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Antarctic sea ice still at record high — where is springtime melt? ‘Temperatures at the South Pole show 30 years of climate sameness’


Antarctic sea ice still at record high — where is springtime melt?


Whatever happened to polar amplification? The oceans are apparently warming, and yet the sea-ice abounds in the Southern Hemisphere. A new record was set at 19.57 million square kilometers of ice [NSIDC-nrt], around one million more than the usual amount. (Yesterday ice covered 19.11m km2). …  Source:  http://iup.physik.uni-bremen.de:8084/amsr2/ National Snow and Ice Data Center Web site. Records date back to October 1978. NSIDC  also has a similar graph of daily sea-ice-extent. The size of the sea-ice surrounding Antarctica is spectacular. We can just see the outline of the landmass here to appreciate just how much of the Southern Hemisphere is covered with sea-ice right now.   … Source: NSIDC Temperatures at the South Pole show 30 years of climate sameness. These are satellite recordings of temperatures in the air over Antarctica (70S – 60S). …   I see Paul Homewood has also noticed this record. He points out that the peak this year was Oct 1, which is ten days later than the usual Sept 22 peak. He also notes that the global sea-ice is above normal, even though Arctic Ice is lower than usual. What does this peak in sea-ice mean? It means […]Rating: 10.0/10 (4 votes cast)

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