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Watch Now: Climate Depot’s Morano on Fox News in Electric Car Debate: ‘In Europe, the UK and Ireland have more charging station than cars…Consumers do not want them’


Fox Business News: ‘Money with Melissa Francis’ — August 6, 2013 — Watch here

Background Info: U.S. not into electric cars, but feds gave company $100M for charging stations, watchdog says 

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Ireland: Just 121 new electric cars registered as charging points outnumber vehicles — ‘The ESB has committed to maintaining 1,500 public charging points and making 2,000 home charging points available’ 

Flat battery: Government reveals there are more charging points than electric cars in UK as sales slump: ‘Sales of electric cars have slumped so badly that there are now more charging points than vehicles on the road. Just 2,149 electric cars have been sold since 2006, despite a government scheme last year offering customers up to £5,000 towards the cost of a vehicle. The Department for Transport says that around 2,500 charging points have been installed’

Climate Depot’s report: Electric/Hybrid car industry loses power in the face of market reality and lack of consumer demand

Washington Post on Chevy Volt: ‘The basic theory- if you build them, customers will come – was a myth. And an expensive one, at that’

Watch Now: Climate Depot’s Morano on Fox with Neil Cavuto on Electric Cars and the War on Coal: ‘The avg. household can increase their electric load 50% (when charging electric cars)

Watch Now: Climate Depot’s Morano on Fox News on fed tax dollars to electric cars: ‘The old adage about ‘Who killed the electric car?’ – while I think Energy Sec. Chu killed the electric car’ 

Morano on Tesla electric cars and CEO Elon Musk: ‘That is what we are finding, model after model, across the board, the consumers are not interested…Tesla reported sales 30% below expectations…Lost $660 million over 14 quarters…CEO Elon Musk is driven by fear of Co2, worrying that it will destroy large parts of the earth. He’s an ideologue. This guy is worth $2 billion.’

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