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V.P. of UN’s World Metrological Organisation: ‘War on terror responsible for climate change’ — ‘Due to excessive usage of heavy weapons in war on terror, the climate of S. Asian region is changing notably’


Via Pakistan Today: Former Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) director general (DG) Qamaruz Zaman Chaudhry on Thursday said climate change was on the rise due to war on terror. Talking to a private news channel, Chaudhry said that announcing national climate change policy was an achievement of previous government which would help cope with the issue of global warming faced by Pakistan.

“It affects most of the countries but developing countries including Pakistan are more vulnerable to these changes as we can see significant weather changes in last 10-15 years in all developing countries,” he opined.

The former DG, who also holds the position of vice president of the World Metrological Organisation (WMO), said climate change was taking place after war on terror rapidly.

He said that due to excessive usage of heavy weapons in war on terror, the climate of South Asian region is changing notably.

He said that disaster frequency and intensity was also increasing day by day and the government had established Ministry of Climate Change to cope several issues regarding weather and climate change in the country.


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 Climate Depot Note: During World War II, some blamed the war for causing extreme weather. See: Flashback 1941: War Caused Weather Extremes And Global Weirding! ‘The ancient belief that years of war tend to bring abnormal vagaries In the weather’ — 1941: ‘There have been remarkable extremes of weather since the war began, and these have continued all through the year. The spring was one of the bleakest on record, and summer began in the same way. The first 10 days of June yielded 131 hours of sunshine, which is the ordinary ‘allowance’ for January. Then a drought and heat of an unusual character occurred suddenly, with temps up to 94 degrees in London’

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