world has warmed by 0.7C since 1900. We are living in a new climate. Before, when things were, on average imperceptibly cooler, megafires did not happen. Right? Thanks to Peter Ritson for the short video version. “The Science is in”. Annabel Crabb tells us “The link is established between climate change and bushfires”. (What “link” would that be Annabel? — That when there is a bushfire there are more media stories about climate change?) As Simon at ClimateMadness jokes, obviously there is no groupthink at the ABC because they put forward all the views from every side of Greenness: So they invite John Connor, alarmist from the Climate Institute, who essentially agreed with Adam Bandt, alarmist from the Greens, who essentially agreed with Don Henry, alarmist from the Australian Conservation Foundation, who essentially agreed with Andy Pitman, alarmist from UNSW, who essentially agreed with Don Henry (again), […]Rating: 10.0/10 (9 votes cast)

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Scientists ‘baffled’ by Historic South Pole Ice Growth – Der Spiegel Surprised By ‘Amazingly Robust’ , Record Antarctic Sea Ice – NASA’s Walt Meier Bewildered, Can Only Speculate

Spiegel Surprised By “Amazingly Robust”, Record Antarctic Sea Ice – NASA’s Walt Meier Bewildered, Can Only Speculate


Spiegel, for the first time that I can recall, reports on how sea ice in Antarctica refuses to melt and has reached a new maximum record.
Antarctica’s record level sea ice is troubling those who were earlier convinced of the global warming science. Slowly, reluctantly, they are beginning to realize that something is wrong with the science. …

Spiegel writes that at the end of September NASA recorded a record maximum sea ice extent of 19.47 million square kilometers meters, the most since satellite measurements began 30 years ago.
This is an inconvenient development for global warming alarmists, who are now finding themselves scrambling for explanations.
Spiegel writes “when ice in the north and south pole are discussed, then it’s usually about melting caused by global warming. However, sea ice in the Antarctic, contrary to the Arctic, has proven to be amazingly robust.” Spiegel can hardly conceal its disbelief.
One scientist who is scrambling and who is visibly baffled is meteorologist Walt Meier, who seems irritated by the new puzzling Antarctic sea ice record – the second in 2 years. In the Spiegel report, he attempts to play it all down by claiming that the record amount is “only 3.6% over the 1981-2010 mean“. Meier adds: “This year the edge of the ice extends out only 35 kilometers further than an average year.”
Baffled scientists left to speculate
Walt Meier is on the defensive, and insists the Antarctic ice sheet is getting thinner- especially West Antarctica. Spiegel adds that scientists are baffled by the sea ice increase, writing that it’s “a riddle“.
According to Spiegel, “scientists suspect that a change in atmospheric currents may explain for the most part the increase in Antarctic sea ice over the last decade.” So now atmospheric air currents have teamed up with the oceans to eat up the heat.  Strange how whenever it melts in the Arctic, it’s a sure sign of man-made global warming. But when it freezes in the Antarctic, it’s a real mystery!
Spiegel floats another possible explanation for the mysterious Antarctic sea ice behavior: ocean currents of cool surface water refrigerating the Antarctic and gobbling up any heat down there. Another explanation, Spiegel writes, could be melt water from the ice sheet flowing through huge canals in the ice that end up …